Backtracking Nocturnal Bucks!

By | January 24, 2023

Had this trail camera right here soaking All fall in this particular spot and got Pictures of a couple of big bucks but Most of the pictures were at night so Today I'm coming in here to try to Backtrack them back into some bedding Areas where I can maybe catch them During the day camera's right there on That tree and it was set up over a Scrape which you can't really tell right Now because it's filled in with snow but These two are licking branches right Here and most of the deer movement was Coming down this creek bottom right here As you can see it's really open it's not An ideal place for a buck to bed or even Move during the day but now that I got Pictures of them I know that they were In here I'm going to backtrack them back Up in there and see if I can figure out Where they were living now here I just Found a possible spot where some of These bucks may be bedding and living During the daylight that's the creek Bottom that was just in back here behind Me and as I was working my way up this Ridge I started running in a bunch of This multi-floor rows and really thick Vegetation down in here and in the fall When everything is still holding some Leaf cover this area is just thick Enough for Big Buck to feel comfortable Moving in and bedding in so I'm assuming That the deer on and the pictures of the

Bucks that I got on my trail camera down There at night Are betting and moving up here on this Ridge a little bit during the day