GIANT Wisconsin Whitetail with BOW – 2022 Archery Hunt!

By | December 22, 2022

Mitch Stamm tells the story of his 2022 Wisconsin bow buck!

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What's up everybody today we're going to Be showing you a video from Mitch Stamm I've been watching Mitch's videos for a Long time he's got a YouTube called Bluff Country Outdoors he's got a lot of Cool Hunts on there and he's actually Gonna have a full length version of this Hunt on there where he talks a little More in detail about the hunt so be sure To check out Bluff Country Outdoors We're super thankful for him letting us Show you this footage so be sure and Click the link in the description on This video And subscribe to Bluff Country Outdoors help Mitch out and Enjoy the hunt he got some pretty sweet Footage Well it's Up today It's about 4 45 we got in here a little Earlier than last night There's a couple deer and turkeys in the Food plot or anyone we got here and Bumped him off a little bit So hope that hope it's early enough that It didn't disturb too much Hoping we can see Johnny's Buck tonight He was on camera last night out in the Being field about probably 200 yards Away but that was at like 1am but he was Also with the buck that we saw last Night called warning so I don't know you never know what My beans turning yellow I'm thinking

He's gonna come to the clover but I'm gonna have to sit back and see so Stay tuned So after that awesome encounter with him I pretty much was set on him I was like Oh my God he's bigger than what I even Thought so I knew pretty much from there On out late September I was gonna try to Hunt him almost every day that I could Because the year before I had him on Camera up until like maybe September 7th Or so and then he disappeared until late November so every chance that I could Get with the right win I'd get out there And Try to get a shot at him Foreign I literally can't even believe that Right now Probably one of the top two hit listers They call them Libo Literally just set them at 10 yards for Got some footage but I didn't want to Try to move too much and spook them but Saw me when I was trying to get some More footage Oh my God I cannot believe that Obviously I'm going after Johnny's Buck Right now and I only came here to shoot Oh and guess who walks out Oh I cannot believe that so that night That buck actually came in and I are Nine yards like you saw in the footage And I just couldn't get myself to shoot

Him with Johnny's about being around uh After that I pretty much knew it was Either Johnny's book or nothing so after That night the year kind of flew by I Had been making pretty regular Appearances over at Johnny's Farm where I had been seeing Johnny's book but just No no daylight pictures of him at all I'd get a random picture of him like Every five nights maybe but it'd be Middle of the night checking scrapes Just out and about And uh kind of lost hope at my chances On them for the year to be honest So October 27th was actually the next Time that I'd seen Johnny's book Right it's October It's about 3 30 or so Just got out and settled into the stand We're back again after Johnny's buck It's been a while since I've seen him It's actually been a month since I've Seen him last but he's kind of Disappeared on camera so it's like what Do you go sit for him really but you Just got to get lucky this time of year So gonna get in as many sits again at Night for him Morning spots just aren't the best I Don't think but We're sitting over a water hole tonight With any luck okay I'm gonna come by so Fingers crossed Thank you

Thank you A yearling was coming into the water Hole slowly came down took a drink Looked back and as soon as he looked Back You just took off I was like oh and grab My ball right away I pulled up my binocs and I could see Johnny's book just slowly making his way Down the Ridge and I'm like oh man so I Pulled up my phone checked out it was Like maybe two minutes of legal shooting Light left And I knew that I wasn't gonna get a Shot at him just how slow he was walking He ends up coming in within probably 40 Yards just walking back and forth on the Same trails at the does that came in Probably a half hour before that on And uh he made his way slowed shirt to The water hole the water hole is like 18 Yards away he was sitting at 18 yards For probably 10 to 20 minutes just Slowly making his way out and then after That he made his way out to the field And I got nervous because I didn't want To get down and spook him from the field So I actually called Johnny the guy that Lives at the farm up and uh he came up And picked me up with his truck So the next couple days I hunted that Farm both morning and night just in Search of Johnny's Buck but wasn't Having any luck and wasn't really seeing

