Arkansas Ducks and Deer!! (Calling Bucks in the RUT)

By | December 14, 2022

Nick bags a limit of ducks and Warb rattles in a buck?!

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Park over there All right so me and Ted have been Whooped for the last four and a half Days deer hunting we've seen a bunch of Ducks these different areas we've been Bouncing around to so today being the Youth and Veteran Day for duck season Only Youth and Veteran figured I might As well go ahead and get me a duck stamp And I'm gonna go duck hunting I had all My stuff in the truck had my waders my Decoys my gun so it's kind of hopping in And just going to mix it up and see what Happens we may not kill a thing just Like we have deer hunting but we're Changing it up a little bit feels good To do something a little different but We'll be back deer hunting tomorrow but For now we're duck hunting say when Say when Some feathers out here it's a good sign Just use these Shadows because the sun's Gonna be moving like that we'll end up Getting more Shadows back this way Don't have the wind just coming just Like this we should be killing them Right there tethered waterfowl new way To use your tether Predator platform Just like such Right here for all the action What makes you set them up like that We got the winds coming I think it's Like I think it's Northeast Oh somebody just shot one right there

It's coming like this Before We're farther and longer because they're Brighter I want them to be seen and I Ran the rest of my mouth before I guess Like a j called it like a J hook I guess Running out this way and left the hole Right there ideally I hope they come Right there if they come in or just Getting within shotgun right but That's why I put them out like that just To try to spread it out make them look Like there's more than there is Try to funnel to that spot right there Maybe that tree will help too Making fun between these two gorillas Right here Several interesting Sounds good on paper and it sounds good See what happens hadn't seen the duck Yet I can't wait to let them know I thought I heard some chocolate I just been wishful thinking Okay That knocks around we're seeing Something they're up moving get up it Was just you know it was the the one O'clock lull and now it's 140. so now It's hitting that 140 two o'clock flight Tell you what we're into more action Doing this than we are with the deer Already Big water princess down there

Really yeah did you say anything Oh they're a mile high every duck I saw When I was headed there over there was Way way high over there I saw some spots Where we couldn't get If we do end up making that decision so That's all I really wanted to know but I'm gonna try to have a little patience Seems like they're in here at some point Yeah there's feathers everywhere Patience it's hard to have patience Right now and we've just been getting Beat up everything we do Dude Foreign Ducks now we just need four Mallards Coming here hey that's a hunt It's like that No skunk today Nose got today Jim nuke beautiful Right on All right That's what you come for right there Huge leg shake yelling on in your hands Well that was fun did you hear him Whistling coming down the line right There Foreign Ha ha ha ha Ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha These ones are turning yeah they're

Coming back a little bit In front At the top Yeah those things came from a long way After they turned those things came in Right over top of these decoys back here Circle clear down some trees after Nick Started calling came all the way back Around And he shot him right overhead I got no Special love for the ladies hens get it Too this is a duck hunt It's turning out to be a duck hunt Oh there they are Ha ha ha ha ha Ha Ha ha ha ha You want to go One more to go Oh yeah There's one Color right to the right Right Coming over top over top And that'll do it That's the one by a Limited let's wrap it up Oh man oh that is what I'm talking about You don't like that there's something Wrong with you I'm telling you you like That you ain't gonna pull Right on right on right on All right So once you see these teal buzzing in

Here now Well they're all coming in so me and Ted Got a successful hunt We come in here and I kill the limit Real quick took like an hour once they Finally started flying anyways we've Been sitting here ever since just Ted's Been filming I've been taking pictures Of these birds working these decoys and Coming in And uh it's been a lot of fun well They've been coming out you could have Killed the limit after after I if yeah It was season for Ted two he definitely Could have killed the limit even after I Did and he could have been killing one While I was killing one definitely Anyways it was awesome this was an Awesome afternoon duck hunting we got About a 300 yard walk back we're gonna Pack our stuff up he's on out of here go Get these ducks clean let's do it I'm in That was awesome that was awesome Get my hand warmers going now I gotta Get mine activated here soon yeah it's Gonna be a cold one this morning it's Gonna be a cold boat ride boy oh yeah Did you get any sleep I slept straight Through until about 3 45. that's good I Didn't get much 3 45 was my warning Alarm clock woke up to that and I just Laid there kind of asleep kind of awake But I knew it was coming no wonder You're such a chipper I woke up right at

Four four o'clock there's no easy way About it when we're going out and Hunting public land and we're hunting New areas especially spots you know that Were were totally unfamiliar with and Then setting up all this crap like has To get two guys into a tree or multiple Trees and then get all the camera stuff Up there get all of our other equipment Up there And Scout around before daylight gets There to find a suitable spot for the Morning it's like we've been getting up At 4 30. it's getting daylight at 6 30. We haven't been getting set up right at First light like most of the setups We're setting up right before sunrise So this morning we're getting out there Early we're going to try to beat the Sunrise this morning I think we're gonna do it I hope so this Is our last day in Arkansas it's got to Happen today We are headed north tonight after the Evening hunt would love to get another Doe or get a crack in a buck But I ain't gonna be very picky if one Comes in bow range it's going to get it Hey we got the boat we're going to take It in this morning see if we can get on One December 4th come on Arkansas bucks All right we're set up the tree Didn't bust anything coming in I don't Think it took us well over an hour to

