BUCK BREEDS DOE RIGHT UNDERNEATH US! (Some of Our Craziest Footage Ever)

By | January 13, 2023

Zach and Harry are trying to track down a giant mature buck during late season, and they end up having some of our craziest action ever captured.


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[Music] Foreign Not really yeah well that's the deer We're after Uh I got a camera out here [Music] And the Rascal just come through there Was a doe Um 529 It's 5 45 right now Kind of debating on what to do Um Just really watching this camera to see If he See if he comes back or If he slipped off you know hopefully he Slipped off and we could slip in Uh maybe he comes back through there but He is with a doe which is a good thing But We're kind of hanging out right now Um More than likely what we're going to do Is kind of let it start getting just a Little bit A little bit lighter Um I don't know why we don't have to use Lots to get in here And uh Probably try to just really take our Time and slip out through there And

Either one we get up in the tree quietly Or two He might be there and we get something Going on the ground so I'm not opposed To that either but The only thing I don't want to do This late in the season Is bumping or spooking so I'm gonna try to take all the Precautions I can Finally got daylight Damn my bad deer all around us this Morning That Spike I thought for sure like I See a silhouette of something that knows A bug Did I put freaking Threes big brother and I've seen it all A day like there's a spike but I did Though It's kind of a slippery place because They don't make no noise hardly Whatsoever so you got to be on your toes Keep Your Head on a swivel Try to see them coming from a long ways Off Freaking Hogs running Right to where the deer where I would Expect the deer to be I got excited there for a minute too Because I heard something Move pretty quick and I thought it could Have possibly been a butt pushing a doe Yeah they were apparently down that side

Yeah jokes on attack It is now about 10 30 closer to it And we haven't seen anything since Daylight Um Pretty slow actually Surprisingly To overcast day It's about 50 degrees feels like it's 30. I mean there your froze But the good thing is is it's supposed To stay this temperature all day So We're probably going to do is Get down Sleep about a year I gotta make some Adjustments to the platforms And then get back in here probably about One o'clock or so Foreign I lowered these platforms when we got Out earlier I think it was down for this This brush a little more We've got good cover behind us now Check his Skyline right as easy Harry's a big dude so it's kind of hard To hide him But We're thinking There's a good possibility that this Deer is probably Here [Music]

A couple hundred yards in this drain It's real thick Fingers are crossed it Sometimes I see he gets up and works his Way this way so We got a perfect wind and it's supposed To be like this for the next two days he Did this right in the face it's a North Wind We'll try to take advantage of it Another profound Sorry There's another one behind him going to The right he's out to the right of the Round pine tree You have on his big butt business We've seen three bucks one spot come Close The other two's Out there 75 yards or so And they all ganged up Went over towards the ticket And they got over there one of them Decided to blow and what I don't know And they went down into the timber It definitely wasn't bloated us on the Same when there was Probably either big or coyote or Something maybe But It got me really aggravated so I got a big front limper in now Try to calm my nerves a little bit but We still have plenty of time it's only

About 20 after four or so Probably a good hour left so I hang Tight Hopefully something changes I was like okay you like relax Oh my God Okay I started shaking I shouldn't have done it All right It worked better than this morning I dropped in into stupid stuff Like a freaking doorbell going on We're here I was waiting for this listen What is it It's [ __ ] so expert Expletive I added my head just couldn't think of It oh I wanted to say I probably had several next plus yeah That worked I'm trying to say It worked in my head that I wanted to Say You're back for our Second evening There was absolutely Minimal my moon this morning But You can't kill him sitting on the couch So We're out here See what happened to Cigna Monetary It was really good to have everything

Coated act like an idiot but There's it looks like there's fresh Droppings on the road too Shut the [ __ ] you say yeah [Music] Before we start this day just in case We was to kill something and this goes On on YouTube I want to really thank my wife I'm probably in the dog house She wanted to go Christmas shopping Today And I couldn't keep my eyes off my Cameras So Kind of talked her in I don't know if I Talked her into it But I got one of them just goes you know What I mean just go She is a Dandy but Broke the old war wagon out today In hopes of hauling another dead animal In it Um This old trucks hold a lot of dead Critters over the years We're not believers But we think it helps we're gonna try it Foreign That's good that it's doing that already Because by sundown Has changed completely to that North Wind Hopefully we'll be in good shape

Assistant Unbelievable Yeah all right This morning on camera And then One deer in front of this camera this Evening I don't trust you I'll Spike At least in two other books but the Other 75 yards They rattles like 10 minutes For 30 minutes Yeah my name is rattling bye Pretty good scenario B and I thought Obviously our big but I think he likes it down here neat for Some reason I mean it's crazy speaking Yeah he's picky he's a picky prick Foreign Are Trying something a little bit different We are getting in here a little early Um a little earlier than normal probably 30 45 minutes earlier But we've been Running into the deer as we're going in Here Um In the morning so we decided to get up And hit a little bit earlier this Morning so I have Quite a while before it gets daylight But you know that's just something we

Thought maybe it would help us so we're Going to give it a shot hopefully it Helps So we'll sneak out through here Shimmy up the tree and Set and wait Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] What 10th of November not The main area County industry Probably a good hour Day life [Music] With Bobby one didn't create 15 minutes It was just it's been Non-Stop Jason there's no reason Using them big white horse in there Look every time I see him He's going back he's right there There's been two or three different Bucks in here And I mean It's crazy we just needed a rock one to Show up big I mean it's just nuts All right I have been instructed to Do this interview quickly We are running out of space on the SD Card so But it is the when I tell you the 18th 18th of December

Um there's a little snow flying it's a Little bit windy it's cold And we're gonna go dig in Um we've been missing this deer you know Hunting hard and then we lay off one one Morning and he pops up so we're slipping In here it's pretty early it's just a Little bit after five o'clock so Hopefully we get in there pretty quiet And we're gonna get settled in Hopefully this thing messes up We keep saying that but He's gotta mess up sometime [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] And I did because I was a little bit Nervous I could control my breathing Because I had a mouthful of freaking Chew So I was trying to Breeze out my nose And it just I went all the hill But It's just now eight o'clock Or different bugs I want to say that if we see another Bucket's gonna be the right one yeah It's like It's cold But it seems like deer moving so We go hang in here

[Music] It's a little bit after 10 and uh Harry's gold his feet is gold so I feel Bad for it no I'm just kidding We are when he's out of here and Probably come back this evening I swore is the last evening tonight and A bear wouldn't come back In the evenings anymore but I'll probably be back here We've seen what five bucks Said six bucks and Five different ones yeah at least five Different ones Once again We think we've seen every deer on the Mountain Perhaps Eventually he's gonna show up