BEST DAY We Have EVER HAD in the TIMBER! – Indiana Public Land Muzzleloader Hunt

By | January 2, 2023

Zach and Keith hunt the big timber in Indiana and see a ton of deer!
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Foreign Indiana Muzzleloader season baby and the Next Series of videos we're going to be Hunting Indiana after Keith and I's Little failure there in New York we Decided to pull the plug we'd been Talking about doing Indiana Muzzleloaders since end of last season And this is my first time in Indiana Last year Aaron Greg and Ted came down Here during the public land Challenge And when that was going on Jake and I Were in Iowa so we didn't get a chance To experience any of this stuff but big Hill Country a lot of Timber in this Area probably pretty relatable to a lot Of people in the country that Hunt Hill Country or Big Timber I'm excited about It because Jake Ted and Nick are coming To meet us today when it's dark at four O'clock it's gonna be nice to have People to hang out with and goof off With and Nick to cook his food That's been coming to mind but they're Going to be hunting with us so we're Going to be able to mix in a little bit Of group hunting we have some new ideas And theories that we eye out but for Right now we're just going to start Covering as much ground as possible I Think that's going to be the goal in General again not knowing this area There's a lot of benefits to moving

Around trying to learn more about it Because with no references to what the Deer are going to be doing based off the Habitat or terrain we just got to get That Baseline that way we can bump our Odds up as the week goes on but today The goal is to take this trail out Drop down and start going up and over Ridges and try to get a scale for what These Hills actually look like it's Pretty exciting though I like having This big country to work through today Specifically we got wet Leaf conditions Breeze is picking up a little bit and It's clear if we cover as much ground as Possible we're likely going to bump into Something I can't promise it's always Going to be the most perfect outcome it Might be one running away there's a lot Of benefits to sitting in a spot but we Don't know enough about this area to Commit anything so let's get started and Let's hunt Under this one Look at Walmart here And he was telling me that they're Feeding on acorns in this area Check out that Phoenix sign and then Related to what trees you're around There's a lot of tracks in here already We're going on a side Hill the wind is Coming over Like this your strategy is just gonna Peek over the

Trying something a little different Typically And go in on The torch is going to be moving these in These inside Hills trying to be as quiet As it can maybe Sets coming up to our ride too which Trying to sneak up on one like coming up And over the top if they're on one of These little fingers or in one of these Poles we're hoping to hear them a little More and see him first before they know What we are because they're probably Going to hear us and they may see us a Little bit but Up and through here just use the wind When it picks up you probably can get Close to something if we cover enough Ground I cut down on the button background But it was a young deer I'm running right down from that Ridge We can hear it Then it hurt us I guess more or less drifted that way Definitely Foreign Now we've got everybody woke up You gotta get away from me stupid Squirrels Foreign Foreign Wait there's more What is that 15 or 16 encounters we get

Confidence boost it's almost 10 it's Been the whole first part of the morning Walking down this Ridge going on the Side Hill versus coming up at the top We're just coming around these ridges And we're listening and watching ahead And it seems like as long as we do that Slow we're able to pick the deer out Before they get us Wind is kind of swirly and it really Just proved to be working pretty perfect We think we might have seen like 15 Deer Already some of them could be the same Deer but just gonna keep doing what We're doing try to work into the wind And get on a different Ridge keep moving We cut fresh bucks on we might adjust But probably move a little bit faster Here for a minute now got wind mountains That be helpful for our Moves not helpful for hearing them Because when you can hear them it's nice But Keep playing The game of moving with wind stopping Without Up is three more at some point we'll see A buck I'd say Foreign Hey hey There's nothing Another one right there It's freaking crazy Anderson

I think this bed that Keith is standing In was the bed of a young buck the Wind's not very good So we're playing it super aggressive and It's super open and pretty flat on this Bench we don't have a lot of terrain to Work with but we're basically circling Where we want to Target next and we're Just not even in the stuff that we think Is all that good there's a lot of deer In here it's pretty crazy I haven't Found it Hills with this many deer in it and I'm Having so much fun She's here Talking about Foreign Foreign A couple times yeah I was waiting for You You thought I was I wasn't sure so that Went really well we were coming up to This bench and there's a couple of thick Points and Greenbriar and a bunch of Saplings and as we were coming up I saw A deer on the skyline I thought it was all those and we had up Here and I could hear deer and I looked Down there and I saw one that was a bug And he went up on a cross and he was Just walking and all of a sudden I think Something got a whiff of us it kind of Scurried up the hill I saw a bigger Buck down here