Get up here quietly but we're set up we Can see quite a bit we got pretty good Shooting opportunities everywhere around Us me and Greg said I think three or Four hundred yards from here the other Day this is real close to where we saw That nice buck cruising across the field Right at first light then we had a doe And a fawn combusting through Mid-morning but there was a pile of sign In there so we just came back in deeper Into this bedding area this morning There's this little dry Slough right Here behind us it's got some bigger Trees in it that we could actually get In I'm gonna go ahead and rattle right Now since I can see to shoot Ready yep Foreign One last time here I want Greg to hear This at cam oh he's listening Foreign All right it's about nine o'clock me and Ted haven't seen anything but a couple Of squirrels so we're gonna get out and Peruse around these Woods a little bit See if we can find a good spot to set up This evening just gotta get a deer in Boat range today we just gotta get a Deer down Just ain't gonna hand it to us today it Doesn't seem like they don't hand it to Us never nope and they definitely don't Down here

Contemplation just trying to figure out Whether or not we can set up in one of These trees and if we should stay down Below the skyline we'll get way up high Because we're expecting deer to be hot In this Greenfield not sure if they're Gonna pick us off and these trees or not What do you think Mr detective having a Bit of a brain fog at the moment Especially since we just own it right There and didn't see anything all Morning we only hunted 150 yards in These woods but granted back here where We were set up there wasn't a lot of Fresh Tracks or anything right out here There's a pile of them they're going Right to the middle of this thing the Perfect world I'd like to be set up Right over those trails in this I don't Like it like a acorn tree set up because They're coming to the spot like in here They can walk up and down this dang Strip if you had a gun in your hand to Be easy pickets We're gonna climb up this thing tattle Slip out there to the food pot and see How well hit I am that's main concern is As you can tell this is just a little Bitty telephone pole of the tree and There ain't much for cover up there You guys think that would work I don't Pretty much wide open Well we had big plans to get mystery and Ted jumped back there and shoot a deer

Over this food plot but Then I climbed up there and Ted said I Stuck out like a sore thumb so we're Gonna move I'm gonna try something Different no go for this trip no go this Is one of the most challenging places Just to get in a good setup of some kind We talked about it a good bit but these Areas these lowland areas that flood Annually water comes in here and washes Out all the ground cover so you're Basically left chest down with just Poles everywhere through here integrated There is a little bit of ground cover But there's no leaves or anything like That on it like you just can see down Through there so easily and especially With any sort of movement your toast and Then obviously the problem is is there Ain't hardly any trees big enough we Went to one of the few areas where we Knew there was a tree big enough to get In this morning there was no deer came Over here with a bunch of deer signed But we literally don't have a good setup I would set up on the ground for sure in Here if we had a little bit of wind but Tonight it's going to be dead calm dead Dead Calm feel like we're gonna have to Be in a bulletproof set up to get one Tight enough to shoot There's not a ton of acorns right here But there's some and we should be able To see all the way down that Slough

Right there yeah It's like uh two o'clock right now me And Ted are coming back in after them After we got skunked this morning me and Greg hunted this spot the other day and When we had a fawn come in and blow at Us like three different times we put the Decoy out of here and she didn't want a Part of it but there's a good bit of Travel through here a good bit of sun There's a fresh Acorn over there Yeah there's some of them on the ground Right through here got heavy bedding Over here to the West bedding in here to The east this is our last night I know We can get set up in here pretty good Because that set up me and Greg had the Other day was a good one I think we Would have at least had a doe combine Boat range had that Decoy not been out There because that Fawn was likely Leading the way when she came out here And every time she did she turned around And went back another fella who we've Talked to in here several times that's Hunting this same area sat on down the Lane last night and he saw a couple Bucks Cruise right across this opening So we're gonna jet up this Gnarly looking Oak with all these Branches but it looks like towards the Top I could get up there and maybe shoot Out that way that's a perfect win for it North wind blowing back this way

The Trail's coming right up the middle Of this little Slough right here one Comes by it might come by and boat range So forth a try that's what we need All right we're set up in this gnarly Oak right now for the evening looks like Somebody has sat in this tree in the Past because there's an old zip tie Tying a bunch of these dead branches Together right here below my platform Don't have a lot of shooting Opportunities out of it but some Especially down this Slough right here There's a little bitty Slough that is Open back here in the woods it looks Like a lot of those deer coming up out Of this Slough and crossing right here Behind me and into this really thick Bedding right right over my shoulder There's some big rubs right in the point Of that bedding area a lot of trails Coming across right here too our wind is Going back that direction Sitting in kind of this Grove of Oaks Right here where me and Greg found quite A bit of deer sign the other day there's Not a ton of acorns on the ground but There's some and there's a good amount Of Fresh Tracks right up underneath These trees just in the last three or Four days if one comes in I think we're Hit real good just depends on if they Walk into an opening where I can shoot Them probably bang these rattle inhalers

