BED BUGS ON A HUNTING TRIP? Pre-Rut Hunt to Kentucky!

By | November 10, 2022

Josh, Zac, Harry and Alex head back to Kentucky to fill their tags from early season.


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Thank you Drug bust don't ever wreck cold in Kentucky boy Me and Alex are on our way to Western Kentucky We cut out a Logan a little early today Josh is watching a football game I think It might be Brody's last football game Championship game or something I think They just actually won but he was going To stick around and watch it and then He's heading out so uh from somewhere in Kentucky we have arrived finally it's a Long haul down through here Um We're gonna go check this place out One of the first ones here We meet Josh and Harry so We're doing good The keys in the right location There's where you're going to be and You're cooking oh yeah chefing it up I Should have brought my uh flavor apron Yeah got some breakfast ready for us in The morning Oh yeah TV for Sunday football Let's see what the Cowboys want to watch The Cowboys win not lose yeah yeah Whatever this is where you Look it's perfect Josh Alex Harry hey Snacks in here on the couch This ain't bad this is nice this is Killer

Like it really is it's perfect really For what we're gonna do yeah I tell you what I bet this shower's a hell of a lot Nicer than that National Forest Shower We was in last year in Indiana You gotta sit there and press the button Yeah oh yeah you're like yeah like 10 Seconds yeah you get back that one was Actually you know it worked a little Better it was you probably got You probably got a good 30 seconds out Of it and then you figure like all set It up and then you forget you're like oh It's cold and you're good press the Button again but What's up my We've arrived That's how he was when we first found a Rug the other day Was Zach asleep already yeah is he no Good I'm going in there jumping on him He's laying up on the couch yeah he has No idea that he he better check Everything he's got this week he does be Propped up because when he put my key Fobbing him rotten apples Do you need more stuff out here You don't care Did you mess with something I turned the Heat wide open Dude let me be the captain of my own Boat It's cold

My jacket's cold I can't put it on yet I Was warm last night because of your House heater I took my sweatshirt off You're cold in my truck put your jacket On it's my jacket's cold you're gonna End up burning this up what do you mean It's cold Alex left it in the vehicle so It's cold put it on it would take like Three seconds for it to warm oh I'm Gonna do this You're gonna put it against the heating Vent yeah I thought you didn't like heated jackets Hey you no they're for girls and that's Like Josh and Jay wear yeah Shelby's got One she wears it she likes it I love mine Go to groceries These boys eat a lot I can tell you that Got our groceries drinks The temperatures only got up to about 77 At this point so it should be a fine Evening of Bow hunting and getting in a tree Josh Goes air pods got my air pods he listens To music while he's in a tree yeah But we're gonna go back Unload get everything situated and then We're gonna go out for the afternoon see What we can find Uh-huh I love it I got a bath in it I always wonder why they never had soap

Made out of yes because I would Definitely buy it Josh would think I was A lunatic he already thinks you are Oh yeah did it feel good oh yeah I was looking at this Creek on the map It's got nice points that lady up Towards it on both sides and kind of is Tucked back in here I don't know if it's the case but Hopefully kind of people Mosey that way Towards the bigger section of public Back in towards some private it's not Very big but We're going ahead and skirt out through Here Just 145 so We're gonna skirt out through here and Just kind of check it and take your time I'm gonna blow it out in case we find a Good sign and want to set up on it but First afternoon in Kentucky I'm I'm Pretty excited Zach and Alex already went out I know the area that he's going to go Scout hunt And Harry's with me And we're gonna go to an area that I was Here in early season and run through There and see how many Hunters there are A good place that I hunted before I saw A bunch of deer in

And then make a decision from there Where I'm gonna hunt this evening but Uh It's still pretty warm it's in the low 60s but It's going to be A great few days of hunting this area Is only like 70 yards off the road And it's like a hard Edge the road and The the grass in the road is like 70 80 Yards wide and then you've got this hard Edge With a bunch of these bur Oaks in here And stuff and then You got a real soft Edge over this hill And The deer Seem to love Running this hard Edge in between these Two what I call soft soft edges And from what I can see there's a There's a rub 15 yards there's another Rub Here's a rub there's a big rub there and I know all this stuff's new because none Of it was here when we were here other Than a couple of these old ones but that One's fresh we're just gonna walk around Here See if there's any fresh grapes I'm still hearing acorns falling So that's a good sign So I'm going to check it out real quick And then

