$1 VS $1000 Squirrel Hunting Challenge!

By | November 7, 2022

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In today's video we're doing a hunting Challenge where we start off with a Thousand dollar shotgun and Progressively work her way down to a Slingshot and we're going to be running Scope cam so that you can see what I see On every shot now we're going to be out Here hunting squirrels today so at the End we're taking all the squirrels down I'm a 147 year old grandma and she's Going to tell us how to cook a secret Recipe Is it actually a secret I have no idea We're starting off with my shotgun this Is a Frankie Affinity 3 waterfowl Chambered in 20 gauge and even up top I Have this red dot sight which is going To be a game changer when it comes to Shooting things on the move this entire Setup as is is a pretty high dollar Setup and that's why this first squirrel Shouldn't be too much of a problem as We're walking into our first spot let me Tell you why shotguns are so effective If you don't know a shotgun doesn't Shoot one projectile it actually shoots A ton of little projectiles those are Called shots and in this 20 gauge shell I'm shooting there can be over a hundred Pellets coming out of this Barrel Opening up with a pattern about the size Of a pizza leaving me the hunter a lot Of room for error in case I'm not the Best shot in the world

That's not what we're after but that Sure is cool they're good there he is There he is there he is I'll see him A drink there he goes there he goes There he goes I can I can still get him I just gotta Close the distance Foreign That's what I'm talking about squirrel Number one is down looks like I got a Perfect head shot on him too which is Perfect since we're gonna be eating them Later in this episode fun fact pellets Don't taste good They really don't before we grab him Let's make sure he's dead okay he's dead Gun number one the shotgun in the books Let's move on to something a little bit Cheaper and Buddy this one is stinking Cool it's a Christensen 22 long rifle But the coolest part is what's out of Frame a suppressor and what's cooked up In this bad boy 22 long rifle subsonics Now I don't know if you know much about Suppressors and what they do to subsonic Ammunition but let me just show you you Might want to plug yours because this One's pretty loud No it's actually quieter anyways I'm Gonna shoot some steel so listen for the Ding Did y'all hear that now I'm going to Shoot it into the dirt so you can hear What it sounds like when we don't hit

Steel Does it make a sound except for smacking The side of the squirrel's head which We're about to do right now let's just Say this this is going to be a lot Easier than the slingshot since I Noticed a lot of the squirrels are Hopping around on the ground I knew this Would be a perfect opportunity to bring Out my dog Cur which means she's a I don't know a Squirrel dog I guess but earlier Whenever I had the problem of none of The squirrels will sit still made you Ambus will literally chase the squirrels Up a tree and hold them hostage until I Can go shoot them out when the squirrels Are on the ground and the leaves come Off major ambus and a sharp shooting 22 Literally A Perfect combo your mouse Here Here on it get under my get under my I will pull out my GPS and see where May Is it says that may is 211 yards that Way I'm hunting this area she's hunting That area dude we're working pretty good Right here she's coming back this way Though maybe that'll be good That's major ambus that's not a squirrel Hey may I got a tip for you there's two Squirrels over here if you go find them You do good you do good did you do good Good doggy Oh she's on it but I really don't think

She knows where the squirrel is I think She just oops you may have found it oh May think she's got one May Street are You treating me all right boys May treat One hey you are making me proud I know That you are making me proud all right I Just lost it let me find it is that it Oh Yeah I'm bringing her down now It's coming down man I'm making it get It it's right there behind You Amy use your nose and find it there You go mate is it dead is it dead man All right me and May's heading back to The defender squirrel number two is down Gun number two is down we get a new gun Right now the next weapon on the list is Considerably cheaper than a suppressed 22 but does not mean it's any less Capable it's still suppressed because Hey you know me I like to be Quiet because uh anyways uh this thing Is still more than capable of putting The smackdown on squirrel and it shoots These right here 22 caliber pellets so It's the same diameter as that rifle we Were just using however the downside is That when they're a lot smaller they Don't weigh as much they don't pack as Much punch and it is still pretty quiet Let's dump out May and let her do her Job glad you made Jo ambus make us proud You really take days of swirl up there Do you really think there's a squirrel

Up there are you sure about that may has Trained we are on the move to her Location now keep it up there man you Keep it up there I'll bring it down That's probably the coolest thing I've Ever said [Music] She says it's up in this tree right here So I just had a lamb go in my eye all right Gopro's going on scope cam going on We're bringing down this squirrel take a Good rest Bringing this squirrel to Mammy's house Foreign Hey get the squirrel come on now get the Squirrel now okay I don't actually know How to train a dog to pitch but you did Really good because you treated the Squirrel and then I killed the squad I Don't know she's gonna be that good I Would have brought her out for the Shotgun once again this squirrel Headshot all right guys squirrel number Three down fancy air gun down now this Is where it's gonna get a lot a lot Harder but first me and May's out here Visiting Mammy my 147 year old grandma Who's gonna cook a secret recipe for Squirrels at the end of this video now We don't know what the recipe is but can You tell us what we're gonna be cooking We're gonna be yeah cooking squirrels And we're going to make dumplings on

