Cheap vs Expensive Deer Hunting Challenge!

By | January 9, 2023

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[Music] Foreign This is my buddy Adam he's never killed A deer before in his budget for this Challenge is a thousand dollars and this Is me I've killed quite a few deer but My budget is only a hundred dollars the Challenge is simple who can kill a deer First whose deer is bigger and who can Cook it the best we headed on down to Our closest Cabela's and this is when we Started shopping All right Adam Our Journey Begins you Get a thousand dollars I get a hundred Dollars what are you thinking what kind Of weapon are you thinking of well I'm Gonna go crossbow I'm thinking for me Since I don't have much money I don't Even know if I'll be able to afford a Compound bow that's what I'm saying dude Even some of their cheapest compound Bows are still like 400 bucks dude I Might have to legit go get like a Longbow or something here's all the Releases if I bought a compound bow I'd Have to spend another 100 on a release And you literally can't do that because I literally have 100 bucks the thing is Like for both of us if we get a bow Don't forget we have to get arrows Broadheads practice tips and I'll let us Use my own Target so Oh snap is that the one for me it's Still 419 bucks and that's just a Long

Boat dang buddy I don't know if I'm Gonna be able to hunt or not I may just Have to go find me a good rock out in The parking lot here's the thing though Since I have a hundred dollars you have A thousand dollars I accidentally spend 150 that means you actually get 1500. so You have a lot of money to spend what do You think about those that's the Invader X4 I don't know nothing about them I'll Just be honest pull it down let's look At that that may be the move right there 400 bucks that's cheaper than that Longbow over there how you feel that Feels good it may be the move right There uh looking over there I think I May see the bow I have to get it might Be the only thing under 100 bucks here That ain't looking good for me That right there is 50 bucks you Couldn't come up with this I know let's Just try to get away from this section I Don't think this ain't where we need to Be there's your bowls how much we Running right there 50 bucks that ain't Bad either but if you buy the right one It may come a bolts you may be all right It's true hey you got the money to spend You may want to come up here and buy you A tree stand buddy looks like I'm gonna Have to hunt off the ground but you may Get tree stands look at the trail Cameras Boys As for me uh I couldn't Even afford a trail camera strap so I'm

Not going to get too excited in this Section 600 this thing better bring the Deer to me [Music] Hold up now back up the bus I think we Found something we may make this work Now a 50-pound bow 150 bucks that put Your budget up to like a 1500 that's it I think it might be now what do you have To have with the recurve arrows and Broadheads no no release no nothing like That [Music] That's my only item As we left Cabela's we wanted to head Into Sportsman's Warehouse and see what They had they really didn't have Anything except some cool Taxidermy but While we were there I did let Adam find Some spice for us for later in the Episode when we cook up the deer you Want to try let's try let's try and After Sportsman's Warehouse we headed Back home to show you guys what we got All right now we're back home we're Gonna go over exactly what we got first Thing Adam show us your main weapon of Choice Wicked crossbow much about it but it Looks good and it's a good price they Said it needs to be shot with Wicked Ridge bolts so show us your wicked Ridge Bolts these are glow in the dark Will kind of now I'll start off with my

Weapon of choice we got the Cabela's Brand Warden recur it appears to be just Some sticks some floss yeah and floss For the strength I have never shot a Recurve before so it should be fun There's the string we have to figure out How to put that together and uh that's The bow we also have to figure out how To put that together then since mine Didn't come with arrows I had to buy Arrows and I bought these right here They have real feathers on them and Apparently this is what you need to Shoot traditional recurve stuff and That's all I got here my broad heads we Got three of them Rocky first cut X Crossbow broadheads I don't know nothing About them they look sharp hopefully I Can kill something with it and then I Got three tacticams I don't know why I Needed three because you have the budget I got three of them hopefully we can see Something big come on camera and then I Got a hawk Mega combat tree stand Package it comes with a whole bunch of Stuff it comes with a safety line kit What's that for uh I guess it's gonna Hold me to the truth I'll be honest I Don't know what we're being spending on This 289 that's all lot and this seat Looks awful it looks like I'm about to Be sitting on fence I'm literally I'm Sitting on metal that's where your feet Go your butt goes here where's my back

Going against the tree yeah that rope Pulls you up like a ratchet strap Oh I Thought this is my seat and then this Was my Your headrest Okay that makes more sense but still Every Noob Hunter has to have a way for The deer to come to him and that's corn So I got three bags of it because it's Probably gonna take all three bags I Also got a hunting blind this is one of The ones you can see through it's a Podley we didn't actually buy that but I Had it from last year and we're gonna go Ahead and let him use it and this right Here a cute little seat can I bring that On the tree stand uh no you don't use That in a tree stand that'd be more Comfortable it comes in at about 40 Bucks How's that feel pretty good not 40 bucks Good All right fine we'll say 20. but then Last but definitely not least Adam got Us some uh something Traeger rub Everything rub I think smells good Though and with all my stuff here that Brings my total to only 210 110 over Budget but cut me some slack guys There's not much you can do with 100 Bucks and then brings Adam's budget to 1408 dollars So now we have to get your crossbow Sighted in and we have to get my bow put

