DEER DRIVING Public Land (3 Bucks Down) Deer Running Everywhere!

By | December 15, 2022

Big bucks running everywhere during public land deer drives

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Foreign That's nice That was sweet Oh Do that fine got up close in person Ready Give me a little interview here Plenty of room for a couple guys Okay don't miss don't pass up something Today It's a morning First gun season Island We got my brother and three buddies I Got tags this year I'm with my brother This morning Phil just dropped us off And he's gonna loop around and go not Too far from rugby and Jim are out here There's one other guy in the parking lot This morning but that's to be expected Wind's going to be up today so our pride Is going to sneak off keep moving until We run into Deer a few conditions to our Advantage You can just see his head out there Sure One size like it's a shooter So that's up to you I guess Just let me know if you're gonna Give you a shot him now between that Gap S All right Is it the same one After We snuck up that edge we got up One of these little

Very high just like six feet Got eyes on one Buck then a doe popped Out closer and then we're not sure if it Was the same Buck or not and they Disappeared right into this stuff in Front of us here so there's either one Or two bucks in here Phil has seen Several bucks it seems like two so who Knows how many deer in this stuff in Front of us you can only catch Glimpseism when they go into this open Stuff so Hayden and Phil are coming down In here now they're gonna post up and Then Demi and Mark are just gonna let Their Wind Drift through this so Hopefully they're Not moving too fast We shouldn't get up boys and private Unless they hold tight but we'll see That's that one right My heart's pretty good In a month 's right on the edge I think uh First first day Foreign Coyotes are present 10 days probably Oops of four okay Matt Stop right he stopped he stopped he Stopped The show was stuck in there We gotta look that through Did he hit it I don't think he hit it oh

Really how far was it could have been That far was it 20 yards oh Not good to me Oh crap did there I heard this little shot Josh lost Confidence And then all of a sudden when I see the Fire I saw like a tuft of gray smoke a Lot of these Willows and I was like oh Oh that happened I've missed 25 30 yard Shots before It sounds easier than it is and don't Think I mean it doesn't get easier than That though I wouldn't worry about it I'd just forget about it that was in the Situation to have that Gat right there Yeah I'd like to see the video on it I forgot to hit record First push of the day two nice bucks to Come out yeah dude Buddy Brandon and Greg had a bunch of Deer come by him on this drive last year We're just gonna do it the same way Because it worked well those guys should Be bringing it through pretty soon I'm Just gonna find a spot we want to see Water I think it's gonna go away It's right in the bottom of the Hamstring like this I even had a banana Today we have some Pedialyte back at the House

We do her is that a question we do okay It's probably good Don't want Damian Okay that was us baby Oh that wasn't to me That wasn't me I think I wanted that stuff like that the first One to someone else I think that was That man okay Yeah baby For 200 drives nothing the real big one Heard that and he's like I'm gonna have To stay in the cover because he know Marky Mark and the boys are down here on The North End Holding post S He's not dead he's not dead I can see his rack Hayden I'm gonna walk up and put another One in here he's not dead Foreign That's bigger than I thought yeah it's a Big buck I don't mean to not act excited I'm Really excited it just hasn't all said And it happened very quick it did That's wild oh my God that is that's why That's why you didn't look that big yeah I didn't know what I was saying That's a really good deer that's an old Deer now full time Oh hell yeah dude that's cool

I've never seen anything quite like that Way to go way to bring him right in That's a cool view that is a cool beer That's an old beer Pretty rare than it ever goes quite like That like where he comes like we're Standing on the trail he's running on And he and we're just in the shadows Just right And he comes through here he's blocked For a second when I threw up the gun and He's just slow trotting right at us yeah Never knew we were there no never coming Right at us I just didn't want to let Him get too close because then he picks You up and then he puts the gas too yeah And then he's running through brush and You're like broadside and then you're Shooting through trees and it's like Nightmare that's perfect I'm not gonna Sugarcoat it like it's pretty cool it Happened too fast to even get really That excited about oh yeah look at the Other Probably my favorite thing about this Weird old thing is this right here like That inside curl bag No Mark's like Hayden doesn't know did Me well enough to just wait and I say Right in front of him they shot a tiny Buck We kind of are trying to evolve it yeah I was like I was like either it's really Small or it's really big I'm gonna go

Shake hidden fan for just calling him Out I don't know Doing something stupid and being like Yeah After Jimmy missed that one he just Needed him around yeah yeah I can Totally see you doing that I would Have a cool looking dude I'm about like we're coming down the Hill and also I go like I'm taking a Step and I go and I look back over and And Hayden he's just like I cramped up in my hands and I was like Trying to like drag like Zombie drag my Legs down the hill he [ __ ] walked it Down the whole hill I said to Hayden I was like I'm gonna Cramp away where he's going back out are We oh yeah especially when we gotta Actually haul this thing Got his hands stuck in the mode All right we got zimmy's deer quartered Out And I think we got time for at least one More push you're lined up quick and see If we can get it done we might be able To get two more in but that's pretty Perfect I think especially if we knock Something down on this next one Great first day What do you got to say Anything clever Yeah missed of course oh really if I Slap that camera on your handy little Too big too slow

