By | November 19, 2022

Eric makes a play on a buck they know from the previous year. His opportunity to release an arrow finally happens! APPAREL: 👉
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Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] We got deer doing crazy things It's November 10th so I guess that's Fitting We're pretty confident that that short G2 book that we hunted yesterday 's in this block right now [Music] We we got a doe coming across like the Middle of nowhere across this field all By ourselves so weird And then we just had a three-year-old Buck come out of this bedding area that Across the field going that way I don't know if maybe that Three-year-old You got chased off while hoping by a Bear buy the bigger buck But we got a good win for here Bailey's Behind the camera We're gonna see if we can Change our luck our whole crew has been Over October and then so far over November for bucks so it's been a tough Been a tough cold we're in a one of These days that streak's gonna come to An end I think today would be a good one more Foreign Oh yeah Oh there's another one down in here

All right To be in your spot Telling that a lot Hang out watch this Come this way buddy Foreign Okay you gotta move in All right All right I didn't range it I didn't range it I didn't read it It's my shower went back because I Didn't range him I didn't have time I didn't So God dang it I he had to be like wow I shot Everybody's back in third I know I just I didn't freaking arrange It that's I just this judged that I Didn't have the time to arrange him Right there Dude That makes me cry That makes me cry I shot right over his back That's a tough one I didn't think I had to arrange him I Turned it down to 30. 40 there So I really messed up Where everything came together This morning Has a little bit of a circus

With these trees and the camera and the Bags and stuff But I mean The short G2 Buck was in there Just like we hoped Came out I grown into them Because he was headed west And he came towards us And I mean just I'm not making excuses But I'll just tell you what happened he Was coming on this side of the tree I Got a little Gap right here so I was all The way forward And he was quartering to me And I arranged him at 40. And it didn't stop like you'll see in The video if you're running at me and Stop so he kept going and then I got This giant tree here so it's a total Dead spot and then we've got Bailey with The camera So he did a good job to get out of the Way And I knew the deer was closer but I he Was I just was nervous like with us Moving that I didn't have time to Arrange him So I just moved my My pen to 30. I just figured I knew he was closer Well I finally stopped him and I went Around me right over his back Just came up minor haircut So I guess

The saving Graces He's not wounded at all But I mean just The disappointment is What's gonna be the hardest for a while But Um I don't know man I was just saying uh The whole crew didn't kill anything and No bucks in October nothing in November I said it's about time on that and Foreign [Music] It's just I don't know I mean yesterday I was in the tree Bailey it was in yesterday Okay this morning we were figuring he Was this way so I gave this street We look back now and I had all sorts of time He's just gonna he'll still do his thing He'll be out looking for does I mean heck he could even come by this Tree again you never know hey man Or you just don't you just don't get Many of those opportunities and when you Do you gotta You gotta get them no I didn't Foreign [Music] That's the one Watch that back though

[Music] Foreign Run this way next So this is no joke I think it's a heartfelt you might not Believe us Bailey stayed up in the tree to film me Do the walkashame getting the arrow And there's a there's a hump there's a Rise right here and I can't see West Luckily he stayed up here looks to the West and here comes this big buck after A doe well that big buck is the wine yes Short G2 So I'm on the ground I grabbed the arrow Quick get back up in the tree And he's with a doe and there's two Other bucks in there right in that thick Point right there So Hey I guess we're not totally out of it It's freaking crazy he looked really Really big coming across that field Now here's the thing okay with these Doves I just laid boot print down out there They'll they'll They can potentially get a little funny With that so what if they can bear that In mind Foreign [Music] [Music]

I [Music] Think that [Music] The fact that that deer Totally forgot about me shooting at it Is helping me semi forget that I missed It We're gonna get out right now that deer Is most likely right over there in that Point it's been a crazy crazy morning Um I just think with these temps and Stuff they're going to hunker down so We'll be back in a few hours [Music] Foreign