BIG BUCK in a BLIZZARD!!! 🌨 (Public Land Deer Hunting)

By | January 6, 2023

Warb and Ted find a huge buck in a blizzard and move in for a shot!
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Well Mr escobel Man There's a lime tween tough and crazy and We're flirting with it we got about Everything in the closet on today looks Like yep says it's two 40 mile an hour winds and this afternoon It's supposed to cool down to a balmy Negative eight With 45 50 mile an hour winds wind chill Supposed to be negative 49 this Afternoon but we'll see we're gonna go And try so that's all you can do I'm Gonna have some gnarly beard tickles by The end of it probably Good chance Is it a buck Foreign First light Better cold Wind is howling but we looked up and There's two deer right out here in front Of us they don't know we're here it's Snowing and so windy that I don't think They can see very good let's see what These lights on Pretty sure they're Young Bucks I really Want to get out of this spot Windy Oh there's deer right there two of them Two deer right here I think it might be a big buck Ted It's definitely a buck Moving to the left Oh I got him

I just can't tell if it's a big buck or Not there's so much snow So he's wrapped now Yeah I kind of can You see him in your scope right there I Can't see him very good now I think he might have just laid down huh I think he might have just laid down I Think he did I don't know I couldn't I can't get a Good look at him so much snow I mean we could just crawl right up the Edge that hurt right up through that Grass I know we can get in there and get Around there to him and get pretty close Get in this ditch but then like you said I don't know if it It's going to be thick we've got a shot At anything through here like I could Have just about killed him right there He was broadside but it's the wind the Snow is so heavy that I couldn't tell There's some branches over him and I Didn't want to shoot Yeah it just center punch one of them Trying to tell if you send some thick Stuff or I mean he's obviously in some Fixed up but it's hard to see if there's Stuff in the way or not yeah There's also there was another deer Straight up the hill above him and then There's another one 30 yards to the left And then those other two bucks are down

There So there's a whole lot of them on that Hillside yeah Foreign We slipped up here Closer to where we saw that buck Last I have a locust tree marked up there That he bedded right behind it's about 80 or 90 yards from us right now we got A good shot in there if he stands up we Plan on coming into this spot because All these ridges are south facing and We've got really strong North winds Today with this blizzard these deer are All right along that inside transition On that those Leeward ridges hopefully He stands up before we freeze out even If we do we'll go back to the truck warm Up and then come back in here this Evening Foreign Pretty good You get a four that's what that says now Negative five It's about two hours before dark and It's negative five out right now the Wind's blowing 40 miles an hour so we're Waiting to go out so that we don't Freeze out before the end of legal we're Gonna hop into this spot get right back Down in there where we saw that buck bed Down this morning and hopefully he's Still there yeah tons and tons of like Thick Cedar yeah bedding up in there red

So this is a perfect spot for them to Stack up amid a blizzard like this one Lots of good thermal cover on The Ridges Above them that's the only reason why We're able to even stay down there to Hunt for any amount of time is because It's down and out of this wind if we Were out here in this wind today like we Were last night in a setup there's no Way we'd make it very long Maybe get one killed maybe this old boy Will be in there still oh oh Because he's a nice one he's real nice Real nice buck Thank you Foreign Him Looking again Foreign My God in there He jumped I don't know it's pretty far he's Freaking huge Oh God I just got here oh dude he's Freaking huge he's freaking huge Crap that ain't the one we seen this Morning no that's a freaking monster There That thing was freaking big I don't know where I hitting now I don't Know we'll be able to see I think I Didn't ranging because I arranged that Spot this morning Under there I thought he was right about

150 and this thing should be dead on at 150. It looked like He had his tail tucked when he was Running off and he kind of stopped there And he went up in the fixed up I know I hit him I just don't know where God that's a freaking that's a pig he Faced us forever dude and I had my Crosshairs on him but I thought I Thought he might have seen this or Something he was just standing there Standing Everything I thought he did see us I hope I got him dude and look I heard It hit him hard I heard it hit and I was squeezing off Steady I'd let half breath out and I had It right there right up the leg So he was slightly quarter in two I don't know I gotta reload before my Hands freeze They're very quick Because it's cold Ain't even had time to do an interview We just did an interview with the truck Saying we're coming back in here after This butt This ain't even the same huh I think this is a completely different One yeah I mean these things this is This thing's huge he's big like big Heavy nasty thing yeah oh gosh I hope we Got him man