Together let's try to figure that out First which one goes up this one's top All right I think we can do this I Didn't need to go like that though Um one way to find out it explodes on You let's do it wrong that is a true Statement Oh it looks sweet I look like Indian all Right all right which way does the short End go they gotta give me more Instructions Oh is this it yeah oh never mind all Right here we go we gotta rig us up Somehow no you got it backwards it can't Shoot that way oh yeah no yeah I'm Stupid then Slide the larger loop on the bow string Over the top limb and slide it Midway Down the limb I need to know if I'm Doing it the right way or not I have Actually shot one similar to this but Not really anything like this She got a crossbow Pulled out the big toe strap boys I'm Gonna pull it up and you see if you can Put it in there all right I'm giving it All I got boys Hang on There hang on hang on Hang on did we get it I think we got it Buddy that's scary we had to put the Camera down we're in hey that's what I'm Talking about Oh it sounds like it's cracking it's

Probably because it is spooky so now We're gonna go ahead and side in Adam's Crossbow then we're gonna head down in The basement and get my arrows built and Then me and Adam's gonna have a little Competition to see who gets first pick At their hunting spot we'll do 20 yards Closest one to hit Center wins this Right here is gonna be my shot by the Way guys that first spot that's pretty Big deal That could kill a deer now let's see if Adam can do it all right here you go Moment of Truth Oh let's see Nope I'm in the yellow I was very close To beating you right there you're you're Hitting right there I'm hitting over Here so you're a little bit closer Barely they both kill a deer though all Right Adam now we're gonna head out to The farm we're gonna find you a place to Hunt let you pick it out we'll put out That corner control cameras and we'll Get the pre-hunt started let's do it We're moving into Adam's spot And we're looking at a deer that is a Good sign ain't moving either no that's A good sign we could have killed him Right now but that would borderline be Poached you're lucky this time buddy Adam this may be the spot you pick it's The oh and there's two more deer right There that's what I'm saying they're

Already liking this spot oh there's Three there Is a spot really the there's one two Look what they're here for though this Food plot we planted a little while it's Actually starting to do really good and They're absolutely loving it all right Adam since you won the shooting Competition where do you want to hunt Uh obviously this field all right that's Probably good that's probably a good Idea where else would a deer want to be You got winter wheat you got acorns you Got corn this might be the place to be If we set up the blind right here he is 22 yards and right here other side of The field 47 yards that's a doable shot We could set it up right here trying to Open up one of those is about like Trying to put blue jeans on upside down In the dark at night all right all right Thank you that's not obvious at all How's that look Pretty sweet all right there's your Blind set up now uh you want to put corn Out yeah Where you think's a good spot where Wherever you want you're the hunter in This situation tell us what you're doing And why you're doing it there's deer Poop so I know he has came to this exact Spot to poop but I don't poop where I Eat it's a new location okay what do you Think that is 30 yards yeah probably

Sure it looks good to me or do you want To go higher I like this you got the Best of both worlds okay look around you Got grass You're right there you got icons And right here you got corn I like it Let's do it Where do you think you won't put up that Trail camera maybe over here well no I'm Gonna Let You Figure it out maybe over there all right A little spawn shop man how's that well I gotta chase him down hey there you go Why don't people do that and he's smart As you what makes you want to put it in This location because they met my corner Okay Adam that's the wrong way I've Never been able to do this one of the Hardest things you'll ever have to do as A hunter that is not the way you do it You're completely not even using the Spring part who needs it come back Tomorrow That ain't going nowhere dude cool sure Dance like a plan to me now for you guys Who have used a recurve before you know It's not gonna be easy so the very next Day I had it out my yard and started Practicing really trying to get the hang Of what I was doing I was shooting here I was shooting there just throwing a lot Of shots downrange but unfortunately I Just wasn't getting the groups I was Wanting to be comfortable enough to go

