Bow Hunting a BUCK BEDROOM!! (Big 8 Pointer)

By | December 7, 2022

Warb and Greg are in a huge buck's bedroom!


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The past month has been a whirlwind for Our crew here at THB He's down right there the guys have been Traveling and finding success in each State from Kansas South Dakota to Minnesota and Wisconsin All right Meanwhile I've been bow hunting the rut Back at home and throughout November We've found a handful of huge bucks but Getting them in bow range has been Another story Thank you There's certainly bad luck involved but It doesn't help that I've made mistake After mistake this season For example back on November 1st I Decided to be smart to do a rattling Sequence 20 yards away from our setup And my boat wouldn't you know how to get Halfway through the sequence look up There's a huge Buck running right at me So as you see here I'm scrambling like a back to the tree where I put my Hand on my bow grip just in time to turn Around and see a huge Buck running the Other direction That's just part of it go home rookie Okay Anyway I didn't go home we pressed on Past that debacle and had several other Cool hunts but didn't end up with a buck That brings us to the tail end of the Rut where Greg and I had this hunt on

November 19th All right me and gregster headed in this Morning about 35 minutes before shooting Light right now we're gonna go in With the decoy and set up on the ground We've been driving by this spot as we've Been going around hunting different Areas and When we drive through here we often see Deer just right off the road and it's Kind of an overlooked spot I haven't Seen anybody hunting here very much Lately Ted's dad hunted here about a Week and a half ago now and saw some Bucks I think Ted went with him a couple Of times other than that we're just kind Of going in here on a hunch that These deer are going to be used in this Area because there hasn't been any People here there's also some staining Crops over here on the private next door And it's one of the few areas where I've Seen standing crops in the last week With it getting closer towards Thanksgiving right now I would think That those crops are pulling more and More deer every day Me and Greg are gonna dive in there to Decoy and see what we can do with some Try not to freeze That big buck coming up with that dough And then there was another deer bedded Like 30 yards from them that I heard Stir it around going over past them

Up this little buck came right out of Where we were gonna set up They went back deeper into the public I bet you they didn't go but just A couple hundred yards Maybe They usually don't go more than three or Four hundred yards so that like they're Gonna be right in that ditch Maybe we'll just look down a little bit Further here Right there Young Buck He's cruising After watching several bucks head Towards this Thicket Greg and I decided To inch our way in there mid-morning and Found a great spot for the afternoon Setup I don't know if there's another option Right now it must be burned unless we Sacrifice that trail Not been seeing him come right out of That corner so It's just not ideal for the cover What else to do Other than backtrack up there Ain't a lot of shooting over there Either yeah that's the only thing that I'm thinking is the ground cover is so Thick in here that it may keep them from Looking up as much a mind being like Staying on my platform and face this way There's never a perfect setup never it's Always finagling stuff out here you're

Always giving up something to get Something Thank you This is what we do to avoid ground Sample on a trail we could just walk the Trail We'll go through this way Okay Foreign Oh Greg right here big buck All right Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Throw in the kitchen saying get this Thing Why did he not walk down this Creek I Don't know why he didn't walk down that Creek I have no idea he had a straight path Right to us I started off granting real Soft to him just to let him know we're Over here And I know he heard it a couple times And was he was intrigued by it because He started rubbing He started making a rub and tearing up That tree you can tell it's getting Towards the end of the rut though he's He ain't got as much pep in his step as He would have two or three weeks ago He may follow doe up out of there Tonight on the way out to these beans I

Don't know We'll break your heart sometimes I ain't gonna break your heart they've Done it more than a few times this year Already I can tell you that It's like two in the afternoon me and Greg just got set up in this tree as you All just saw as soon as we got up here We had a freaking giant come in I grunted to that thing and I thought he Was going to come right down this Creek You can see it right here It's almost a perfect little Runway and There's grasses all matted down where They've been down there using it But he didn't he didn't come in we tried Tickling the antlers together he was up On that Ridge he he was interested but Now guys the idea behind this setup we Bumped a big buck with a doe this Morning up there by the truck and they Ran back in this general direction so me And Greg you know followed in Hot Pursuit this morning after we watched a Bunch of bucks cruising in and out of This general area we got back in here it Was so thick that it was difficult to Hunt on the ground we wouldn't have been Able to see anything or get an arrow Through all the crap and there's a bean Field out here behind me that's on Private me and Nick watched a bunch of Does in that bean field the other night Come out of these bedding areas that

We're hunting right here we got four or Five Trails right here in front of us That are leading out towards those beans But that thing was just moving bedding Area to bedding area midday I think he I think he actually came down To the creek to get a drink of that Water because it warmed up today and That ice is melting in that Creek down There I tried grunting at him I tried Snort wheezing I tried rattling Nothing And we've got a perfect wind he never Smelled us that wind is just going right Here right in this ditch behind me and Greg So we ain't out of the game yet he may Follow some does up out of there heading Towards this Bean Field tonight I Thought it was going to come together Just didn't quite happen but we're still In the game We'll see hopefully some does just Waltz Right up out of that bedding here that He just went up into and he comes out in Hot Pursuit tonight I just saw one of Them big massive sides immediately was Like Greg turned the camera on That was a no doubter oh well I want to Shut up and be patient we got a long Time before dark Foreign Foreign Again

In the same spot for like two hours That's probably the best time I've had This year ended up seeing a bunch of Does that one lead doe got a little bit Nervous which is what Greg and I were Worried about when we were picking this Tree It's pretty bare it's just a telephone Pole in here but we're up high enough And the wind definitely helps if it was A calm evening we would have been toast I'm sure a lot of deer within boat range Right here if we would have been two Trees up we would have had That big buck and boat range that's the Difference so it was all those does and Little bucks they were exhibiting your Typical bed to food movement for an Evening He was moving in the middle of the Afternoon two o'clock and he was going On a straight line between those two Beddied ridges I was hoping we'd see Some does and he'd come back out behind Him but no dice He said no We'll have to fight another day in here Though because we didn't book her Either way good good hunt good hunt Wanted something for tomorrow or the Next day well we'll be back after him if We can get out here clean