10 YARD SHOT from the GROUND!! (Kansas Public Land)

By | November 21, 2022

Ted and Nick knock down a buck in Kansas!


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Hey glad you're with us guys before we Start today's video I just wanted to let You know that we're kicking off our Black Friday sale a little bit early This year Starting right now everything is on sale And you can save an additional 10 with Code Ted we have a bunch of new designs But stuff is selling out fast and once It's gone it's gone for the year on the Last two episodes Nick and myself Traveled to Kansas to hunt the first Week in November we're on the right Track We had some very close calls during that Trip that just didn't quite go our way After hunting for eight days straight we Decided to head back to Iowa to regroup For a few days and then return to Kansas When the weather was a little bit colder On November 11th we packed our bags and Headed back West to hunt a cold front That was rolling in So Nick and I just pulled up to the spot That we've been hunting when we were Here last week there was a guy parked up There up top looking down in here not Sure if he was hunting or what he was Doing exactly but we drove down the road We ended up spotting a buck down in here By this dried up Pond just a little buck And turned around and went back up to The top of the hill and then we climbed Up a little fence Crossing and I could

See a pretty decent Buck down in here Where that big one's been hanging out The last day we were in here that big Buck was down in this bottom in the Morning and then that night he worked His way to this dry Pond he seems to Live up there in that drainage we're Just grabbed her stuff and we're slowly Working our way through some of these Cedars getting up here we're just Probably gonna still hunt our way Through this stuff this afternoon we got About two hours of daylight left so See if we can run into something but big Cold snap like we've been saying so Should be deer up on our feet we've Already seen two bucks in here feels Like it's gonna be pretty good Hey good day to kill one oh yeah Better do a little practice draw oh There's deer It's a Bop That's what I was thinking Practice drawing once it's all dialed in That'll work He's up there's silhouetted up there It's a shooter Nearby Cedar he's looking this way Coming down the hill Real nice buck You might be able to go up on a mirror In a minute another Buck down the bottom That's a good one too I think that might Be the one that we saw just the fence

That one down Oh there's two more right here that's Two or two right there There's three Shooters right here No down there with him I think yeah We've been working our way up these Cedars trying to just still hunt our way And run into some deer and when we got Up here to the end where we saw that Buck jumped the fence last trip there's Three mature looking bucks down in here With probably what have we seen like Four of those down in there Yeah tons of deer down in here just Chasing each other around like crazy Right now This side of the fence I was around the Public there's another little Buck just Popped up huh let's go over to the right Running up the hill now Our first day back to Kansas and we are In the middle of the Run middle of a rut Fest so much of it going on you can't Even get the ball game down there with Them nope too many dang deer we keep Looking and more deer keep popping up so If we work our way in there we're just Gonna blow it up probably Not one of the shooters is in the ditch And he's easing this white He's got to be just right down there This one's got to be right there unless They've gotten through down below Okay

And coming right at us You can actually make a move get a Little lower There's a deer Another dough I think It's ran right to left Foreign Welcome to Camp everybody we just got Our tents set up for the first night Here hopefully it'll be the last night But we got our stuff set up here it's Colder than heck out here but I got this Tent I actually got a new tent since the Last trip the last one was blown to Pieces pretty much I got this one for my Dad because this was his elk hunting Tent which he's not using this time of Year this thing's zero degree bag so It'll be a little warmer than the last One oh you got a zero degree bag do you How about you Tony I think it was at 20. It's 20 or something I bought a liner to Put in it with some hot hands at least Keep you warm they're warm hands right Now I already lost my good headlamp that I just bought the one I've had since Infantry School in 2015 and I bought it Then and so it's about as bright as an IPhone lot here we are here we are back In Kansas Kansas Camp 2022. that's a lot Better start today than last week yeah Way better and I'm thick sticky thick Nick and I are heading back into where We saw all these bucks last night it's

Extremely cold this morning we rolled Out of our tents and hustled over here And a car didn't warm up one bit we're Like ice cubes right now I'm about to Climb up on this hill over here see if We can get eyes on these bucks again There's a bunch of deer having a little Rut frenzy back here last night bringing A decoy just in case if we want it I Don't think we're going to set it up Right away just because it's gonna be Pretty tricky with how many deer there Are in here and we don't know exactly Where they're going to be at we're going To take it just in case we want it later In the morning and get in there and see If we can get a shot one of these things All right Oh here's another one decent Buck Shooter Buck shooter bucket of dough Just pumped up down Foreign That buck just came in and he got down That bottom and I rattled and grounded At him a bunch but he just act like he Was gonna come over here but he circled And started getting downwind of us and His doe just kept on going down through The bottom that was kind of the Dilemma This morning it's where to set up Because we didn't know where they were Going to be at this morning and it's Like straight up nine o'clock and it Came right down that drainage and they

