Hunting Black Bears with Dogs for the First Time!

By | January 23, 2023

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In this video I'm going to be hunting Black bears with dogs for the first time Ever and at the end we're gonna cook it Up to show you guys just how good black Bear can taste now to begin this Adventure I had to wake up at two O'clock in the morning and head all the Way out to West Virginia to meet up with My buddy Kirk price before daylight for The past 400 years Kirk has been Building and training his pack of dogs To hunt Black Bear mountain lions and Even wild hogs so I'm pretty sure it's Safe to say we're in pretty good hands For this trip step one is to get back in The woods and this is where we dropped Out the dogs and let them get stretched Out all right guys we are officially in West Virginia and we're in the woods how Many dogs you got out here today we've Got five grown dogs and one pup once I'm Loading in now what kind of breed are These they're a camp breed that's what They're called they're a walker and a Fox sound or a running Walker across So they can smell the bear six foot off The ground us driving by absolutely That's pretty crazy yeah it is how fast Are we moving uh I don't really like to Go more than 10 miles an hour so Probably around it's pretty good six Eight yeah [Music] We're gonna drive around this morning up

Here on these Ridge tops and all these Good roads and rig around by rigging it Just means uh the dogs are going to go Around until they alert us that they Smell a bear when they smell a bear We'll let them off the top let them do Their thing go chase it down the tree That's right and this was our strategy Starting off the morning [Music] After driving around for a little bit we Didn't strike up on a bear so we moved On to the second way you get hot dogs All right what are we doing now all Right so we're gonna get the dogs off we Just rigged out this Ridge here and Didn't do any good now we're gonna get The dogs out and uh walk them out here See if I'm getting a little excited on Me see if we can't uh get one going so I'm gonna kind of free cast a man walk With them this is especially effective Whenever you have an area you know it's Pretty thick and bears and when you want To hunt an area you can't get your truck [Music] And the other way to hunt your dogs is To Road Hunter where instead of up on The dog box you put them out in the road In front of you and just drive with them Road hunting in front of the truck Kirk Likes to Road hunt his dogs on the way Out of an area where he already rig hunt Them in just in case the dogs are able

To pick up something that they weren't Able to whenever they back on the rig And this time that's exactly what Happened [Music] Come on You can see where it is something's Locked up right here they're trailing it Right the trailing it right now now Baby's just excited she's going into him But bliss and brother are truly trailing It So too open it up yeah they're starting Up right now it's all on them all right So what we're doing now we're gonna take Off this little stubby antenna we're Gonna hook up to the long range which is The big antenna go on top of the trail On top and with this antenna you can go Miles now they're 260 promises in my Life 260 that way yeah paralleling us I Still don't think it's jumped let me Shut the truck off see if I can hear him Foreign They're showing stop like they might be Treated oh they're all bunched up yeah Let's see if they pull up treat on the Garmin on point Rangers treat I believe They caught it you think they did I Think so all right and now it's time for The fun part the dogs have officially Treed a bear and it's time to equip my Weapon of choice which is my Sig cross Chambered in 308 I love this gun because

It doesn't weigh anything and the way I Got it rigged up on this sling it's Hands-free and I can do whatever I need To and it ain't going nowhere but now we Gotta get down to that bear That's for the size of that one what do You expect from here I'm not sure I'm Gonna get down there and get a better Look at him Now although it doesn't look like it This bear is actually a cub and it's way Too small for us to take it That's all right that's the warm up There this is what we call Catch and Release hunting right here And just like that the Bear's gone and Now it's time for us to head back up to The hill and be getting ready to go After another bear [Music] All right we made it back up first bear Of the day and it's uh not even nine O'clock letting the dogs get some water Rehydrate then we're gonna get some Water through here in a minute I may get down there with them But at this moment is when we had a Ranch thrown in our plants or in this Case wrench threw into the motor block Because our truck was not going to make It much further we got ourselves done a Little little problem here I just had a Idle pulley go out here Dan uh I Replaced it and fixed it now the other

One over here is going out and it's Making a loud noise we looked at it it Looks like the bearings going out in so Uh if we keep hunting there's a good Chance the belt's gonna pop off so Unfortunately It's 11 30 we want to call it quits Early today and I'm going to hopefully Limp this thing back and get it fixed This evening once we do that we'll be Back on the road so It's getting louder He ripped yet get ready it's happening Right now it's happening All right we made it oh smoke I'm not a Car guy but I don't think that's good Oh yeah so what we're looking at here so You see the belt down in there uh yeah It's supposed to be a full belt not a Strand of a belt maybe Chevy you'll see This and give you all sponsorship or Something [Music] After a little working on it Kirk Figured out what was wrong with the Truck apparently this happens like Multiple times a week so at this point He's got it pretty down packed we headed Out to Advanced Auto Parts bought Whatever the heck we need don't ask me What it was I know nothing about Motors Got back on the mountain fixed the thing And we're ready to go out for Bear Number two here we go

