By | December 1, 2022

Zach and Nick get a 15 YARD shot at a buck on Minnesota public land!


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When it's one degree outside you leave Your apples and a Truck overnight Kind of got a Scorch them a little bit On the defroster bound to get broke The windows froze up Come on It's our second day morning I guess back Over here in Minnesota and it's one Degree Mitch took the day off work today And so that's going to be helpful we Appreciate you Mitch we're just trying To stay positive after a tough loss last Night I have no plan I can't really Decide if I want to walk in somewhere I Do at some point but kind of just want To cruise around I mean it's freaking Cold we're kind of going with the flow So much that I don't know what is even Gonna happen in the next five minutes so That's where we're at right on How's that called gone actually it was Right at that perfect temperature where It's like it's still warm enough to kind Of get Get things fired up but absolutely Guzzled your first cup this morning Poured it out of the deal into the cup And immediately dump it down your throat But that reason that I was able to do That is because I had the hot mixed with What I had left yesterday Oh yeah the half and half yeah half cool Half hot oh I see deer I see deer They're basically right where this

Little creek [Music] I'm good for audio purposes So put your seatbelt on so that thing Doesn't bang that's also not good for Audio purposes or the YouTube police That's glassing and driving and Nick Doesn't have his seat belt on it says The YouTube commenter I'm buckled up now For a second we got a big buck over here I got eyes on him once and I kind of Lost him in the tall stuff which is to Be expected but I'm gonna try to pin Where he's at and then just kind of make A loop around it see if we can get eyes On him Nick's pretty fired up Big Mac I Don't know he's big big eight pointer Just like Tall Pines but his antlers are White not like the other ones we saw so I think it's another one oh enough Another big buck you're saying there's Another one so what we're gonna do is We're gonna drive around this and try to Try to triangulate where he's at couple Different angles I think we'll be able to tell if they Cross this road based off of a little Bit of track edge huh yep Have you been there I think they're just Like right in here inside 200 yards two Three four somewhere in there Somewhere between here and a quarter Mile seemed like maybe in this patch of Cat tails even we got Southwest wind

Annoying yeah Where did you think you saw them so you Like See that little long little period in Front of us right there look to the Right of that going left and you saw Where they were and that's where I Haven't pinned You don't think they could have crossed In front of you no sorry I couldn't find That speaker Park here and try to get going this way You think we ought to just go get in on Them Before we started heading back over here Had you lost side of them yeah oh yeah They just got in that big stuff yeah They were just going this direction also Just wouldn't mind getting an eye on one Of them before we go in there Think we should just try to go in or you Think we should try to get our eyes on Him again I don't see any harm in them Just staying in there no I think that's Probably what they're gonna do I think we might just keep maybe cruise Around a little bit and see if I can see Them again I think you should stay I'm Gonna just keep cruising around yeah Potentially walking straight down the Road and just cutting in right There we got some shadow I'm trying to get tight to where I last Saw him which I believe is right there

So if you go all the way across the road There's like some pine trees way over There yeah basically straight below Those right yeah but I'm wondering if I Don't just get parked there walk down Straight down the road I could just drop You off yeah hit that edge and then just Ride and then I think you should go down And park on the corner yeah yeah Necessarily game over that way Are you ready oh yeah Ready cold and ready yeah I'm gonna be In here Rooting for you yep I know you will be Back there yep yep you got your grunt Yeah Yeah I don't know that I'm ready to go In at this exact moment I may need a Couple minutes to mentally prepare again Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I'm Pretty sure it was a beer somewhere in There in that zone I definitely saw oh Right there right there Okay back that's a small buck I think maybe we just need to probably Get out and just chase them right now Honestly Push that one out of there Hey I see the shooter he's over here Nick stand up here okay He's this little box looking at him over To the left See the little bug Okay the bigger ones just to the left