Got too far down the drainage before They turned to come this way got Downwind of us so he took off and went Clear across the road over there and This doe kept going down through the Bottom that's what we were hoping would Happen is have a buck come through here At some point and see the decoy but got No end of us so we'll regroup and try Again Oh yeah Oh yeah Well Mr son of a mechanic yes your time To shine yep yep I guess we'll call Dana And tell him what's happening When in doubt call Pop Pop what are you Doing I'm just driving Danny around oh Y'all just driving around Yeah uh the heat gauge is maxed out and The car was smoking a little bit about 15 minutes ago we pulled up to a stop And we were glassing into an area and it Just stopped running okay that's not Good here's what you don't need to do Um you need to sit there until the Temperature gauge pulls completely down And then it's probably busted a hose or Busted a radiator or something like that That's probably what's happened so it's Run out of cooling so hopefully it Didn't get too hot and do damage to the Motor it sounds like a diesel truck Right now just take the radiator cap off Uh-huh and see if there's any fluid in

There at all okay any water or anything There's probably not going to be so what You're gonna need to try to do after it Cools down you don't want to do when the Motor's hot so you want to wait 30 45 Minutes if there's not any in there if You've got any water you need to pour Some in there and try to crank it again And try to get somewhere right on well That's what we'll do we're gonna hang Out here for the next 30 40 minutes in Okay Holler back at me all right that was pop Eight or six hours out and then not even Half the day today it's like that Dana Got us back on the road We're back rolling Right on I figured you're gonna turn it And say something dude talk to my dad on The phone you guys lined out we let her Cool down a bit and got some water in The radiator and now we're gonna limp Her on back to the closest town we're Rocking and rolling Bag secured I have not no phrase no more You did walls I'm not lightless or Sockless there you go Dickies two pair Eminem good ones oh my feet are gonna Sweat so bad they're still gonna freeze Because it'll be sweating so bad yeah Hey all right fingerless mittens Look at that thing it's got a removable Light in there that's Cadillac that's Exactly oh yeah and I bought some more

Hand warmers just can't have too many of Them I mean at only 1.99 a pop I mean When you're made of money you can really Just screw it off Half right there There's another two does down here is he A shooter he's 10 on one side it's like It's just as big as the other one just Has one side I was like we kill him you Want to kill that one Nick Oh he might have a chance I might have To review the footage I mean the way the day is going Not me Let's take what we can get Just hike back into where we ended up This morning we're up here on top of This hill looking down into the drainage Over here is where we saw that action Last night and eventually worked their Way down through this stuff this morning That big buck and dough came out of that Drainage there they worked right along That other side so we decided to decoy And get up here where we can see all These drainages we got enough wind cover To be able to move on something if we See one coming down one of these Drainages to be able to either slip down Through these Cedars and shoot them as They're coming down this Edge or if they Did like those ones this morning did We'd be able to back off this hill make A big loop and get down there towards

That dry Pond about two hours still dark We'll see if we can get eyes on one and Make a move on He's looking back up into him I still can only see that one Yeah out in the middle okay Okay he's behind him Cedars Cedars I Hope You start to bristle up towards this Otherwise towards him he's gonna pop out To the left of those Cedar Square here Oh it's huge Another one don't want nothing Yeah I'm good Mom's running flying up yeah He's walking out We just had two bucks he's coming out of Two different drainages right here and They were meeting up right here below us Looked like they're about to go at it They're all bristled up to each other All sudden they started looking back at The drainage towards the road and they Looked over there for about five minutes And then all of a sudden they both took Off running back up into where they all Showed up last night sure enough today's Openings day of pheasant season bird dog Came right up through there and then the Guy came up right but right after him so I whistled at him waved at him he Stopped on a dime pretty much and called His dog back and they started walking Out of here so thanks to that guy a lot

