Finding LOCKED DOWN BUCKS! – River Bottom Rut Tactics

By | November 25, 2022

Keith and Hayden find bucks on Missouri Public Land.



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Happy Thanksgiving guys hopefully y'all Are having a great fall so far and that You get to spend some time with your Family and your friends this weekend we Really appreciate each and every one of You that's followed us and watched our Videos here at the hunting public we Could not be doing what we do without You guys so we appreciate all of you and Before we get into today's video Hayden Wanted me to mention a few things for You about our Black Friday sales on the Website everything's on sale right now It's our biggest sale of the year you Can all save an additional 10 on your Order by using any one of the guys names In the code box so just put in war and You'll save 10 or 10 or Jake or Zach or Greg anybody's name you can enter and It'll save you a little bit of money the Best way to support our channel is Through our merchandise and through our Website so head on over there and pick Up some thp swag for the holidays but Thanks again guys appreciate all of you Now let's get to today's video Foreign [Music] Down there he is hunting right now got The car backed up no idea where I'm Gonna be after Missouri that's going to Be probably the last time I'm gonna hunt There I got a tag Hayden's got a tag It's gonna be warm this week but it's

The last week before rifle season which Starts Saturday today's Monday so good Four days to hunt it's going to be in The 70s and maybe even 81 on Wednesday It's looking like we're gonna hunt Through it it's the best week so I won't Say it's the best week but but it's a Good week nonetheless try to make the Most of that second tag we'll get her Done Foreign Started off really slow and then saw That dough out in the middle of the CRP In about half hour later I saw that First really big buck looked like he was Gonna come right down this Edge towards Me but I think he caught scent of that Dough that came through first and then Followed her Trail and right at last Light another Buck even bigger than the First one came through that same Gap That the doe and the first buck went Through they were coming towards me it Was a doe and a buck at one point he Almost mounted her to breed her Eventually they hung up at just over 40 Yards I don't know if my windswirled or They caught me moving they hung up there Till camera light faded and then just Continued on down this Ridge Keith Should be rolling in the next couple Hours here so I'm gonna wait a little Bit longer and pull this stuff out of The tree and head back to the truck and

Come up with the game plan Yeah that's pretty cool news yeah you Said I got pretty good footage of the First one and the second one like you Can see it you can tell it's big I mean It's 40 yards away at that point so We're gonna be we're gonna be in there With them tomorrow so he's the first Deer you saw I saw a doe before him Smaller one no yeah [Music] Oh geez Whoa Freaky oh my God So the dough that came through first Went through that lane that way she came From over here and then the next book I Saw also came through that little Gap But he came from the other way and Started coming right towards me Foreign At this point I'm starting to freak out A little bit thinking it's gonna happen [Music] Turns and starts coming right to me and I'm like here we go And then it catches a little bit of my Wind I think it's swirled on me it was Perfect all evening so that one moment But not like enough where it really Boogered him but he just one of this That sixth sense to have And he just stood there for five minutes Probably

Um Just stood there Oh it's torture and then he didn't like I mean he didn't spook but he once he Got here he kind of trotted off a little Bit and his dough is the dough is down Here so he kind of left the dough a Little bit Is that a spot we should like Be at in the morning or something I'll Show you what I'm thinking after this All right it's November 8th Down this drainage last night I've had My eyes on this place since I've been Hunting here earlier in the season There's not a lot of trees you can get In it's got a lot of thick cover and We're just going to take it real slow And pick this Ridge apart and stand here For a while we can see down into this Drainage a little bit a little bit onto This top where this CRP is we're Planning to be in here all day if we Have to so A little warm but they're still out There doing stuff Hayden and I waited For the day winds to get consistent and Began hunting toward where the bucks Came out of the night before we were Running into hot sign and we bumped a Few does around on the outskirts of the Main betting ticket we called on our way In and made multiple setups before Pushing all the way in while we were

