8 ALL DAY SITS FOR A BIG WOODS BUCK | 6.5 PRC Rifle Deer Hunting

By | November 30, 2022

Ross and Brett are on their rutcation and putting the time in the tree. Ross sits for 8 days before he gets his chance at a big woods buck with his 6.5 PRC rifle. APPAREL: 👉
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Foreign Just about to lift up the camera stand This morning we got blown out Not ideal but Well my blood pressure is still really High Not an ideal start to the To the week but We're in the game just in the same stand As hell with Jamin Uh two weeks ago I believe Foreign It's been raining most of the morning It's not as cold as we as you told us it Was going to be at the beginning of the Week but 45 40 degrees of the 40 degree 45 degree High geez where it's hard this morning Um Drizzly cold And this has been the hot spot we're on The back side of the swamp or I killed My buck Last year we're just gonna sit Here all day and if we don't kill one We're gonna be right back in here Tomorrow All day And we're just basically playing this to Sit all day until something happens but Wind is okay this morning it's light and Variable which I don't love for the Stand but Look at a rifle with a suppressor What could be better

Foreign Foreign I'm happy to see that she had her phone With her because that means it's not Rocking yet But Her reading the script and walking right By the stand is perfect Live bacon baby Live Peyton and Central Now we need A womp donkey All right day two We're outside here in New Hampshire cold Much colder to this morning it's Probably like mid to low 20s right now And we got a stiff stiff northwest wind Back in the same seat we were yesterday Uh we checked some cards on the way out Yesterday But we're real close to killing one Real nice Real nice eight pointer mature deer Foreign All right we've got Almost 20 minutes left Thought we aren't doing more deer One straight out in front of us in front Of the scrape but he was like sounded Like it the deer was back in the timber There Then Over with the Fawn came from Um

Something like a bug growing up Whether that's made up in our minds or Not still Yet to be seen Gorgeous day finished out nice So It's cold In the camper Ran out of propane in the tank And so we're starting today at a deficit And it's like Middle low teens this morning So I had a good start but Also a good start because it's cold it's All right it's day three all they said Or until we kill one And we're gonna go do it and we're gonna Kill a pig Hearing Phantom animals at this point I Think But Don't get a hard frost on everything It's go time baby so Day three That's three that's three as well that's Another way to do three I haven't lost my cookies yet but we're Getting there it's I gotta sit all day or until we kill Something This is the third time the Bucks have Clashed antlers Inside of

Italians out of 200 yards And I'm nearing my Wood's end and I'm Almost ready to get out of this tree Even though every single part of me Tells me no because it's really really And we only have a vague idea of where These where that buck is with that dough So I think it's too big of a dice roll To go in there grunting and raking trees With inhaler because We very well could walk right by them I can't see that far there's no real Good like topography To be able to get like a vantage point Be like oh that's where they are and Make a move It's 10 41. when it's going to be hot Switching to The East Northeast I've been checking the wind regularly With milkweed and if we just got that First breath out of the yeast we're Gonna pull the pan Chuck this grenade And we're probably gonna wind up on the Other side of the swamp he used to work For it it's not ideal but where all the Activity is in this hot dough is it'll Work so hopefully we'll get a buck Cruising this swamp Edge or something Like that this evening Foreign 10-15 minutes let everything settle down A collection s because Who knows Buck could be moving around

Looking for his love Foreign Yeah no I'm not shooting that book I'm pretty sure there was a doe I Thought I saw a doe What Yeah What Oh there it is I see him Just saw a young buck So I'm walking down off The Ridge Grunted at him and bleeded at him a Couple times And it seemed to have changed his Trajectory just enough then We're able to get some eyes on them Not a deer I shoot A beautiful deer not in the last school Encounter I ground it at him again just to see if He'd come back around after he walked Out of field and he did Not went of us I'm Boogie so The bugs are in here now we just need The right buck We've got about 20 minutes left If that We saw a doe that you guys didn't get to See sorry about that On us somehow I think she came in behind This big dead tree Behind me

Not sure if it's in frame or not but Take my word for it there's a dead tree There Standing dead tree And she got to about 60 yards and before I saw her And had us pegged like I thought for sure she was gonna blow Took her a good five ten minutes to get Out of here Good night overall Still got a little bit of time left Day three In the books So All right it's uh day four and we woke Up to a Blanket of snow over there It switched over to freezing rain I Wasn't supposed to do that To my knowledge anyhow whatever we got An East Wind this morning we're gonna go Back in the swamp stand probably not Going to be a whole lot of footage Unless we see something Jake I'm sure We'll try and get a few cutaways but It's gonna be raining in camera gear Freezing rain I don't they just don't work okay so it Might be minimal but we're still gonna Go for it Oh my God Thank you Foreign

We actually see them pretty frequently But It was cool to see him like that and we Heard him fight right before they came Out so it was interesting they stood in The swamp for done near 45 minutes just Standing there not doing a thing And I really it's gonna switch from its East right now it's gonna switch North All the way around to Northwest And I want to be out of here before it Starts twitching it North because I Don't want to be blowing our scent into The into the good stuff so That's a plan Day five Doing the same thing we've been doing All week Staying positive I'm not positive it's Gonna happen staying positive you know Beautiful morning probably bang I bang The antlers together for that first Light read it legal We'll probably do it again here shortly He's turning around he's going away Pretty sure Can you see him or no Legs Foreign We might have just blown it Pretty sure that was a buckwheat called Tiny Tim I don't know how he had us picked out in This tree so fast our wind is good but

