Big AGGRESSIVE Boar At 10 YARDS! Spot and Stalk Hog Hunting

By | January 4, 2023

Zack and Josh are on the ground going after big WV bucks when they spot a group of wild boar they switch gears real quick.


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Foreign [Music] We're getting ready to head out of here Just check this area Bunch of deer again two really nice Bucks one really nice one one yeah It's real real close if his right side Was the Same with his left side yeah he'd Definitely be a go-getter yeah Side by side but we're gonna check out Another area It's getting better each time yeah Unless they won oh no it's tough Here Okay yeah Don't see them I see one Coming out from under that red bush tree See two three there okay now Sam okay There's like four brothers oh We might be onto something hurry That's right what are those big ones There's the big one I definitely think that that's the With the wind blowing wind blowing this Way you come this way and you got them Because you got that big wall right There they can't they can't go down They're probably gonna go right there in Bed by the back Well that's what I was What do you think Carrie Do it don't miss is it is that what

She's gonna say again You're not gonna miss a hog Typically they're a little they're Scurrying most of the time you better Not miss one because they're coming they Like to Scurry they don't like to stop Very often But we're gonna go try to kill one Anyway What do you think hell yeah we were just Talking about hot dogs too yeah Well hot dogs ain't exactly pork I don't Eat wieners I'm chili only guy You like winners I like hot dogs all Right so you like the winter I like Oscar winners no I'm out I one out of Six What I ate one real hot dog and then the Other five or chili buns Yeah I like the chili buns that's what I Like I like chili mustard a little bit Of onion or something maybe some cheese But dude I got I got a hot dog one time They put nacho cheese on Let's go kill them The greatest thing about hunting in the Southern floor Is that you have an opportunity when You're arching up to kill A giant white too A wild boar Or a black bear and you're legally Allowed to take any of them

But not all of them in one day So we've been riding around glassing and We've seen a bunch of deer a bunch Just not seen what we wanted we did see One shooter Buck but he was hightailing On a doe But we just now spotted him back a hog Oh man that was a good scratch right There what it was oh don't worry about Him I mean some some Dandy pigs so we're Gonna get her get her stuff get out here And we're just gonna get right right Amongst them they usually just Scurry Around If we can get in there too Zach can get It Zach can get a shot but it Uh It'll be super fun and probably super Intense Yeah it's a little bit exciting here in A minute Harry you just gotta know that if a home Comes at you yeah get a tree Get a treat get a tree Get up all right don't try to run from It No no they're good side to side Can't see There ain't no way we can walk right Along that bench we're going on that Bench over there Staying stay tucked in right on that on That rock floor There ain't no talking it's a it's it's

It's just a big Rock flat There's a dike in the middle It ain't very big I think we're getting we're going to be But way behind going out the long way to Go though That's what I'm saying if they come this Way they got to stay up on top You know what I mean hey you're the Hunter I'm I like I can't I can't even Put my two cents in no I want your sense But I I think we just you don't want my Sins Right here stop the vehicle oh okay Right through there okay let me get out Of the way I'm gonna get out of the way but I did I Mean I should have been let me look So thank you Thank you So crazy comes all the way around here That's what we need to do Foreign Foreign I just See them The lips that Locus What then we Had to get down Foreign I honestly feel like our play is to go Every year Drop down this

Guy gray here Seems like they're gonna they're trying To go that way you know what I mean Foreign Out there he's got a hair S and big ones around The wall around Here trying to wait and see what the big Ones do here Huh [Applause] All right so we're We're kind of torn and which way to go Here These there's like a triangle right here That was an Old Pond He's always keep coming down in and out Of it in and out of it but the berm it Goes all the way around it And we can intersect them either way but We're not sure which way to get it can We go right And then they go look for found same Thing vice versa so we're kind of I want You to pick that big ones you chase that Lid on I'll make a move here one way or the Other because it's gonna get dark on it So I think areas tells us where I think we Can get over that berm right there Without spookum I think I think he's up with him maybe Yeah that's playing we're gonna try

Something You stay here You're gonna stay right here Huh Thank you Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Wow Oh My God I'm glad I'm tall I got some stuff This is the tallest truck I've been in Let's go get it Me and Harry are heading Into the Hogs Harry got his first taste of it the Other day We learned a little bit uh You know we was all over them all for Probably what two and a half three hours Yeah Um And kind of got caught with our bridges Down there And the hog come right to us I took a shot at him missed him but I was up to here two days after that And was scouting for deer and I run into Another one in the same area so we're Going into that area It's wet it's been raining Um it's supposed to rain for the next

Freaking week pretty much but it's the 7th of December 65 degrees and we ain't got nothing Better to do with Chase Hogs so we're Gonna chase some Hogs [Music] [Applause] [Music] We made it to the top of the mountain I got my Rangefinder fixed got some Binos and I need some windshield wipers but it Appears that the rain has slacked off I won't say it's quick because it Nasty around us in spots but hopefully That's just fog but I mean Harry's gonna Get her stuff on we don't have very long To go uh we're gonna run around here and We're gonna still hunt depending on Which way the wind is blowing we're Going to check it when we get out here The ground is saturated it's wet quiet So that kind of hampered us the other Day Um you know me and Harry we actually Where the Hogs went to or where they Ended up coming to there on that big Berm me and Harry was on that burn we're Trying to get on that berm five minutes Before that had we been successful the Hogs would have run right there's a deer The Hogs would run right in on us but Um People couldn't get up there because it

