Deer Hunting with a Pistol for the First Time!

By | December 26, 2022

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We've killed dearest rifles we've killed Deer with bows we've killed deer with Cars But now I want to challenge myself to Finally kill a deer with a handgun and Since I'm already tagged out in Kentucky I packed up all my stuff headed out to North Carolina to meet up with my buddy Braden price now Braden is the first Person I ever knew to actually hunt with A pistol and I've been watching him hunt For a pistol for literally years he's Killed a ton of different bucks with Pistols and he's even retched out and Got some pigs and a fox with his pistol As well Once I arrived in North Carolina I met up with Braden and his friends Peter and Garrett after I took a little Tour of Braden's compound I headed back To Braden's camper where I'm actually Going to be staying for the rest of the Week All right guys it is officially day one At the BP compound slept pretty good Can't complain since I got in late last Night we didn't want to hunt this Morning but we are going to be hunting This evening but as for the middle of The day we're gonna be taking my 10 Millimeter down to his gun range and Actually shoot it around you know we got To get more comfortable with it but Anyways to start our morning we're Actually heading on inside and Braden's

Going to show us some of the Bucks that He has on camera at the property we're Going to no guarantee we're going to see Any of these bucks but it's good to know What's in the area just in case they Walk by as I creepily snuck through Braden's back door I realized nothing Was stirring not even a mouse so I came On outside and it turns out Braden Actually wouldn't wake up for the next Two hours since I can't just pull out my 10 millimeter and start blasting in his Backyard I went ahead and pulled out my Bow and got a few shots in real nice and Early Foreign [Music] He finally woke up Sleeping Beauty's Awake I needed my beauty sleep man I got We Ready here's some of the Bucks we Actually have in the area so here's some Hogs to start off with these Jokers just Showed up on the power line and Hopefully we get a chance at him here's A big buck we call uh Papa he's blind in His left eye so we named him Popeye and The girlfriend's been trying to kill him Here's a young deer we've passed a lot This year he's got a broke eye guard so It's pretty easy to recognize him but we See him all the time on the power line a Little ten point we got on camera right Here there's a high high possibility we Might see this deer if we hunt the power

Line just because he's been coming there Every single night but he's a little Two-year-old ten point and here's a deer I want to let Kendall shoot now this Deer right here we call them patches I Actually shot this deer with a 50 BMG Last year and he didn't die he just Showed back up eight hours later we got A bunch of does obviously those are Always everywhere down there can't kill Enough of them I'm ready to see what Kill but without further Ado we loaded Up Brayden Defender hopped in the truck And headed on down to Brighton's deer Club where we're going to be using as a Home base to hunt these deer And you got a few trail cameras on this Tree or what that's the security tree Okay Come check out the clubhouse Is my bedroom Deer heads everywhere a bunch of old Pictures it's pretty sweet yeah there's My dad here's a 1980s foiler that bought Brand new Honda 300. were all these Killed here yeah where was that caught At I think here from that pawn in that Pond that used to be here there used to Be stories they have videos of them Going back to back eight Pounders dude Dang there's a lot there's a lot more Mounts there this place has some history This is the home away from home all Right so now that we're here what's the

Game plan We're gonna shoot guns all right so BP What made you start hunting with a Pistol in the first place so Back in the Day 2016 2017. me and Dad we bought our First handguns or at least I got my First and I kept throwing the idea like We should hunt with them it's a uh Glock 40. bad with this handgun I kind of Stole it from him he's probably killed 15 deer with it I probably killed five Or six with it a rest is key when you're Shooting a handgun a really long range Okay inside 20 yards you know the rest Isn't that important but you start Shooting 50 60 yards you want to have a Solid rest so what do you use as a wrist So a lot of stands they'll have a rail You can take the the trigger guard and Shove it up into it really that solid Sometimes just resting the butt and Finding a good Anchor Point this way Using balling up your fist however you Got to do to get steady these 10 mils Are money they are money we're at 100 Yards and he's going to show us what he Can do with his and then I'm gonna see If I can get on that level in the next Five minutes Foreign [Applause] I love it let's try to hit the six inch Plate There you go that's crazy man I sighted

Mine in roughly at about 40. so let me Just try it yeah try it I'll try I'll Try let's see it Kendall what you got Bud this is the Glock mine's just the Sig X10 yep we'll we'll see I don't know Hit it Hit it let's go Yeah I'll go for the small one just to see if The red dots out of there yeah try to Hit a six inch Hit it nice Low left okay Is that good enough to kill it here at 40 yards oh yeah I probably won't shoot One at 100 but if one comes in within 60 And I have a good rest you thought I Could probably do that solid and now It's officially time for our first hunt In North Carolina now since the wind was Blowing in the wrong direction to hunt The pistol stands we decided to go to a Different stand and take the rifles to Try to harvest some doughs all right Guys it's been about three hours since We shot the guns my voice is completely Gone I may or may not be completely dead By Nightfall I'm just kind of Because if I whisper you can't tell that All is my voice out at Braden's least There's literally a ton of those and at This point we're just going to try to Harvest some meat which we're gonna be Cooking up later in this video and I'm