Hunting with the next day Adam was ready To go hunting for his deer all right It's game day you ready I'm ready as Much camo's Island I only own a quarter Of it anyways here we go we're heading Out this is Adam's deer hunt I'm just Filming unfortunately our blind had been Blowed away from the wind So Adam had to Go over in the ditch pick it up and then Drag it back over to where he's actually Gonna hunt I think we could honestly Just hunt just like that We sat down for a little bit and Everything was going really good and Then we heard something over to our left And it was a squirrel which is cool The squirrels squirrels taste good but We didn't want to shoot it because we Knew there was a good chance deer could Come out A little bit later And that's exactly what happened There'll be more Adam wants to [ __ ] the button bug so bad If nothing else shows up we can kill a Bug bug but there'll be more You really want to shoot it yeah 40 yards In the crowd that might be good yes Did you miss do you feel like you missed No it could have went straight through It it should have went straight through It it looked good Don't give me a high five yeah we don't

Know Oh my gosh you voluntarily took a button Buck over a doe it's only my last time I told you a doe is 100 coming I don't See it because because it ain't here yet You've already faced son Adam we don't know if you killed it yet Well Oh my gosh we might have one we might Have one down I don't know hey shot it's About the size of a dog It's about the size of a beagle I mean we don't know if he killed it yet We still think he might have missed well I see the arrow in the ground I don't know I probably didn't kill it We don't know if he killed it yeah he Said he wanted to kill one earlier but He'd go watch the game I got I got a Yankee game oh I got seven o'clock How do you feel well I don't know I Don't think it's a good sign that I see The arrow well I don't know oh oh I see a white feather that's red look at It oh yeah oh snap boys I think we got a Dead button bug that's what I'm talking About Hey what I tell you if it's brown it's Down baby all right guys and me and Adam Are going to re-watch live the footage Of that kill shot watch frame by frame Oh there it goes there goes the arrow Perfect [Music]

If the deer hadn't jumped down you may Not have hit it as good as you did I can taste him already baby you wanna Go look for him okay there's literally Chunks of meat sitting out here dude it Looked like a good hit So I don't see no blood though well No there's blood no that ain't we might Want to be quiet up here because he may Not have went down the way we thought he Did it may not have been such a great Shot after all We'll take it real slow you found blood That ain't much but Oh I don't know Let's look and see if we can find out Where he went in and then we may back up There here's his blood he went right Through there I see blood right here It's not much but it's a little he's not Bleeding really great let's stop right Here and let's give him time to die Throughout the night we track the blood Unfortunately this deer just didn't want To Blade much so it was really only Leaving little drops here and little Drops there and it was making it Extremely difficult for us to find a Solid Blood Trail and actually gain Ground knowing that the shot actually Wasn't the best shot we decided to pull Out and just give it time to die and Come back later and so the next day

That's exactly what I did I came out Here looked around did a true grid Search and lo and behold I looked over And there was the deer sitting there I Was looking back at the footage I Thought this dude was going to survive He's like in right here let's go Adam oh My goodness dude this is awesome and I Will say this he's a little bloated I Think that's okay it actually snowed Yesterday I know that it's so easy to Look at the blood trail and say it's Just bleeding little drops there's no Way but oftentimes if you hit a deer in The red area like these few shots I hear It whether it's a gut shot whether it's A flesh shot that deer's gonna die you Just don't know where so if you can't Find it that night look around the next Day because he may just be piled up Right here in a ditch What are you doing Oh wow I'm excited you called me while I Was at work I had to come with right Away where did you find me man well let Me go show you okay the deer was Actually right there in that in that Drain there's a possibility we walked by And it was dead right there but by Looking at the blood I don't think it Died immediately I feel like it took at Least eight hours but when you look at The hit This is the exit look what a dang

Entrance right there how did it not Bleed that's a perfect shot should be Double lungs but how did it not bleed at All I think we're gonna find out you Start me off all right I don't want to Puncture no guts brought to you by kg Pocket knife available Shopping for sling description the Sharpest pocket knife you can get my may Not or may not be true you just don't Want to cut the guts he is bloated See it's gonna go It's gonna stink now he helps me Chill smell your fingers after that one All right that was my vote what'd you Hear Damn it buddy look at that y'all can't Say anything but I don't know how this Thing ran as far as it did it's full Blood in there he should have went down A long time ago there we go So that's the lungs buddy what in the World I obliterated the one on the lungs You hit the top of one lung and the top Of another lung which is still a good Long shot so you basically hit really High lung [Music] The next day after we recovered Adam's Deer I went back out in the yard and Kept shooting at this point I probably Have 10 different sessions out here Shooting the bow just trying to get my Technique down and honestly I'm just

