8 DEER IN 2 DAYS! | Mossberg Patriot 6.5 PRC

By | December 21, 2022

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Yeah great What's up So we'll be lucky to make it to Eric's By 4 pm at the way yeah the way that You've been navigating even though There's a map and telling us which way To go it's confusing like six or seven Hunt stand Make apple Carplay compatible oh and we got all the Fun tickets Chris you got a couple I got some dough Tags right in here [Music] There's deer here we've already seen Some You ready yeah Welcome to another video everybody we Just pulled into the best video of the Year the Hanson Hanson Farm if you will Um we're out at Eric's again for the Third annual doe weekend I missed it Last year and I'm not gonna miss it Again if I can help it so we're back Um I got tags Ross hashtags Chris has Tags I have tags Eric has tags two in Case we run out of tags so the the Objective is to shoot the mossbergs at Lots of deer all the dogs yep Um grocery missions Ross and I both are Running uh six five prcs this year so we May try to stretch out a little bit Shoot some longer distance if we don't Get the opportunity to do at home this

Is a pretty good environment for it it's Pretty mild I'd say in General Flat easy Shots controlled shots so we're gonna do That we're just excited to come out and See everybody it's a good weekend we get Together eat some food everybody goes Out and hunts to tell us hunting stories And it's just like a kind of a deer camp So Third annual dough Fest underway we're Gonna get everything going and we're Actually getting the tree tonight so We've got a few hours and we're gonna Jump in and see a pile of deer coming in So let's go we're in the game Oh yeah not gonna have fun There's no socks Oh Danny I'll push you down the stairs You wear those inside your Christmas Some can make socks like those Makes sense where you use sick huh oh Man the whole right here he's this kid's Like Ah guys can you turn the heat on my feet My toes are cold well guess what you're Wearing women's socks they're not Women's [ __ ] Gamer man how you doing good hey how are You brother what's up bro what's up how You been good nice shoes no no show them Your socks oh yeah show them yourself Maybe in the summertime but I don't know Yeah yeah you should see them though on

His little feet they look like lady Slippers yeah did you bring those little Loafers like last time Yeah just those yeah I don't hunting Boots I couldn't afford them this way Yeah tough times you wanna go show us What's hanging in the garage there oh I Forgot about that yeah it slipped my Mind I haven't thought about it much you know Oh Man it's big man like long That's a big deer It's a sweet book That's real sweet Yeah we gotta figure out gap on Hunt Stand with Eric and figure out where Everybody's going we got is it three or Four is he thought in two with his son Somewhere He's going okay well do you know where Chris is gonna go oh yeah yeah But I can take you in there it's Probably better to drive you and then Walk one two three's on three what's This year those on three one two three Don't you go down no you go up I wish no One said anything well it's fine we can Go set them up while we do this all Right But you're gonna be hanging this right Good okay Up you go Buster Oh you know what I should do

About it I loaded my gun this time I learned from My mistake Right we made it in I think clean I don't know we got Dropped off at the base of the tree by Eric and Um We're sitting not far from his house Right now We got some standing beans here we got Some standing beans behind me we got Some sweet corn This is all combine beans I think There's some Clover down there I don't Know a bunch of food bunch of deer we're Gonna see if uh see if we can make Something happen here this evening I don't know I don't know We're just getting set up here I got this little shooting pod here Oh because I really believe well I'll Speak for myself I don't feel super Confident offhand over 100 so we can Shoot probably Close to 300 maybe 350 there and most of This field out their way so I got this Set up we just got our ax unfortunately Yeah there's enough brush behind us but We got in this back corner the standing Beans and we got this whole field right Here which is winter wheat so there Should be some deer coming out in here Ross is behind us up on the edge we're

Watching kind of outside the field and Then the field behind us and there's Standing beans back there too so we've Got this whole kind of area of the farm Covered Um yeah we're getting all settled out Get the range finder this thing's dialed Up to probably 500 if we needed to I Don't think I can shoot that far here But anyway I'll be good All right first night we're up at uh Eric's place in New York third annual Dough Fest weekend whatever we call it Open the tree with Cody Kill a couple does tonight We're set up on the edge of the island This is where I'm on it every single Year I've either been in this stand It's across the way But there's this doe that lives in this Island She's antlers though so She's about anywhere from 8 to 12 years Old Now we're gonna kill her tonight Hopefully I sat here last year a nice Three-year-old come out in the corn We're not here to kill pot Goes only but Should be fun I'm hoping to bring some Meat home to the family and we're gonna Have some fun with the guys It's cold