Yeah acorns are still falling I mean We're like we're set up right here Uh And then just go from there we're just Gonna Scout it real quick and then Decide what I'm gonna do Well Man Alex have I don't know we've Probably walked probably about a mile Maybe a little better I've been as quiet as we can but We really haven't found any any sign at All Um I'm not talking about this Buck sign I'm talking about just deer in general But it is it's kind of tough because I know back home and I'm sure just based Off what I'm seeing down here a lot of The leaves on the soft wood trees Have come off in the past week or so That makes it tough to find ground sign We have busted our Tails during And ain't really come up with a whole Lot but There's a little point that runs off Here behind me it's got a couple Oaks on It And We just won't just eased in there Probably what 23 yards and we spotted a Couple rubs they're they're weak or so Old but Good roads of this big um The wind is terrible

Like it's blowing right down that point So There's a row of trees you gotta you Can't really see it where we're at but There's a field with this High Grass and Stuff in it you can't really see in it So Across from it there's a row of trees There and more than likely we're Expecting Deer to funnel up from down in this Holler to our left so we're gonna sleep Down through here and hopefully get one Of these big pieces of Timber that we Can see So I decided to Hunt this first bot I checked for a Couple reasons one there's pretty decent Sign in there And I like the area we saw deer in last Time I was here And two It's so close to the main road And it's Friday evening I figure I'd go Ahead it's an easy setup easy to get to And I would say with it being the Weekend tomorrow and Sunday that there's Going to be more traffic in public so I'm gonna go ahead and set up I'll take Everything down this evening and we'll We'll walk in further and in the timber For the weekend hunt Because I'm afraid I'm just getting Layered with these damn beetles uh

I'm afraid that there'll be a lot of Traffic on this road tomorrow not sure But public land Saturday I'm guessing that there's going to be so We'll go ahead and just ease in it's Only like two o'clock so it's gonna be a Long afternoon set with it being this Warm But We'll take our time get set up have a Good hunt man Alex It took our time And Done the best we could of working this Property Um This section public that we decided to Come into It's all Basically Old reclaims Trip With fire Lanes cut through it And If you get off the fire Lanes if you are Failed we can figure that out pretty Pretty quick but We didn't find any food any of us and Just browse and up there where the way That lays brows is everywhere so you Can't narrow down anything there's not Really any there's no water No Steeps or anything to kind of confine The deer Deer so I mean it makes it hard But

We was working our way back towards the Vehicle Um And I noticed this big long ridge that Looked to be Natural damper And just as soon as me now I've got into It yeah there was nuts falling Everywhere I mean I mean you can Probably hear them in the background Still kind of hard to see sign because The leaves are falling off these trees And govern using the deer boobs and Tracks and trails but We both talked about it and really think There has to be deer using this way too Much Too much it's unbelievable how many Acres is dropping so we went ahead and Got him in a tree and Don't really know where a deer would Come from But We're in a train we can see so that's What we're going to use our advantage to See them hopefully we see something if Not probably won't leave the sticks in a Tree Be set up for the morning get in here And just kind of observe Harry and I just got settled in here Decided to hunt that area that I've Hunted before We've already had two vehicles go by

So I might have been a little premature About nobody being in here this evening Seems as if we're going to strikeout Tonight And not see anything But That's part of it I like Zach and Alex Finally found that area that they could Get up so they climbed up in a tree also We're gonna get out of here in a few Minutes because we're running out of Camera tonight And then We're gonna go back to our house that we Rented this week Talk about a game plan for Them and About all the big bucks that we did not See today You're recording We might not kill no deer But we eat good I feed these boys keep them going Thank you Here we are It is 11 o'clock at night our second day In Kentucky where we were staying it can Quite work out it was a great place we Uh it was going to be comfortable all Week uh nice place but they ended up Having some Termite bug flea problems Or something so

We ate dinner over there tonight after We got done hunting And we are now checking in To the motel So It's already been a long day Yeah unfortunately I mean it's gone from 100 chance of rain in the morning so It's not too bad but we want to just get Out of there because I mean Harry and I and Alex we slept in that Same bedroom and we got eat alive Lucky you was on the couch yeah so yeah That's the way Full circle come you know I was generous Enough to sleep I told Zach I told Zach On the way down I said don't be getting Down there early Thinking you're taking a big bed Well here we go and come back and bite You yeah I got my ass eat alive Literally So we're gonna get in the motel it's all Good we're gonna keep on Hunting uh Zach Seems like he found some deer today some Deer sign I don't know too much about me and Harry Uh we're just out there kinda Yeah so I like that yeah We're gonna get after the next few days See what happens Some people with fire injection of Antihistamine cortisone Yeah

