2022 Wisconsin Deer Hunt – Opening Weekend & Deer Drives

By | December 5, 2022

Crystal and Chris both get bucks during Wisconsin 9 day!


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There you go [Music] Get on the field Today's episode you'll join my friends And family for the Wisconsin nine-day Gun season Every year for opening weekend we go to My family's small 15-acre property that Has been very fruitful for us over the Years Spoon [Applause] [ __ ] another box [Music] [Applause] Are you kidding me Especially Right It was out here [Music] After opening weekend we do deer drives For the rest of the week and the action Is usually Fast and Furious so sit back And enjoy the story remember 2022 gun Season S Like this could be an absolute Massacre It's not looking good for the deer Population What's the plan you think Timber is a Long Branch or we could try Something different I don't fix it if it Ain't broken I always say I agree I agree

[Music] You'll be fine you'll have your heated Vest on and [Music] Second buddy yeah you'll be out there Till nine o'clock then if you're lucky [Music] Uh we're staying at Jim's in law's place There yeah I guess it depends on how Late we stay up it may be and scott'll Have to stay down at the trailer I'm a Little worried about the carbon monoxide Poisoning though down there I think I Think we're gonna call it and we're Gonna have to flower down there's not Only mice in the trailer home anymore But there's mice in our deer stands even So Sherry left her little pot that she Pisses in on the ground and the upside Down and the gun stand they made a Little house under it Sure is five have been there the other Day but I Went up there in a barn [Music] Sounds good Okay What do you think Scott are the first Complaints buddy It looks good what do you waiting for it Looks tender it's not Rose 23. Are we ready let's go back come on guys Good luck gentlemen

[Applause] You got any last minute words Kell Grabbed a little reading with you hey For kale dog Stripes antler you ready Cow dog's killing a buck tomorrow mark My words you'll see it tomorrow buddy Hanging out [ __ ] good luck Opening day was calling for brutal temps With high winds and as it turns out they Weren't wrong with wind gusts reaching 30 miles an hour and temperatures being In the single digits the snow was just a Cherry on top Opening day came and went with many deer Passing through but all we ended up with After an all-day sit was cold digits and Wind burnt cheeks so we headed back to The saloon for a little morale boost and Some storytelling Be patient Like we got 45 minutes so like I needed A written consent that it was only going To be a buck only when I brought him Back there You like that though you like that it Was veered off and I was like oh thank God you know yeah well set up sit there And Mom said oh wow Oh it's an I see the thing I don't have to know what's coming in Sideways they hugs pretty tight yeah I'm Going back I was trying to convince Jim that that Six pointer that came by us was limping

Pretty fast Or something pretty slow opening day Two of them in there they just Registered one Bulldog looked pretty Decently No like absolute Giants The next day was calling for similar Conditions and we were hoping after all The pressure from opening day the deer Would be pushed down deep in the marsh As soon as we got set up in the dark we Could hear deer all around us and as it Began to get light they started piling In shortly after the season opened we Had a nice buck come through and give us An opportunity but my brother decided he Was going to let him go about 15 minutes After he disappeared we saw him in Several other bucks chase a doe onto the Neighboring landowners and from the Sounds of it that was the last mistake That buck ever made Oh God The dough that let him out there turned Around and came back into our property And the little bucks soon followed And after seeing a pile of deer but Nothing he wanted to shoot my brother Decided it was time to call on the big Guns the most ruthless killer in all the Land someone with an itchy trigger Finger after a longbow season of deer Skirting by just out of range at 1 30 The call of the bullpen was made and we

Had a new shooter in the blind Oh How's that trigger finger feeling This deer got no idea what's in store Yeah just make sure you're at the right Height I got something I can put under Your butt if you need to be up higher When's the last time you shot a deer Seventh grade Years ago would that be Hind the great house probably 13 years Like the dry spell yeah well that's what Happens if you don't go I'm not shooting at them There might be another one behind it Though that's a little I don't want you Shooting that more I mean get on them and see how they feel But I don't want to shoot the first one That goes through there if you like Yourself wow What I saw it Just pay attention to where you can if You do see it just pay attention to Where you see it because you need to Know where your shots are going to be You know if one goes through there or Whatever you know Where You have to Glass to the right Five ten yards to the right of it Oh I see was he looking our way yeah He's feeding nonstop oh my gosh well

Hell yeah We're just a little closer he's on our Property Wow that's crazy I mean like I know they're there but Like What are there [Music] That's what we're trying to say Hello Grass Again Just right on the left side Right here so Just don't lay down tree It's a buck there's a There's a Muppets in front of the bushes You took out there Let's take your time Always far away in the scope and Hope There's a lot of pressure He's still looking Thank you So stay ready but I think you dumped him Everyone Can I look through the binoculars yeah Me too I don't think you got yourself a buck Okay Let's see I'm looking up Did he drops All right

Probably each month today Good job You don't waste any time No matter what we did To lay there we had the rifle that's all You know if he was 200 yards or 150 Yards would be something that'd be Different but he's probably 50 60 yards There and just falls right through that See that's because I ask you is there Too much pressure yeah he did I just Never know no that's good to ask and be Worried about it for sure because like With the bow you won't want to do that Right Sherry I got a little buck Did you really congratulations I dropped Them Shaking yeah Thank you We were looking at another door that we Saw and then Jake was like oh Crystal There's another doe and then I was like No that's a little black so I shot up Let's back it up get down there Get him out of here season's closed but This video probably ain't over yet we're Gonna be after him about the whole week Here Here he is not going to say much but He's got more points than you thought Let me use the sick It's the weird side look at it Busted off or is it going oh it's just