They're both out there I think I was Just pillow laugh that little one's just Harassing you keep eyes on them Nick Foreign We lost him for a good bit and then we Just been driving around the block and Kind of eyes on a small bug And then we saw the big buck popping out To run him off so get the decoy on the Bow get the wind coming from him to us So I'm going back into the Cattail so We're just gonna keep easing up there And listen watch and then once we get Eyes on him just keep adjusting from There just trying to make it seem like We're another Buck coming in on him Basically trying to mimic what happened With Jake and Hayden Feels like right here with me To go this way up and down and just go Straight at him Thank you Just translated to me stay low And put your foot through the snow if You go towel first and then down it Doesn't get that squanch as much That's always right here We go Let's just took off my right side a Little bit He's right here Mistake Foreign Yeah got him Nick we got him

Nick I think we just killed him dude I think we just killed his neck we just Killed him dude Freaking sick that's two animals we've Killed with a decoy dude I had to let Him get so close because I had something All these brush in the way because I Think I made a perfect shot at the exit Wow Nick that took five minutes dude Unbelievable [Laughter] We just went right to where we last saw Him just like what happened to Jake I Just said that you know what's stupid I Was trying to switch my mic out and I Heard did you hear me perk up the first Time and then you were like We both listened and it was like I just Heard the grunt and I was like yeah I Definitely heard a girl and then he Walked up the freaking 15 yards and then I was like I've held For so long that I was like please Zach Just settle the freaking pin and I let It go and I didn't see anything it's Hard to see through that Decoy pretty Sure right when you shut us off oh yeah Yeah and he almost fell over oh my God Pretty straight we just walked right in Here and just got him at 15 yards coming To this decoy Oh yeah it was fun that was freaking fun

We'll just come we'll come to you we'll Just come to you I think he's dead the Exit looked perfect and there was blood Pouring out of him Oh you just both kept sliding as he was Sliding we're just rotating The whole time and he stopped that last Time he's like licking himself and I was Like I don't know how long Zach can hold This I could not get it on him because I Was holding it for so long and I was all Jammed up I got all this grass right Here and you're holding this thing too When you're looking through that it's so Hard to see through that thing to like Know exactly what you're dealing with he Eventually stopped There's a little bit of a gap right There there's this brush and this brush And he came straight behind that then When he circled around that's when I got Through there see that that was so sick Dude I think he heard us coming yeah and saw It decoy because when he'd grown it and I see him just standing there just Looking down at him oh no way this is About to happen let me come right to us Or 15 yards snow camo though dude like I Bet that son could not even see us they Have sun in our back When you tell we're in nothing and he Just covered there just as pissed off as He could possibly be that we were here

Could get no colder out here it's two Degrees [Music] Out here Good job I'm so sick We'll be back Don't down time Dude I was watching the vinyls I shut Them down because I was like I'm getting Cold I can see it antler And I was like I'm gonna miss it I got Up and then your point I'm like you must Have spooked it Because you weren't you weren't Celebrating I saw you give Nick a hug I Was like yes that was so easy we didn't Even get cold yeah man that's easy That's easy why don't you do this sooner I'm pretty sure he smoked like we saw Blood coming out right away yes We basically just went straight to where We saw that little buck and we just got To where we were kind of in the shade And I was like at least if we hear him We can make an adjustment and then it Was like we're sitting there for five Minutes maybe and I decided I was gonna Change my mic battery and right as I got It in I heard And I was like uh and I listen no matter How cold it is if you can keep those Ears exposed like that's a game changer I'm just about to get up moving another

20 yards yeah you said you want to stay Here or I think we should move up so Let's try to get another 20 yards it Wasn't five seconds back to that the Reason I do the things like the mic Change is it gives you that it's like Instead of being impatient it gives you Five more minutes I like doing that I Like making a decision and then doing an Activity Yeah it's my own little like That yeah oh yeah he'll do Dude he's big I don't know I don't know honestly I Didn't know how big he was I really Didn't I didn't know I still don't Really know how big he is that's Definitely the buck though that I saw This morning from way down there like I Must have been the one I saw two I just Couldn't get a visual on them you did Good things Mitch thank you bud if it Wasn't for you we would have a hard time Of God Cold somewhere yeah yeah Okay with a west southwest wind How much time would you give one if You're pretty positive you double lung Them Are you kidding You guys got some footage to show me oh Absolutely buddy pretty sure I saw the Exit pumping a lot of blood right away I know I know all right hey what's the