So to cut the distance I just hopped up On this log I could tell they didn't Know what was up I had a couple openings On that other side of the hill we Definitely had an opportunity I was just Zooming my scope in and out like there's A couple times I was like I'd shoot that It's just the same deal we've been doing All day which is making our way on these Side Hills trying to stick to the shadow I've never had so much success seeing Deer I mean it's been insane The dream day really it's been insane Like a couple does didn't it We're just gonna walk back to the truck And get some water a little bit of food Maybe move the truck we've done it's Seven or eight miles now somewhere Between those two Around the trail and we just bumped a Couple deer right here Interesting tactic it's tough I ran like 20 yards actually got eyes on him down There so it's worth it I don't know that I would have been able to get a shot but They stop in the right place and they're Moving when they're moving You might be able to pull it off it's Worth being aggressive like that I don't Know just having a blast have we've seen I mean 25 deers I just pulled into a different spot There's this trail that goes down in Here

The bottom We're going to take that a little bit And then we're going to cut back up and Start the side Hill in I'm going to try To get back in their ways definitely Been people coming through here but been Bucks coming through here too just want To try something different there's Definitely deer at that other spot There's a bunch of land around there but Sometimes it's nice just to go back Check out something different we got About an hour and a half left so just Gonna keep being aggressive and keep Moving About there's any big ones but there's One small one at least We're coming down the trail we bumped Three deer I think One wasn't for sure a buck it was small I don't know what the other two were They're right here on the trail I think we're just gonna keep going with What we're doing Foreign We're about to have an official wrap on Day one this is the most fun that I've Had hunting without shooting one in a While just saw tons of deer today I bet We saw 30 deer today this evening we Came into this other spot we just moved Quick through here and jumped three deer And came up on this Ridge and walked Right up on a mature dough feeding and

We heard other deer but we never saw Them Just gonna keep doing what we're doing Though covering ground until we find Something that's Really obvious that there's a lot of Ducks living in it and Bucks around you Just got to keep moving rest of the guys I think are coming tonight either way we Gonna be hunting with the group tomorrow It's gonna be fun so before we wrap up This video I wanted to explain what my Goals were for this Indiana trip and What I was trying to learn on this hunt Hunting this area of Indiana was very Similar to a lot of other places in the Country and for the last several seasons Now I've gained a ton of experience Hunting in Big Woods Hill Country Settings in multiple States these areas Are very different than the majority of The places that I grew up deer hunting Or hunted when I lived in Iowa because Of this I've had to relearn and adjust My own style to be effective hunting Monotonous open Timber and at this point It's no secret that I enjoy being Extremely mobile and aggressive so when My friends and I first started taking The style to the timber we had a lot of Experiences where we would pick a spot On the map that we thought Deer would Bed based off of wind terrain and Diversity and a lot of times it seemed

Like we were getting that right but the Problem was because we were always so Focused on getting as close as we Possibly could to that bedding area we Would often approach from the top of the Ridge and push too far into that bedding Area and bump deer over the last few Years this has been a consistent pattern To our unsuccessful hunts and at first It was comical we'd come back to camp And say things like yeah we bumped Another Wonder yeah we heard one run off The Ridge and eventually that started to Just drive me crazy because I could tell We were doing something wrong but I Couldn't necessarily pinpoint what so This off season when I was scouting with Ben and Keith I really made that the Main focus of the scouting mission was To try to figure out what we were doing Wrong to try to prevent it from Happening so often and based off of Scouting new areas with a fresh Perspective and breaking down successful Hunts we started to notice a trend Almost every successful hunt that we've Had in this type of terrain we Approached the target bed area from the Side Hill rather than the top of the Ridge so a few examples of this would be In 2020 when Ben shot a buck with his Bow by still hunting down a bench where He thought Deer would be bedded or Cruising he and Keith eventually ran

