By | December 9, 2022

We are duck hunting the second opener in New York and have an awesome hunt decoying huge flocks of ducks! APPAREL: 👉
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[Music] Foreign Day of our second split Duck season here in Western New York we Got a crew a bunch of ducks on this Field the other night a couple other Guys had permission so we're all going To link up and hopefully have a fun Morning Yank on it a little bit well They're pulling up falling or it's not Getting nowhere right now you're just Pulling on it trying to make it longer Don't work I've been trying for 30 years Foreign [Music] Look at them all out there Yeah we got probably a little ways till Shooting but They're pouring in we still got almost 20 minutes 15 minutes yeah let's get That get that lens on there [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Birds are freaking everywhere we had Like 10 or 15 minutes of good light but Shooting light wasn't until A little bit ago so we just got one Volley in And there's birds flying all over the Place hopefully we can work a few more Groups but If that first 10 minutes was a Telltale Of what's gonna happen It's gonna be crazy if the first 10 Minutes was all the Ducks and they all Just left after we just shot You're still pretty psyched it was still Pretty sight but Pretty good That's a good looking one Green beans I like that he likes that [Laughter] Is If you came by the other time he goes I Could definitely shoot that guy Single woman uh kinda [Music] Oh [Music] Foreign

[Applause] [Music] Laughs [Applause] [Music] Get ready guys Film Who shot the hen I did Kill the Drake kill the Drake come on A bunch of dogs [Music] Hahaha [Music] You already got the path [Music] [Music] Thank you What's up [Music] [Music] Opening day is second split in New York Was a good one field Ducks we had a lot Of birds fly early morning so that hurt Us but put on an awesome show and that's You know 9 99 of it and this morning was sweet so Had another group of people with Permission we all teamed up all worked Together good another big part of Waterfowl hunting especially when There's only so many birds you run into People and uh getting permission on Stuff so

Um glad that worked out we didn't try Competing with each other if you get a Chance to hunt with people that had Permission it works way better to just Get along and even if your party's a Little bigger so had a bigger party Today got close to the Limit saw a lot Of ducks a lot of pretty stuff in the Morning we hope you guys enjoyed it I Gotta roll back home I think Cody's Gonna stay up this way for tomorrow and Uh You guys should be back on them so we Appreciate you guys tuning in Make sure to like And subscribe if you Like the content we'll see you on the Next one go get some green heads