Bowhunting a MASSIVE BUCK!!! (Ted Miller’s CRAZY Buck Footage!)

By | December 27, 2022

Ted Miller is in Iowa bowhunting the rut for a massive 8 point buck! He's setup over a horizontal rub and has several awesome encounters with big bucks. A couple weeks later he switches to using a decoy and brings the massive buck within bow range for a shot!
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Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] All right Foreign [Music] Got the decoy out here it is lighter Part of November I haven't been seeing Much the last couple of days still been Hunting over the horizontal rubs never Got anything shot in hindsight a couple I should have shot at one really good Opportunity down there on that rub where I missed that buck earlier just a really Nice 10 pointer come in there work the Rub basically just like the one I missed Did perfect opportunity to redeem myself Unfortunately at that time I didn't know But the one that I missed ended up Getting shot week or two after I missed Him got shot actually quite a quite a Ways from where I saw him so that buck Definitely traveled around quite a bit But anyway he got shot and I didn't know It at the time Not saying I would have shot that one But I decided to pass on him hunting Over on this other spot here I had a Real close opportunity he was actually On the with the buck that actually won The buck fight last year Foreign Just a real heavy duty eight point the

Buck that he uh that lost the bug fight He ended up dying a BHD earlier there This summer he was developing a real big Wreck I don't know long about the first Week of August I found him floating in a Pond over there where I was getting Video of him so EHD kind of took care of Him and but anyway I had a real good a Close opportunity on that eight-pointer He was in the stand there and and he had Actually was had a doe down in the brush Down below me there and the little Buck He'd come chasing a little buck up out Of there and that little Buck Run right Underneath my tree and and the eight Pointer come up there and and started Working the rub well I decided I better Pick up the bow and try to get a shot at Him well as soon as I moved to pick up The bow the little buck that had run by Me saw me move and hopped on up in the Timber and the buck he heard that Movement and saw that buck run and then You could just tell him thinking well I Better get back down there where that Doe is and he basically turned around And walked off the rub and got out of There before I got a shot at him but Been a perfect setup I got a really good Video of him he didn't stay on the rub Quite long enough then on that same rub I had a really good encounter that we Had kind of a snow there in November I Forget what the date was but at a really

Mature Buck come in there and work it Wasn't quite what I was looking for in Rack size so I elected to pass him in in Hindsight I would have I should have Shot him I mean he's a mature buck and Everything was working perfect ahead the Trail cameras on him the different angle And pretty snow footage and had got the Bow drawn and everything all I had to do Was shoot I guess and that's like a 15-yard shot maybe I wouldn't have Missed that one but Anyway I I did pick up a couple of Pointers from you guys uh I actually Turned a couple of cranks down on my bow So it's a little easier to draw I was Drawing 70 pounds and that's just too Much for me it's basically when you sit There a couple hours and my old muscles Get stiff so I did do that and I did put My quiver back on my bow and kept the Pierce ever since I I messed up there so That's a good point too the only thing I Haven't done different is the peep sight And I've never shot a peep sight in my Life and my eyes just when I look Through a peep or even a iron sight on a Rifle that backside is just blurry so Instead of wearing glasses like I should I just don't use the peep side and the Less you have to think about is My Philosophy the better off your no peep Sight still but everything else Is good so a couple of days left here

The I don't know it I think the deer Kind of back on the feeding pattern here So I'm setting the decoy up and I Haven't hunted this kind of this open Ridge Alfalfa field here and kind of the Last couple of days effort here to see If we can get one to come to the decoy Get some footage that way so see what Happens but Been a Good Year and a lot Of good footage if nothing else [Music] All right [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] Quick [Music] Big eight pointer Come to the decoy there and I just Looked like I hit him a little Far forward look like I hit him in the Neck there pretty good give him a little While here and uh you know about dark Here Kind of look at the footage here and Decide what to do I saw him go into the brush right here So might be one of them deals where we Might have to wait till in the morning [Music]

And I Just about dark here I'm afraid to walk Down there where he went and looked for Blood I think I think I'm just gonna have to back out Of here Go home and look at the footage a little Better it's pretty thick right in there Where he went Hopefully he'll go in there and lay down And uh I think I'll wait Till in the morning on that hit I don't Want to I don't want to bump him look Like that buck that That actually won the buck bite there Last year same one I come real close to Getting a shot at there at the on the Horizontal rub there earlier Real heavy duty eight pointer that's for Sure so Check back Later here Well I wasn't able to recover that deer Really disappointed in my shot I mean that was like a 20-yard shot I just ended up I just rushed the shot I Know what I did wrong thought to make Excuses but The buck come in there So fast that you just kind of caught me Off a guard I didn't even get a chance To turn my GoPro on and trying to pick

Up the bow got the bow picked up there And And by that time the buck was posturing To the decoy there and I thought he was Going to just Plow right into it there so I thought You know I have to shoot fast and what I Did I was sitting in the chair there and I kind of leaning forward a little bit There To shoot and just rushed it and didn't I Mean I had the the pin on him and I Brought the I always anchor on my nose With the string And uh but I just didn't torque the bow And bring the bring the sight I always Line up my sight pin with the With the bow string before I shoot and I Just didn't do that and my with my bow Being torqued like that I shot You know a foot or so to the From where I was trying to hit you know Maybe I should have had a peep sight I Guess I don't know whether that would Have made any difference or not it just Just happened so quick I just didn't I Just wasn't Thinking Uh I've tracked the buck probably 50 yards up this fence line had pretty Good blood but I could tell it wasn't a I didn't get an artery It you know it wasn't that much blood so I just backed out there went back the

Next morning probably tracked him Another 100 yards with good blood until He'd come I could tell where he'd come Up on this little Ridge and just stop There I don't think he bedded down and You can just see where he's standing There and A little bit of blood there and you Could just tell it clotted up right There and after that there was Absolutely no blood And I the direction that he went was Right back down in there where he came From and I just searched for You know the body there all day and Never picked up another spot of blood or Anything down in there but I know that's Where he went and Actually have a horizontal rub Right down in there and I checked that Camera and And he'd been on there like the I forget where it was the same day or The day before that I shot him Right there on that horizontal rub and That's right in his core little area There so I know that's where he stays You know well I know it's a non-fatal Hit I I thought looking at the shot Originally it looked like I hit below The spine and you know would have got Some arteries but looking back I think I shot just right above the

Spine like I say he's clotted up I never Hit a vital organ at all just muscle Evidently and uh Quit bleeding and you know if we don't Get infection in it I think he'll Survive we will be hunting here late Season so maybe we'll see him again so Anyway I'm pretty disappointed to myself But that's the way it goes sometimes It's uh Catch you on the next one [Music]