Hunting the Biggest Buck of my Life!

By | November 28, 2022

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In today's video I'm going to be going After the biggest buck of my life as of Right now my biggest book is a 12 Pointer that I killed back in 2017 but In this video I'm going to be trying my Hardest to kill one even bigger my Journey started early in September I Assembled my fleet of trail cameras half Kg trail cameras and half tacticams next I headed for the woods and just started Scouting I was looking for literally Anything that might be related to Deer Just so I can find spots where the deer Are or where they might be come later in The year I was looking for rubs scrapes Just well worn Trails bedding areas Literally anything I could find that Would give me an idea deer were in the Area as I'd find a good spot I'd put up The trail cameras I literally had trail Cameras scattered everywhere and after a Couple weeks it really started to pay Off we were getting a lot of pictures And a lot of video of random bucks here And there some were big some were small But as the weeks ticked on we ended up Getting a few that came back pretty Regularly and regularly enough in my Opinion to go ahead and give them names And start Dragon the first book that Came up was Shad rap He is a monster and I don't know what happened to his left Side but it is going wild okay it's Having like a pizza party inside the

Animal literally crazy things happening With this deer this book was located in The area I called split Buck Peaks for Obvious reasons there's a buck with a Split on it it's a pretty basic name but It's good enough and then another Buck Showed up and his name was gasoline yes That's right gasoline from last year you Can see the transformation from last Year to this year you can tell it's the Same deer just because the shape of the Antlers really wide spaced out times That are pretty thin but go pretty tall This was the same Buck I shot at and Missed last year and if I can figure out A way to take him out this year he will Literally be the biggest buck of My Life Next Up is Michael the Michael's kind of Just like your basic book and I don't Actually think he'd be the biggest buck I've ever killed but he has showed up Quite a bit and he's not that hard to Identify it appears to be a moderate Size eight pointer but it's actually Just a six pointer because he doesn't Have any brow tones and then there's Lincoln Lincoln is absolutely massive Lincoln was also a deer that we saw last Year here's last year here is Lincoln This year his rack is shaped and colored The exact same just this year it's so Much bigger and this is by far the Biggest buck I've ever seen on trail Camera and then there's Sean a giant

Seven pointer that's easy to identify Because his right antler comes up to a Perfect Fork Sean's been running the Woods around my cameras quite often and He is by far the buck that I've got the Most pictures and videos of but my Favorite part about Sean last year I Pointed my gun and aimed downside at Sean but at the end of the day I said I'ma let Sean go and even last year I'd Kind of been happy to kill him but for Some reason I just let him walk but now That we've done all the surveillance and We've seen all the Bucks in the area It's time to actually get in the woods And try to get after one for my first Hunt I hopped up in a Big Pine Tree Needless to say guys I didn't really see My much at all I mean I've seen some Squirrels and then there was actually This one Spock that walked through then I shifted my focus up to split Buck Peaks this is the area where I saw Shad Rap and where I saw gasoline which I Shot at last year if I could choose one Of these two bucks would be the one I'd Like to get actually no I would like to Shoot Lincoln Lincoln is on The Hit List Number Uno but that's for number two and Three it's probably Shad wrap and Gasoline Shad wraps obviously bigger and Weirder but gasoline has history I shot It gasoline last year but man the luck Was not in my favor that day so as I

Headed up to the peak to hunt those Bucks once again in the saddle just Climbed up in the tree and sat there and Was hoping for the best about an hour Into my hunt I uh I heard a motor and it Was coming straight for me On here I don't know What do you think Right next to us To us there yeah I sit in that another Day I feel like the deer may be on down Here though and that's a little far for A bow that's what I thought all those Guys were riding on down the hill I want To tell you guys about the rangefinder I've actually been using this season It's a tideweight HD 700e it's a six Times magnification lens five different Modes you can use has an LED red and Green display that has four different Brightness settings it's also super Lightweight and it doesn't cost a fork The way that I'm in a saddle I just have It on a little clip clip it right here Let it dangle or I can bring it around And set it in the pouch that way it's Out of the way whenever I need it I can Pull it out range put it back if y'all Are interested in picking one up Yourself go on down to the first link in The description how do we talk on and Use promo code kg20 that'll get you 20 Off after my neighbor finally skirted Down the hill I didn't figure there was

