By | November 15, 2022

We have multiple close calls on public land and our buddies shoot a buck at point blank coming to a decoy!


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Come on Oh God did it I think I might hit him Too high Pretty bare minimum right there I don't think that it was that high yeah You get up that high then you're you're No man yeah but I hope you didn't hit Too high that's my only concern Cali you Ready Find a girl Find it And the fact it went that far tells me That's a non-lethal hit Um That's a long ways for a deer to go We're calling off the search I mean it's Been you know a day and a half since we Shot and It's really not any more signs past the Last Blood we found yesterday I feel Terrible and I really wish things would Have went better but hey Move on and we'll do better the next Time Thank you Foreign We're gonna start sneaking out of here We think we heard two bucks maybe Sparring but we're way back in this Weird swamp and It's gonna get real hard to see on the Way out it'll get a Long Way to the Truck so let you know when we formulate A different game plan for here

Foreign Thought that this was the ticket tonight It just wasn't back to the drawing board We know we're around him something's Just a little off I guess but Be positive keep hunting all right so It's Sunday we haven't done anything Except for edit today decided to kind of Lay low we're seeing people out driving Around way more than normal on the Weekends so we're just hanging out but I Got up on the truck a little bit ago and Realized that I should be doing a lot More of that because I can just see a Ton it's super flat here so it's really Hard to see long way but there is enough Terrain change that you just can't see All the deer at all all the time so I Got up on the truck I was actually Looking at Mitch and Tate's ground and I Saw a buck out there and I'm like man Maybe we need to just go drive around so That's what we're doing we got 30 Minutes there's always a small chance That we see one and make a move we got To see one first so that's what we're Gonna look for while we were out looking For a buck on public Mitch and Tate were On a hunt of their own on their families 15 Acres early on they got eyes on a Shooter buck and despite trying to call Them in the buck disappeared back into The cover They continue to wait it out and about

An hour later the buck showed back up Trees in front of you on the other side Race standing there looking at the decoy Foreign Foreign Here Boys And he was so worked up with that Decoy He came in and made a huge scrape under The tree right by the decoys and he came In at four yards That's sick where are you guys at can we Come do something I'll send you a pin Drop the road we come down it's just a Little bit on maintenance Road all right Well we'll be on our way I've always got one sounds like they had Him coming into a decoy we're gonna go Check it out and help him with the Recovery and all that hold them up Mitch This is for the thp boys Mitch so what Do you got to say Is that Keith better than that man just You heard it here Better than Zach farrenbach don't got Nothing on us dude decoy had six yards You kidding me beautiful dear Zach who Jake who Aaron who the hunting What how about Minnesota Mitch over here Look at the neck on this thing Oh yeah Henry baby Dead You're the guide or what yeah I don't

Know are you cameraman I think for you This is my phone That application seems pretty sick yeah You got him with plenty of daylight then Too okay I don't know how long was that Full drop a long time would you let down Then no he just about did on accident When he was at five yards Okay I told you I was out of blood and They come to the decoy he starts making A scrape At this point you got to be thinking Dude I wish I had the thp attack Yeah I better not miss it dude he's Literally Got to yeah he just about let down right There Dude perfect perfect shot that heart That's where he died That's the benefit of the decoy is it Definitely makes him hang around after The shot Let's go look at this thing Yeah oh my gosh This is private land everybody just so You know because we are driving through The dead center of a field Right here Back down He's dead right over there boys When you got into the stand we grunted And rattled and a buck popped out like 50 yards in our side of the trees I Don't know if it was this one or not but

We figured if the deer were coming They'd come from either side so we'd get A shot at them before they got a win we Pretty much came from the only spot we Didn't want him to come from How many Bucks have you guys filled out Of that stance that's down right there I've shot Seven Foreign Make this eight now That's a big beard yeah that's like when You come out came all puffed up and then That one it was just way too sick to Pass up yeah five and a half yards Drizzled up like that Yeah you should be Honestly like all I saw just bristled up Yeah It's a big deer look at that top man Yeah that's sweet it was a tough shot But I yeah I did it like Brave pause Built your least I had to pull it back Again quick I'm telling you you get that You get that dhb adapt on you yeah Way easier to hold back you know I think If we like got gifted one or something Maybe we try it Like probably the funnest font I've ever Met you know it's crazy so one of the Bucks that we saw and different habitat Than this like less Farm country his Antlers were super dark a lot of it just Depends on what they're shedding they're Velvet in and stuff where they're