He kneel kicked like we hit him but I Just I don't know Hey Play him worked about perfect Yeah I mean we came in crawled in here This is the same spot where we left off This morning And I ain't even like I said we just got Here we tried to come in later that way We could last until the last Light This thing's up and moving an hour and a Half before we were talking about it was Like How early are they gonna be up today Early today perfect early I'm fixing to cause I can feel them Coming out Oh God Come on baby Be dead Foreign There's blood right there I think I shot him literally right right There bleeding right off of that yep That's a good sign There's kind of there was something up In there it looks like it's a dead deer Laying there but I can't really tell I don't I don't think it is it's either A rock or a glass I mean that's right where he went if it Is a dead deer oh well if he's dead He'll keep until we get back we slipped

Up there to to where I shot him and There's blood immediately not a ton but It's spraying on the snow and we just Decided to back out since we didn't see Him fall over we're going to Jet back to The truck we're gonna go get our sled And everything we need to dress a deer And give it a little bit of time Let's go get all of our crap and then Come back in with some lights and stuff Should be blood right in here somewhere Yeah I think this is it Yeah see there's specs it's just been Snowing Got blood yeah there's some right here It's just underneath a coating of snow Yeah Right there Underneath the snow There's blood You got him that wasn't a log I seen Earlier it's right there dude That was a big buck I seen earlier it Lasted from across there he was done Oh my gosh Look at that thing Oh yeah That was exactly what I seen from across There earlier I got over there I'm like Man what is that big brown blob and I Looked I was like is that a rock like Man I think I can see a wreck and I Couldn't tell because it was too far Away showing up boom

Oh Yeah Oh my God look at that thing Look at that Dude Look at that freaking tank Look at that broken G2 on this side Just a nasty old bugger Let me tag you so I can pull him out of Some of this crap he's in some pretty Thick stuff back here Yeah it's high it could have ricocheted Off that limb you could see it smashed That limb Right when I shot but I heard it hit and I thought I saw some snow fly off of him Right there I was like dang it I hope I Didn't hit him in a back strap but I'm Sure that that limb could have deflected It a little bit because I had the Crosshairs right here yep and the other Day at 100 yards I shot two inches high I granted I could have I could have Flinched a little bit but I mean it Looks like the bullet is heading right For this When it hits that limb And it it obviously deflected just a Hair hide but he didn't make it very far New oh his beam has got ice ice just Frozen all up and down his antler Makes up for busting that one out Yesterday yep when we busted out Yesterday's a lot like that one yeah

Being similar wide sucker good grease oh That's a pretty one Negative seven with uh 45 below wind Chill boy they moved early they move Early when conditions are like that Oh man I'm fired up about that I ain't Killed a buck since September 3rd Hunted like 40 50 times Getting on them Locus pods or something Down there yep that's what we were Targeting down here we're like looking For good thermal covers south facing for Deer to get out of this wind and get out Of this blizzard so we found this on the Map a lot of these little drainages Right below this thick cover where There's these old creek beds and stuff There's usually a bunch of Honey locusts In there in late season we've noticed in The last five or six years especially Once the snow gets on they start Pounding these Locus pods and that's What he was eating I'm almost positive Of it he was standing right underneath The locust tree I mean the price I hit Was a locust Branch yep That's a wide load there that's the Widest Buck I ever shot yeah That is a good Greg's usually right about them shots so You show we showed Greg at the house and As soon as he saw it he's like oh yeah He's toast they don't they don't jump Like that usually unless it's in the

Chest cavity And it was in the chest cavity but Barely Greg Just barely that's the coldest night I've ever hunted in my life Was it negative eight or something yeah And the breaking point guys were just Posted something on social about them Killing along with a bow in North Dakota The negative 40 actual temp are you Kidding that's cold now that's cold now Boy goodness Foreign Jeez I messed up a bunch of things this Year messed up a bunch of times but at The end of the year all As my buddy Joe elzinger used to say you Just gotta guess right once if you Guessed right once and you set up right And it works out then boom you got a Chance End up with something like that shall we Sled we shall sled now get him to the House because if we keep sitting here We're gonna freeze to death with him Won't be long Right get that extra points off there Yeah good little drag Ah In the sled Boy actually is nice in the snow Oh Buck down Back here to the cabin gonna put him in Here and get in the house and warm up

Get something to eat and process him Tomorrow big buck down pumped up about This one boy Big thanks to Ted for being out here in This frigid cold BS all worked out Worked out we got one The plan came together And it hasn't many times this year so I'm dang thankful for that Muslims pretty dang action-packed for The three days we're out yes it was yes It was I didn't figure we'd see near as Many people as we did we saw a lot of Anyway thanks for watching this video Guys we'll see y'all on the next one