Big Woods Deer Tracking | Deer Hunting in New York

By | December 14, 2022

Jon and Jake are taking advantage of the fresh blanket of snow. Tracking deer in the big woods of New York! APPAREL: 👉
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Good morning everybody welcome back to Another one It is uh November 20th Road is still on But everybody's got guns now hunt with My buddy Dylan this morning we're going Into a real Big Woods piece of public That we've been Scotland for the past Like two three years but we haven't Really hunted hard so we kind of changed That thought process and we're just Hunting it more than we have because we Know we know how good it is and where The good spots are and we know enough About it now to kind of dive in so we're Going in all day today It's cold it's one of the coldest days We've we've had here in Upstate New York And it's snowing Which is awesome maybe we'll cut a Jack Or something Make something happen but we are heading Out we got about 20 to 30 minute drives To the spot there's a big lake in the Middle a swamp Lake in the middle of This public piece and we're kind of Gonna work up the West edge of it so it Goes north to south the West Wind boner Stink over the water I'm just kind of going to kind of still On our way way back in for this really It's a scrape type of spot that we found Hung the camera on this this summer And we both have dough tags for this

Unit and buck tags Get it four So my four deer walk fast and two of my Antlers and two of them don't There's a good chance That we'd be dragging So we're gonna keep messing with our Stuff And lock the door Oh Foreign 400 yards from the parking lot there Ended up having a couple guys driving Behind us just Hunters Hunters two of Them and two separate trucks they have a Camp nearby Talk to them they're very nice they were Going too where me and Delaware Originally gonna go and sit for the First hour of light So we're thinking the fact that he had Something to hear this long in the first Spot they chooses to go to that's right What me and Dylan are gonna go to tells Us that that's a good spot hopefully we Pushing dear to each other that's kind Of what we're doing right now is taking It slow at the bottom of the range Committee placed here off their age down To us going as slow as possible because It's so loud and crunchy and just Your sign looking for here Flight's hiking here boy That's what you get when you show up

Early It's daylight 20 20 minutes after legal Yeah we got a nice little fresh blanket Of snow like in just one area here so I Was planning on doing a little Loop and Uh seeing if if any Ruckus happened over The last weekend I got some cameras and Stuff out here so I said to Cody I was Like gonna do it might as well do it When we have snows it's gonna warm up so We're gonna go For a walk Got the 308 and uh we're basically just Gonna do a loop see if we can cut a Track I got a doe tag that I am more Than happy to use and yeah you got butt Tag too yeah I do I do have one of them because I haven't Shot a deer but We both had a fun opening weekend with Friends and family Now it's time to Make some wounds hopefully so that's the Plan What do you think you have anything to Say I think I forgot my Gators so hopefully They're in here oh They just might be frozen solid oh no my Truck's been running for about two and a Half hours I went the wrong way to get Here Yeah this Camp ever came up for sale

That'd be a sweet one back here She's ready she's hungry And she's loaded Ross Foreign This is the test of the new GoPro Battery interview I hope it lasts more than seven seconds And it is Yes we're working our way to the north End of this Lake we're getting closer We're going slow it's snowing like a son Of a gun I had to put the camera away Because it's not my camera I'm not going To get covered in snow so once we get Around this Lake if the conditions stay The same and it keeps snowing this much And it accumulates we're thinking of Tracking Yeah yeah I think that makes the most sense start Covering ground walking roads walking Through bottoms and bridges all over Here Martin area at the same time and uh This is about the easiest time to pick Out a fresh track so All right we're gonna keep sneaking Walking With the Wind Feel pressure but when we bump one up Here you have to kill it I have to hit It I'm not making any problems All right it's about it's about noon me And Dylan have been sitting this is this Little spot along an old rock wall and a

Wicked transition that we were hoping to Just catch a midday Cruiser through While we made some launch and Reevaluated Decided we're definitely going to make Moves and start tracking So we're gonna go back down towards the Car on the other side of the lake that We just came up on And hopefully cut a track And walk in this down that uh Lake for a While now we found a drainage that kicks Off to the east towards another Swap and We started taking the drainage to that Swamp looking for a Crossing on this Creek and we ended up just cutting our Nice buck track I'll show you shots of it but why it's Not straight their tracks aren't Straight in the line they're spread Apart Wide like four fingers wide and toe Dragging and it's just a straight line You can see right here so we're Definitely gonna track this deer and Dylan's gonna be shooter number one so We don't know how far behind they are we Know the snow stopped at what like 8 30 9 o'clock like two and a half hours ago Those squalls yeah but there's no snow In this traffic these tracks haven't Been snowed out so we're just gonna take It and hopefully we run into them We've been talking about tracking in

Here for a long time Dylan yeah we just Stopped over here Foreign Ground private ground And just kind of trying to learn a Little bit more about this piece I Haven't even really dove into it much so I'm trying to figure out Just have a better idea of what what's Going on in here there's definitely not As many deer right over here That's where we were at the Crossing But but uh basically there's just huge Face and it doesn't the public doesn't Go all the way up it but I wanted to just come over here and see My thoughts are that they could be Batted up over on this side And we got something blown at us up here I don't know if it's Solace but I don't Think it smells there's plenty of bugs I Mean a lot of boxing a lot of good bucks So Using the snow is our advantage to put Together a blueprint so let's go see if This thing keeps making noise so I can Shoot it Oh As you just saw we just found the uh the First bed first time this Buck bedded Down and two beds facing two different Directions based on the Wind One of them was ridiculously warm it Took touch one and he's not sprinting