Patiently moving we had multiple groups Of hunters close in on the same bedding Area one of which walked the Ridge Top Directly upwind of the suspected bedding Prompting us to get aggressive and push The rest of the way in and sure enough We find multiple sets of beds and green Rubs from the night before but it was Evident that the deer were not using the Same bedding area the way they were the Previous evening after running into more Hunters and with an 80 degree day in the Forecast we opted to get some more work Done the following day and relocated to Another piece of public that we were Both interested in where we felt we Could escape the heavier loads of Hunting pressure and move into the next Cold front with some fresh optimism All right so Keith and I we got some Work done during the middle of the day And decided to just pull camp and and Head to a different area we still hunted Through that bedding area yesterday and Then ended up that there was a number of People hunting in there and we just Pulled into the new spot we're going to Be hunting we got about 30 minutes left Of light so we're just driving around Trying to get a feel of the land Hopefully get eyes on some deer mainly Track what roads where we can drive and So far it looks like this there's a lot Less pressure here than where we're at

So hopes are high right now we're gonna Go out and see if we can learn something Tonight and be after them in the morning Feeling good about it definitely great Habitat completely different than where We were just at a little change of Scenery never hurts for a rough hunt you Know certainly not Something ain't working right there Oh there's a buck oh Big Buck I'm Assuming he's gonna be right on that Same trailer though there he is oh yeah Uh two-year-old that I'd probably shoot That one let's go ahead and pin down pin On that then well okay feeling pretty Decent seemed to be feeling a little Risky too Okay okay okay and it's 85 degrees All right it is November 10th Keith and I's first morning in this new area last Night we got here in time to drive Around for the evening saw a couple deer One small buck chasing a doe a handful Other does this morning we decided to do A similar thing just drive around see Where people are hunting see if we can Find some deer but uh we just laid eyes On our first deer we saw a fawn running Away and then there was a small buck on Her Trail so I think we're gonna drive Around for the next 30 minutes or so More trying to just narrow down where We're gonna go into first start looking For sign and maybe run into some deer

It's gonna get really hot today it's Gonna be upper 70s but tomorrow the cold Front Rose through huge change over what It's been the last couple days so big Goal for today is to learn as much as we Can so that we're in a good position Tomorrow Foreign Basically just easing on this dike real Slow and just glassing on both sides Trying to catch something moving and Just checking Buck sign I've been Running into a lot of rubs and scrapes One little part that had some Hunter Signed got the wind in her face to the Right we've got a pretty sizable River This time of year bucks like to push Does right up against the river when They're locked down with them just to Keep them isolated from other deer so I Haven't seen any deer yet while we've Been walking but some promising signs so I'm Gonna Keep easing down in here and Hopefully run into one Edge out this way you think You like there's water up there Right there here it is Just walking It's like a spike I don't know that's good this stuff's Just incredible habitat like they could Hold so many deer in here from the sign That we saw up on that deck it is yeah You might have winded us a little bit

There he is right there another one Another one of them chasing each other Bigger bug I think it was a bigger block Foreign We make a play on the deer we saw and Come up with nothing and the warming Temps quickly shut down the deer Movement for the day we make use of the Warm conditions and push around to Deeper areas in the river bottom to Spots we found the highest diversity in While map scouting by the afternoon we Settle into a setup where we pushed in To find the highest concentration of red Hot sign that we had seen yet but with The warm evening we have nothing to show But a deer blowing downwind at last Light but with the sign we found we have High hopes for the weather change in the Morning feeling like we're set up to be In a decent position let's go Well Keith and I are back at camp Cooking up some backstrap vegetables and Some mashed potatoes I think we found The spot we need to be in the morning It's uh the highest concentration of Buck sign I think you can either Keith Or I have ever seen and especially in That specific area we hadn't run into Much bucks on and then all of a sudden We just hit this pocket where it was Just tore up lots of fresh sign too at The end of light we ended up hearing

