Deer Hunting with Walmart’s CHEAPEST Rifle!

By | December 16, 2022

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In this video our goal is to go to Walmart buy the cheapest rifle you Possibly can and then kill a monster Buck with it and after we kill the deer We're going back to Walmart buying some Cheap cooking supplies and then we're Going to cook him up the best we know How so without further Ado let's head on Down to Walmart and buy the cheapest Rifle they have here are the weapons we Have to choose from and that is the ammo We have to choose from honestly pretty Good selection now we're looking for a Deer rifle that preferably already has a Scope on it and we're looking for one That's pretty cheap I see a CVA Cascade Right there I saw that Let's go what's that one yeah Let me see that 165 axis I think I do got a Mossberg price If you had it I'm excited to see this Three away because my cousin has one and I really like that and they're not super Expensive either and it's camo And it comes with a scope already too Yes it does And this one's in 308 did you say how Much are these 378. that might be the Cheapest one here ain't it yeah I think It looks the best too we think Adam it's Three awake so it's a caliber we have a Lot I think we'll go with this one we'll Go with this one all right let's get you

Started all right guys it's been a Couple days this is the gun we ended up Getting it's a Mossberg Patriot Chambered in 308 it came out to be under 400 which is pretty cheap but that Doesn't mean it can't kill a deer the Ammo we're using is this PowerPoint Winchester makes it it's just 150 grain Soft point should be pretty perfect for Deer so we're gonna sight in right here About 65 yards I don't know how accurate This thing's gonna be but that's okay it Doesn't have to be extremely accurate to Kill it here we go the scope isn't great But it did it came with the scope for Free so Oh my gosh I shook really better there Dude it kicks hard for just what it is I Seen right here I'm about a two inches Low so I'm gonna go ahead and adjust try To bring it right up and we should be Good to go Walmart's cheapest rifle with Walmart's Cheapest ammo was putting out about a Six inch group at only 60 yards usually We look for guns that can put one inch Groups at a hundred yards although I Wasn't too excited about it I knew I Could still kill a deer with this gun I Just had to play smarter I had to get Closer shots and really take my time if I wanted to put a deer down with this Roth and since I've already tagged out In Kentucky with my last buck I packed

Up my stuff hit the road and headed out To Virginia where I would be given three Additional bug tags all right guys we Made it to Virginia I heard my buddy Tanner and I have the Walmart gun out Here I was not impressed and I'm sure You could tell I got 60 yards that thing Was shooting a group about like that so I don't know if it was the ammo or what But this guy was not doing me good Yesterday in Virginia there is a ton of Deer and there's not exactly a ton of Hunters so that means you can kill a lot Of doves our plan today shoot literally Whatever walks out if it's brown it's Down if it's a fawn it's gone we'll take A doe ASAP and we'll worry about getting A big buck A little bit later our Strategy today is extremely weird since We're hunting with rifles we're gonna Act like we're hungry Rivals you know What I hate that saying I want to stop Saying that long story short dude we're Just gonna walk around in this field we Got like a lot of fields here with a lot Of Hills we're gonna walk around if we See something we're gonna rock around And hopefully it drops it's like 200 Acres so we have a lot of land to cover And there should be some deer in the Field so I hate to say this guys but my Confidence in this gun is so low Down for real Afar

Did it see us yeah it's awesome Oh dang it there it goes that stinks Well there you go maybe this strategy Isn't really that good maybe if there's You coming out right there we should Probably set up and be ready because you Think you're coming right back out there I feel like they would Well guys we kind of just walked up on a Deer But it's giving me a really bad shot Hunter call the wild I'd take that shot All day but in real life That is not a good shot [Music] A little spot in stock Dropped it let's go All right guys we got it this is a weird Hunt but we did get a doe right here Nothing massive but I mean yeah for what It is we do want the meat that's for Sure and well we got the meat so as the Budget gun did it the budget got did it But I don't think the budget gun's done Yet because I don't think that was Necessarily a fair chance for the little Budget gun but uh yeah where did I hit It yeah we hit it right there that's About a perfect shot so uh she'll eat Good I guess I mean it's not a trophy Can't really Mount this thing but it's Dead so we're gonna go ahead and get This thing skinned up get all the meat Off of it but that's for the rest of the

