EXTREME COLD Deer Hunting | Late Season Muzzleloader Buck

By | January 4, 2023

Brett and Jake head out to Iowa and will be deer hunting in extreme cold to try and fill a late season muzzleloader tag! APPAREL: 👉
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Oh we are in Iowa it is cold already So we're sitting out night one because We don't have a weapon to hunt with All right well hey this is the weather We wanted yeah it is cold cold for late Muzzy sitting on a food source Situation doesn't get any better we Counted over 70th Year from One o'clock to about 5 30. he's mature So we're gonna we're gonna kill him if We see him there's obviously a few other Mature bucks in the area that Been coming after dark but maybe they'll Come earlier today [Music] All right everybody welcome to another Video this one's being shot from my cell Phone this intro so hopefully you guys Uh don't mind it too bad I'm in this Blind right now I'm in Southern Iowa I Have a late season Muzzy tag I was out Here for work in St Louis this week and I jumped up to a couple Farms I have to Hunt late season we're kind of setting It up this weekend the season opens Monday we had a wicked front coming in Uh later next week the farmers you can See he's knocking down some corn for me On this Farm probably gonna have three Four acres of corn knocked down to hunt So I'm just out here I'm gonna get some Cells up I'm just getting a feel for the Farms I've never been on these Farms Before and uh this set it up and

Hopefully run back out and catch a cold Front next week but uh right now we're Getting it set up I'm excited it looks Awesome in here the deer on this corner Already and it'll be even more on this Corn when it's October after this we're Over to a different Farm get some stuff Set up so it should be a good afternoon Probably an hour and a half left before Dark don't really have anything else to Do got my last cell up down this bottom Yeah I'm just gonna sit and watch this Farm because uh there's a lot of beans Standing I'll show you here in a second I just figured what am I gonna do for The next hour and a half before dark Might as well just uh sit in here and Watch and see if I can observe something We will see It opens Monday I'll let you know if I See anything if not next time you'll see Us we'll probably be in the truck headed Back out here from the Northeast That's right That's gas fuel of the trip out Oh we are in Iowa It is cold already it's uh 10 degrees Maybe Oh he's drove through the night Jake Took over about 5 A.M So I was getting a little tired but We're a couple hours out we're gonna get Some breakfast here I think fuel up the Truck we had the last two hours shoot

The guns chill get everything organized And get in a blind tonight but uh I'm excited this weather is it's cold Like already and it's going to get way Colder so these deer should have to eat You all situated Ready to be shot at was that I got Headphones in So you're ready guys put a Target out There 200 Just gonna try to Make sure everything's as it should be [Applause] Foreign We should be sitting in the blind right Now probably about to pull the trigger On a dough Watching a beautiful three-year-old and I know that because he's on the cell Right now in front of the blind But we're not we're headed to Our buddy Corey O'Day's house he's gonna Bail us out he's gonna muzzleload her For me to use I don't know what to say I was not prepared for this hunt the way I should be and the muzzle where I Brought was I don't know what's going on with it and Then I borrowed a Muzzleloader from the People we're staying with and I shot all their powder unknowingly so We have no powder to hunt with I got the Gun dialed in but now we have no power

To hunt with it we can't find any Anywhere So we're sitting out night one because We don't have a weapon to hunt with I Should have brought my backup gun I Don't know I just Bad situation I totally my fault no one Else is uh Buddy Cory O'Day is going to bail us out And he's got a gun that's pretty pretty Well dialed so uh we're going to pick That up we've got about an hour drive I'm gonna go see him Really appreciative he's bailing my butt Out big time but it's not at the end of The world although it sucks for to have A you know be out here for three nights To hunt and not get the hunt one of them Is kind of a big deal probably for like Seven days of wow whatever not the first Night we got three nights and now we got Two nights so I don't know I don't like I don't like this I don't Like being ill-prepared I feel like it's Just That's stressful it was stressful and It's not me I'm usually pretty well Prepared and across not my eyes across My teeth like that Not the case tonight so I'll have to pick up the gun we go It's Jake nice to meet you Corey Well he made it

First shot was a little low and I was Like we should get 200 and I was like Okay Shut second shot hit like the bullet 200 Was like oh great and I was like I just Want to shoot at 100 just to make sure Yeah I got where you know yeah third at 100 yards not even on the paper gee I'm Like well thank God and I'm like what's Going on so I shoot again a hit Hit 100 and I'm like like good I'm like Okay but like what was that now I had Like the other shots like mine in the Back right so I'm like I shoot it again So shoot a third shot this if now it's Tumbling and I'm like she's a fourth Shot tell me and I'm messing with Everything and trying to resize bullets And it's just like yeah I I Um yeah good to meet you Hopefully I'll be back with it tomorrow Evening or something like that yeah I can meet you guys somewhere too All right I think we're good I hope so I feel pretty confident right Now Just knowing Corey and knowing his Particularly where's the Lethal Weapon All right it's time to get some food Back in the game we're back in the game Got a good night's sleep we got Cory's Gone it's uh like 10 o'clock hadn't Slept in a long time so it's good to get That sleep if we're going out into this

