By | November 29, 2022

Jay and Harry travel to Ohio to hunt the rut and see a GIANT buck.

All right well I've got the next seven Days off work so we are packing up the Truck and uh headed to Ohio Um I've got all kinds of stuff To get in here and then I'm gonna be Pulling the trailer with the Four-wheeler as well so uh I'll go get Packed up head over to Josh's and pick Up Harry and then uh we're gonna make Our way over to Ohio [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] Ohio and uh Harry and I came over last Night and we're here for the week so It's our first morning It's like Low 40s maybe I could see my breaths I We got a Northeast wind so our plan is We're going to go kind of the middle of This wood block Um Harry and I was over here a month ago Roughly and we hung some of those uh Those ropes Like scrape ropes so we're kind of gonna Be hunting over close to one of those I've got a camera set up there we've Seen some some decent bucks on camera so It's the rut we're just hoping something Comes cruising through on a hot day but We're gonna be close to some Hardwoods Close to some uh real thick stuff on our To our Southwest

So there's a nice little road that they They usually walk whenever they're Rutting Checking for does so all that thick Stuff so we're hoping something comes Cruising by but we're gonna be in the Saddles we might sit a majority of the Day we brought lunch with us just in Case so we're gonna get in there Will probably cross Look Foreign I'd say the rat's on That's what we want To look like a deep Engagement That's what I said Foreign [Music] This morning Yeah a little sex point In that time I'm just kind of coming back this way Now Now we got him by these trees Still moving right to left [Music] There he is [Laughter] Looks like he's about even with his ears Looks like Foreign All right what is 12 30. Five something like that

And around 11 30 11 15 something like That I was we were talking about getting Down and moving and I looked up and I I text my buddies from Alabama that's Over here hunting And uh telling that we had seen some Deer but I looked up We saw that pretty nice eight point So he wasn't chasing he was just Cruising but What we're going to do now is it's Pretty warm I don't know how warm it is But it's warm the pressure is high Though and it's rising it's going to Continue to rise through tomorrow so Tomorrow morning at like 9 A.M is the High point For pressure so I'm really looking forward to that but We're going to get down now And I'm going to reposition this camera When we came in here this morning I Checked this scrape That's under this Rope and it's got like time marks in and Everything and the camera is kind of Pointed at it but When I looked at it again it's kind of Angled down so I'm guessing it's just Not picking up You know movement at that scrape so We're gonna move it I'm probably gonna Doctor it up put some scent in it and Stuff

And then I've got another camera that we Brought with us that when we were Walking out of here if we find a good Scrape or something I'll probably throw It up so We'll go back and eat another sandwich And then uh figure out what we're gonna Do for the afternoon I think we're gonna hunt the other side Of this wood block Along the creek And uh give it a try and see see what we Can do there so All right it's the third day here in Ohio We came back into the set that we on it On yesterday evening in this Big Thicket So The wind is supposed to be going that Way But every night I noticed yesterday I Got some pearls in here anyhow but In this ticket we got a creek bottom and We got cut cornfields basically almost All around us And then to our North and South We walk to the north we got a big wood Block to our South we got a smaller wood Block we're open these deer are Traveling through this Thicket this low Spot in between these wood blocks Looking for dudes so I'm not sure how long we're going to Stay

What we see For that corner Meaning of Courage Right all the others have the field I think I should try Bradley I just Spotted a giant book He's about 300 yards away I think it's that buck that I got on Camera with that drug That's how big it is Yeah Like white Sycamore if you looked right Through that Sycamore And to the left of it a little bit That's where he was but he was going From right to left he came out of this Draw he was walking that far inch Left Jesus Rock cheese coming right in Right in he's coming right in Jay He's still sane He's in the brush now yeah [Music] Or track run a little bit It it Foreign Oh my God Oh my God he is huge [Music] Wow we can't go high right there I looked up Top of that cornfield it's all that deer I would guess he's

250 yards away something like that Oh yeah yeah See from our right to left And I didn't notice that he had a limp Entice him to come this way Rattle and grunted a little bit if I Didn't know he had a limp but probably I Maybe wouldn't have done that I don't Know If you're walking away you try anything Sir But that's a uh that's definitely a big Big deer Yeah the whole reason that You spend the time over in this area so I'd love for him to uh Get up at some point today Walk right through here that'd be great It gets me pretty excited that's that's For sure [Music]