And I don't know if we're just at a Weird Skyline For that angle at the same spot that That Doe came out in yesterday and you I Don't know how they get there because I Can't see them until it's too late Um He's probably 80 yards It's a bummer Whatever I didn't I wasn't even sure it was him At first but his body is enormous and We've known him for the last Two years I don't know either way bummer but deer On their feet so I'm sitting Check it out end of day five it's got Like 15 minutes left Um this is gonna bring Jake and I's time To an end He's heading back to New York I think Bailey will be in the truth Yeah that's what Jake just noted yes so That means yeah Interesting day close call with a Shooter And thunder snow So Not for lack of excitement The day is coming to an end You see what are you thinking thoughts Today day six We're going forward again

Feels like a great day Cold wind is good for us here and this Is still been the hottest spot on the Mountain in this area It's probably I don't know 50 acres Right here we have it's definitely the Hottest area that we've got going on so Um It's that time of the year sit and cry Sit and grind sit and ride Review the footage last night of Tiny Tim it was Tiny Tim and he broke off his G2 So now he's even less appealing Still a beautiful mature deer and we'll See how I feel if he comes out today but Foreign It's just before 9am and we saw our First deer of the morning It was like cool to watch them come in Here and eat on this red brush Now uh Now we need a big one to do that Foreign Spike good day everything felt right We'll see you in the morning Oh that's sweet you got that fanatic Vest though you don't need it built in All right get up on me all right get up On the floor Australia get up on me this Morning You have as much energy as Brett Joy This morning yeah yeah Day seven

And uh Back in the swamp it's cold cold this Morning It's like mid to high teens but it's Pretty still so Not much more else to say than what's Already been said every morning this Week happy to be here and you're just Going to be here to make it happen It's pretty sweet Foreign Pop my armor off You got it oh my God Foreign Foreign Yes Uh -huh Where is he Where is he Foreign Dude What happened I didn't load my gun I'm a mess I have an absolute mess Oh man you heard the bullet hit him Didn't you oh yeah Suppressor so cool Oh Yeah it is I just can't believe it From Saturday Well Sunday morning Until

Sunday morning A week straight there were two days I Climbed down And that was only because the wind was Bad for the stand I was doing There's a dead deer It's either that bonus a pointer or Taurus That's what you do Listen to this I didn't I didn't load my Gun And I said I'm gonna kill him And I dry fires And I had to get my mag out of my pack While while he was staring at me Get my mag in my gun chamber of round The whole time the entire time Probably 50 yards Um From the timber to the back right There like the north northwest My son is gonna be so excited I talked to him On Friday Friday night and He misses me a lot I miss him a lot And he goes can you just come home now So we can have whoopie pies And I told him no we can't have whoopie Pies because Papa hasn't shot a big buck Yet And he was pretty bummed out And I'm really excited To be able to have a whoopie pot You guys okay

We just got back to Camp um I'm probably gonna pack stuff up And get ready uh To pretty much get out of here after we Recover the deer Just trying to get bread a little bit of Extra time in the tree And because he wants to be present for This so Um I don't blame him I'd want to be There if he was the one who shot two so You're gonna do that get packed up get All the clothes get all my stuff ready Hook truck up to the trailer and Um so we can make a pretty smooth exit After recovery What do you got to say What are we going to do They go in Crack a deer who's deer Ross's Ross's eight pointer yeah and he Smoked him yeah He's on the board yeah Yeah a fresh venison yeah yeah burger Yeah backstraps yeah gross sausage yeah So Everybody's here Henry Brett Chris Bailey and even Greer Down here helping us Um I can't find him We just walked into the swamp and Brett Thinks he's funny so after after making Me wait for four hours Oh

Yeah she's standing right here That's how I know That's how you know that this is where He was Oh yeah I think he just came like this did you Hear him oh yeah Just like slow he was eating really he Was feeding I'm pretty sure I can see Him oh I can see him Dude he like ran up this way like as the Blood is telling you Nope I dry fired on him oh yeah Staring at me the whole time while I Grab my mag out of the bag got my mag Into the gun chambered around and then And it's pretty slow And it's dude like I had my fingers Inside the chamber trying not to let the Shell go boing All right No not right This is super fun that's super pretty Good that's a nice looking deer He's just a pretty Pretty yeah everything is just Firearm deer tag Foreign Yeah what's the fun part what did I say No more monkeys What did I get Away oh I just found it right here What do you think Stand up there come on

You're Gonna Hurt Papa's back do you Want To touch him touch those handlers what Do you think Fun playlist yeah Is it a good one Are you excited Gonna eat them You're gonna put them in the shed and Then we're gonna eat them yep you want Red or chocolate Red one you want chocolate yeah And what do we say to the people for Watching this Thank you thank you Thank you and Please like right Give it a thumbs up And Subscribe right Thanks for watching it's not been an Awesome one Kind of a grind for this this guy here And we like bananas it turns out so Please like subscribe and thank you guys For watching we'll see you on the next One