Rubbing yeah yeah you get into like the Heavy Pines and stuff like that they get Super dark and sappy and that bucks Looks like where you shoot one in Iowa Or Ohio or Farm country and he's sweet And he's like he's like massive it's Kind of awesome bro excited man I was in Such a I don't think We were on our way here Mitchell's like I don't want to go sit there dude like Trust me man I just got a feeling yeah Whatever The last two times I've sat here I've Had beef cattle under my stand so yeah This seems about the size of a beef Though yeah Right there you ever seen that before Yeah well you're kind of more of like a Right here kind of hit him right there And if it would have been right here He'd be dead that's where I thought you Hit him that's why I was hoping I hit Him but I think I hit him right I think It must have just hit him right there That's the difference between a stand And a ground yeah oh yeah like the exits Right over there being colorblind and All watching them diary in front he was Pretty nice yeah that's so cool dude I'm Not gonna lie boys it's probably the Funnest experience we've ever had yeah So having you guys up here yeah I mean The whole between me and him and having You guys here it's been

So it's fun actually Wilson's getting away Yeah I mean I did the hard part So Keith said before we even came out Here that it's cool to come hang out With these guys with their Buck because This is one of the main reasons we ended Up coming back up here we were like you Know we could stay in a different part Of the state and you know just be alone But it kind of has that deer camp feel Up here these guys have been coming and Hanging out every night we're gonna Podcast tonight when we get done hanging This deer up and it's just pretty fun to Be in a different part of the country And see the deer culture up here as well It's all the same from one end to the Next so we're having a good time with These guys and real thankful that They're letting us just stay at their Place because that's made a big Difference for days like the day when we Do the editing you know we're having fun We're gonna go hang this deer up and Then podcast and big buck parties come Here boy He's a good ball yeah as I do Basic corn bear Just imagine that time right there You're gonna get your hands sweaty here That's cool could you take a bite Sure you don't hold that thing I think You should

Yeah well you pull your sleeves up Here put it in less Okay All right guys it's rifle season and for The time being we're done hunting in Minnesota and we just we're gonna talk About kind of what happened after Mitch Shot that buck that way you can have an Idea of What happened and kind of how close we Feel like we really were to getting the Buck on the ground there was a spot that We had scouted that was a cattail Marsh Or multiple like cat tail just like Pothole lakes that are completely Surrounded by wow Pothole lakes that are just completely Surrounded by Cattails just Prime Bedding completely surrounded by AG big Head bot and it was really really dense And the deer were definitely bedding on The edges of The Cattails and when we Were in there the very first time Eventually came across all these big Beds and rubs that looked like they were You know a little bit old but had been Taken place in October I guess the final Thing that we found that day that we Were scouting in there was this really Defined scrape line there were these Very specific Buck trails that were like Tunnels and they were big and wide Enough that a buck could go down and Tunnel into the ground yeah old ancient

Trails they would eventually hit these Openings where there was canary grass They were kind of like a dried up Slough And there were these major scrapes in Them like there was a big X where Trails Crossed and there were these two huge Scrapes no licking Branch you could tell The Bucks were just hitting that spot And tearing it up connected to that was Other scrapes that we kind of created a Cruising round of how the Bucks would be Traversing through this area we knew That this Cattail area was going to be Really good the problem was is the Access was going to be really Challenging because it was super thick So we were waiting for a really windy Day that was coming up in the forecast But it was several days ahead before we Felt like we were going to get back in There so in the meantime we were Attempting different strategies we're Unsuccessful doing that but before we Got the conditions to go back in there We made a loop around that piece of Public land and how it set up was the Public land Had its boundary And then there was just a grassy field That went from that hard Edge to the Road and then across the road there was A green field there as we were driving Down that road one day kind of making an Extra little Loop just to take a look at

It we were looking at tracks coming from The public land to that Green Field Assuming a lot of that movement is at Night we were just trying to confirm That they were still you know going from The public to the the private green food Source and as we were driving down the Road we came across a huge track There's so many tracks right there it's Just stupid Declaw Track giant track another giant track Public land so we're going probably in The morning we just were feeling really Good then tracks all over the road dude It's just Trails hammered across the Road it was pretty spectacular so that's Making us feel confident that that Scrape line is going to be on fire Because if the does are coming from that Bedding area the Bucks are probably Going to be crossing their Trails the Next morning we finally got that super Windy condition that we were waiting for We went in really early we got up extra Early to sneak in there we were going Incredibly slow and we were six minutes From legal light and we were five yards From our setup and honestly this Timber Is so thick that anything could be a Setup and we knew that if we were going To get jammed up by here and there move Around or whatever so be it we could Just plop down and we'd eventually make

It to our setup where that scrape was we Make them x a little bit of extra noise On one step we pause no big deal like we We pause and listen which is something That we do all the time especially Walking in or still hunting if we make a Little extra noise we don't keep going And make more noise we just stop and Listen I pulled up my binos and walking Straight through the trails that we were You know moving towards setting up on I Pulled up my binos and then through the Dark I could see a monster buck he Walked straight to that scrape that we Were going to set up on Worked that scrape And then he worked straight back the way That he kind of came from Hit multiple Other scrapes when it's dark you just Can't film anything I mean Keith had Infrared on at that point and all you Can see is just like the bushes and you Can just hear him scraping at one point All I could see was just like darkness Of a body it's about About as dark as it can get when you When you can still be able to kind of See yeah what's going on we let it get Daylight and we called from where we Were sitting we didn't see him figured He had moved away to where he couldn't Hear us I think rattling in that Situation would have been a great Aggressive option but I forgot the

