BOW HUNTING the RUT!! (Kansas Public Land)

By | November 17, 2022

Ted and Nick head back to Kansas for some early November rut hunts.


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Foreign Welcome back to another video guys today Nick and I are loading up the car and We're heading back to Kansas we went out There in September for opening day and We got on a good number of deer saw Quite a few bucks but we didn't get Anything killed so I still got that tag In my pocket I shot two bucks here in Iowa a couple weeks ago so this is the Only tag I've got right now it's October 29th today so things should be ramping Up out there it's going to be pretty Warm it looks like with highs in the 70s So not super ideal conditions but it's Getting to be that time of year first Week in November is coming up they Should be starting to feel it pretty Good right now we've been driving around Here the last couple afternoons and Seeing good number of bucks but Nick Just got back to the house he was up in Wisconsin hunting with Jake and then he Went down to Missouri and hunted with Hayden for a few days and now I'm going To drag him all the way over to Kansas So whenever we can get all of our crap Together and get it loaded in that Little car over there we're gonna head That way last time we were in Kansas was A couple years ago with Jake he had a Tag and I think he killed his on November the 12th so a couple weeks from Now but I don't have anything to be back

For so I'm hoping to just stay out there Until we get something killed let's go To Kansas and see what we can get into How was your last couple weeks gone it's Gone good I didn't know what you were Doing I thought you were just slipping Around I ain't even got my dirty Underwear out here Looks like you're well organized yeah I Mean everything is in a specific spot Organized piles yeah it's organized Chaos as well it's a there's a method to It a little white hunting in Wisconsin Little white hunting Missouri now we're Gonna Move on down the road to Kansas Tire maintenance before we can leave Fill her up just once quick yep once Right quick once once right quick once Follow for more car maintenance tips With Ted's anger League Link below I already show you how to Change the battery now you see how to Fill a tire Foreign To our camping spot Nobody else around other than some People over there fishing so that's good It doesn't feel as warm as I thought it Was gonna feel you're talking about hot Feels pretty good this is good weather Hey Foreign Let's go find some deer huh

A good one a good deer a good deer All right guys we just went and got camp Set up Hey Glad you're with us This is the area that that Keith and I Ended the trip back in September saw a Lot of deer and definitely a few Shooters we haven't seen anybody out out And about in this area yet All them turkeys Man we was just talking about how Turkeys in Kansas we're on the downfall But it ain't looking that way they Appear to have had a pretty successful Patch Nick and I are going to do some cruising Around there's tons of there's tons of Air we can hunt in these units that I Got so we're going to start here for the First day or two see if we can get on Something and if this off if this spot Fails then we'll pick up camp and move And keep poke around till we find Something that's the plan Slinking away What up Not much sitting here watching people go Across our little from our camp spot Yeah in our honey hole Going hunting I guess we gotta figure something else Out I guess so I think we saw five or six

Trucks driving around last night and Then woke up this morning there was a Guy going across this water over here Another guy back here behind her tents Walking in I didn't hear anybody ask permission Either no Didn't they see our tents here crazy Unreal Oh well All right Nick and I got up this morning And we end up packing up camp We ended up throwing everything back in The car because it's brand new a bunch Of people on even on these smaller Pieces of public so we're cutting ties With that area we packed everything up And we're heading to a different part of These units we got some spots marked Last night that we were interested in And we're gonna go check them out this Morning it's October 30th so we should Be seeing some rotten action here Next couple days I would think just Driving around Real nice buck we'll take it gimping Almost He ain't far I mean He's a little late in public but We're on the right track I can see he's coming He's pretty big he's bigger than what I Thought he was when I first saw him me Too

Out there to look at on telephone poles Rubbing the telephone pole right now What That's awesome That's awesome he's fired up he looked At you he's just cruising along that top There and he just had his nose up And act like he was cruising Oh man Nick That is what we are talking about Mmm that smells good boy we'll see you Later old son get you on the flippity Flop see you when you're on the pub It's scoundrel just as happy as could be Oh you went with another wrap keep Guarding ourselves until the rut finally Kicks in just about staying alive really I went with this little special treat Here Yep that's a no-brainer Maybe we kill something we'll come over Here this DQ get us some ice cream oh You wouldn't spoil me like that we gotta Kill something first oh we better kill One because I want a Dilly bar or a dip Cone I want a malt that's what I want Yeah I want some that caramel malt There we go All baby What He's a good one We're in a completely new area this Afternoon Nick and I got up this morning And we went to Glass where we saw that

Buck with big brow tines and where we Had seen several other deer that was About 30 miles from here we ended up Driving around to get them out this Morning and saw three different trucks Out of state close to where we saw that Big one last night we're not totally Writing that spot off we just wanted to Get out and explore a few different Areas try and get eyes on a few Different bucks on public today in the Next couple days they're going to be Pretty warm getting up to close to 80 Degrees for highs so not ideal for Hunting So the idea is to use these days to Scout as much as we can try and find a Bunch of different bucks on public that We can bounce to once the weather gets Right I think on Friday the high gets Down to 50 degrees so a huge temperature Drop coming up and that'll be like November 4th so it should be really Prime hunting by then our plan for today Was the glass where we saw those bucks Last night and then dive in there Somewhere this afternoon and try and Hunt them But after we saw those trucks we just Decided you know what let's stay mobile And go check out some different areas so That's what we did we got down to this Area and we got up on a real high knob Here and within 10 minutes I spotted a

