CAUGHT in the MIDDLE of a DEER DRIVE!!! (Muzzleloader Hunting Public Land)

By | January 5, 2023

Warb and Ted have a crazy day of deer hunting during the late season!
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Hey guys welcome back to another video It is the first day of the late Muzzleloader season here at home I've Got a tag but I'm not planning to go out Hunting this afternoon I'm just cruising Around in my truck right now I'm Scouting a few different areas it's Supposed it's like 34 right now is what The thermometer says this is as warm as It's going to be for the next five days It's going to get steadily colder every Single day and I think on Friday it's a High of zero with like 20 mile an hour Winds I don't I mean that's going to be The coldest I've ever hunted if we make It to Friday but hopefully we get a Crack at something before then Ted's Almost back from Indiana right now I'm Hopefully going to spot some deer here This evening and then make a plan for Tomorrow Thank you There's deer across oh big bug Way out out in the middle On the far side going to the right I don't know how big he is but Hmm looks pretty big pretty big I think You see their racks from here yep I don't know if that got bumped him or If they're just moving We just saw a bunch of those deer from That high spot back here behind us we Basically watched them until they slowed Down we couldn't see them bad because

They went up into a bunch of thick stuff In the middle of that bottom but we Marked them on on x And the guy was still down there below Us so we couldn't go down there after Him but from where he was at down the Hill I doubt he was able to see those Deer me and Ted are gonna go check out Some other stuff here mid-morning just Let him hunt for the rest of the morning In there whenever he leaves later on We're gonna try to slide in there and Put a camera or two up Scout around or Maybe find a potential setup for this Evening see him Foreign [Music] Foreign That's a good sign [Music] Looked it's raining right through the Road right there Yeah right over that first lip Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] We're in the middle of a drive maybe or Something yeah we're definitely in the Middle of a drive Back the truck all right all right we Pulled up we saw a deer running around

So we're like well Somebody may be walking around down here As soon as we got out of the truck we Could hear somebody shooting back this Way and then as we walk down here There's So I hunted right out here in front of Us sitting here in Orange Back to the drawing board [Music] All right it's about two in the Afternoon we just put up a trail camera In this spot where we saw these bucks This morning That guy eventually left because me and Ted saw him walking down the side of the Road up there the first thing Ted said Was He's done You look pretty tired he discouraged After his walk yeah he looked pretty Discouraged and cold so We went to town got something to eat got Ted another baklava face mask to stay Warm And we came back out and I'll show you Right here behind Ted I don't know if You can see it with the camera Me and Ted were way up on that hill this Morning Up in that orange colored grass and we Were watching this bottom and that guy Was down here in this bottom and as you Can tell you can't see very dang far

Down here it's really thick So I don't think he saw those bugs I'm Almost positive he didn't otherwise he Might have been acting a little Different this morning yeah but every Time I looked down there at him he was Just kind of sitting there looking Around Like he didn't see him and he wasn't Here when we got back to the parking lot A minute ago so me and Ted are diving in I dropped a pin on on X about 250 300 Yards from us out here next to some of These cedar trees in the last place Where we saw those bucks I'm just going To make a beeline for that pin try to Make a setup out here somewhere We got the sticks the saddle gear and Stuff we may only try to get a couple Feet off the ground but that may be just Enough for us to get a shot through some Of this brush This is The Equalizer here you ain't got To worry about deflecting arrows through Grass with this old one nope it gives me A lot more confidence Foreign [Music] [Music] Real big oh man I don't know Off I think I probably did Maybe not much Oh Just out here in the middle

I need surprise I mean this is prime We're in the middle of the bedding area Yeah Oh man I mean he only jumped up about 10 yards From Hobby he was right there like a Rabbit out of a brush ball Yeah I mean the only way we could avoid Those sitting up back there on the path Almost Yeah we probably would have killed him If we did That's not one of the Bucks we saw this Morning no Crap Massive Buck yeah that was a big big Buck that was definitely not one that we Saw this morning no No There's a guy right there [Music] Looks Amish It could get a little wild if it didn't Get angered in here we got a guy behind Us he's acting like he's standing for a Drive We just bumped into a big buck As we're trying to get out here and get Set up A big buck ran that way towards the Other bucks that we saw this morning or Or where the last place we saw him so We're just gonna get up here and get set Up

Get up in these trees right here We're about to be in the middle of a war Zone out here I think luckily it's mud Season so I can't have Some Rifle after blasting off out here I'm talking to my camera [Music] Foreign It like this I guess Put it in the trigger like that It's not ideal Never usually has Well it's been a bit of a crazy Afternoon here we got in bumped that big Buck and we were trying to look for a Place to set up Ted turns around and says there's a guy In Orange coming in behind us and we Look up and here comes the Amish Mafia [Music] There's two or three guys behind us they All look down here and saw us and then They just kept walking right at us they Don't care they just go for it boy so me And Ted picked the most naked tree we Could and got as high as we could out Here so that we're visible in any one Can see us but they're pushing them that Way I'm sure they got more guys over Here that are pushing as well as long as Everything is safe They may stir some deer up and push them By us

As things start feeling pretty dangerous In here we're going to get the heck out That's the one good thing about Muzzleloaders is they only got one Chance Shotgun season they could do They just keep slaking [ __ ] no [Music] Nervous oh yeah extremely nervous [Music] I said me too I've been shot at before Out here This guy's pointing his gun straight Over here behind me if those deer here They come they're coming across too [Music] Jamie Christmas don't shoot Right here He's pointing that gun right at me Jeez [Music] E Foreign [Music] Come right past us here 20 yards behind the tree I could have turned around and shot him It's good It's a good thing you know Amish guy Slowly at this direction yeah we haven't Been shot at so that's good As long as we don't get shot at it it's Safe we might be hitting the chips

Because we're in a pretty dang good spot We're right in the middle of bedding Area like those does were coming in here They were slowing up like they were Getting comfortable Well as comfortable as you can be with a Bunch of Amish guys chasing you around The woods [Music] All right dude [Music] To We got about 30 minutes of light left we Just had Come right past the tree here maybe 35 40 yards away and then right after she Came through we looked up and a small Buck was cutting across here in front of Us about 200 out those two bigger bucks That we saw go back into this thick Sticks this morning I think we're with That small bug so Got about 30 minutes of light left here Hopefully one of them pops out and film It off my phone because this GoPro back Here is just about dead They don't do very good in the cold What a better time I hope you're right Front one's decent Man probably not shooter He's mounting him I didn't do an interview in the tree Close out the night

Because we're freezing and we were like The heck with this we gotta get out of Here So we climbed down quick as we could and Got back up here to the truck ended up Seeing a bunch of deer had a pretty good Day actually I mean we saw Had quite a bit of action today just got A little hairy this evening with all Those other Hunters coming in and doing Some pushes but we only heard one shot All night So they must not have got many Opportunities I ended up seeing uh I Think three bucks and a pile of does and Fawns and had some deer coming right Underneath us but it's interesting to Watch them come by us in that tree and They could not see us up there I don't Know how because that tree was naked I Mean there was no leaves on it no Nothing there was two dudes dressed like The Michelin Man hanging off of that Thing at eight yard or yeah eight feet Up in the air so Anyway they didn't see us up there I Mean that one doe got a little bit Nervous but she was eight yards in front Of us learned a lot about that spot got A camera in there hopefully we learned Something and we can come back in here In the next couple of days and get back On them Let's go get something to eat yes sir

Let's do it [Music] Barry's got his head up he's Mike There's Taylor's moving left [Music]