Um not for that guy no that's true You like this repping that Get another one I think the over The old version one Is I don't assume that was Heavy though Yeah I think the shoot is probably a pretty Big one I would think so Coming up right here Right there you're awesome Oh it might be yeah I need that Burberry tag Because that'd be awesome right now Little buck That's that first one that's gonna come Down It's right there Hopefully they dropped out I'm gonna send it once it comes down One I think okay is he big enough Yeah he's a good Buck ready yeah Huh Pretty cool I don't know where he is he's in there Somewhere it's up to the right He's not a little ticket he's kind of Going over the hill right now oh I did That Maybe I'll go back to German oh it Worked like it's supposed to Well the first one I think I hit that I don't know tree or something yeah

I think I'll put over yeah It's another book Yeah Let's see Panther what is he doing they Just move around the hill That was pretty I don't know what I did That's a pretty easy straw just straight Across Let's still see this one it's just Standing there now he's walking right Smaller one yeah It's not just on the left side of it now Hawking left to right just stopped I'll Just be a different angle Are you coming down coming down coming Down That's a nice one isn't it Matt Mack A shot dude Oh that's turkey That we worked out perfect yeah Right down He was wide when he saw some gym I'd be Looking to shoot him right now Do you see Jimmy Stop right there Let's go put him up he was he's moving Forward now Foreign Okay There's Mila deer in here Potential to have those coyotes are what Spooked in here actually Also having heavy there for a while I

Didn't get cold but now is Everything Gold yet Riley Jr didn't even finish the drive Here Yeah yeah all right we had boxy granting The Cedars up above us and they never Came out we did they were chasing around Up there I was growling all the guys on the Private Yeah they tagged out did they oh yeah if You would have been in the right spot Too you would have tagged up the kid Said thank you yeah yeah he said I Missed him but my dad my dad hit him But they were down in the bottom yeah we Thought that was you and Mark he Couldn't go walk over there by it Because he could barely walk I had to Pull him up I had to haul him out in the Pack Jimmy's back he packed me a mile a back Out there was this one spot where I Could see like 15 or 20 deer up on this Ridge and I could hear him all on the Other side of the little Knoll and I was Like I think that's when I called you I Was like Jimmy there's I don't know how Many do but it's got like I was gotta be Like 50 that I've got all pushed into This last like area does amigos Jimmy Here comes on it with just a dope one That ran on the original so you just Heard all the other deer take off yeah

See any turkeys Yeah that was just that was really just A dress rehearsal we weren't supposed to Kill anything they were way ahead on What we're supposed to be doing after an Exciting opening day the next day Started by pushing a few nice bucks past Jim and Hayden but nothing that they Wanted to shoot we moved a ton of deer Around on day two and had a lot of good Close opportunities just nothing quite What the guys were looking for but on Day three we didn't waste any time and On the first drive we got right into the Action Hey hey hey He says yup this is what I gotta do I don't know That was sweet Do you ever shot at that other one Barely yeah Not an ethical shot A little bit but oh man I don't look Like a pretty nice buck though yeah a Nice eight point he wants us to come up By hand Unfortunately I yelled as much as I did I hope he's big enough The apron Where'd he come from right down here Did you see him yeah yeah was he coming You know but he doubled back yeah I'm Not hearing that he went he saw us was He big enough I was gonna shoot it if it

Did would have came any closer You see that little Cannonball The shooter baby I Did you get him yeah I think he's dead Right up there I was pretty tired and I Was pretty demoralized because the only Two deer that I ever saw doubled back Across the private ground up there There's a lot of them in this little Little [ __ ] push here that's The last 50 yards Two bucks Balls went into the lake We got two Perfect shot Foreign Yeah Was he running yeah Well I was lucky like I put it probably About a foot or so he wasn't running hot And he's coming uphill yeah and he was Quartering I put it like a foot in front of his Chest and I was swinging and it was like Big Hickory and then it looked like There was gonna be an opening and it Just it all kind of just happened and Then I thought I missed them Because I didn't see anything react it Didn't hit any bone I guess so he Probably right and then I That's when I whatever I did I reloaded And I moved a little bit and I was just

About to touch one off I had him in the Scope looked like he stopped and I was Like oh I'll just get a little better Positioning and then I thought I saw Yeah you can see where he was all you Know five yards up past where he tipped Over the blood up there Over There A couple pictures let me get your tag on Them Yeah How far out are you guys He got his boat Perfect I'll send you a pin of where to Go because we're way back in here If you can You want to explain the party hunting Rule in Iowa for folks so they know why You were able to harvest people you're The one to explain it do you want me to Hold the camera no you know I mean it's Same as Wisconsin the way I understand It if you hold a valid tag which I do a Doe tag and we're all hunting like I Could obviously Phil heard me when I Yelled everybody heard me when I yelled So we were all in close proximity Phil And I were walking this the whole way so I always had Phil with me and so I was Completely legal we could hear each Other and talk and uh yeah so I shot him And here he is I like that

