Big New York Bucks in Range! (Bowhunting the Pre-Rut)

By | November 13, 2022

Eric and Ethan both have close calls with some big New York bucks while bowhunting the pre-rut! APPAREL: 👉
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Foreign 's coming up here this is our first Morning hunt for the king Oh it's really really really quiet still So murder is gonna take our time Um I'm wearing a tree stand in the Timber one that we owned just for him See if he's around this area one of These days we'll guess right so jump in And we'll uh we're gonna drive up on That road in the park Foreign Foreign We're in the timber today as you can see We're after the king it's a 30th of October It's our first morning hunt for him and It's Belonging roads in front of us and we Just had this Timber this summer This is one of his bedrooms The main Crossing Ravine down there in front of us about 30 yards And there's a scrape we made that he's Had in the past he hasn't hit it and Probably Two days I think So we're just hoping that this is our Best morning spot really We have pictures of them about midnight One o'clock this morning Not in here though

So we're gonna kind of want this Eliminate or possibly eliminate A spot where he might be and then we'll Game plan for later based off that But there you know it's go time it's About 32 degrees but like the wind's Okay it's it's going the way we want Us All right So I guess I I know what it feels like to be one of Those New Hampshire mountain bike Hunters Go ahead and see Anything But Here's the plan I believe we're gonna be back in one of Those rednecks As far as we could tell that you know Certainly nothing happening in this end Um so we'll be back hopefully in the Blind around four o'clock Foreign No it's a good size it's another it's Another dough all right so we got into This blind and I can't tell you how much Some wind helps a wind just covers lots Of things it keeps the scent going the Right way everything is so crunchy here It's so dry So we got in here and that there were 60 yards out there and they had no idea So as I've said that an entry exit to

These blinds keeps them fresh so we have One single doe down there chowing on the Frigid Forge Two-do over here doing the same thing And it's only probably 4 30. so Good start for sure this is just this is The number of gear we saw the whole sit Last time we were in here And that one That wasn't fear oh there's an eyes on Their tail Under the left side of the Apple okay Four deer in your mouth before oh yeah I See that So if nothing else this will give these Bucks something to come out and check I'm feeling pretty good about tonight so I'm worried if you if you have to push It Like beautiful I suppose I mean I suppose Okay I greedy's gonna Get on the edge and go right out again Because those kind of move out of the Way It wouldn't surprise me he comes up Right up right right where he did this Okay there's a tear on his scrape right Now Right now that's great Jesus that's a different one is that him No that's not a key that's him against Him

Down through there okay Everybody He's gonna come right there God damn it's a difficult way He's gonna walk right there every Morning Foreign Foreign I'm gonna be dead grass Foreign Okay All these hammerheads The way they go Brandon shut up your Freaking nuts That's not a Chip Shot he's still right There yeah it's not like it was a gym Shot by any means but it was how far was It 44 44. yeah that's pretty I mean he Was His head down like with his foot forward You know his shoulder I mean that was The shot but if I shoot him I can't Shoot the king so Um Really good night and we got like an Hour We probably got an hour left And we've got one One we got I don't know we got several Years it's a bunch over here still There's three there's four over there Five over there All right so things are things are Jamming tonight for sure

For sure Cody asked me if we ever saw the king And That deer are the same Area and I I mean the same area yes but Never with my own eyes together so well Let's hope that that changes tonight Foreign One side Look at that Disney Infinity He's not a doctor He should care less about it Don't worry All right we got we gotta get out of Here we've got a few deer left in the Plot we just had a nice two-year-old Eight point The wind really died and I think what's Happening is our thermals are going down To that bottom and that they started Getting a little funny but anyways we Had a heck of a night like a really Really good night Anyways we gotta get anyways that's That's it was a great night we saw that Little ball book We had the Harvey's hot plant here Tonight I don't know we saw a lot I Don't even know maybe 16 17 it's 14. one Time and It was three bucks Good night I don't know it just gets Better days excited on the calendar text And it gets better it's warm by the deer

Going so We're gonna wait a few more minutes and Try to sleep and sneak out of here to Minimize the damage The only thing we got to do is put up The platforms That's half the battle How was New Hampshire Uh I saw a glimpse of a moose really That had no deer oh but that sounds About right for there right is it yeah When those guys come up here they lick Their jobs but our issue is the win it's Four miles an hour out of the South so There's not many options for that And uh this is our best bet for them These guys are going to be right here That's a nice little Gap right there see That yeah I allowed to shoot a Spiker no Spikey This is just trigger happy now that he's Got a couple of dolls under his bow he's A little trigger heavy so you guys Obviously but you got Wounded Warrior Back here Wounded Warrior yeah that's The buck that was uh On one of the Southern pieces all last Year and he's kind of transitioned here In state Must have found something he's liked Oh just a big Mainframe eight Four and a half at least so Really still night I had my brother drop Us off

We've got a South with a little bit of a Southeast Breeze blown over this open Lot behind me Last night the Wounded Warrior Buck came Right by that camera Dried underneath this tree Right before dark So it's something that we hopefully He'll do again chances are he's probably Not gonna do it again but we're gonna Give it a shot It's super still so getting his shot off And this is going to be a challenge I hope we don't see many does but we'll See if we can make it happen Burrito Foreign Foreign Hour yet He could look through here but I doubt It Down Foreign Yards maybe less I didn't see him come across the field Behind me And he got her win And just kind of went up around us I don't think You far but I doubt he's coming back Here before daylight that's the problem It would have been hard to get around Gonna give it a whirl That was a close call man

I could just feel things escalate with The temperature drop maybe five degrees The wind picked up Was pretty well I knew it was it just It's Halloween Are getting spooky for sure dang it So we're uh we're just about out of Light we're gonna pack up my brother's Gonna grab us I don't think that book's Too Believe it or not he spoke to less that I've seen That's a good thing but That was a good opportunity Pan out