Gonna be much of a problem so I just sat There I was you know hoping for the best Maybe the deer didn't care it didn't Take long and well the deer didn't Actually care it was a string of about Seven or eight does and you know a dose Of dough I wasn't after a dough I'm Really after a buck like I said you know It was really cool to wash the does Because they got pretty close to me but Like they never actually knew I was There which is pretty good because I Spooked a lot of deer I'm I'm not a Professional I'll tell you that right Now not professional long story short The does go past and not a single Buck Walks out at all I hunt that stand like Three more times and I just I just kind Of back out because nothing's happening Then the next day I get my Baku box in The mail a bakug is like a normal Bicycle except it's battery powered and You can press the gas whenever you want So it's basically like an electric dirt Bike or you can pedal if you want to now This thing's super powerful but more Importantly it's super quiet and it's Scent free there's no gas fumes at all Hey watch this imma go for a top speed And you're not even going to be able to Hear me you're gonna do a flyby Foreign Exploring on the bike and I actually Discovered this new location that

Actually had a ton of deer signs it had Deer beds it had a well-defined deer Drill it even had scrapes which is Really great for this time of year so Naturally I put up some trail cameras And by golly if I didn't get pictures Just like that I had a picture of a Random guy [ __ ] hunting but I also had Pictures of some bucks that showed up From these videos it looks like it's two Eight pointers one's definitely bigger Than others but I knew that as the Rope Was coming in there's always a chance That a big buck could just come storming Through that same area and can you guess What happens next a few days later a big Bucks didn't come storming in knowing The big buck was in the area I put Together an attack plan and the very Next morning I got on my bicycle pitch Black dark and I started heading down to That location hoping to put an arrow in This big old book Guys I really hate to say it but I rode My bicycle about 20 yards before I Wrecked it in the ditch oh Yeah I didn't make it that far at all We're crashed uh Yeah I'm in the dirt boys I'm in the Dirt bag that's a rough crash too but My bow my poor little bow man We can only hope that it still works my Bicycle I think it still works moral of The story kind of hard to like ride with

One hand and an iPhone in the other Downhill 15 miles an hour Probably not a good idea anyways here we Go we still gotta go hunting [Music] All right guys I'm here for three hours Maybe a little bit more but nothing's Came by except for a squirrel a few Minutes ago and I've only seen one of Those I'm gonna take this moment Check out my leg and see if it's broken From my bike crash whenever I push Anywhere right here it kind of like Hurts A really big spot but I may be bleeding I have no idea I just jumped back on the Bike and kept moving oh no it's not that Bad it's just scuffed up pretty good It'll be a good bruise but at least I'm Not dying you know on the other hand Shoulder over here is also feels bruised Up a little bit From the time I pulled out it was about 15 seconds before I crashed I literally Crashed in my yard and I was going like 20 miles an hour it was it was terrible Later that evening I headed back and I Actually seen a few does which is pretty Good because that's more than I've seen Pretty much the entire year so far no Buck behind them so I let them walk and At this point it is officially rifle Season up until this point it was just Bow season which means you're limited to

Practically 30 yard shots and you have To use a compound bow but now since it's Rifle season we have nearly unlimited Range and so day one of rifle season I Head out there for this evening hunt I Set up in one spot and my cousin's only About 100 yards away I sat in my tree For about an hour and a half and then My cousin is actually hunting like maybe 100 yards that way and he just shot so That means something happened Seriously he's He's at his dad yeah it's only four O'clock too we're going to it forget This hunt we're going to the kill boys We're going to the kill you know what's Crazy this is my same cousin that last Year also killed a buck on opening day a Hundred yards from me bro what is up With this he has good loading man he has A lot of good luck now I'm pretty happy About it I don't need luck There he is He's doing the orange just in case You're not picking up what I'm putting Down you shot it from right up there at My tree stand I put up last year that Counts as an assist in my book I'll take It and see it oh yeah Is it eight nine Did he hit a scraper anything it was Just right here take something through Her trout really wow didn't hear me Holler at him no I just heard it shoot

I shot him he's standing where was his Stuff Was he uh quartering away from you Was he moving or did you stop but did he Run back here you drag Now riddle me this wouldn't it be so Cool if you could have a pocket knife That you every day carry and whenever You need it to it can be pulled out and Even gut a deer with it well that is Exactly what the kg pocket knife is Available kindergarten shot first link In description not gonna lie guys the kg Pocket knife it's pretty epic as day two Rolled around I headed out to another Spot sat up and watched this little flat Which is where I got the video of Lincoln a couple weeks earlier I'm using A Sig cross chambered in six five Creedmoor and this is actually the one I Got from the Sig games spoiler alert I Didn't see anything all right guys I'm Inside now you you can tell I'm inside Because there's a cabinet behind me my Goodness and I can't I can't feel Anything at all and even that cold dude It's only like 25 degrees I mean that's Cold to me but if you're from like Canada it's it's like probably warm or Something since it is the second day of Rifle season it is Sunday so you know About to head to church Not necessarily looking like this but This is my FIT gun ain't going nowhere

