GIANT KANSAS BUCK w/ a BOW!!! (Bowhunting the Whitetail Rut)

By | January 11, 2023

Our friend Josh Tatum is bowhunting the rut in Kansas and arrows a giant buck!
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Foreign [Music] Bow hunting for whitetails in Kansas During the rut is a special place to be And our longtime friends from the Sunflower State would probably agree There's no place like home If there was one word to describe this Group of good old boys from Kansas it Would simply be brothers through their Love of the outdoors this tight-knit Group of bow Hunters have collectively Spent thousands of hours together in the Field chasing turkeys whitetails and Waterfowl sharing in the highs and lows Of hunting and in life Everybody But tragically that time was cut short When TJ Prater unexpectedly passed away In February of 2019. A devoted husband father and friend TJ's Legacy continues to live on through his Family the lives of those he impacted And through the memories made filming Hunts with his brothers For Derek Josh and Matt especially the Properties tree stands and blinds where They hunted with TJ are a constant Reminder of the time they shared Together in the field One property in particular though was TJ's favorite Farm to hunt where they Logged countless hours in the tree over The years and was where he shot his

Biggest buck ever in 2016 and where he Shot his final buck in 2017. man I Couldn't be happier with this but nice Four-year-old deer came in exactly the Way we wanted to I mean After several seasons of not setting Foot on this property since TJ's passing Josh got the opportunity to go back in And Hunt their old stomping grounds After setting up a trail camera in a Strategic spot along an overgrown field Edge Josh almost immediately started Getting photos of a huge bodied mature Buck better yet the buck was coming out In the corner of a field where TJ had One of his favorite stands a spot simply Known as The beanfield Stand an inside Corner overlooking a field adjacent to a Thick creek bottom with a buck showing Up regularly on camera Josh made a mock Scrape under the same limb where he and TJ had used to make mock scrapes years Ago a couple days later the wind Switched to the South and Josh had the Conditions he needed to go in and hunt The bean field stand and almost Immediately after getting set up he Could hear footsteps heading in his Direction [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] Thank you

[Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] That's What a beautiful bug Shot looked good I didn't hear him go Down he took off back to the east there Oh my goodness stopped right here at This mock Street Yes What a beautiful evening here Oh my goodness Towards the end of October I'm sat in One of TJ stands I thought I filmed them Out of here oh I can't tell me how many Times I filled TJ out of the stand I Believe no one's hunted this since he Has Foreign Of an old bug called a moose it's got a

Lot of I mean he's so wide there on his Beam on his right side There's deer everywhere tonight they are Just getting started here in Kansas We usually we call this spot TJ's being Filled Um Dad beans planted down here but uh The Johnson grass took over and they Actually haven't even harvested it yet We've been in a drought So there's beans out here in this tall Johnson grass but oh my goodness what a Giant Yes Man he would have loved it shot and buck Like that out of this damn what a Beautiful deer Is that I didn't hear him go down but Man that shot looked good I can't Imagine he'd go very far Gotta call the guys I know Derek's out Tonight getting it started good here so Far here in Kansas I just got back here with everybody Um when I got down out of the stand I Came down in here where I shot him and Uh just passed the shot here by the Scrape I got the Broadhead side of my uh Arrow so Um went back and reviewed the film looks Good looks right there in the shoulder So We're just gonna start tracking them Like I said about got a bunch of my

Friends here and we're gonna go after Them see Is he bleeding good Yeah jump but look at that blood that's Cool yeah he jumped this right here I Got him there on the other side Good shot Good shot Look at that kick out I didn't see that Look how big a body he is right Yeah Wow look at this side oh my God He was worth taking off work before [Laughter] Oh my God everybody's so heavy he is Very heavy Well what a great recovery had a lot of My friends out here and uh was able to Put a good shot on him I think he only Went like 100 yards so a real special Hunt tonight I actually came in here uh Hunted one of TJ's properties Um haven't been in here in a couple of Years and you truly loved hunting down Here he had a lot of great hunts we had A lot of Great Encounters on this Property and uh came in here started Getting pictures of this old Buck here Man just look how how amazing he is Right there probably at least a Seven-year-old Buck I'll have to look Back through some of my pictures and see If I don't have them here in the past But uh came in here put a mock scrape

Right here in the corner by TJ's old Stand yeah just what a giant deer I know A special Hunt is nice setting up there In that tree stand where I filmed them So many times and you know I know he'd Be happy for me right now seeing me uh Recover this buck and having fun with All our friends so we're going to Celebrate tonight and get them back to The house Foreign [Music] [Music] Congratulations buddy that's a good shot We're following the blood we're going This way Yep see blood out there Pretty awesome I'm excited [Music]