Since he walked out the gut here we're Gonna start scooting over that way Can write this stuff off over here dive Into where they all showed up last night See if they do it again It's a salt dough way up top Tire trouble The car was overheating anyways we're About to pull over let it cool down Regardless I might as well be overlooking this Instead of them Kansas Whitetail dude With having car troubles all morning Flat tires this morning cars been Overheating pretty much every time I get Going down the road so they're trying to Get sucked into town so we can have Somebody look at it on our way we Spotted a couple bucks down here on the Public there's two bucks down in here They're right on the fence line one was On private and one was on public we Stopped up here on the road and they Didn't seem too concerned with us so we Whipped her down to this boat ramp and Started walking the edge this beach in Right quick we're making our way around Do I'm pretty sure they're still there I Don't think we can see them from the Ramp because there's a little Bridge Here between us and them but there's a Bunch of deer tracks on this beach right Here as we're walking along so we're

Gonna get it across here and see if we Can catch back up to him Foreign Looks like they're both on public now Yeah They're both just raking trees If I shoot either one of them I think One's raking on the right side and one's Scraping on the left It's pretty cool Good cover right there with the willow Trees all right Thank you Ready Foreign Foreign Things down I sleep well This is black right there Oh my god did you see all that dude I Know He's down dude We're doing baby we're done Dude that is a freaking tank Just kidding me Dude no freaking way Yes hey Hey Flat tire put the donut on it this Morning car won't go more than 100 yards Out over here There's a freaking awesome deer too Let's find him from the road and just Came down in here the wind's been Perfect blowing out of the South pretty

Dang hard Dude that smaller Buck was like oh I Know I thought it was over right there But then he turned and looked back when He turned out yeah I could hear him Walking I picked up I said he was like Dead he's right here right here and They're drawing and I got stood up like This and I freaking cotton dude What a deal Are you freaking kidding me Beautiful it's taking us a while this is Perfect because we need we needed we Needed it We got some cars to fix Silver Dave What you think about that We started the day literally itching Along in the car this the car is Overheating we've been talking to Nick's Dad like a bunch of times now because my Car is just old and not and I don't take Care of it properly especially this time Of year we went to town yesterday got Cooling in it changed the oil all that Came out this morning and temperature Gauge just spiked and we we can make it Like three miles at a time so we gotta Just stop and pull over and let it cool Down and that's what we were doing we Were coming this way which we usually Don't come this way to go to our other Spot but we were coming this way and Just looking down in here and Nick

Looked over and he's like there's a deer So we glass and sure enough it was this This one and that other small buck down In here we spotted a good number of deer From the road the last couple days yeah So that I mean it would have been Ideally we could have been just driving All over the place but the car wasn't Allowing but for it we ended up right Here That's what we were talking about Yesterday it's like we're finally gonna Have some good wind just like blowing at A decent clip and that's what we had Today we didn't expect to be here Hunting this deer but that big body Joker right there Absolutely we'll take it Oh boy that was a wild ride let's see if We can find that second era that you Launched I shot and he was I think he turned like This one I mean you can't even dig that I mean he Was out there bucking like he was at the NFR just he was on 12 seconds what a Freaking deal dude that was awesome that Was freaking awesome I love that it's Just a freaking Rodeo yeah and 100 Mile Road sitting right here in the Cove with Us when we could walk it up and then I Saw them all take off I'm like oh I bet Nick's left over to The Cove around the Point I mean that thing stacked we're

Tagged out baby we're tagged ow Heck of a freaking deer too oh dude yes Just a stud I had no idea it was a 10 Point I thought he was a big eight I Didn't know what the hell he was to be Honest I just I just wanted him to be Dead he's big enough Just wanted him to be dead All right I gotta take a picture of it Upload a photograph of the entire crop Carcass immediately found the kill on The floor moving the carcass all right Done that All right we just got back to the car Got a sack full of meat here got Everything back in the car so we're Gonna try and get it back to our camping Spot from last night Let's get everything loaded up before This thing overheats we've got a hotel Room and a tow coming and the pizza is Gonna be hot At the pizzeria I'm fired up I've been Thinking about that pizza all day we Gotta go get our tents down before they Blow to the next County mine is about to Snap into two pieces yeah yours is in Rough shape mine seems to be staying Pretty strong so far yeah yours must be Better than mine all right let's go pack Up I guess we got more stuff to get in This car we're gonna organize get your Brooms because it's a mess It's right back there we're back in the

Hotel room got this meat in here cooling Down in the tub of the hotel room we got It's all in these elk game bags covered Up in ice right there good day that's a Wrap Kansas we're tagged out we got car Troubles but we're trying to get out We're here till we're fixed but for now The Cowboys are winning that's all that Matters so we'll see you on the next one Foreign