Gonna be showing you one of my favorite Recipes to cook up some deer for this Hunt since we were in the big blind we Were actually able to talk a little bit We had a great time hunting there we saw A few does but they were unfortunately Across the property line Braden did Actually get an opportunity to shoot a Bobcat but unfortunately we went down to Look at it we found fur we found blood But we just did not find it On day two the win for the pistol stands Was literally perfect so we loaded up For 10 millimeters and headed on into The stand as we's walking in we realized There was actually deer at the feeder While we were walking so we slowed it Down a little bit and tried to make a Stalk on them Easy Not good I don't think any of the Bucks Were with them yeah so I think we'll be Okay for Buckeye So now our game plan Sit here wait for the ambush Here we go Doing What do you think You hit her right behind us right behind Us let's go Well we just smacked Up we were not gonna check it until You know potentially another Buck could That deer was so close I was just

Telling Kendall he had a rifle in his Hands he couldn't have got that rifle Out the window without that deer Spooking I'm more eight foot off the Ground and that deer was at seven yards There's no way with a rifle but Kindle Went I was I didn't know I don't know where she was standing Because I was walking through the camera Dude five yards literally right there That is awesome I got my pistol maybe I'll smack it though if a dough comes in And we'll keep sitting we'll sit till Dark and hopefully get kindled around These bucks Watcher Watcher where'd you go there she is There she is Down I don't know I'd have a great prop I think she's going down I didn't see Her come out on the left side my prop Was bad but she was moving downwind and She got downwind and smelt us so I was Like Don't ever think you can tell when she Was about to run yeah she was about to Get out of there guys what's crazy 40 does or something insane so you you Should have a ton of toes you're just Moving yeah Yeah as a deer dog just because even Though we're pretty sure they're both Like Smackdown dead his buddy wants to

Get his dog out get it some game time It'll be cool just watching the dog do His thing and getting some practice in So that's gonna be pretty fun hopefully The dog get a lot of practice and Hopefully we put a third one on the Ground Wait wait She ain't going far All right there's there's dirty later in The evening after we shot those three Does we had a little button butt come Out but once again since he's a button Bug we definitely don't want to shoot Him and we want to let him grow for at Least two three four more years and Hopefully he'll turn into a big old Buck Who knows maybe I'll get to shoot him in Four years but by that time we was done Hunting and we headed on out to meet up With the tracking dog do you remember The deal from the last yeah yeah you Don't pet her if we'll take it two of Them are 100 dead the second one we shot Couldn't tell with how the camera shuts I'll probably be the one would go after First just in case let's see what we can Do how long have you had that dog this One she's uh four and a half did you Train her to be a deer dog for blood Trailing you or well game recovery okay Blood trailing is very misconceptive and So since you do game recoveries a lot How does a 308 do do you get any calls

For that or it's about uh what's the Most common yeah and whenever you find The 6.5s how does it do uh the main Problem with the 6.5 is they just don't Bleed it'll go in the size of a pencil It'll come out size of a pencil and I Mean when that's the situation there's Not going to be blood so now it's time To let the dog do its thing basically This is a tracking dog and this dog was Even capable of tracking humans or Whatever the owner put it on but in our Case it's here to track deer and it's Actually pretty simple the dog just gets On the trail of the deer that's wounded And trails of the deer all the way up Until it finds the deer dead and one Interesting thing I learned is that a Wounded deer and a normal deer actually Puts off different scents through their Foot so this dog is actually specially Trained to only track deer that are Wounded 90 yards There's you that's awesome man yeah so The dog just comes and basically plays With it Aggressively yeah Got it right there baby Yeah back off a little bit okay awesome Kindle that one's yours let's go number Two about 10 mil put some work on it Yeah yeah Did it actually it should have accident

Yeah it did perfect yeah I was about to Say that had to exit that's the main Thing you see with handgun arounds they Don't punch all the way through there we Go number two down out for the count After we found my deer we put the dog on The other deer and just like that it Went through and found the other deer With no problem at all we went ahead and Loaded up the deer and we took them off To get them processed and this concludes Day two For day three we're still out here Looking for that North Carolina buck With a pistol so we headed out to the Stand hoping to see one of those bugs That Braden had showed us two days prior We've seen a few does walk in but Unfortunately the big buck just never Came out this evening I guess that's why It's called hunting we didn't get a bug This trip but we definitely got it Though and I'm super happy about it so Let's head on back to Kentucky and let Me show you guys how we're gonna cook This thing step one head to your freezer And pick out which cut of meat you want On a real note though take a look at all The meat you get out of one deer you Literally get so much meat but for today I actually want to get some of the deer Hamburger step two thaw out your deer Hamburger and put it down in a pan this Is whenever you're going to get your

Seasoning and season all that hamburger Meat up really good then you're gonna Turn around get an onion chop that bad Boy up and dice that thing into the Hamburger meat and go ahead and start Cooking step four Once the meat is 95 Finished go ahead and get you some Strips of cheese and just layer that all Over the top and watch it melt right Into the deer me step five pull out some Buns put you a big slab of that meat on There and just like that you have a deer Slider ready to eat this may just be one Of the best things I've ever made no cat Fam what are your thoughts on it this is What I call a deer slider because it's Kind of like weird it's not like a Hamburger but it kind of is but it kind Of ain't what do you think it's gonna be Hard to eat what why because it's gonna Fall off no you can cook it the same way Put it on tortilla you put it on a roll Whatever you want This is the real deal unlike my last Thing I cooked I just want to say thank you so much Braden for having me out there and Helping me kill the deer and big shout Out to God for uh you know making deer Taste so good click it over here if you Want to see me hunt hogs in Florida for The first time or right over here for me Killing a bear in Idaho that was Literally awesome