What does that sound like to you I don't think it's quite jumped yet but It's a hot track for sure if it's not Jumped it will be shortly we got 30 Minutes after Sunset tequila okay You still running it oh yeah they're Moving they're about to pull the big Hillside and typically they catch Bears Going uphill [Music] Foreign Are they in the bottom with holler yeah Very bottom They stopped right when I told you Debo Came in from behind Oh May went in a hole maybe losing the GPS On my cat and it went dead silent you Hear that maybe there's behind a big Rock I sure hope so If they aren't all they're not too deep You think they potentially like went in The mine yeah potentially now we don't Know what's happening we don't have a Clue so we need to go back out there Where we were and just move on to their Location move quick after a tracking System lost Communications we knew that The dogs had pinned the bear up in an Auger hole which if you don't know is Essentially a man-made cave built to Mine coal and in this scenario it Doesn't take anything for a bear to get A dog back in the cave and kill it just

Like that so we literally sprinted 900 Yards down the mountain so that we could Hurry up and get to this bear As soon as we got towards the bottoms The bear busted out of the hole and Started coming after the dog I didn't Get a clip of it because I was a little Behind but Kirk said this bear was Actively coming after the dog Oh he's going up a tree he's going up a Tree Okay Where do you want me to go all right You see it yeah I see him that is wild There he is guys dogs got him beat up Right there in the fork of that tree he Said get ready for a shot I'm in a Pretty perfect spot he's broadside I'm Gonna try to put it straight in through The shoulder should be a perfect long Shot and you should go down we're just Tying up the dogs like we did earlier Today so that if the bear does come out Sometimes a little bit of life it won't Be a problem for the dogs because They'll be tied up I got him a massage He said if he moves go ahead and take it Whenever I'm ready here we go Again All right guns up [Applause] Is he down Is he down

Hold him He said you smoked it sweet oh my Goodness there's a boar is it yes sir Sweet fat sucker he's as big as I am Yeah heck yeah dude that was an awesome Hunt there we go I don't get any fun That was a that's a Sprint yeah it Sounds not easy stuff we had no other Choice let's kill him no he was mean I Held the dogs back to the tree because If I'd have pulled him back yeah he Would have taken off so when you shot I Was ready to move but he fell I fell off The wall let's get him over there ah Here we go Oh gosh yeah okay The buzzer I shot him through the other Side that is the exit Sweet I don't know if y'all remember This video where I went bear hunting in Idaho but that was a spring bear meaning It had been hibernating all winter Burning off its fat so it weighed a Whole lot less this is a big fall bear He's been eating all spring summer and Fall just so that he can hibernate in What another two weeks yep probably Sucks so he's as fat as he's gonna get Right now big old nice boar bear man you Can't beat that congrats Once we got the bear gutted up we Drugged that thing 600 yards out the Bottom of the hauler and finally got Back to the truck where we loaded up the

Dogs loaded up the bear and headed on Back to the house so uh we just got home And baby my little girl that bear got Her through the nose she was still down There barking at it not letting up yeah Giving it at all you know they love it They love it but it's like she got bit In the face by bear and she loved every Second of her and she'd do it again Tomorrow but I am gonna give her Tomorrow off because that's that's Already swelling so we got some Antibiotics and some pain medicine for Her and get her taken care of tonight She's shivering she's cold we'll get her Inside [Music] But since I got the black bear now it's Time to head on back to Kentucky and Let's cook this thing up now before we Get started here's the ingredients we're Going to need bear stew meat which is Basically just muscle chunked up and Onion couple cans of beef broth brown Gravy mix and noodle and of course Salt And Pepper however you want to season it And we're going to be using the crock Pot to do most of our cooking but first Thing we're actually going to take the Stew meat and put it in a pan and Actually fry it a little bit now we're Not trying to cook it we're just trying To get it brown on the outside after we Get that done we're going to transfer

The stew meat out of the pan and into The crock pot where we're going to set It on high for eight hours next we're Gonna go back to that onion chop it up Dice it up into little bitty pieces and Then move that on into the crock pot Then we're gonna pull out a pack of Brown gravy mix and just put that all in There then we're going to come in with Our salt and pepper whatever other Spices you think you might want and then Add in a can of the beef broth and go Ahead and stir it all together we're Gonna put the lid on the crock pot and We're literally going to leave this Thing alone until about seven hours Later and seven hours later which is one Hour before it's fully done this is when We're going to put in our noodles once We put in our noodles we basically stir It every now and again and here by the Eight hour mark everything should be Good to go and the noodles and meat Should be cooked perfectly yeah I'm Gonna get me ebola once I'd find out Real quick if they tastes any good It is Mega Thick which may not be bad at All but the bear is tender and that's Important so here we go Nice little Uh no yeah It's really good now Kirk did give me The recipe to make that and I did I Tried my best to stick within 80 of the

Actual recipe so just Yeah huge shout out to Kirk for making This whole trip possible click right Over here if you want to check out his Channel or right there in the top left To watch me go deer hunting with pistols For the first time ever [Music]