Buck down in one of these drainages with All these Cedars as you can tell this Habitat and terrain is a lot different From where we were at yesterday this Stuff has a lot more Hills in it it's Got you know these yucca plants just Looks a lot more Western out here but There's whitetails in it I got a dough Bedded on the opposite Hillside about 100 yards away from me I climbed up this Ridge got up top where I can see down Into some of this bottom ground and on Some of these side Hills Nick is at that Same glass and spot where I saw that Buck earlier today we didn't get any Footage of him because he I just saw him Going from one Cedar patch to the next He's over there then we'll go from there And just trying to keep building up our Options as we get closer and closer to Better weather we've been running into People for the last two and half days Obviously it's prime time for people to Be out it's you know late October going Into November which is usually when People take their rut vacation on the Flip side though Kansas has very limited public land so We're all looking at pretty limited Stuff as far as access goes so makes Sense a lot of running into this many People A little Spike over there he's right Above where that Doe is better earlier

I believe there's that buck with the Dough right there Looks like a real small one to me but Here Comes My Ride What up Nick You find out You like shooter 10 points or not I Absolutely do well and I think I got one Picked out That's how I do here I saw a pile of Deer but they were all like so far out I Couldn't really tell what they were I Did see one for sure Buck but it was Pretty small it looked like yeah but I Saw four of those One of them's hot and has two bucks with Her or one buck with her for sure and I'm pretty sure a bigger one ran off The tin that I was watching but it was So I was facing Due West and it just got To where like It was nothing but red Haze inside of The spot and scope when this other Buck Came out so it was like I couldn't tell Never could get anything of it but I got Plenty of video of this other one heck Yeah We're on them it's a start it's a start Taco meat and sausage and backstrap it's A leftover it's a goulash and we're Gonna put it in a tortilla and it'll eat Cheese and hot sauce and it'll be just Fine it's not traditional but it it's Gonna be good oh yeah it's the first

Thing hot we ate all day yeah that's Right we got the little wind blocker Right here Going on it's a bit it's a touch Breezy A lot of wind coming in we're gonna have Like 20 mile an hour wind tomorrow Living the life L-i-v-i-n makes you wonder what the poor People are doing today tell you what one Of them's doing right now The other one's got a phone in his hand Here you are sir oh yep See you guys in the morning I guess they're not sitting there Glassing they're not in there they're Out of their cars aren't they right in Our spot It's a rodeo complete goat roping Find a buck one night Two guys in there the next morning one Step forward two steps back just gotta Get on the other side and see what we Can see That really just Cooks my grits no is it Not that bad just being dramatic I wish We had some grits right now yeah Look See him yeah Two of them there in it yeah the one on The right small One on the left ain't that big but he's Big Bodied Close to public though Peace be with you boys

Maybe we'll see you later on public Ground instead not too far from it but A little ways from it good to see though They're out and about We're finally diving into a spot here in Kansas Nick and I had plans to Glass in The area where he had seen a shooter Last night we were going to go there This morning in glass but there were Some people in that spot so we stuck to The road again this morning driving Around glassing and that's what led us To this spot we were driving along Looked over there was a real nice buck Standing just on the other side of this River it was him and a smaller Buck Standing there about nine o'clock this Morning so it's noon right now We're working our way up into this piece We've already ran into quite a bit deer Sign Lots of tracks a few rubs the plan for The middle part of the day here is to Just get out on a little glassing knob That's looking over this River see if we Can get eyes on something This is day three and a half in Kansas We haven't been on a hunt yet we've been Itching to get out of that car but There's a been a lot more people here Than we expected quite a bit of hunting Pressure and there's not a ton of spots That you can just dive off into and Scout your way in and Hunt because most

The pieces are real small in size you Kind of got to pick your way around look For a spot like this where you know There's some deer in there's a little Bit of room to work with to get in here And you know make a play on them so That's what we're doing today You ended up just down this River a Little ways before we can see into some Of this brush at a little bit different Angle We can actually see you know a lot more Of the river bottom from right here it Seems like it's going on about 5 30 Right now so we got an hour and a half Till dark seems like there's quite a few Deer in this area and not a lot of Hunting pressure either we haven't seen Any sign of hunters throughout this Piece as while we've been in here Uh I'm not getting a drink out of the creek He's as small as I thought he was Pretty nice buck actually looks like That one that was with that other Buck We saw this morning yeah A bunch of deer just started showing up We've seen one decent buck Four or five toes right That was right down here in the creek in Front of us here's another deer A little Spike bug over here my favorite There's a couple deer across there Around

I can't tell nothing about it But he's definitely pushing that deer Yeah he's pushing it again Well that's gonna do it for tonight we Didn't see much for deer until right There about the last 45 minutes or so and then deer started Flooding down seemed like a lot of them Were bedded Up In this River Bottom Grass which is what we were assuming but With it being so hot they didn't they Didn't move much until right there at The end I think we saw two or three Bucks and a bunch of does in here we're Gonna go back to the car get something To eat and go back to Camp regroup come Up plan for tomorrow It's been kind of a slow start here in Kansas but we're picking away at them And starting to figure some stuff out What do we got here We got dead car battery That are in the mackerel I mean d-e-d Egone What are you planning to do for this Here Jumping cables and I got this Dakota Lithium battery in here so Maybe we can get her going with that Dakota save today Many many good things the dome lights Are on That'll do it

It's not just a Honda Ted it's a home It is For sure see how you do this this Dakota Lithium power box Lifestyle the Rich and Famous yeah Lights are on make sure to click them Things off And we're up Right on Dakota lithium box Thank you In our time of need and struggle