Epinephrine Oh I should buy some soap and water Applied cortisone cream In most cases symptoms occur more or Less immediately after the bite but they Can develop or progress over the Following days as well So we've got just some supplies now Still raining But he'd come to the conclusion that he Was not going to be able to set the tree Because of the itch These hands are awful awful We got him some lidocaine cream some Cortisone He'd be a good shape here directly Should be a great day to get out the Woods Keep this up all end up Watching football making the damn skin Gray from scratching myself in the hotel Room all day Super Bowl baby Dude Super your kids will be your age before They win another Street oh here we go Here we go So We are driving and keeping up a little Bit of football today Um we found a pretty good spot yesterday But it was a pretty good hike in there And we went as far as we wanted to go But we got to looking on the maps and we

Could circle around A 30 minute drive for us but we circled Around here today it's a pretty good day To get out in the woods and kind of Trough around a little bit because it's Wet it rained all day today so the Rain's letting up we're gonna go around The backside and then do a little bit More investigating Um But we think we've got a pretty good Spot but yeah so we're gonna go in here And not spend a whole lot of time but Just kind of check a few little areas And we don't find nothing just really Really interesting we're gonna head back Over to where we was yesterday evening And go ahead and hang and Hunt so Cross your fingers that we get a deer on Camera because we've been down here for How many days Three days three three days Been down here three days and uh We have zero deer on camera zero We've jumped a few but Alex ain't laid down no footage of an Animal well you got a squirrel then yeah So wish us luck hopefully something Changes Me and Alex we got in here is this piece Of public that's on the backside of Where we was yesterday We found some really good sign over There or what we thought was

Um But we want to come over and kind of Investigate this side so we've made it In here we'll just kind of slipping Around because it's it's still real wet Out where it rained all day this morning So We found a pretty good lot of sun I mean I like that area right back down where We're coming Two bucks yeah yeah there's several Several fresh rubs But we're gonna work our way around now Through here dumbest Ridge there's a Looks like on the map there's a Little saddle in there I'll work to that Saddle And see what it looks like and uh And then we're gonna make a decision From there we may stay in here It's uh two o'clock now so we still got Enough time to get back over to where we Was going Where we was at yesterday so We'll make a decision here here shortly You rolling Harry Day three Woke up this morning We we thought there was going to be some Rain and of course woke up this morning And it was pouring So we slept in went and had breakfast And The rain has stopped now so Zach and

Alex headed out a little earlier Harry and I are Heading over to public now And between now and then I'm going to decide what I want to do so I'm going to get the tree either way and Hunt Might hunt on the ground a little bit Going in But should be a killer evening after This rain's come through the deer should Be on their feet this evening Hopefully and we see something Harry and I have kind of got to get Creative We're going to hunt Either this say it Or go to another set but Harry forgot his saddle in Zach's Vehicle so we're going to kind of adapt A buddy of ours Sent me a pen to a tree stand that he Has And I'm gonna get the tree standing here You can get my saddle above me to film But we're going to kind of just hunt our Way in it rained all morning Um should be good this afternoon Hopefully they're moving I just got to Grab platform and and stuff here and Then we're going to go on up there and And get set up we were in this area Yesterday And this rub was not here and this rep

Was not here and that's great definitely Wasn't here So I know we're close to them all right So me and Alex are in the tree finally We've done a lot of scouting but Probably 12 13 14 miles on Alex last Couple days In my room Because he forgot he is in Logan One of them they brought one but Nice little We think of travel Corridor with some Food in it got a real big ticket up here Next to us um that's got some good rubs In it So this was really tore up there Yesterday when we was in here Scouting Around you And a lot of nuts still dropping so We had to get duck kind of close to the Ticket because of our wind But we're in a tree so we're gonna sit Down until dark Hopefully Wind seems to be good I don't know where The deer are coming from or where They're not up here Recent I'm up here is just because of The absence of some gear No big deal we improvised we got a tree With one If something comes by Hope we get an opportunity You'll sit here too dark see what

Happens it's real pretty rich up here There's a real good Deer Trail coming Down right here And it's it's about the most sign up in This area because we we speed scouted This yesterday it's about 5 15. I've been sitting there a couple hours Ain't seen any deer Had a pretty good storm coming through Earlier That's been quiet since so I hope that deer comes down this Trail Or The buck would be preferable Who knows what that was Trees and limbs falling all around us But we're gonna sit here until dark Our wind's still good See what comes of it