Out his bed he's not bounding really Hard so we're gonna give it five or so Minutes and just Keep on them you probably want four or Five hundred yards since we picked up His track before he cut it down he Started zigzagging and he stopped and Ate some ferns And he went by some old rubs and cross Some dough trails Got it down right in a little Right a little hole with some dead trees Around him perfect spot Foreign Foreign Looking at us or what Come on what is it looking at us no No yeah oh it's a nice little book nice Little Buck yeah what does that mean I Could I could just mail it around me okay One to the right side Oh yeah Like a decent eight point And sometimes A lot further that was it I could just See like a nice rack I just saw a good Beam and it just looks like one of the Use that property line Two bucks down in there There he is The ones bigger that was in front of Them Like quite a bit bigger

We're in a little bit of a pickle here Because the public Cuts back that way But I don't know how far down It's like right in the corner And I'm not gonna yeah oh yeah He's not he's on he's on private though Like 20 yards That's just bad luck dude he's out if he Was on public It doesn't pop that thing yeah I don't Know if it's I only saw one The problem was nice it was kind of Stuck because we can't go that way So Our best bet is to let them work off and Hope they drop back down into public That's cool though Corner cuts down and it goes right back Out so there's a good chance that They'll end up back on public We figured that they'd be bedded up here It were I mean I'm standing in his bed Right now I was smelling it what Cody said he's a Tearless deer there's a deer right down The hill They were just down over that lid I could have shot him if I bought that Land and it was mine that's just bad Luck I mean that's We run into right here because Aren't as big I still see them down There what I was saying what's these These Johnson Public on these pieces and

They're not there's a lot of zigzaggy Yeah makes it tougher because the other Day you're saying how do you finish That would say would be how you finish Her timing was right we got him and from A time that he was in this bed and they Were Milling around afterwards so our Timing was here The line wasn't and you need it all We're gonna give it five and keep on Hopefully we can catch up to him Yes so we're just standing there waiting For five minutes like we said we were Gonna do and we look over to the right It's another bed that's even warmer than The other ones like has actual heat Coming off of it And his track Looks like it's walking again but it's Turning back a little bit so You bet it three times in one spot so we Must hung out here for a while Which means we're a lot closer to him Than we realized I think so I don't know we'll see Oh wait we take it yes She's down right there I don't know And I got the movement right out of here And I think there was three of them and We've been following three tracks It's like 700 yards now Oh my God Okay so It's something yeah

You're following a buck track and it Turned into three beds we lose a buck Dragon we find a buck Dragon we lose a Buck track but it was always within like The fourth three to five tier that we Were tracking and They heard us or they were just coming Back this way or if those were different Deer coming in to intercept these tracks There was two in there I was on one of Them Batteries on three percent this cold is Killing batteries so we're gonna give it A minute go up there and check it out All right Well we went and found the tracks where We thought they were standing There's no blood Sugar For a while No blood no hair on I think it was a clean mess I I told Jake there was A small Gap where I had it right on her But he might have hit it hit a sampling Or something like that I know because Yeah It did it sounded a little funky yeah I'll do a little investigate and see if We can find a tree a hit or something But next time we'll just wait longer I Guess It happens let's go check it

It's weird There's something like in his face The only thing I can think of is trying To grunt That is way outside his ears Is he just chilling he's got something Licking his face Foreign Ers Thank you Yeah it's inviting There's still right there you see Himself Before we we try to do something crazy Let's just watch them because they could Very well Mill right back here to the Left Yeah it's probably next they're like They're on the line It's one of those things you know yeah You just gotta be gotta be sure you Gotta be sure if I got some adrenaline Dude they are like I think they're probably Offer on on but I think it's just Yeah I don't I don't feel confident that They are Right now It's like 11 o'clock I definitely didn't get Boon anyway Water I forgot about that anyway oh We're trying to figure out a plan for This these two are like right on the Line and it's

Gonna be Luck if we get them but So I'm thinking they're just smart a Little bit I may try to send a grunt Down back down this way and see if we Can pull them back through this bottom At this point [ __ ] Foreign Er down here Goes down and then John's over and he's Like 50 yards of a line this way he's Probably about 50 yards in line that way So ready to make a jaunt down we're Cutting back And then the public goes back up those Bucks were moving back into public so Basically What we're gonna do is go get back up Until we cut their track and on that Line that they're on I'm thinking we're Going to jump up above it again just Like we did and basically if we can see The track going and following that line Which is kind of do what we did before And be above them so we can But hopefully we can cut it again Before they stay on I mean they're still In a corner that's kind of Hit or Miss They're either going to be on or off so We let them work off until we couldn't See them anymore so hopefully paint that Part

Then we know where Dragon Box so that's Also good Yeah We bumped them out of it Market name it nice and rub these days We can't go look at it because it's on On the present pressure is bedded right Up there I think I saw him take off like I thought I saw a flash or something So we're just gonna work back Kind of the way we came in I suppose We won we just didn't win It's all three four deer three two or Three bucks I mean that's probably the One that made that rub it's still alive Yeah I was gonna say as big as something Else but yeah I think jet plane's living Over here yeah That's what I'm naming every deer from Here on there Right now Jeffy