Much either So October 30th rolls around And I decided to take the morning off Because I've been hunting that farm Pretty Pretty hard morning and night for the Last probably five days and uh I decided to go over there and check Some trail cameras and move a couple Around and just try to get in his Wheelhouse so worried where he was going To be in the next couple weeks because I Knew I was going to hit it pretty hard So we went over there uh actually called My dad up and Johnny and we went out That day and actually refilled The Water Hole too because I knew it was it was a Spot that I was probably going to be Hunting quite a bit in the next couple Weeks The money So we get down there fill the water hole Up move some cameras around Back home Go watch some football sit down editing Some more pictures that I've taken and Uh took my dad out hunting got back to The cabin and as soon as I sat down to Edit again boom there he was I got a Picture of him uh following a doe I got The picture of the dough and then him Probably a couple minutes after that as Soon as I got that picture I just I lost It I got up text the group chat right

Away I was like oh my god there he is I Couldn't believe we were out there Making racket just going all pretty much Around the whole Farm just moving Cameras and stuff I just couldn't Believe he was out there in broad Daylight so I packed up my stuff got Ready and uh headed off to the farm After a Mad Dash and a mad scramble We made it back up another tree we're Literally just here filling up this Water hole all day today and moving Blinds and checking cameras and stuff But There's a door in heat right now I'm Pretty sure of it so you never know What's gonna happen so stay tuned I'll Be on the edge of my seat all night Let's go So about our passes and I haven't seen Anything yet but uh also I hear some Chasing up on the top of the ridge so I Grab my bow right away grab my camera Camera and point it over in that Direction After a little bit I saw a little Fawn Come through which was another Buck then I saw the dough then right after that Johnny's Buck was walking right Underneath the ridge kind of trying to Cut her off And I I couldn't believe it there he was So the fun after a while they stood up On that Ridge for a while and that font

Slowly made its way down the Ridge and Worked its way into the water hole so I Took my camera my camera arm and kind of Just set it off at the pond thinking That the door and Johnny's Buck were Gonna we're gonna do the same thing Foreign Slowest I've ever seen deer walk in my Life they just slowly make their way Down the ridge for probably about 100 Yards out Working their way kind of within range The dough kind of skirted around and Went probably on a trail six yards away But Johnny's Buck was kind of angling on A trail that I had marked off of my Rangefinder at around like 35 40 yards Foreign Foreign Come on Let's go Let's go Whoa Oh my God I just did it I just did it Oh my God I literally can't believe it I can't Believe He's down he's down he's down he's down He's laying right in front of me let's Go Dad let's go Foreign The hill Right there's the stand Pole

Wow wow Where'd he come from God I shot him right over there from From here over there to where how far Where that luminac is holy [ __ ] can you Make this Frame Thank you Oh my God We did it Dad oh my God we did Unbelievable Oh Wow Oh my God Mitchell They won't recognize me with a hat on oh My God we did it wow lucky as hell today Wow oh my God third time's a charm I Guess 13. 14 pointer at least one two three Four five Yeah holy cow look at that guy Unbelievable mask Do you think you're gonna beat that 171. Right through there right through the Heart Look at that Johnny Now that's got to be a full body amount Yeah you get up along on the other side Of them Holy Shiny's Buck look at that all right one Two three huh not bad look at the camera You did it finally did it Johnny smile All in all I can't thank Johnny Walker And my dad enough is just all the work

That we did on the farm that year Obviously I wasn't the only one doing All the work my dad's always around Helping me put up tree stands putting in All the ponds and stuff and Johnny Walkers out there planting all the food Plots and stuff because he lives on the Farm and he can just go out and plant it And he does an awesome job I can't thank him enough uh Just truly blessed to be able to hunt The deer of this caliber and I just can't believe I actually got my Hands on him and Got it all on film for you guys to see So pretty blessed and I don't know if I'll be able to top this One for a while but I'll definitely be Trying it's unbelievable