BIG BUCK runs doe to 40 YARDS!!! No Tag??

By | January 3, 2023

[Music] I'm out pulling cameras today doing a Little bit of Scouting Around I guess For war McGregor out hunting right now And uh there goes a bobcat right there There's Wildlife all over the place up Here I put a camera down in this spot Middle of the summer me and Nick walked Down in here and scattered around on top Of this Ridge and put the cameras down And the creek bottom it's a mile mile And a half from the parking lot and I'm Just getting back here to where I'm Gonna start going down in there I looked Up I bumped a doe and then another deer Came out and I noticed it was a big buck I'm gonna go grab this camera and we'll See what's on it real fresh grape right Here looks like a little pee staying in There cut corn out there creep back this Way camera's just right over there [Music]