Them okay well I got good news and bad News What you got you good news is we got Three squirrels so far well that's good Yeah you need by two or three more well That's where the bad news comes in I got To get about two or three more and I Gotta kill one of them with a slingshot That's gonna be hard to do I know tell Me about it tell me about it mate No no we no hoblingo okay cool All right let's go Mamie's actually Coming hunting with us and our next Weapon is fully concealed on my body and I'm not talking about a pistol I understand that was probably Disturbing to a lot of you guys but We're using a sawed-off 12 gauge Literally a blunderbuss literally a Cannon it's single shot it's barely Legal illegal and we're sending these Bad boys right here out of it there are No sights on this thing whatsoever no Choke so we're gonna have to get really Close luckily I think I have something That's going to make the squirrels sit Still for us and it's major ambits don't Find a squirrel mate You're fine give her time Yeah what are your predictions how long You think it's going to take about 15 Minutes jeez man you ain't got no Confidence in my dog do you I'd say About two about two yeah won't be long

Hopefully I hope so in the meantime all May's trying to find a squirrel we're Doing unboxing you know what that means Okay okay cool what a cool first thing The new kg survival knife this thing's a Tank brother with a Kydex sheath a belt Clip Maybe that's a mean outfit I don't like If I if I had to what If you want to check out somebody with That that'd kill him well jeez maybe You're going straight into like an Offensive I was thinking more of a Defensive thing though I'm picking up What you're putting down next thing kg Hunting knife with gut hook because it's A hunting knife with a gut hook believe It or not look at that man another tie Deck that way it's not gonna cut your Pants if you're put in your pocket That's nice yeah it is sharp as a Nuclear Tomahawk missile let's get that Uh the barrel top yeah we got one more Box right here what is it what is it What is it oh yeah baby what is that It's my EOTech because it broke and I Had to send it back for a warranty they Fixed it I don't know what was wrong With it but they fixed it that's nice Yeah those knives come in was actually Pretty cool because these new hats Actually just came in too and for the Next few days you can get 10 off all the Hats and these two new knives all you

Gotta do is go to kindlegrade1.com and Use promo code May 10. that'll give you 10% off all these new items for the next Couple days all right mate you ready to Find a Score or what you're just sitting There looking at me since I was using a Shotgun with no sights no choke and an 18-inch barrel I knew that my range was Going to be extremely limited and so Even though may can keep them still for Me she can't exactly keep them close and By the time they get 80 foot up in the Tree that alone might be too far for This 12 gauge to reach so I decided for This gun I was gonna slip without the Dog just walking quietly and hopefully Getting the jump up on a squirrel Getting pretty close and then just Blasting his head off that was the plan Here's how it went I started walking Down the road and I actually spotted the First squirrel as you could imagine I Was too busy filming the squirrel rather Than shooting the squirrel so the Squirrel got away and I actually never Saw it again I walked around for about 30 minutes could not get on a squirrel So headed back to the defender Absolutely destroyed and uncrustable and Then I heard a squirrel squacking so I Literally took off running booking it as Fast I could this location Degrees Another Shale and charge

Ow where'd he go he ain't far he can't Have been bought he's somewhere We're out here Dang it I'm going to get my oh my Goodness this gun is so terrible at Killing squirrels at least maybe may can Get me on that squirrel and maybe I can Finish it off but I can't do it on my Own I made this one's all on you find it Mate find it may put your nose down and Find it it's somewhere right here no cap It's right here Come on Unfortunately after searching a little Bit we couldn't find the squirrel all Right guys I mean I think I gave it my Best shot honestly I'm gonna go ahead And unload those salt off and I think We're done with this the reason I can't Kill a squirrel is not the fact that This is cheap but just because it's not Made to like kill a squirrel at all Being sawed off was such a short barrel No sight it's just like the perfect Combo not to kill anything but it has Killed a squirrel before [Music] Foreign Get to the ground Charles I don't want To hear it granted I had to be about 10 Feet away to actually hit the squirrel But it killed it but for this challenge Yeah we're knocking it out and if we Need more meat we'll go get a chicken

Breast now we're moving on to the next Gun And looks like just in time because Mages tree coming in at fifty dollars You guys have saw me use this gun and Kill squirrels with it before it is a 50 Walmart little BB gun but it also takes .77 caliber pellets it'll kill them you Just gotta hit him let's go check up on Me let's get this done hopefully now for This gun you do have to [ __ ] it once put A pellet in it then pump it 10 times Five six seven eight nine ten that way All the animals in the woods know you're Coming now we're gonna make our way Right over there to May we're gonna try To kill that squirrel stay on it man Stay on it man I'm on my way Oh no it's right there I'll snap Oh my gosh Oh no that might be the injured squirrel Oh snap it is the injured squirrel come On flip around come on I'm gonna get a Little bit closer I gotta kill that Thing it's just hanging on by a branch Now it's time to bring it down Dear anyway I'm bringing it down All right it's coming It's coming I'll keep putting holes in It one two three Four Five six seven eight nine ten make kill It may heal it may kill it me