Rattling antlers which I mean maybe cost Us an opportunity at that buck don't Forget your rattling antlers that's Pretty stupid of me it seemed like it Was a pretty aggressive calling sequence But like you said it could have been With those Rattlers it could have been a Little bit more but regardless didn't Work had it been legal light that buck Walked through multiple openings Broadside at 25 yards and it's like There's really nothing you can say other Than dang that was close and reading That sign I think is the part that is The most important Keith and I don't run Trail cameras we had no idea that deer Existed and it was one of the biggest Bucks I've seen hunting in a while to Make up in your head how big he could be And then yeah but he was big yeah you Know we got ourselves in the game just Based off of reading big buck sign Multiple times so I guess we hunted the Rest of that day in that same spot Thinking him or another Buck would Certainly come back they didn't there's A lot of different things that go Through your mind did we make the right Move sitting here or should we have Chased him or yeah in this situation why We chose not to chase him is it was so Thick in there that I was afraid that we Would call him in and then not be able To get a shot opportunity just because

It was such a high stem count as much as It gets yeah the Northwood stuff is Thick enough but then it was invasive Buckthorne so it's just like as thick as It gets stems everywhere and I think That's kind of what held us up and we Wanted to make sure if like if we didn't Spook the thing just play it safe we Could come back in there and hunt it Because we had really good weather days Coming up we felt confident that like We're on this thing we got a few more Days to hunt this thing let's not blow It out if we if we can manage not do the Next morning we felt like it was going To be really tough conditions to get in Super quiet we hunted a different area Didn't have any luck there came back to This area accessed it from a different Route with a different wind than what we Had had the day before and didn't really See much we heard some deer moving Around us had some deer get down one of Us and below and then the next day was Our last day which was yesterday and we We felt really confident that if we Could get on that scrape we would have a Really good chance at having a buck come Through weather was as good as it had Been since the 25th yeah we just took Extra time to sneak into that scrape and Dead Calm first Calm and pretty much right away we were Hearing deer Meandering around us

Eventually had a doe and a fawn make a Complete circle around us super still For 30 minutes and they circled 360 Around us it was pretty interesting but We froze there for 30 minutes and they Couldn't smell us yeah that was I think The part that frustrated them so much is They eventually just got to a point Where they knew they couldn't smell us And they just kept getting closer and Closer to the point that they were like Five yards away and then they just Wouldn't give up on it so we eventually Grunted and kind of pushed them away you Know even then it was like yeah that's Not great but at this point it's one of Those days where a buck could just be Four or five 600 yards away or more yeah Especially on his way through that was At 9 30 or whatever that was and the Does were just then getting through that Opening getting back into that bedding Stuff it seems like in the morning when You have a calm morning like that and The wind picks up or the wind has a Subtle switch to it It's like clockwork deer start moving The wind would pick up a little bit it Would hit you in the face and then it Would like drift back out into the Opening and then it would do the Predominant thing and then do the Opposite and just start just like Floating around us that's when it like

Stuff felt different at that point Because it was Dead Calm before that Yeah basically our gut feeling then was Hey let's just give it a little bit see If this wind switch brings you know Something through Sure enough We were close enough to the edge of the Timber that I'm pretty sure we heard him Bust into the timber I think that he Cruised from a different woodlock Completely across an open field and Busted into it eventually across the Road even yeah yeah and the initial Thing that we heard was like Like one was kind of running or trotting In he walked to that scrape the scrape That was to our left there was multiple Scrapes kind of in front of us one was Off of kind of like our left shoulder And one was straight in front of us he Took a few more steps and I saw him Flash through the trees He was only 30 yards away or less Probably but as thick as this Timber is Unless he's in these specific openings We can't see him hardly at all I was Just about to draw he stood there for a Couple minutes made a couple more steps Forward and then just like that turned And walked straight back away that he Came from the question that we'll always Have is Did he smell us and wasn't totally

Freaked out but decided to go the other Way or was it just coincidence and Complete bad luck that he didn't just Walk straight into the opening that we Had been set up on for countless hours On this hunt at this point after that Happened we kind of followed the Direction that he went set up on another Big scrape that night that we thought he Might have headed towards lo and behold All we saw was a couple year and a half Old bucks there's a lot of times I think When you're hunting aggressive setups Four bucks there's gonna be a lot of Days where you hear dear but you're just Barely off to the point that they can be In bow range like in this story that we Just told where the buck comes up to the Scrape and is just out of sight it Doesn't really make for exciting video But we wanted to show you guys kind of The back story on what we were thinking To get ourselves in this area in this Area to you know eventually see a buck Five minutes before legal life thanks For watching guys we'll see on the next Video