Was so it was so loud I'm really Stuff's hard to come by I mean in Kentucky no more It's way too much Yeah it's raining See what we're gonna do Well Weatherman wasn't right again There's two people in this world they Get paid to lie to you Well I don't say get paid to lie to you but There's no consequence if they lie to You that's lawyers And meteorologists Trying to decide what to do here [Music] Um I mean that wind feels like it's coming This way to me don't you hear you yeah Yeah just go over here we'll start on That and work our way this way and see What happens Hopefully it don't rain on us Oh Alex was terrible Like I'd be like I think I think I need to go up right Here And maybe you know hang a set right There because and I'd give him some sort Of an explanation like what do you think I don't know I'm like you're like Dealing with my wife going to eat I

Don't know I don't know But then he would tell me like we'd get Up in the tree and tell me all the ideas That he had yeah like I kind of thought Like we should have went over I'm like You're gonna tell me that now That's the bird that we've seen him on All right It's hilarious light you got this big Ditch running all the way around And They I mean there's just a Hawks on all In there and I actually seen another one Out here a couple days ago scouting I want to slowly work our way through Here see if we can Spot one before he spots us She said Put these on round two here I just want To come back and check that spot I don't know exactly how big's operate But The day does not feel like a day that I'd want to Waller in mud But I might be wrong Or just keep slowly walk working our way Out this Old Road as old roads are quiet As path Yeah I know We can't uh we got much cover but I'm going at the big can't see it's Gonna see in here so In this road I'll make our way to this whole point

Where we can look back in a pistol drain You see anything if not we're going to Probably bust it back towards a pond is Seems like that's where they like to Congregate even after I shot at that one The other night And we raised all sorts of hail in there We come back through and there was a hog In there so Let's plan we're going to sleep around Here and see if we can see anything Myself Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Guys How about that Harry how about that baby Let's go that's a freaking monster here Yes baby There you kill baby Oh my gosh dude I was walking that road And I seen that he was batted right Under that road and I seen it Oh We got 15 minutes left too maybe Dude I just smoked that thing Oh My God that was at 10 yards what was he Doing well that was my idea you can't This little roll right here there's like A little point And when you come around this point I Knew this bottom was back here so I was

Hoping I didn't think he was going to be Right here uh Tearing off that bush like he was I Don't know what he was doing I was Expecting him to be out there you know 40 50 yards But dude when I popped up right there I See him shaking his freaking Bush right Here man He was in that breaking that what I Don't know why He could have been He could have been pissed at us I don't Know but he was acting really aggressive That was sick that was so sick Let's go get him oh my God you punched It right in there Well I was afraid look at this huh he Tore this up oh yeah I was afraid that He was that close that like he wouldn't Something's gonna happen there you know What I mean Um I know the wind was blowing that way But And I felt so confident putting it right There oh yeah because he was so close I Mean These Hogs they've got a freaking They got a plate I mean it's literally This big on that shoulder You know they got their bong but then They've got just a big heavy plate some People call it a armor plate or whatever But I can tell you one thing if you hit

It That's it it ain't penetrating enough With one of these it ain't Whatever I hit just now I penetrated Baby I say my air is in him oh yeah [Applause] Ain't no tracking Huh That's a big old hole too Man I hit him exactly exactly where I Was aiming just right right in front of That shoulder Barely It's a big old hog dude Diego Hulk [Music] I mean a good That's it big one I've seen out here Yeah seeing him right here something Right may have been like right here I Was on that Old Road out there yes two Days ago Baby Dude I'm I'm so stoked to get one of These things on the ground on the ground But You don't know how happy I am To finally put you behind a kid I appreciate that you all don't know but Man Harry's grinded And He's been with Josh A lot he's been with Jay

This is me and Mining Harry and I's first few times hunting Together on these Hogs but he's just Been He's been I keep telling him he's bad Luck uh you know we've killed a lot of Stuff this year and had pretty damn good Success but Harry's been on the opposite End he Alex was on everything so Now we're finally finally putting some Meat on the ground man and it's a Dandy I mean a stud Can't believe it crazy thing was right There oh he was he was headed all the Way out here too We may have pissed him off right there When he heard us because he couldn't Smell us yeah so he heard us coming up That bank behind him he may have got Pissed but I mean he was obviously Aggressive he was tearing that bush up I Don't know why they do that but and he Couldn't see us either we're not that Good cover behind us no he couldn't see Us Dude that's freaking awesome the tusks Are coming out of them too yeah yeah That's why you get hit with him Harry See that Feel how sharp that is Oh my God you get hit with that they Don't come to bite you yeah they come to Hook you That is a big hard boy

Jeez Alex's little dancing [Applause] [Music] [Music] Facing [Music] Try to catch me holiday S good [Music] All right guys That's gonna do it for the hog hunting Trip I am officially tagged out on Hogs but I'm dropping Harry off at McDonald's The meeting place And then I'm gonna go home and Figure out what I'm gonna do with this Thing I don't know if I'm gonna cut it Up myself or I'm gonna take it to a Butcher but Yeah it was fun we had a hell of a time And can't wait to put the video out it Listens If you all like what you've seen Social media it's easy Facebook Instagram the Untamed followers go to The shop buy something we got some crazy Good t-shirts hats whatever you want and Uh Subscribe on YouTube [Music]