Into exactly that but a big eight point Came cruising down the ridge after they Did a calling sequence that same year During gun season Ben and I picked a Spot on the map went straight to it and Bumped the buck off of that Target Bedding area based off the fact that he Wasn't bumped hard and where he went we Guessed where he would go next to bed And we spent the rest of the day Circling around that spot to get the Wind in our favor eventually we set up On a finger that paralleled the one that We thought he would be on in about 30 Minutes before dark he fed his way from His betting Ridge to the one that we Were set up on and we got a shot at him At about 40 yards looking back on that Hunt now how do we approach that same Setup from the top of the ridge the buck Would have likely hurt us or saw us Before we even got set up later that Month warp shot a big buck in Georgia by Still hunting up and over finger ridges That were on the side of a mountain While he was doing that a rep frenzy Blew past him and instead of waiting for Them to come back or moping and giving Up on the whole hunt he got aggressive And followed the deer continuing to move Slow as he approached the top of the Next finger in glass in the head Eventually he spotted the buck with a Doe and got the buck and last year

During our annual group Muzzleloader Hunt I shot a buck as a driver wrapping Around the nose of a finger Ridge and Sneaking right into the bowl where I Thought Deer might be bedded by doing That I snuck within 70 yards of a Bachelor group of bucks that had no idea I was there by going back and watching The full video you'll obviously see some More detail of what makes each one of These hunts unique and situational but There's one thing that's consistent as We approached them from the side of the Hill or the mountain after seeing this Trend on the successful hunts it became Obvious that there was a similar trend For unsuccessful hunts where we bumped Deer out of the Target bedding area Almost every time this happened we were Approaching the targeted bedding area From the top or the bottom when looking For footage to show what I'm talking About I found a whole bunch of footage Of me walking right down the top of the Ridge and now I realize how easily I was Being skylined when I was doing that Obviously we've had success coming in From the side Hill but I can't say that I necessarily understood exactly why That was working or how to use it in Different situations if you want to hear More details of our thought process my Friend Larry and I recorded a podcast Talking about this Theory and you can

Find a link to the podcast in the Description of this video in the Specific episode that I'm talking about Is episode number 234. it wasn't really Until Keith and I went to New York that I started realizing why the side Hill Approach was working a little bit better So when we headed to Indiana I had a Goal in mind to try to learn as much About this specific approach as possible Covering ground allowed us to test this Theory in a lot of different terrain Features we still definitely bumped deer But I wanted to compare what we could Get away with using the side Hill Approach versus approaching from the top Or the bottom that way we could use that Information in future hunts whether we Were hunting with a bow hunting solo With a gun or hunting with a group During gun season what I learned was That When approaching from the side hill We were able to get much closer to Deer Before bumping them a lot of times deer Didn't even know we were there even when We did bump deer I didn't let that Concern me because I found that bumping Deer doesn't always mean the Hunt's over It seems when you approach a bedding Area at the right elevation the deer Have a harder time seeing you but when You're on the top you're much more Likely to get spotted on the skyline if You're approaching from the bottom where

Deer are bettered above you overlooking That bottom usually they spot you pretty Easily there as well also when you bump Deer from a side Hill approach as long As they don't smell you they usually Stop to try to figure out what they Heard or saw that made them initially Stand up out of their bed so when you're Gun hunting you may still get an Opportunity for a good shot even if the Deer is starting to Spook also by Hunting super aggressively and spooking Deer I was also constantly taking note Of how deer escaped which I plan to use When we're group hunting later this Season so I guess the goal for Indiana Was not necessarily killing a buck but Trying to learn as much as we possibly Could for future hunts in similar Habitat and terrain I hope to continue To learn how and when to use this tactic In different situations and I feel it's Important to say that this isn't the Only way to do things and it may not Apply to you if you enjoy a different Style of hunting I just often hear Things like you have to do this to be Successful in this area or you can't do That if you want to have success in this Area and I just think that really the Beauty of hunting is is you can make it Whatever you want it to be so find a Style that works for you and it's Something that you enjoy and continue to

Learn and have fun by sharing why we Approach this hunt so aggressively and What we learned by doing so I hope that It inspires other Hunters to continue to Learn adjust their style and think Outside of the box hope you guys enjoyed This video we'll catch you on the next One