Easily remember This morning I woke up and was like Man like I'm kind of freaking out about The cold it's literally zero degrees I Got to myself I can get all worked up About all this I mean like start feeling sorry for Myself or I can just try to chill out And have fun as much fun as possible Yeah and then you know whatever happens Happens because like yeah we messed up On a big buck yesterday but it's like Hey that's hunting and you know what we Saw a big buck yesterday so good that's Sweet we know you have that PMA son you Know and you got that PMA the good Things happen Yes sir what'd you think about that I'll take a way out of coffee Considering the efforts that he put in Is well Getting [Music] Yeah we think so Take about five minutes It's two degrees out here you gotta make It fast when it's that cold it's the Spot that we've been expecting to see a Buck with the dough at some point right Like you knew it was going to happen We've been talking about it since I got Here and then we get eyes on him I stand Up and I see the big block just like see His butt going into The Cattails and

It's just like well let's just go right To where we last saw him and that's what We did and he walked out and just saw The decoy immediately granted twice saw Him right after the second run I granted One time to him and just tucked behind The decoy and he walked to like 15 yards And I just smoked him I told Zach I said Man I really can't handle this cold Weather much more we're just gonna have To kill out Here's the reality what we wanted to do The whole time the time is now not when We were here that's what I realized I Remember coming back it's gonna have to Be better weather in late October and Early November for me to come back but [Music] Not yet but but yeah appreciate it soon Yeah we'll know for sure soon all right We'll talk to you yep yep We didn't even watched it yet I haven't Even watched it you already got it Let's see that buddy I was watching from the pickup really I Sat down for a second and missed the Shot though Nice to meet you camera nice to meet you Kim this is Nick Right there I'm like man there's just no Way I can get through that he's like Yes All right it's been like 45 minutes or An hour maybe but we're gonna go start

The trail we got the whole crew we got Mitch Tate and oh yeah camera So what we're going to do is is just Check blood obviously and just take it Slow I'm pretty sure we got them though Let's do it It's too cold to be messing around too Long So we got to here and the reason that we Did is the sun was coming here and these Bushes kind of created a small shadow So we just crouched in this and the Reason we got here is because I figured I could shoot all this and I could Figure I could shoot all this well sure Enough he pops out right there and walks Right behind these bushes the whole way So the whole time he's coming across There I'm drawn but I got no shot and I Ended up shooting him that little cap 15 yards maybe 15 yards Yeah we can see where the track comes in There's blood all over that impact Yeah there's my arrow That shouldn't do it huh yeah There's good blood right away Okay that's good Foreign Feeling pretty good about it [Laughter] Foreign Yes yes dude I just said two of my car I'm not seeing As much fun

Laughs Yeah he's bigger than I thought he was He's definitely figured what I thought [Laughter] Yeah dude there's a truck right there Oh that's Dandy that's unbelievable He's like bigger than I thought for sure Yeah especially when you get downtown It's like oh wow he's got some stuff Going on his body's dying buddy His beans are really long I didn't Realize that yeah they wrap around you Couldn't tell like this Crazy no wonder you can't see them Better than none of you that's Definitely we were five yards from Talking about the blood we couldn't see Yeah I've had opportunities it's been their Close calls with them and then finally I'm really curious to see the entrance Because I feel like that's pretty far Forward Yeah [Music] Hit him right right on the bone Pretty much didn't break it I guess but Slipped it right around there that's why I shoot the single bevel It all worked out So you come back I guess some trips just Take a revisit This is how you this is how you hold Your jaw out the thp adapt yet again

Proves how efficient is Day after the best day of the year there It is the best day of the year that's What keeping that start today because he Originally he originally said October 31st it's one of my favorite days of the Season so I just stepped blowing that up And said it's more ridiculous like well It's the it's Keith's favorite day of The hunt it's the best day of the year It's been the next day November first Well it's now November on November 2nd Been killed by the 2020. [Music] Yeah I think we should take some pictures Before we go huh [Music] All right let's drag him out yeah they Owe me a drag Oon mighty fine job Is there anything I can say to help Because I'll say it there's something Really Southern It's out of quite a few of them really Really far from the roads but also A lot of them really close to the roof That's number at least three within Probably 200 yards of the road I didn't actually think you guys [Music] Got it Nick I think we just killed him dude