It says it's six below with like 20 Miles an hour winds so we'll get see What it's like when we walk out there But it's not It's not that bad Coffee and some food Get back get changed get the blind yeah I talked to Champa he's like did you Talk to Brett I'm like Brett lost Service but he was driving to Iowa and He's like yeah you got to call him and I'm like good morning How are you Staying warm What size is this this a medium or a Large Storm All right let's go kill big buck I have five degrees Five Below This is the high for today yeah that's The high well hey this is the weather we Wanted yeah it is cold cold for late Muzzy sitting on a food source Situation doesn't get any better It could be a deer there could be you're Coming from a pretty long way so this Corn field [Music] So Before I go up this hill And Park Around The bottom there let's do it fired up

Iowa late here we go Foreign Rest here on the window of the blind Then I got this trigger jigs trigger Sticks as a rearrest I'm real solid I Think that far ends like between two and Two fifty and the close shots are about 70 80 yards so most of those deer are Going to be in that corn so I guess We'll talk a little bit about About the setup obviously we've been Talking about it's like guys about six Below zero today we have some wind but We're kind of down this little bottom And so the wind isn't super high it's Probably 15 to 20 which isn't bad what We have here is I'm gonna guess it's Four to five acres of knock down corn so It's just been knocked down and then the Top we have standing corn too there's a Little food plot right in here but it's Pretty well demolished if I have boogers In my nose sorry it is what it is yeah It's like beautiful we have snow we Should see deer coming and you're nice And early and see what time it is 12 30. so plenty early we figured they May move really early today yeah Everything's good man Jake's ready we're All warm let's kill him I'm excited About tonight Window here I should be able to shoot The whole field about this window and uh Jake will film from this one

Good season Mozzy never experienced this I've obviously hunted a lot of places Been fortunate but never experienced the Late season cold snow food source game In Iowa and so get some cells on this Field that I put up last weekend as you Guys saw in uh you know there's there's A handful of mature box coming on Nothing huge nothing like the Iowa giant You like kind of think about Iowa but Really that's not what I'm here for I Just want to have a great experience see A bunch of deer hunting these extreme Conditions over food source and uh you Know if I pull the trigger on a mature Buck whether he's 100 inches or 180 and Just I really don't you know make some No difference I'm fired up I got a little bit of exposure there and Get that buckled up this cornfield Sandwich between two big blocks of Timber the surrounding area around all That is like CRP more or less and uh so Like we're in the middle of all the Cover and this cornfield's like located Right in the middle and the cornfield is To our West and we have like a West Northwest wind blowing back towards us Down this base Access Road there is a chance deer can Come up this road but like I think most Are going to be coming from the south And the north to this corn we should be Good shape so that's the setup you can't

Beat this this perfect situation so Hoping one of these bucks gets up and Moves in daylight tonight I'm pretty fired up we're in the emerald Oh boy I don't know what to do Oh man That's nonetheless it's still on the List I know I gotta watch them and make sure he's What I think he is Yeah I used to he was out their ways Well we just had I believe a five-year-old Buck out there Was kind of on the fence about him I I Don't know if he's five he just looked Mature from everything we've seen he Came out and surprised us it's a Jesus It's only like this is 120 in the Afternoon Um and he was out there about two Well he came out and by the time I Figure out where he was he went out to Like he turned and was walking away and I couldn't get a good look to like judge Him and like what he was I know what Deer it is from Gerald Karen pictures But he went up to like 270 and then he Was facing away 270 just really not like If I'm gonna shoot that fire I really Need to like and it's windy right now I Need to have plenty of time and get a Good broadside whatnot and get a good Look at him satellite I just If you know if he was out there at 100

That's different but that's a poke in The wind and he just fed for maybe not Even a minute 30 seconds and went into The corn so he's around to see that deer At 120 the earliest he's been in this Cornfield on these cameras last week was 15 minutes before dark so I'm very Hopeful that some of these other bucks Are going to show up Um they'll probably come back and I bet He will come back 13 you know it's Really windy so they still are like kind Of a little bit sketched out but they're Moving You're looking at that dear I'm Certainly [ __ ] myself All right unfortunately this wind is not Going down we just got probably the Highest gossip we've had all day all Afternoon we had deer up there nice Three-year-old ten So it's really not good Seeing a lot more relaxed here if the Wind was Like I said lower but I don't know we Still get an hour left Just hoping that one of these mature one Crawls back up before dark and stays Still enough and I feel like it was First just shoot him before it runs off Three two or three years Call of Duty might be big Enough