Hands-free deer walks out Anyways I'm going to church hashtag Jesus we'll go back out there whenever I'll get back stay tuned Update I'm now back from church from the Intelligence I was able to gather pretty Much everybody is seeing and killing Bugs except me people that are killing Bucks or killing them the people who Aren't killing bucks are letting them Pass pretty much everybody's seeing deer But me and I'm fine with it kinda back Out here with the same Creedmoor Hoping to get it done with a good 150 Grains worth we have switched up our Location slightly we're kind of watching These Woods down here thick it out in Front of us and a field over here to the Left I guess that's my right this is Where my cousin killed that buck Yesterday so hey man I'm just gonna try My best I'm gonna try to kill something A couple hours had passed but I hear a Sound and look up and there's a buck Standing right there but that's not just Any Buck that's Sean that's the same Sean that we've been watching for over Two months on trail camera that's Sean The saving pointer that I passed up Exactly one year ago today I don't have Much time and with Sean I have to make a Decision fast am I gonna shoot him or am I gonna let Sean walk for the second Year in a row and continue to grow into

A bigger and bigger buck [Music] Foreign [Music] That was Sean I took a weird shot on him I did I took a weird shot on him That's so weird oh my gosh that was Sean That was Sean we're gonna let him do his Thing for a little bit I made a weird Shot and let me tell you about it all Right starting from the top I pulled my Gun up way too fast I knew there was a Chance he could run but at the end of The day it was a risk I was willing to Take literally last year around the same Time I had a buck standing in the same Spot and I took two seconds too long and He turned around and ran away so I Wanted to make it quick number two he Trotted through the brush a little bit And uh I took a shot that I couldn't Clearly see the deer and I could see the Silhouette of the deer and I know where To aim on a silhouette did my bullet hit A few vines on the way in almost most Definitely it's a few small Vines enough To stop a 6'5 Creedmoor at 30 yards I Sure hope not but that's the bet I was Willing to take if everything goes the Plan should have a dead deer everything Doesn't go to plan we don't really know What's going to happen I'm gonna give Him a little bit of time before we walk Over there

We'll see what we can do I'm looking for blood definitely not Seeing a big Massacre like we're hoping For I don't really know how to feel About this I'm not seeing much blood if I don't Find him if I didn't hit him I kind of Deserve every bit of that because he's Done so many things I shouldn't have Done right there that's what I get man I Never know I mean if I'm gonna be Completely honest with you I feel like He should be dead I do feel like it was A good shot I don't know why I mean it Was through a few Twigs but I also feel Like he could be right over here dead so I tracked him for a good 40 50 yards I Could see his Footprints I remember Where he ran and there just wasn't a Single drop of blood we went ahead and Had it on back to the truck All right guys things have changed buddy Cody's here bleeding pretty good All right I was like man I don't deserve It anyways I missed it no blood nothing Buddy we're walking back a different Route It's bleeding a bunch it's got bubbles In it so yeah the deer's dead right now We just gotta find it let's just track The blood trail we know we went that way Downhill Geo buddy [Music] We found him we think he found him he's

Dead let's go no way are you stinking There let's go there's no way there's Sean it's thinking John we've been Seeing Sean for a month oh my goodness Make sure he's dead If he's not hit him with it he's down Brothers down let's investigate a little Bit more guys I'm really really Interested in where I hit this guy I Didn't know Sean was that big dude I Didn't know Sean was that big he's not Giant but if you're talking about Kendall gray this dude's a giant ain't Ness's biggest here I've killed he's a Seven yeah seven geez Sean Sean dude This happened Oh God That's right where I was aiming I really Wasn't looking forward to it I was gonna Have to be like guys I mean it felt like A good shot but I didn't hit him but I Did hit him so I'm happy about it but The question is did and if so where did It exit 6'5 may not exit so the six five Didn't it it's gonna hit the other side Shoulder anyways guys we're getting this Guy packed up And if you guys like this video clicker Over here to watch me go bear hunting in Idaho for the first time or right over Here for the first buck I ever killed With my bow [Music]