BUCK HITS a SCRAPE at 40 YARDS!! (Kansas Public Land!)

By | November 18, 2022

Ted and Nick are on some nice bucks in Kansas!


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Morning folks Nick and I are back out Here on the glass and knob this is the Same spot where he actually filmed that Buck a couple nights ago we were going To come back here this morning and try And glass this buck up but there was two Guys parked here yesterday morning so we Got up extra early this morning and got In here was plenty of time I mean we've Been sitting here for the last hour and A half or two hours or so just waiting On daylight so we can start glassing This face over here we had one guy drive By real slow looking like he was maybe Going to pull in here but he kept on Going once he saw us that's good we got The spot to ourselves we're hoping we Can get eyes on something down there Extremely windy today gusts up to like 30 miles an hour it's a good day to Start in the car and glass and see if we Can get eyes on something we were Thinking about going back to that River Spot this morning since we got here Before everybody else I figured we might As well sit here in the car and be Comfortable and try and get eyes on Something winner winner chicken dinner Sometimes you got to be first to the Spot you gotta be first we got guys Lurking all around we's here first so They kept going they're was a wise man Once said you ain't first your last Ricky Bobby and Ricky Bobby's Dad see

Any bucks while you're standing out There it's really pretty Sunrise that's A good one some ain't even poked over Yet I can't help it I keep looking in that Same spot where I saw him the other day And they're probably not going to show Up there ever again we might though We've seen two bucks in there so far I Got some elk breath going on this Morning Yeah I woke up this morning exhale Deeply and realize that I could have Knocked a buzzard off a gut wagon well I Had that red and it's just coursing Through me now I've got all the energy In the world it'll probably last about 45 seconds let me bear glass quick then There's so many rocks out there that Look like deer beautiful day for spot And stalking That'll get the people fired up a little Necro yeah the little spice on your neck Before we're going hunting yeah Ted Likes to put his deodorant on his neck And go hit a couple licking branches on The way in and out of places you know at The local towns around where we're Hunting at he's in full rut He's looking to run a scrape line No your mouth is wide open though I was Afraid you're gonna catch a limit of Flies flies flying around Causing any seasoning out there

Weed seeds coming through here landing On my face letting this car run because His battery was dead again about to run Getting her charged up taking a little Nap found this good spot in the shade Here wind coming right through so now Just gotta pull back up to her spot and Hike in there see if we can get on some Bucks quite a few rubs along this road So should n't bucks around here As you can see there's about 30 mile an Hour wind up here on top of this hill Today but Nick and I are heading in Anyway for an afternoon hunt we talked To the local game warden this morning Ran into him on the roads he was a super Nice guy so Nick and I got to asking him Questions and he recommended that we Check out this spot over here there's a Bunch of big hills and a good amount of Area that you can walk back into and not A lot of Road access so this is kind of Up our alley as far as being able to Walk in and get away from people that's What we're doing this afternoon we're up At the top of the hill now we're making A big loop getting the wind in our face To be able to see down into some of These draws where there's a bunch of This Buck brush and Cedars and just Different types of cover we're expecting Deer to be bedding in this is one of the Few spots that we haven't seen many People parked at or parked around any of

This stuff but we're going to make the Mile walk back in here to see if we can Get eyes on some deer tonight we're Picking away at these things but I think We're going to be in good shape once the Weather gets a little bit cooler and we Get further into November here we've got Pins on quite a few different bucks it's Just a matter of keeping after them and Getting some better weather to work with I think we'll get in some action what do You think It's windy Once you get up to this this scalped Ridge up here if you're up here above Tree Line anymore you know it's it's Windy and it's hot it's dry we got a Pretty good way to go I think we'll see Some deer I do too it's just going to be Late when they move I think yeah I bet When we start seeing deer that'll be About when the wind starts kind of dying Off laying off a little bit let's hope Let's hope our tents aren't 30 miles From Camp yeah mine might be halfway to Beckwell Texas by now mine might be Right behind it We've seen one Spike that's it when You're in heck out here 30 mile an hour What we're trying it's all we can do Not a deer right there Built Buck real nice buck Foreign Foreign

Foreign Foreign Well that was a lot more excitement than I was expecting to have when I walk out Yep it went from let's just get the hell Out of here to go get something to eat So there's deer out there and then well That's really good here We were pinballing from Cedar Bush These ones right here we went from that One to that one to that one to that one To this one did a little rattling from The snort weeds the guy's attention you See when he's walking off he was all Like rustled up his ears yeah Seemed like he was bristled up the whole Time he's walking away he crossed like 80 yards below us down here and if we Would have been five or ten minutes Sooner if we didn't yeah I mean we may Have never even seen him actually I mean He might not have been far enough but Maybe five minutes earlier we just Didn't further back up this cut and we Could have been waiting on you yeah but We'll just be waiting on him in the Morning I guess we walked up this top of This Ridge right here to get into this Spot back that direction to Glass this Evening we didn't look into this Drainage at all but as we were coming Back over to go back out to the car look Down and we could see something down in There weren't sure what it was at first

