Finding Turkey Hunting Spots in the SNOW!

By | January 26, 2023

Hey guys I know it's winter time right Now but if any of you are looking for Spots to turkey hunt this spring now is A great time to get out and do some Scouting I'm out here today and I just Found a pile of scratching and sometimes Turkey scratching is hard to see so if You come out here during the snow it Becomes much easier to see as you can Tell right here behind me this whole Ridge is all scratched up and I thought It could have been deer at first but Once I got up here and got closer I Could see big gobbler tracks laying Right in the top of the snow so snow Really helps you see what's going on if You get some snow in your area leave it Sit on the ground for a few days and Then come out and do some scouting I'm Going to drop a pin right here and the Birds may not be here come springtime in This exact spot but they're probably not Going to be too far