Pretty sure it's a form See it I don't know if it's here Bigger for sure One on the left looks bigger I'd like to have a rest shooter Should I kill her Iowa that's great footage I don't know if I can now Nice job Ah I can tell you right now She's gonna taste good she's gonna taste Good she's the biggest deer out of seven How many have we see how many were there Yeah so we've seen 90 years by far the Most mature dough And I can also Oh yeah biggest body though And I can for sure tell you that my ear Is ringing We've got like half an hour of light Left And It's pink pill time I love this I might wind up a little bit drowsy this Evening Let's do These are for you guys I didn't remember where Get ready because I might if I have Another shot he doesn't come out There's like one branch

Of course Five three no one right He's angling towards it Nice young deer everything's just two Wow Eric didn't see the deer so I don't know If he knows exactly which one we saw but I think he does he says too I was Thinking three but either way no we're Gonna shoot but nice looking young deer With some tall tines that could be Pretty impressive in a year or two so They're three or whatever this side took Over every mix of whatever as cool as he Wants feed we always didn't see it that Mature one or a dough Well the front one's the biggest one The one far left See the one in the middle see the one in The middle Cody All right hold on I'm gonna wait for the Other ah come on Waiting for this wind to die down Check behind us just in case Ready Coming out to the left The one leading Looks like she's just rolled over right There Eric's pulling in right now We're gonna see one tonight but right at Last Light we've still got about six Minutes of shooting light I don't even Think Eric heard a shoot because he's

Pulling in right now he just texted me He's like what do you want me to pick You up You can pick us up now a little heavier On the way Didn't shoot one Who's those that What What's even going on right now is there A doll in there Oh dang There's a doe in the bed of the truck It's right there [Music] Find her I did Oh You're right here That's great news nice job Ross hey Thanks [Music] What are you guys doing That's good yeah you both looks like the Most depressed people ever you guys want To go home Show him Yeah we'll go home now no the Benadryl Benadryl's kicking my my rear here Pretty bad Same with Chris so I think we're gonna have something with Eric there and We'll round the bend and we'll see you In the morning Come on

Good luck Thank you Made us late I knew you were gonna hurry Up and waiting in here Shalom hello I'm not even close to ready But I'll see if you're running through the Woods anyway it's Matt Brett hey Matt Nice 40 minutes and Okay it's supposed to warm up through The day too so I wanted any like steep Or long walks or not really this will Probably be the steepest one ones yeah And there'll be one personal hiking a Little bit walking walk out if you shoot One here Yeah Well we can deal with that after [Music] Thank you Damn Okay I mean I couldn't shoot him right There because my car is right there Oh Hispanic I mean hey let me get to 15 yards He came right out from underneath this Tree right here Oh he was big That's messed up he ran obviously as you Saw he ran right through there And when I was about to squeeze the Trigger I saw my car in the background So I had to hesitate

And then by the time I got the shot off It just Was moving too fast Oh damn it It looks like he lives I mean I found his bed his bed was 50 Yards from the Cars I parked my car was He pretty big Enough for me I think it's the one I Think he lives like 50 yards off the road either side of the Road I think I don't I think it's worth Bumping again right yes Yeah I think we want to re-convenient Parking lot and then make like a Especially with this guy down here I Think we need to bottle up Oh no It was bad I mean A lot he's got a big bed he couldn't Have seen me but I'll go to where I was Standing Yeah Right down Big bed Right here We got up you were right there Yeah and you ran where ran right where John is Going to shoot him right here To the right than I thought Oh yeah he was close Because I killed or missed because you Could have shot your car and you chose

Not to you chose your car's life over a Box yeah that's a questionable decision I admitted But Just wrapped up some drives with our Buddy Matt Jake missed a buck We'll see you at pants So I can take you guys or you you two Hunters and two cameras I can take on One swing I'll just drop you off and Then pair it worst pair look at that Hair dude Your hair man look at that all right you Look kind of strange dang why it'll Happen to you a little square It didn't help This is just a little thin This is just a little thin thing okay The deer are mainly that one well we Just saw two here Okay all right just go in there a little Ways and you're gonna go left that blind Is right Right up it's this is the plot so that's The trail that we're gonna walk yeah Instead of going through here because I Don't want to snow here this runs this Way I gotta filmed Ethan out of this Last year so okay All right Eric's just driving off he Dropped Ross and I off Ross is about 200 Yards from him I guess maybe 250 that Way Both in blinds it's so windy it's been

