By | January 12, 2023

Matt Tatum hunts for a GIANT Kansas buck!
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Foreign We went down to Kansas and got to see Josh Tatum arrow with monster buck in Late October On today's episode we get to see his Twin brother Matt go after another Kansas giant during the rut [Music] [Applause] And as Matt climbs into the stand on the Morning of November 13th he sees the big Buck that he's after [Music] Well it's uh November 13th here in Kansas the rut's in full swing here it's Been a pretty good last couple of days Saw a couple decent bucks they're really Moving this morning we got a little bit Of a wind shift Southeast this morning but it got down Below 20s so when I was setting up I saw a pretty good Buck off to the east Of me or west of me over here this is a New set we just talked just So that I was working on get that sorted Out right right when it's cracking Daylight and I could just tell it was a Good Buck over there so I'm gonna do an All-day set here I don't know if I might Move over depending on what I see this Morning I might move over to another set Farther just uh west of here on the Other side where I saw that buck he was About 150 yards away so

Hopefully we'll see good movement Right before that Stoke that dough came Up I heard something else up there so I Went ahead and grunted and did a start Wheeze And then I see this Dome on the Kind of bottom side of the Hill there She comes right at me Comes up literally right up underneath The tree And then she gets on the back side of The tree while I can't swing over Because she's right there And about that time I see a good bug skirt the ill side and Fall on those other two So I can't call to him or do anything Because she's right here well then she Goes over And beds down like 20 yards from me right behind me and so I'm stuck can't do anything 20 30 minutes goes by then the neighbor Drives By in the four-wheeler Kind of blows out that bedding area but I don't think nothing really came Running out except the coyote so I think Everything that was over there Is what I saw moving through So Fortunately buck Those bucks in that dough are up the Draw to the east of me They should work their way back to this

Oak Grove that's what I'm expecting Anyway so hopefully fingers crossed I think it could have been the same bug I saw this morning but I don't know for Sure All I could see was just good horns Going by so and it's gleaming in the Sunlight so I couldn't pull my binos up because she Was standing right next to me so I know He's up there so fingers crossed he Works his way back down the draw tonight Man that book snuck up on me I didn't Have time to do anything hardly he's Just up this draw a little bit so I can Still see him out there Till like just a nice eight-porner Looked like he was busted up I gotta keep broke broken tying off on His right side I don't know if that's it I don't think That's a deer that deer seems wider Than that buck I saw this morning but I Didn't get the best look at him but he's Still right there It's only like Two o'clock in the afternoon Hmm Man what a great day so far it's that Same bug That snuck up on me earlier who worked His way at the draw and then worked back Shot him at like 30 yards there stopped Moving just steadily

Get it on camera there was another Buck Right before he came by pushed two those Down in the straw Hopefully That buck I saw this morning up on the Hillside comes back through here Does the same thing there Right Foreign Foreign [Music] Oh my goodness Oh what a stud What a giant bug I think I just smoked him too oh my God Baked in What a deer I'm pretty sure that's the buck I saw First thing this morning and I know for Sure that's the deer I saw come down the Hill All that he said what a great day Oh I just drilled him I want to get stuff Packed up and I'll sneak out down along The creek and get up on top of the hill So I can let everybody know But I think that Buck's dead what a hunt What a hunt it's 4 11. he went up there They they pushed back up there maybe I think it was around 11 o'clock and It's just kind of a half troll So I knew if I sat in stayed in here Long enough

I knew that they would at least come out And at least maybe have a shot I got so nervous they got out there in This thick stuff And he kept looking to the north and I Thought he was with this doe here but it Must that must not have been the dough He's with he shoots All the Way North Circles back down by catch him down in The Crick bottom comes back up filters All the way back through comes and jumps The fence right here 20 yards I was Almost gonna shoot him right here didn't Stop and he got behind the tree beside The leg down shove the camera over she Jumped the fence by smoking I don't know 18 yards Maybe Oh my goodness I think that's a dead Dear Lord please Amanda looked good I just got down check this area real Quick Shot Looks really good though I already see blood Right through here Well we finally gave him a couple hours And finally made it back down here Starting picking up blood here I don't Expect him to be too far I think it's uh I think it was a great shot so We'll see we'll start tracking some Blood and see what we can come up with [Music] Still on it yeah there he is right there

Holy cow you got him yeah he's right There [Music] And I tell you what it was just an Incredible day it's been an incredible Couple of days I've uh seen some had Some great hunts saw some really good Deer after talking with Josh and the Guys I'm pretty sure this is a buck I Passed up two years ago we had pictures Of him last year never saw him and I Mean even he's got some crazy stuff Going on down here I don't even know What to call that a drop tine or another Main beam or what I mean it was just a Great night there was deer moving all Day I had that other good Buck come by Like 2 2 30. but 11 o'clock I saw that Doe come off the hill and another Buck Little Buck chasing her and I could just See a flash of a good horns and a good Buck going down the hill behind her well Like I was saying earlier this is kind Of a short draw that kind of comes up Here I was pretty sure that they went up And vetted I knew that later on in the Evening they probably worked their way Back out and sure enough he came out Pushing that Doe I thought he was gone There for a minute he ran All the Way North but then he then I caught him back In the creek pushing her back right up To me and man the jump fence right in Front of me gave me a perfect shot I

Couldn't ask for anything better I mean Just a just an awesome deer and it's Been a great year and I just can't thank Everybody enough for for everything that They do for me just uh an awesome buck