Together here in a little bit try to Stir something up over here in this Bedding area Thank you Foreign College grind A buck A buck Pretty nice one Coming this way yeah Neat looking is he yeah he's looking Now he's walking this way He goes left we're gonna be in trouble Cutting down man Yeah He heard it He must see another deer over there or Something he was looking over there the Whole time right when he popped out he Kept looking back to the right yeah He's playing together one more time He probably had his butt whooped a time Or two yeah probably so Foreign Oh don't go that way Thank you [ __ ] left Foreign Walking away now You act like there might be a buck over Here to our left Leave at CRP He's acting pretty timid that was pretty Cool

Around and that buck came out of that Bedding over there and he came to about 55 yards or so And just looked and looked and looked And didn't see another Buck over here But pretty sure he's watching more deer Back there they're taking his attention It's just so dang calm and it's hard to Fool him but he wasn't all charged up Like that buck was last week a few days Ago I keep made some rubs and stuff over There and I rattled at him again and That brought him all the way back over I Thought we were going to kill him for a Minute I thought we were gonna kill him Coming right out I thought he was gonna I thought he's gonna come right to the Base of the tree The body bristled up at 1 Point line A buck standing over there might be one Right there that might not move till Right at dark that's gonna do it I got About two minutes left to legal but Ted's out on camera light pretty cool Getting to see that buck I was Definitely going to shoot him if he came Over here when me and Greg came in here The other day we used that Decoy we Hauled it all the way in here and that Fun kept coming up here trying to cross And blowing at it all afternoon blowing Blowing blowing Ain't taking it because I want to try to

Shoot a dove when it comes through or a Buck then low and ball if we have a buck Come out here and that would have been The perfect scenario for the decoy Perfect I mean I think that's why he Didn't commit up out of there the first Time he came out of that bedding looking Hard because I just rattled 10 minutes Before that five minutes then he he Turned around and he kind of wanted to Angle back up in there where he felt Safe and our grounded so we rattled Again just real briefly and he got fired Up and he started cutting across here in That time we were both like he's come Because once they make it into this Little band of trees over here all the Trails lead straight across right to us I thought for sure he was going to walk Right over here but he got up here where He could get a little bit closer look When he didn't see what he was looking For he turned around he's either sing That song and dance before he's got his Butt whipped a bunch of times I don't Know but it's cool getting to see it's The only deer we saw all day elusive Arkansas Buck did get eyes on him had a Chance you know if the wind's blowing Out of the West pretty brisk right there He might come right over here Or he's got to come in here and look but It's just as you can tell it's dead Still I tried grunting over my shoulder

And casting that sound back into these Woods to no avail so we're gonna climb Down out of here go get naked Wrap up this trip I guess That's going to wrap it up for this Arkansas trip I had a good time struck Out on the bucks but we got a doe and a Lemon of ducks that's right not too bad For a pretty short week got down there Got into some bucks me and Ted almost Called one up last night close but no Cigar that was the closest I was part of A buck encounter the whole trip yeah Look at this guy your encounter all Clean shaven now yeah off of the Mustache last night quick decision no it Was not you were you were contemplating It all the way back it was yeah you were Like I think I'm gonna get rid of this Thing because I said I gotta shave my Beard and get a haircut all right I'm Saving the mustache he's rubbing his Heads like man I got to get a haircut me Too I ain't had a haircut in a month and A half greasy after I drip like that oh Yeah I got to looking in my beard last Night after I getting cleaned up and I Just got pieces of food they've been Living in there for a few days it's time To time to do a hard reset after that After the butt who open in Arkansas that We got yeah yeah we did come home with a Little meat that's good and we got close A buck got real close killing the butt a

Little closer last year yeah yeah last Year we didn't get any foot of the Bucks In this here we wore a boneless shot one Yeah who just think about what's gonna Happen next year I hope we'll see I love The thought of it yeah me too would have Gotten down there a lot sooner had I got One in Iowa but they whipped me up there Too so that's just part of it now it's Time to get the gun in the hand time to Start duck hunting yeah it's time to Start it's time to start duck hunt As Time start deer hunting with something That can shoot further than 30 yards yep I'm pretty stoked about that thanks for Watching guys appreciate you all Following Along on this series and we Had a good time Stay tuned for the next one And that's a series And that's a wrap I wish I could show you all this little This little meat on Ice in this cooler Boy and all those ones and straps are Already gone they're gone I ain't gonna Worry about it