USS Shenanigans has landed It's easier when it's in the water well I know I know we couldn't get enough And that's all we got Three days All the way from Arkansas baby that's The best place that could have happened Yeah Come on All right that neck just rolled in so we Got cameraman with three of the four People Unless any shoots now For you guys you think somebody's gonna Game on it again or anything Maybe someone was a cameraman Fire though so I mean 25 points and two Shots is pretty good weekend But we're definitely gonna take a doe Here for sure but I think we could get In some good bucks too That doughy kicked up pushed right back To where they're coming from isn't it All right let's get back What do you think Jim You like to set up yep That's Mark's birthday today so Hopefully he puts one down If he doesn't I'm sure zumie will for Him Comes more somewhere okay I'm gonna shoot him I don't know I don't think so I wouldn't choose To see which one we want to go for let

Me know it seems like maybe we should Move up that way Foreign ER before There he is It's actually a little Buck it's got Broad times Do that fine got off closing personally Get that on there yeah We started moving that way and she must Have been hyped those trees or something I don't know I might get one up top There Is that what he doesn't like to do it I think I got it on GoPro They're just getting up there and we'll Just try to dance around Mark if you move can you carry it with You Done to go find Jimmy's last buck of the Trip huh Three He's cut off after this seriously only Does from here on out yeah it's just too Much too much to me That's a good one right there pawpaw What do you have to say for yourself I'd like to tell you that I feel bad About it it's I don't it's been great Like I'll come back and do it again No it is good basically you track till You ran out of light last night oh That's what we're doing yeah so we Tracked until last night uh until we ran

Out of light he went on private tracked Him all the way on to the public without A gun so we're gonna pick him up where We last had him I think he's probably gonna be dead in There the way it seems it seemed that Way if it's just whether or not we can Find him to be here yeah I think we'll Just get it surrounded and send someone On the track and And then we're going to Ted Miller's for Chili tonight so it'll be fun to go hang Out with Ted and show these guys around This place he's got a pretty cool little Not little huge trophy room for him so Stick around It's not that big Oh yeah Like the scene Somebody said how many chances you get To kill three blocks in one trip Three old Warriors Laughs That's a freaking big one right there That thing's been there for a while I think it's just buried in the Favorite Cotton and roots Where that tree fell on him That's how he died oh It's a good one there's a good one You know you see a bug at all There's a buck behind her Comes the dough there's gonna be a buck

Right behind her There it is Ready yep Kill him if you can He's up here pick it up with us Click That was a pretty nice one it was a Really nice one It was funny that was a weirdest date Right where we were they would have ran Us over yeah not that it matters I mean When a gun doesn't fire it doesn't much Bad Everywhere You Are Not very far even oh he's like 50 yards Yeah and he came through a little Opening this one Thank you That's some love two minutes over here You know we barely beat him sure looking Bullet They got me shook up So we had that big buck and some does Come by us Phil tried to shoot he's got It quick I think they just went into this bottom Right here that's to our East We're backing up and kind of going back Toward the vehicle We're gonna get across this little field Here And get where we can see down into that Bottom See what happens He's a nice one

Foreign [ __ ] up Dang it You sound good All right guys What's that Can you hear his rack and go okay well That's a buck Don't work that was always All right well that big buck slipped Between the cracks and got onto the Private over there I don't think I got Any footage of him because I was not Sure where he went in the mix of all the Deer but it looked like next I got some Pretty good stuff of them now we're Gonna go meet up with Ted Miller so he's Got some chili for us and we're hungry So all right I'm Ted yep nice to meet You dude Ted yeah can I see you thanks For having us And the problem he's got three bucks That's kind of what I would expect Tim Miller to say actually Yeah They even put little old May in there It's very nice Oh you look at it How is that Oh that's good That's wonderful all right I guess I'll Try one you might as well I don't know how good the footage was But

I was not gonna cooperate with any kind Of being told to wait for him to this or That you couldn't do what had to be done Already yeah he's pretty familiar how is It buddy always good I don't don't set It too much higher above your head Because your tongues will probably try To beat your brains out That's our text in there send that Footage to the federal and see what they Want to do about that yeah That's what that's what cost me another Day of walking Federal you got another 20 000 steps Tomorrow because I can at least send you like a gift card To the like get some food Yeah here's a massage Subway coupons I mean 50 pounds of ice in a sub Sandwich ice my legs down That's the book quite loosed but I was And I referenced that in my Interview Hit her Little back a little bit