Right there Three more that's 45. Okay Foreign That was nuts I'm like Frozen It was it's 11 below Still about 20 miles an hour wind it Must be negative 30 below like Negative 30 below it doesn't make sense It must be 30 below at the wind chill it Was so cold we're in that blind but we Had to keep those we didn't have to we Kept the windows open because they're Iced over so like it was a I mean we saw a deer we saw we counted Over 70 deer from One o'clock to about 5 30. you know some Of them sure twice a lot came and went Through the afternoon until last Light And that last Light Feel filled up there's one right there It's about 30 37 38 deer in the field last Light All right come on just do something So I was wild I've never even seen That's by far the most I've ever seen That was cool got the experience Unfortunately Uh no big buck as far as I could tell There's that one Buck we saw early and I Think we saw him again Um I just I'm on the fence on them I Have to think about a lot you know

Tonight because that may be the only one We're gonna see but yeah we will see Um wild night awesome full Iowa late Muzzleloader experience Frigid cold Snow just freaking awesome so We're gonna go get warmed up get Something to eat and then hopefully We'll have a good sit tomorrow But wow It's cold it's cold Five miles an hour windy here while We're on the top of the hill but It's gracious it's freaking purple Foreign My hands Frozen the wind is dead West Straight freaking Down the road a little different than Last night last night was more Northwest But that's all right right in the face Next year the evening Right there Can you see her 112. about the same as Last yesterday He's been in here for like five minutes Maybe What is going on all right so I'm doing The interview like with my arm up Because the wireless mic only works with My arm up in the air figure that one out It's too cold and my brain's too dumb For me to figure it out there's a deer Out there two deer already Um

Who decided we're after the big little Buck I've named them the big little nine Or the big little seven or six whatever The heck he is I don't know he ain't Much on hate much on the eyes but uh Yeah otherwise but he's mature so we're Gonna we're gonna kill if we see him There's obviously a few other mature Bucks in the area that have been coming After dark but maybe they'll come Earlier today it's super cold and windy Windier than yesterday even but it's Straight west we're on the leeward side Of this little Ridge so we're hoping That these deer just want to funnel into This corn on the leeward side so we got One out there right now what do you Think Jake anything to add I like the name it's a little bit a Little big book Had to name them couldn't help it if he Steps out and it's not blowing a million Miles an hour at 260 yards well Kill him Let's kill Him Down there Okay ready Come on Oh my God yes Sir good feeling Dude he knows that didn't he yes I have the GoPro working right before Oh My God yes

I just shot that 10 with a split browse Okay at 2 30 with 30 mile an hour winds Up here I hammered him he like just like Took it hard and I think he just went Like down into the cage He's a nice buck he's not like huge but He's he's solid That's awesome what time is it it's 3 33. three yeah we're gonna try to shoot A doe I think and then go get them Because we still got like two and a half Hours of light so oh man so I guess We'll shoot a doe and then uh I mean I would have we've had those We've had deer all night in front of us So really oh something will come out Yeah like a 180 . Oh man all right so Yeah we didn't agree we're fired up okay This is such an awesome hunt we're gonna Uh reload the gun and try to kill a Dough I have a doe tag and there's so Many deer on this Farm we should I would Imagine have a doe come out before too Long Hopefully we can kill her and then we'll Get Everything taken care of before dark and Before you get working Oh my goodness that's the biggest buck To be a picture of I mean that's what you want That's what you're oh my god

Dude that's her there's two rolls of Corn facing right broadside all right You got her yeah You're on that group of deer yeah okay Ready yep You're good Foreign All right buddy I could see this blood coming down the Whole other opposite side shoot her tail Now I found her quick all right let's go Get that buck hell yeah dude [Music] Is a shooter All right Hurry up because Let's ride over to go to the buck first Get them get them tagged and then uh We'll get that dough we're gonna write To him first though Oh yeah Who's good afternoon I'm just browsing We broke that off Look at his head she's like an abscess Oh yeah dude Sweet That'll do All right All right we got the buck we're gonna go Try to find this dough You sure don't score Perfect successful night I'd say Absolutely all right we have got the

Deer hung bucking the dough uh it's real Cold but we're in the barn now so we're Out of the wind at least we're gonna get These guys processed Um Get in the cooler Jake's gonna catch her Flight home for Christmas and I'm gonna Slowly make my way back in the truck I Just want to make sure you guys all up There real bad if he isn't home in time But what a great night awesome Experience out here in Iowa Um exactly what I wanted to do I wanted To cut really cold temperatures you know Set a food source see a bazillion deer And kill a nice buck and you know a Dough for a freezer so Awesome I had a great time got the full Iowa late season experience and uh this Is probably gonna wrap it up for me for The year I would say it was a tough year In New England for me I had some issues Health things going on with the family And the middle of the Season kind of got Away from me but early season was Awesome this hunt was awesome maybe get Out mass for the end of the year maybe Not but uh either way I'm happy with the Season thank you guys for watching Hopefully you enjoyed this one it was Definitely a new experience for me and Jake and we had a great time and yeah Good job buddy yeah dude awesome Hopefully enjoyed it if you do please

Please please like And subscribe Subscribe if you haven't already and we Will see you in the next one we have More action coming to you I'm sure see You later