Duck Hunting a Public Marsh | Mixed Bag of Ducks

By | November 11, 2022

The guys head out to a public marsh they hunted last year. Water levels are way down but they are still able to have a good hunt. While they are rushing to set up we go back to last years mixed bag hunt from the same area! APPAREL: 👉
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Good morning everybody we got like Two seconds till shooting light so we're Gonna make this nice and quick on a Cattail Marsh uh water levels really low A bunch of different types of ducks in Here we hunted here last year had a good Hunt we'll show that to you right now Wow we get all of our crafts together And situated before ducks Continue to fly because they're already Flying so [Music] It's just about shooting light and it's Gonna be shooting light in about 30 Seconds it's got Ducks running around Brad's all set dogs are all set Smooth Cherry Creek right now we just Had a Widgeon a couple guy walk about Hover in our faces so Hopefully it's good morning starting to Drizzle a little bit so hopefully it Doesn't affect the camera here but other Than that it's beautiful [Applause] Watch the dog Come back over our back right [Music] It's a nice weekend Later [Music] Your head [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Hello [Music] Right Nice We got all three of those They came in peeping away yeah That was cool did any land in front of Us what did any land in front of us no All three of them landed behind us they Came in making so much noise That jerk jerk rig is a ticket I think Too Foreign [Music] [Applause] Slowed down quite a bit lots of shooting Going on today we ended up with 11 or 12 Docks we lost one Unfortunately you go down these Cattails And it makes it even hard for the dogs To find them but nonetheless fun hunting This morning we're gonna get packed up Get out of here and we'll catch you guys On the next one gonna do the best I can Today uh filming a couple buddies and Yeah should be a fun morning so hope you Enjoy it There's guys to our right too Foreign Those flavors I think they were pintail Yep three in the decoys which Foreign That's cool Time check

There they go Sky's full Leave the light A couple guys shooting already got some Birds in the decoys Ice Wow I was like just talking to the cabin I was just talking to the camera In my face How did you guys how did you get [Music] [Music] [Applause] Bad they sketch me they kind of they're Kind of scary Foreign Good boy Geez I didn't see them either Foreign [Music] All right we got our first light shoot Boys only got a couple Ducks left seems Like Scout's picking up a few there it is Good dog and uh and I'm gonna grab the Gun Got some Woodies beautiful beautiful Woody bunch of teal one of those three That we shot [Music] It was fast and furious Ducks everywhere We just swapped and he's gonna do the Best he can film it it's [Music]

5 a.m High box big box [Music] [Music] Got that one that's Drake that's Beautiful I know I got one [Music] [Music] I bark at him okay Some coming right here right down the Line [Music] You'll have that on them [Music] That was beautiful [Music] All right Jack and Scout are grabbing The last duck where uh too short of a Three-man awesome morning Um first flight was wild I was obviously Filming that and then we swapped Beautiful sunrise October multiple Species where we shot green Wings wood Ducks one pintail mallards and a widget So five different species this morning Can't complain about that first nice Really cool windy morning of the season So Get everything packed up get out we hope You guys enjoyed it and we're gonna be Chasing ducks and geese opens up next Weekend so we'll be out and about so we Appreciate you guys thanks for watching Catch you on the next one