Really not making a ton of progress with A recurve bow I know it takes a lot of Skill and even more practice and so at This point that's just what I'm trying To do put as much time into it as Possible but I'm not going to go hunting Until I'm confident I can kill a deer in One shot All right guys it's been almost three Months since we bought that recurve and We're finally going on our first hunt I've been practicing quite a bit but at The end of the day I've still only had This bow for about three months so And here we go guys no I didn't buy The Shack but the Shack's gonna be here Whether I use it or not so I'm gonna use It I'll be lucky if I can even pull the Bow back in here it's not a big building All right guys it is January my season Is ticking down rapidly to kill a deer I've literally been hunting since September September whatever the month Is after August I don't know how to say It I've been hunting off and on with This recurve and guys I've just not had Any luck but since season's literally Almost out I went ahead and gave myself A little handicap I'm going to give Myself a trace idle just so that maybe I Can actually get it done Foreign [Music] Foreign

Foreign But I'll take it it may not be a deer But we're eating good tonight I cannot Believe it dude I literally cannot Believe that dude what just happened That was so awesome I was sitting here Waiting for a deer but dude whenever I Looked up and saw that Fox at first I Thought the stinking thing was a bobcat But he came right through here I got my Bow Up full back shot killed him I'm Just kidding guys I shot him with the Pistol not like y'all didn't know that But I'm just listen dude Adams do you See Adam huh you see Adam everywhere Yeah me neither well as far as we know We'll keep this between me and you I Just shot that thing with my bow let's Get down and look at it let me check my Arrow right here I know for a fact that I missed it with the bow if we're going To be completely honest though I was Actually really close like I'd actually Like I was within a hands distance from Actually hitting him with the boat Where's my arrow though oh it's oh my Goodness dude it's closer than I thought My arrow is right there and he was right There on that trail dude that was so Close to him but unfortunately just Didn't make it happen then he walked Right over there pulled out the stinking Pistol dude that's why you always take a Pistol when you're bow hunting I didn't

Plan on shooting a fox with this bad boy But I definitely planned on mowing down A meth head if I had to but let's check Out this stinking box oh I think I Rolled him over in here didn't I I was Thinking love this guy perfect right Right there in front of the shoulder Sweet gray fox now some y'all may be Saying kg why did you shoot that poor Little gray fox well one I'm gonna eat It two we can use its fur and three I Needed to thin them out of this place Anyway I've had a trail camera up here Before we have a ton of predators out Here literally a ton and uh these guys Need thinned down a little bit varian's Compared to my boots so it's actually a Pretty dang good sized gray fox awesome Sweet [Music] All right guys so we're headed to the Store and got exactly what we need first Up Adam's gonna be cooking up his deer We gonna be cooking I'm gonna be cooking Some country fried venison who better Than fried chicken I cut the tenderloin In about an inch sections inch yeah what Do you think that is half an inch Section yeah same thing so first I start Out I got me a coffee filter put a Little flour a little bit of salt a Little bit of pepper and a little bit of Cajun seasoning I put that all in there I put the tender oil inside the flour

Mix it around get the grease good and Hot gotta make sure it's good and hot Almost already grease fire in the house And it's gonna Sizzle a lot you don't Want to take it out until it's golden Brown and that's when it's done that's Basically all done and here it is the Nice golden brown that looks good that Looks really good all right let's try it I guess are you eating your peas let me Try my piece right here in a minute I Gotta go in there and cook a fox so We'll see how that goes I like that How's that piece since I felt it Differently I feel like I probably like The Wider pieces better yeah like this What would you rate honestly it's like It's like it's like deer chicken nuggets And it's really good I'd say to him I'd order it all right guys now it's my Turn we're going to cook some Fox fried Rice my first step is to actually get This uh pre-made fried rice I don't Actually know what fried rice is so I Just went ahead and bought it all Together and this one's actually chicken Fried rice so first thing I'm gonna go Ahead and pop that in the microwave then I'm going to be getting my pan ready put A little oil in the bottom of it and Then I'm going to take the fox meat and Strip it up in the chunks pretty small That way we can put them in our mouth

And eat them pretty easy then we're Going to take all the little bite-sized Pieces put them in the pan cook them Pretty hot and pretty fast once they get Pretty well done I'm going to take the Fried rice out of the microwave then Just dump it straight into the pan cook It all around for just a second and then It's literally ready to eat instead of Chicken it's just Fox all right what do You think I think it looks really yeah I Think it looks really good too that's Good Wendy's fork and here's my KFC Sport I'm gonna go one goodbye right There [Music] It's definitely tougher it's a little Wild you taste wild I don't know maybe It's just me now the rice is really good I think I'll just put too much pepper on That face it's actually really good it's Actually really really really good dude If you had a sauce to go on this oh yum Yum sauce that's not bad at all I mean It's good Would you order I probably couldn't Afford it what did I get I'd give it an Eight We may or may not have trigger noses Click it over here if you want to see a Cheap versus expensive squirrel hunting Challenge or right over here for Whenever I went deer hunting with a Pistol for the first time