About what we assumed is a buck blowing Probably 150 yards away from us it Didn't seem like it was too bad either Way with the amount of bucks I'm in There's got to be numerous bucks so I Think it could speak for both of us when I say we're feeling pretty confident About tomorrow we got this cold front Rolling through got a really good spot To start at least probably sit in that Location until about midday and then Maybe just start still hunting our way In further Keith and I are both going to Bring our bows we both got tags we're Hoping we get a couple opportunities at Them but I think we'd settle for one Hoping for two Foreign Coming right out 50. [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Right past your head anyway From far away and I was like I don't Know if you're gonna shoot him but much Right away I was like oh shoot the heck Out of him he was right on the edge I could have drill them pretty easily My position that just is kind of Unfortunate the way he came in yeah He meant a little too fast on that last Couple seconds

That was stupid I wasn't ready I would Never arrow on because I was just like I'm filming you really know what my Position would have been too much here To like actually be able to get yeah Passed you there too much Kind of cool yeah I mean he wasn't huge But Decent yeah It's like the only way I can get drawn From like being right here because he's Literally at eight yards like last time I saw him just like if I could pull this Off to draw before he sees I'm just like Oh yeah maybe he could have done it but Oh well just get back into position 709 I was very closer and closer I was like So I always like I saw him and I was About to ask you but then I was just Like I don't know I'll probably try to Get you to shoot him if you want but you Said you weren't no it's just like [Music] Keeps it tightness Okay [Music] All right it's a little afternoon saw That one Buck this morning that came to 12 yards and scrambled the switch Cameraman and shoot her and ended up Getting caught on the Jaws but go Encounter we haven't seen anything since Then so we're gonna work a little bit

Deeper into this block of Timber and see If we can get eyes on something or find Some more areas like this it doesn't Seem like they're in this exact spot Today so we're gonna go try to find them [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Nope Can you see him sit in there All I can see is Right back in that same spot thank you Keith and I have been still hunting this Timber for the last two and a half hours Scattered side here and there and we had This place on the map in mind the whole Time we were doing it of working this Way in the end a lot of this tender is Really monotonous but when you once you Get to this Edge there's a lot more Diversity and it gets a lot more there's A lot more thicker cover We worked up this Edge for a little bit It didn't see much fresh sign I was Thinking probably start heading back to Where we were this morning and Keith Spotted movement up ahead about 100 Yards sure enough it was a really big Buck and he had a younger satellite buck With him as well Watched him chase that satellite Buck Off and go back into that thick cover

And assuming that he has a doe in there Somewhere the satellite Buck looped Around downwind of us and he ended up Just lightly spooking off the opposite Direction Think we're gonna try to get a little Bit closer to the edge of that cover Because it seems like he wants to hang Pretty tight to that so we're probably Gonna army crawl up to this next big Tree it's a little bit of Deadfall in Front of it and getting set up I don't Think he's going far The situation to be in Bubble right now Foreign [Music] Well Keith and I crawled within 50 or 60 Yards of where we last saw that buck I Tried a couple calling sequences through Everything we had at them and didn't end Up seeing him again not sure if he just Stayed holed up in that thick cover or Potentially may have pushed that Doe Across that slew on the way out we did End up seeing another really big buck That could have been the same Buck on The other side of the slew we didn't Think we could get any closer to where He was set up because we were in really Open woods and where we last saw him was Really thick you couldn't see more than Three yards in there so if we try to get Any closer without knowing exactly where

He was at we probably would have just Blown him out and it would have been Really tough to get a shot through all That stuff rifle season comes in Tomorrow here in Missouri so Keith's Heading back to Iowa to film war and I'm Going to be heading back to Wisconsin to Get some work done to prep for holiday Sales if you want to pick up some Merchandise you can go over to the everything on our Store is for sales it'll be our biggest Sale of the year and you can save an Additional 10 if you use any of the Guy's codes at the end of the day Keith And I had a lot of fun we learned a lot Had some really cool encounters overall It was a pretty successful trip we Didn't have a lot of time but we still Were able to get on bucks just couldn't Close the deal so we're gonna get Driving we'll see on the next one [Music]