That way Nothing wrong with that I like it Your biggest buck I wasn't gonna shoot Anything so This is better than nothing that's for Sure 13 years she said 13 years since I Shot one stop really Your first one no and the first one was Small I believe it or not I am like shoulder Did you break that off yeah he's a Fighter Another sick he was a big six you know We can find that very tight season yeah I'm sure that Big Shed there's no way we Don't mind it for Siri 's gonna be so proud of me yeah The Box Slayer killer that's uh you just Need someone to want to pull the trigger Yeah that'll be some good meat yeah One two three you got it Going in the river You got him yeah I think he's alive You got him he's about 250 pounds now Yikes yeah [Applause] After a successful opening weekend the Next four days were spent doing deer Drives with buddies on public land Throughout the state and joining my Buddy zimmy for a hunt where he passed a Beautiful busted up 10-pointer knowing There's a few bigger bucks in the area

Each year on Thanksgiving afternoon a Few of our buddies come down from Minnesota and join up with us for two Days of deer drives the goal was pretty Simple be safe have a great time and get Some meat for the freezer after a slow Start to the day Chuck and Chris decided It's time to go into their honey hole so We get posted up and tell the boys to Bring her through Through here that's where I wanna yeah I think there's some in here Oh my God But like turn the rod they were just Running this Ridgeline she doesn't let Me to bring her through I passed out for a deer over the morning Are you passing them up today No are you passing anything yet [Music] You probably not Unless it's a nubby I guess but who Knows they're gonna be coming running Through here so fast Yep Back in their ways I just gotta go song Here let's scope it and get her to the Left there I think [Music] They're gonna pop off [Music] Use someone else [Music] Right there coming out second one touch

The second one bigger Chris [Music] Shoot him [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] They were moving like they had been Running for a while too it's not like They're tearing like they were running But they weren't that [Music] Oh this is great [Music] That's what it's all about that crap for The bolt and I'm like That worked pretty perfect though it's Like they're running right into the wind Where they want to be they could stay on That cover there pretty good I think if He if he is hit he's gonna lay down Right in there and we're gonna have him Surrounded Turkey She must be getting close All right I got to Wisconsin year and a Half now I just need the two and a half In Iowa and I'll be set you got one down Yeah there's a little Buck down there Yeah baby these turkeys kept getting me I was like [Music] Okay I had one turkey come on the field By me just walk right out I think the

One's still in there maybe unless you Saw I saw it there in the corner and I Thought it turned right but I don't know He started it running I don't know what He's doing I think we should just line It up and just do it right before we sit Here So I think a couple people just get Posted up on the hill and we'll walk That all right well in case he's in There yeah Here he goes Get on the field Foreign I heard him get up She said dough I think I said there he Goes I mean I T-Rex picking up Jimmy Chris is big as [ __ ] I mean a lot of Community actions Together oh Christopher this is your Blood all through yeah all through there It was on the bottom I'll know it must Have been pouring out that hole oh yeah Yeah is that which one All right Wow are we close to your house Right over there so let's take her to Tyler's not Wesley it's dear I don't Have on camera That's the nameless one that needed a Name But you said you weren't gonna name him Until he was dead Now here we go we got all night to think

Of a name That's Rick James hey Chris drag him off To the uh yeah Yeah here comes here comes the Cavalry Jake Jim has just did all his glory right now We're rolling up heavy on this he gets To put two bucks in that thing he's like You bet Oh [Applause] [Music] Enjoy the party yeah this is Chris's Biggest buck to date [Applause] Pretty good I can't believe we used to Throw a little bit So what'd you all do to it Just heat of the blue cheese up or what Yeah melt the butter melt the blue Cheese in it stir it so it'll break and Then You gotta make sure it's edible get that In you Where's the heart what happens Deer Drive All the dolls stayed right down the Creek line and both of these guys tried To Jet out After a night full of telling big buck Stories and solving the world's problems We hit the field for one more day of Pushes we managed to scratch out six More deer and made a whole lot of

Memories it's pretty rare that these Deer drives will result in US killing a Big buck but getting together with Friends and family is the one thing I Look forward to more than anything the Whole fall the laughs that are shared After the hunt are many times more fun Than the hunt itself it doesn't have to Be getting together with the family for Opening weekend or doing gear drives With friends but I strongly recommend Starting some sort of tradition with the Group and making time to do it each year We're super thankful for everyone who Supports thp and all of your support Allows us to keep adding to the list of Traditions the support you guys have Showed through buying merchandise Throughout the past few months has been Overwhelming and I know that they're Getting orders out as fast as possible If you haven't yet check out the new Designs on the website my personal Favorite being the new Deer Drive shirt And you can use the code Jake to save 10 There's a bunch of items on there That'll make a great gift for the Holidays once the items are sold out They're sold out so be sure to get your Shopping done now we appreciate you guys Watching we'll see you next time Somebody get some D on this guy Baby Swap

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