BIG 7 Point Buck!!! (Deer Hunting w/Ted Miller)

By | January 18, 2023

Greg has an awesome hunt during the late season as he stalks in close for a shot with the muzzleloader!
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Whoa There's some good news for me and the Old shed dog here tonight That's actually the Buckeye shot through The neck with the bow there earlier on The decoy setup that's right exactly Where I had the decoy set up actually And here it is uh what 28th or so of December first time I've It's been a month exactly a month since I've saw him And come out on that hay field down There I've been watching it From a distance here and and so I'm Through the spotting scope That's good news I mean I got a Muzzleloader tag and uh I made a pack With the buck I says if you survive I'm Not going to shoot you with the Muzzleloader so he's off limits with the Muzzleloader I mean I'm sure he's went through a lot the Last month so he's safe oh it's a relief So we're on to another one or two here So we'll see what happens but uh had a Patch of hair missing on his back is how I recognize him then he popped his head Up there and definitely had both antlers Yet and I I mean that's I don't know a Half mile or so down there but uh I Couldn't see any wound on his neck and He he didn't look like he was favoring His neck or anything so awesome good job [ __ ] dog a couple other pretty good

Eight pointers running around here we'll Might try to get a shot at one of them With the Muzzleloader here so We'll leave that one alone Well man that was cool seeing that Buck there last night I actually got a Little bit more footage of him there uh On the field You know he looks healthy so this Morning uh start hunting again here uh Hunting with the Muzzleloader and uh oh I got a couple of them tree stands that I was hunting out of earlier that are Set up on bedding areas here it is Ladder part of December here and I Haven't been in them for You know a month or so so I'm gonna in The mornings just slip in a couple of Them bedding areas and sit and see if I Can See ya Buck I could say a couple of Bucks are off limits with the gun uh They're fortunate to be able to hunt a Place where I can play them games I Guess and pass up A book or something but you know there's Bucks that I would shoot to so we'll Just see how it plays out but anyway This morning I'm just gonna go in there And Sit and hunt a bedding area there with The Muzzleloader and in the evenings We'll we'll probably just set up on the Hay field and see what comes out over

There but anyway uh check this out Remember you remember last year the old Power Stroke wouldn't start Maybe Maybe somebody forgot to plug in the old Power Stroke last night I guess I'll just give her what she Wants and that's a shot at easy I actually got that fixed Glow plug relay that's what it was Thanks to all those all you guys that Knew that and I didn't you think an old Farmer dude like me would know that Stuff but uh You know I think at one time I did You know at one time I knew everything But now I've forgotten most of it so Anyway in the dark Let's hunt Foreign Thank you Right right Foreign This is awesome Pretty good Buck he looked like a big Seven pointer that I had A couple of uh A couple of Pictures of there this summer haven't Seen him all fall but uh Big tall wreck Heavy duty I had granted him pretty hard To stop him there but he looked back and Was able to get the gun on him I think I

Made a good hit it looked like he was Carrying his front leg there when he Left Awesome Late Muzz as Ted would say We'll give him a minute here and I'll Collect myself and go up here and see if I did hit him but I think I heard him Fall right up there I'm not sure Awesome That was fun I was actually sitting on uh This horizontal rub that man there's Been a lot of bucks This fall on this setup that's for sure Be interesting because I haven't checked This rub for I don't know it's been About a month now but see if that buck Has been on there might have got a Little more footage of him that way but Real nice bedding areas what it is Last day of December 2022 so I think I got a buck Killed anyway so we'll be up here See if we can find him Like I say that That set up has got a lot of footage on There About right in here somewhere where he Was standing I think he Took off this way we'll see if we can Find him or find some blood or something Awesome

There he is right there That's a nice buck Yeah I have to say that's that's the Biggest seven pointer I've ever shot but Awesome got a lot of mass real real nice Bases on him definitely a mature Buck You can tell by how dark his head is See if I can get the tripod set up here And get a little video of him Nice heavy Heavy duty bases on him that's for sure Well I know it's the biggest seven Pointer ever shot but I think it might Be the first one I ever shot with a Muzzleloader out of a tree stand you Know I've always hunted from the ground It's hard to sell film from the ground I Know guys do it It's hard to do a lot easier to have the Camera arm up in the tree and a little Less apt to spot you there too but the Real thick little bedding Ridge in here Where he was coming to there's a a Stubble field being Stubblefield up here A little half mile I think that you're Probably feeding in took him I don't Know it's probably nine o'clock by the Time he got back in here Saw a couple of does there earlier there About daylight but Been real cold and for a week there and Then it warmed up the last week so Like I say that tree stand that hadn't Been hunted for probably a month and had

That horizontal rub set up is what I was On there at a lot of bucks On there this fall got some real good Footage if I don't think he's been on There I'll pull them trail cameras when I Leave and maybe get some maybe got him On there Within the last month I don't know But I think I had one One velvet Picture of him this Summer but it was up Here on the same Bean field there but Haven't seen him all fall whether he's Been in here I suppose he has I just Haven't saw him Real nice deer Gutted and tagged here and get him out Of here it's a ways back in here and Thought out I don't know whether I can Get we probably have to get the deer Cart to get him out of here but He'll get my son and give him something To do Awesome deer Awesome hunt