But sure enough it was a big buck down There it must have just been bedded on In some of these in this side Hill and Just worked his way through the bottom Out that direction Nick thought there Was some what some water troughs out There yeah whether I got water in them Or not I don't know but that's exactly Where he was headed I got the bud Pumping right there at the end of the Day we were feeling pretty discouraged There on our walk out after seeing Nothing but a spike I guess we'll finish Our walk back out to the car and hope That thing starts up Yeah that's the real mystery is that Thing gonna crank if not we'll just Sleep here and Hike right back up this Hill in the morning here yeah I mean hot Dogs are gonna cook some hot dogs I Guess yeah Don't have our tents but those things Might be nothing but a bunch of yarn at This point they might be gone so Anyways let's use out of here After our encounter with this Buck Nick And I went back in there the next Morning to try and get eyes on him but We didn't have any luck We got tucked up underneath the cedar Tree this morning it's making for a Decent little Windbreak but Got it around the rest of the day and Found a dried up pond with some green

Vegetation growing in it that had tons Of deer and buck sign all around it Actually drove down this road over here That we've been seeing a bunch of rubs And stuff on and Nick spotted a little Spike stand out there he was just out in That Tall River Bottom grass so we saw This Green Field there's a bunch of deer Turds on it so we ran back and grabbed a Camera and now we're gonna kind of Scouting this Edge looking for stuff Like that right there we decided to hang A camera on a scrape and revisit the Spot later on Foreign About nothing That's what we want This one in days when we're just sitting Right here glassing around we see one Just running across the road Chasing though I hope that's today same Bumps right there yeah those are bad Vlogs Great there's deer right there running a Little bitty bug It's like a little Spike or something a Little Spiker jump down in the front Here Just can't make up his mind he's like Lost November 4th I gotta find a girlfriend right now Right now It's a wee little dude Fire

These are Spike on that one side or or He broke it off Shoot that thing I can go down there and Just slip up the other side of that Little Dam yeah yeah should we keep Going yeah Maybe this park right here even We might be able to slip slip right down There and then grown him up in range yes We might Well let's go It's like it's treacherous Man it's kind of swirling right here Let's slide back to that cedar and then Yeah it might be all slide up to those Two Another dough about that damn Let's see what it was done right there This one's just standing there beating Looking Back to the left right now I did not expect to walk in here it'll Be 77 deer Probably a buck with this dough down Here So she keeps looking to the left and Stuff we just can hang out in here for a While and Not speak too many deer we might get Shot at that bucket definitely Been it's moving left to right Yeah Hang on Like I see a buck over there in the

Woods To the left yeah Yeah I don't know how big it is it's like a Decent eight liner decent eight Yep we just gotta do a frenzy of deer Action they're driving down the road Close to the spot where we hung the Camera yesterday and spotted a buck down There right by the camera pretty much When we were walking through here Yesterday morning we noticed a ton of Deer turns out in the green stuff in the Bottoms apparently there's a bunch of Does around here now that it's November 6th there's a pile of bucks we've seen One Buck over by the camera a real small Buck up here on this Dam and now a Decent eight pointer with a little Spike Down here in the bottom we've seen three Of those so far I mean just a bunch of Deer right here right off the road we Got a little while till dark so we're Just taking it real easy working it near Slow on these deer just trying to hang In here and go undetected because we Think there's a real good chance we can Get a shot of one of these things Tonight if we just don't push it Just went underneath that yeah Foreign Worked their way from right down here Below us towards that drive-up Pond Where we originally saw that buck

So we're gonna start working that way Try and get over there on this corner Where we can see down into that tripod I can see one no on the other side over By the trees We decided to bail on that situation Just now because our wind is doing like This down in there a lot of those deer Came right through the same little draw There which has been kind of what we've Been thinking is happening in this spot Because there's all this thick stuff Down here by the lake Edge and they're Working their way from the bottom up Towards these green fields and then out Into the abyss so I bet we saw 12 Deer Oh yeah I bet there was a pile way too Many way too many makes a lot harder With that many deer in there I didn't Expect to see any of that no we thought That buck was there we're gonna slip in Down this Dam right here this little Dike pop over grun a couple of times and Pull him into bow ranges and shoot him That's what we thought and then we Walked into a biscuit with them Kobe a Deer down in there yeah I mean it's Great it's great to see all them does Because you know them bucks you're gonna Be around so that's good to see but we Decided to bail out of there because we Were gonna set up down that bottom to The last Light but got down in there and The wind started swirling real bad so we