Week go budget Walmart gun she's gonna Be looking for a buck Foreign [Music] Unfortunately my Walmart gun or maybe Fortunately I don't know the scope fell Off so we can't use it anymore but my Buddy Tanner is actually using a CVA Cascade and if you remember back from Shopping in Walmart that was actually One of the options that I could have Bought at Walmart all right guys If it's a doe which it is The damage that they can do to a deer All right Foreign Let's see where they go if they go They're running right Oh it's dead right there Go down let's go all right guys there's Literally no tracking necessary since it Went down about 30 yards right in front Of us but I'm interested in what the 350 Legend did because I don't really know Anything about that bullet so I want to See if it put a lot of blood on the Ground I don't know so it was standing Right over here somewhere it took like a Weird Loop so I'm gonna just look for Blood just as if we never found it I'm Not seeing like an explosion of blood Like I'd see with like a 300 wind mag or Something but you keep looking here's Some fur you knocked off of it I don't

Know how that worked well here's where Your bullet went through through the Deer and hit the ground here or Something oh here's some blood here's Blood yeah okay yeah here's blood yeah She's uh she's putting out a decent Little Blood Trail right now by this Time right here about 60 yards in it's Starting to bleed pretty pretty easy Trail here's the deer where'd you hit it Oh just right there in the shoulder so Yeah it's about a perfect shot as you Can get just a little high but yeah not Bad at all that's perfect That's a giant though dude three 400 Pounds I'd say about 550. you wanna flip it Over and see what the exit looks like Yeah all right let's do that oh yeah Exited right there so uh perfect sweet In the food plot too so you don't have To yeah easy easy back a truck up we're Good [Music] So now that we have two does down with Two Walmart guns it's time to go after The big buck that we came [Music] We've seen some dough but unfortunately The buck was nowhere to be found at that Point my time in Virginia was over so Let's head back to Kentucky and let's Figure out how we're going to cook this Thing but instead of going to Walmart

And actually buying supplies I figured It'd be cheaper to just go to my 147 Your grandma's house and loot her Cabinets for supplies instead She didn't really have much but she did Have salt and pepper and that should be Enough step one get the big slaps of Back strap and set them down on a plate We took salt and pepper and then you Know just kind of seasoned them a little Bit the best we could we seasoned them Real good because you know why not next Step we pulled out the electric skillet Turned it on and then while it was Heating up we took a look around Mammy's House and figured out just how gangster She actually is [Music] It's a new phone who this Say what now new phone who this say that You phoned you this new phone who this New phone do this look at look at this And say no new phone who this your phone Do this who this who this yeah no phone Who this new phone use this new phone Who this Who did new phone who this there you go So I'm talking about stinking Thug but Just real quick if y'all been watching Me wear this hat a lot for hunting Things we actually just got them up on The website shop a First link description orange buck stops Here hat pretty sick just wanted to let

Y'all know eventually the skillet warmed Up so we went ahead and grabbed the back Strap set them right down in that Skillet and let them Sizzle away what do You think maybe I don't know That's about right couldn't said it Better myself They're done yeah I don't know yeah [Music] Bonjour Looks good all right maybe I'll give you That piece I'll take this piece let me Do a little cut open real quick see what It looks like on the inside it should Still be a little red but that's Actually what we want there it is guys It is a little red in there but that Should make it taste pretty good well Maybe yours ain't yours ain't done Today no that all right I messed up Abort Mission I messed up really bad After I almost killed my grandma with Food poisoning we put the deer back in The skillet to go ahead and actually Cook it 10 minutes later we pulled it Out and it was actually cooked this time And I just want to warn you this is a This is a really big buck so it might be A little tough okay Is it tough I'm gonna let you try that with a new Tail now

It's not too tough Okay trying to get that wild tasted yeah It tastes really bad actually I don't like it this is all like that Well it's really to love it I don't love It but I it ain't never Foreign Click over here if you don't see me kill My biggest deer in Kentucky or right Over here for two more of my Walmart Hunting challenges