Do your job mate hey it about you it'll Bite you go for the head remember Thanos Go for the head go for the head stop Chomping its rears go for attack get it Mate look at you mate I'm gonna do this Real quick stand buff Or to do it man right there perfect you Literally saved a squirrel from dying And being coyote food luckily we get to Eat it since we're the one that actually You know attacked it I don't know if This technically counts as a sawed-off Shotgun kill or a BB gun kill to be Honest I'm accounted as both because It's getting dark and major ambits is The real killer here major ambus is the Real tool that got it done if it wasn't For me we'd only have one squirrel isn't That right mate now before we move on to The final weapon I need you to do two Things number one subscribe to this Channel if you're not already because we Do a lot of videos that are a lot cooler Than this one and two comment down below Good job mate you're doing great because This video wouldn't be possible without You because Kendall can't kill squirrels Anyways the final whip with the Slingshot this is coming in at a dollar I know what you're saying Kindle dude That's not a dollar you can look at Amazon you can look at Walmart have you Seen the quality of this thing not to Mention it's been dry rotten for 10

Years one dollar at a yard sale the ammo Is far more expensive than the actual Slingshot it shoots these giant metal Like marbles I mean they're pretty heavy If one slaps the side of a squirrel I'm Sure it'd like knock it out of the tree And then you could go like curb stomp it If you wanted to as for hunting with a Slingshot May done her job perfectly Found us a squirrel put it up in the Tree held it still I got a pocket got a Pocket full of marbles and I'm gonna use Every single one oh my God I shot at the Squirrel and a shot again and then I Shot again and then I shot again Literally I did this like 75 times until I legit ran out of marbles long story Short the squirrel never moved because I Never hit it now before we head back Home to skin up those squirrels and let Mimi cook them I do want to let you guys Know I 100 give up on the slingshot now That may is out here treeing as good as She is I think it'd be awesome to bring Some you guys out so hey comment below Take me squirrel hun I'm gonna try to Figure out a way to snatch one of y'all Up and bring you out here squirrel Hunting Thank you Step one to cooking these squirrel Dumplings is to get all the squirrels Put them in an instapot and then travel On down to Mamie's house where we're

Gonna be doing all the cooking I went Ahead plugged in the instapot and tried To figure out what the heck I was doing Once I pressed a few buttons and hoped For the best we went ahead and started Making the dumplings all right well we Need to open that yeah how do we do that Feel it thirsty Plop them down don't put them out okay Now if you don't know there's a couple Different ways you can actually make Dumplings you can make them from scratch Which is like flour Dude I'll tell you I have no idea or you Can do it a lot easier way where you get Something like pancake batter in this Case we just use these biscuits so we Flattened out the biscuits and then we Took a knife we just cut them up into Dumpling sized strips there's that Looking good yeah all right there it was At this point when I realized I didn't Actually know how to use an instapot so I kept pressing a lot of buttons once Again hoping for the best now with these Instant pots you got to be really Careful because they're literally Pressurized buckets and if you know Anything about pressure pressure goes Boom Look at all that squirrel in there y'all Can't even see it falling off the bone The squirrels were looking pretty good And we were ready to add the dumplings

But this is where we ran into our first Major roadblock Um have you ever done this before no Have you ever used a pressure cooker no At this point I was freaking out dude I Didn't know what was going on we moved On to plan B we picked up the squirrels And moved them onto a pot in the stove Next thing I know Mamie starts adding in Dumplings here and there I'm like Mammy Do you know what you're doing she's like Yeah I've literally done this for like 139 years I know what I'm doing I bet Well I didn't really believe her because I didn't know what the heck was going on I was real hungry it's like 12 o'clock Dude and then she starts adding more Dumplings she starts hitting it with That metal spoon thing and buddy it's Just getting it's game time brother it's Game time I'm hungry she's hungry Ethan's hungry and it all comes down to This can't do it back and done get you a Saucer try them out All right Manny this is the moment of Truth I got some squirrel and I got some Dumpling I'll try The Dumpling first Hot but it is pretty good final product A little bit of squirrel a little bit of Dump Are they good yeah that's the way you Make them where'd you learn how to do That well I've done it all my life and There we go guys I had little to no hope

At all for these dumplings but they were Literally the best dumplings I'd ever Had and we forgot to put any kind of Seasoning including pepper how do they Taste San Diego a gun to my head about a Six out of ten So Me Maybe Nathan we all just sat down Ate a bite didn't even have to go to Dairy Queen it was amazing I will call This a job well done mission Accomplished cigarette over here if you Want to see when Mammy my 147 year old Grandma killed her first deer or right Over here for the squirrel hunting Gun Game Challenge