Don't want to screw it up we got good Conditions coming up tomorrow so close When that 10 point was out in front of Us I saw you pick your bow up I was like About to let this out and shoot this Thing I got real excited All right We're back at the spot that we were Hunting at last night where we saw those Deer And we've got the decoy We're about to walk down in here and get Set up Hopefully in the saddle in one of these Trees and throw the decoy up out in Front of us and sit here and see if we Can get one Bucks cruising through Bring him into the decoy but all those Deer last night went out that way Towards the private ground it seems like Their bedding hat is back this direction On the public we sat here two mornings Ago and didn't see any deer but this Morning is a lot better weather So we're hoping that the deer are up and Moving later during the day it's November 5th so they ought to be up Doing their thing but we're going to Slide down in here and get set up see if We can catch one of them bucks coming Through there Foreign Prettiest but I'm assuming I'm Wondering might be that dinner yesterday

He's looking Foreign To the left The deer walking back's right over there Two deer I see where is it it's right Where he was going to the left Fight We've had an eventful morning already Had a little button buck come in right Away this morning or just tucked back in These Cedars we were planning on getting In a tree but once we got down there we Decided to be better to come up here sit On the ground then we got this dike to Work with if we want to duck over the Side and make a move on something we Don't have a ton of cover in front of us Right there it'd be nice to be able to Brush this thing in but by the time we Got set up in here Buck showed up and Then we got more of them way out in the Bottom one of them looks like a shooter So hopefully it'll come this way and Check this decoy out we can get a shot 10 points out there The 10 points out there All right guys Nick is slipping back out To the car we got a half a pizza in There that we didn't eat last night so He's gonna grab that grab some more Supplies and I'm gonna move down this Seat around a little ways and try and Find us a little bit different setup we Can see a good ways from right here and

We like the spot but there's some more Of this dried upon that we can't see That we'd like to be able to see where We think deer could be cruising along This tree line over here we still got Good Winds out of the Southwest so plan On being in here all day we've been Seeing trucks driving up and down this Road for a good part of the morning so We don't want to risk leaving and Getting our spot taken and not being Able to come in here and there's really No reason to leave I mean we've seen Three nice bucks in here the last two or Three days so I'll just set up down this Way get the decoy readjusting hopefully No bucks come through Nick's gone Perfect timing the decoy just fell right Back there All right guys it's about four o'clock Yesterday afternoon when we were on the Road we were coming by here it was about Four o'clock when we spotted these bucks Out here and just dried up Pond we're Kind of getting ourselves ready here We've been kind of loafing here in our Little blind in these Cedars for middle Part of the day Nick's been back there Watching college football I've been Watching some pretty random things on YouTube just passing time waiting for This afternoon hoping that these bucks Are going to get up and start moving Around like they did yesterday obviously

The conditions are a lot different today Than they were yesterday but we did see Some good action this morning so we know There's some bucks around I know there's Quite a bit quite a few deer around this Area so hopefully they'll do something Similar to what they did yesterday and They'll get with inside of this decoy And come check it out Uh All right guys we just made it back to The car we had pretty eventful sit there Right at the end of League of light we Didn't have the bevel set at all today It only took about nine or ten hours That's it started off hot this morning We got in there saw a bunch of good Bucks had a button buck come right to The decoy exactly how we were hoping one Would and then we proceeded to sit there All day long hoping to catch a buck Cruising through there or just hoping to See a buck somewhere so we sat there all Day and right at last Light I looped Around and got last down into where Those bucks were at this morning and There was one of those bucks was coming Back to where we were sitting at we were Hoping they would do something like that A little bit sooner tonight but didn't Do it till right at last Light and then There ended up being two does one other Spike with that buck in order to get out Of there we coyote howled a couple times

And eventually they worked their way off To where we could run out grab decoy Come back get our stuff and head out of Here but just got back to the car and There's a note from somebody out here so We're going to take a look at that it Says what's up Ted Nick just wanted to Say that I love the videos I've learned A ton from watching all your videos Thank you guys for all my hunting Success I have had these past couple of Years keep up the videos and best of Luck in Kansas can't wait to see the Video Miguel Cooper thanks Miguel hope You're having some luck as well out in Kansas yeah hopefully you're having some Better luck than what we're having right Now we're gonna go find a spot to camp Right now we'll be back after him in the Morning oh yeah You could guess that we will be back out Just keeping just got to keep hammering On these things You usually kill on day eight oh yeah Usually I mean typically Should be a done deal Foreign Just raking trees I probably should either one of them I Think one's raking on the right side One's scraping on the left He's down right there no way we're done Baby we're done dude that is a freaking Tank it was like six yards