Spitting rain so we're sitting against Some standing corn there's cut corn Behind us So yeah we're gonna try to kill a doe um I'm glad we're in the blind that's for Sure it's whipping out there so But I don't know we'll see what happens It'll be a good night that big and Beastie is looking awesome though that's For sure Okay tonight's objective Shoot does before Brett can get to them My plan is 100 to shoot those out from Underneath him if given the opportunity We're sitting roughly 200 yards apart Both in in close behind using the banks I'm in a redneck and yeah I'm gonna try And stop them before they can get to Them I hope he shoots one as well but You know what I'm gonna do though To ensure that this is all possible Because I'm going to load my gun So now I have two things That you guys can give me a hard time For And that's taking Benadryl and Forgetting to load my gun one of which I Have done tonight loaded hopefully I get To take Benadryl too All right Built though Alrighty

Is that running What To the base of that it's like a ladder Just about Right here so Delta I'm pretty sure Right out there You ready I loved it Looks like an adult Are you ready yep There's a bunch of Warriors ran off Where is she going It's just down right there more ran off From the left yeah there's still more Right there Oh we got one down We had a farm come out across this Opening in the plot And then uh An adult reminder I didn't know she's Not a very big one I don't think this is Definitely mature though at least a you Know two-year-old though She got something funky and started Walking right now so I shot it right in The front of the chest she's down right The plot I can see her right there so I Can't believe she got back up sweet I Know That'll do it good deal They bring your ears yeah the wrong Layers It's a falling on the right Okay ready

Stay on the right though because I'm Sure That was just gonna pop out I'm gonna try to shoot it before they Get right so well I guess it is what it Is I'll keep looking over there looking Over here Come through here I swear enough to realize their fonts Is it uh Yeah [Music] Ready yep that's the line with Ross wait Until she gets out Whenever she stops you ready [Music] But Did I hit her yeah you better just hide Like high longer yeah yeah okay cool I Believe so I guess we should probably get another One ready I think Let's get the dogs I choose Yeah I know Right here right here I think she's dead Right there that first shot kind of Scared me Yeah my ears are ringing ringing holy Cow I just took that I just took a Benadryl I forgot we were Gonna film it I got excited I don't know

James got me all screwed up so it was my Bad whatever happens Oh my God yeah it's just jamin's fault Tonight okay I can't make my own Judgments I just do anything for my own Self that's my bad no it's okay I get that all right Hey honey Hey Oh Yeah I killed I killed two I killed I killed two does buddy Nice job Yeah uh yep because I killed three deer Total Big fox We got to have whoopie pies too All right all right that sounds great Buddy I'm Gonna Let You Go though Because I gotta drag these deer out okay I love you guys These are my favorite things One of my favorite things Oh this one's a fun Oh no Yeah Oh [ __ ] Not good I'm being particular I'm not saying What happened to me God damn One two three One two

Foreign [Music] Exactly that was the exit yeah So let me see where the entry is Highway oh sorry Oh it was back anymore Yeah that's about exactly already said Yeah I guess she was foreign You shot the baby Oh my God Look at that Ross that's why you don't Load your gun Yeah All right see you later man we'll see You Jake good to see you I'll let you Know about uh yes let me know Yeah Hopefully see you buddy Yeah well we're gonna uh what are we Gonna do we're gonna get what's next These all processed deboned I'm not gonna lose he's not doing Anything so there's a taping there yes That's a there's a punishment because Everybody makes mistakes We don't we don't we're gonna kill him We don't chew them out we just force Them to keep down Cape that one and buy A bottle of whiskey it's never be good I Already did 50 of it I think it's on top [Laughter] This is this is this is by far the

Biggest gold kill we've had on this Weekend and we need to do it we these Properties are spread out it's not like We're killing all these on 20 acres it's Spread out need to get the numbers down Uh these guys come they they uh they Have a Job to do and they do it it's awesome we Get the mossbergs And they uh yeah they they lay them down So uh we're gonna close it out we got to Cut all these up Yeah we've got lots of uh meat to take Home which is awesome so I really think I'm gonna I'm gonna dedicate my late season to try To kill trainee I think you should yeah I was thinking today I'm gonna do it Wait oh man that's exciting I don't know I can't wait if not I'll be back you got Them out there if you were the boat you Get them out there All that Paramount Yeah I know that's why do you think we Let him hunt her Well anyways it's been fun it's been Awesome uh Hopefully you enjoyed this is what Hunting's all about getting together With people and Did you enjoy spending time with you Know and doing this making meat and Having a great time so We've got a little season left hopefully

Uh someone gets on something and uh We'll bring it to you but hope you Enjoyed this video we'll see on the next One if you enjoyed this content please Please please like And subscribe we'll See you later