By | November 25, 2022

Josh and Alex set up on fresh scrapes Josh had found the night before and have a crazy day in the woods.


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Foreign It took me 30 minutes to find hunting Clothes Cause all my stuff's still in bags dude I ain't stuck it in the dryer unit I'm Trying to suffocate them Sons of Guns Starving to death yeah So I had to dig through a bunch of Garbage bags that I had to get me a pair Of britches The uh Yeah attack on uh the bed bugs have been Traumatizing to me but they're all Healing up y'all y'all probably see the Bike steel but They're healing up they're not quite as Itchy But Uh I was scouting yesterday put up a couple Cameras found two really fresh scrapes Where I didn't have a camera or anything Put the camera up yesterday evening Got up this morning and to my Pleasant surprise There was a shooter at those two scrapes From like Two to six this morning I mean he would he'd come in and work a Scrape and then he'd leave and then he'd Come back in bump a doe leave Um so Alex and I are headed up there now Got our Saddles whatever the wind's Doing

We'll adjust for our setup when we get Up there right so it's November 9th and Alex and I are gonna go in here and get A tree today Blistering 71 degrees here in southern West Virginia today on November 9th But you can't kill them if you're Sitting home on couch warmer legging it Zach People still paint and scarecrows and [ __ ] on her face acting like they're the Ultimate Warriors from or the Road Warriors from back in West wrestling Time I just put this [ __ ] on there so it Ain't clear Merchandise in yeah Yeah I [ __ ] it a little bit sideways Where I'm living Inside that day when I run those are Locked you know first start running dogs Or I couldn't see The corner of the plate take out like if You see the toaster kind of cockeyed Be looking at the corner Well I couldn't see it it feels like He's gonna be looking and I couldn't see One I've done one of them numbers Clear View Right down there to the corporate And now it's like comfortable that way Alex and I just got in the tree got set Up settled in There's not a lot of options up here for

Trees Wind and the wind swirling in this bowl So what I did was I got on the far Edge And as the Sun starts dropping the Start pulling down this drain and help Us out tremendously think that could be The kill tree like I'm feeling good got My warpaint on Alex put his war paint on He got me pumped up he's already Already know I'm excited All we need now is Very little muy Grande to show up Um Went back Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Had that dog come up Out of this digital here for a long way Because I'm soaked and so crunchy that I've seen The Yards down there have seen the horns Coming through that thick man and I got Stoked And he comes he come the same exact PAD As that though and Manny was being vocal It's so cool And he got here about probably eight Yards away from us and just froze up you See I mean I'm sure you were on him but He he was looking up here like what is

It up there Oh yeah yeah he had something else on His mind But they ended up bumping that dog out Of here And he And just typical she's going around the Hillside and he's just staying like Right below or just crowding her That might be what we needed To get get some stuff going in here Foreign Get back Okay Foreign Foreign Right Foreign Oh There's the hot note right there Dude Foreign Man was that not the most action-packed Iron a freaking half you've ever been Around Laughs I got heartburn so bad From swallowing my spit You got me freaking kidding me dude I don't know what that buck was it was Going up there because I thought it was That buck that we just now saw so that Was a different Buck we have to look at It on Thursday

We ain't even being able to do an Interview 40 minutes ago We had Bucks chasing here We had dogs fighting had bucks and Grunt And Bucks of snork wheezing and Buck's Dying Look on disco light down there I believe The tree dude I'm I'm I mean I'm like I'm in disbelief The the This is the first time I'm telling you this is the first time That I found like fresh grapes like that And like yesterday evening I found them I covered so much ground yesterday And yesterday evening I found these And it's the first time I'm telling you That I've ever come back in knowing that They're hot and like had this much Freaking Action Man like I'm Yeah God I'm only about a bear I can't I want to Let out they've been Warcraft but I want to make sure that That he died I know I smoked him No he's I saw him pieces You might be able to see it in the Camera He might be on that road right there Don't come

I'm I'm just a Quagmire of a mess Really What are you doing Dude I had to call you man I just smoked I just smoked one baby It's right here you wanna tell him I just smoked one dude Hey what is Brody doing Dude I'm telling him about just now Shooting a deer and he gives you the Phone he's like he's like he's like Coach will kill me on the phone I just shot one of them and wanted to Call him Send us a picture I will I will all Right Bobby all right there he is Uh it's that flyer bucket was on camera Yeah So I think he's down I think I heard him Crash But I I will uh I'll send you a picture Here a little bit where you at But pulling the board tree baby I did do it Yeah I'm pretty sure that I already I heard Him crash No dude You're lying dude I'm telling you right Now The last hour and 40 minutes has been The most action I've seen in a long time We've seen three or four different bucks Does chasing does bucks chasing bucks

Grunting snort wheezing fighting Yeah I mean it's been all it's been off The hook Uh I don't have one down in my in my Jeep Uh But I do need you to get well You got your side by side with you I'll just drive it drive it to my Jeep And I'll meet you at the Jeep because I Gotta get my knife anyway Hey and I ain't using I ain't using the Office door last night Foreign I'm pulling in the mouth right here now Well I'm just going to wait for you I'm Gonna come to the Jeep and I'm just Gonna wait for you All right so Alex and I Got out of the tree Got a hold of Zach he's been out Scouting this evening He brought the side by side up he's Gonna meet us at my Jeep I gotta get my knife And so we're gonna walk down meet him My Arrow's still blinking then we're Gonna come back up and track him in Recovery that way he got plenty of time I think I absolutely thumped him But We're gonna give him a minute Go down there and get Zach and come back Up

Yeah baby Don't grab me I got a lot of stuff in my Hands right here boy I see that he Didn't run over the Rock I scared today so I run over the rock With my keys under oh That's my turn Just Wallop him or what Oh dude you don't understand What Went on up there It was one of them evenings that we talk About all time yeah Did you already get him no you ain't Even looked at him no dear to God no I Don't even know if he's down I mean I got a good idea that I thumped The heck out of him yeah but no I didn't I said I'm gonna go down here and get Zachariah Let's go Let's go find this Rascal all right Alex Let's uh let's cut for a minute Let your shoulder rest in your arm You'd be crying dead get a big Celebratory crane dip I might even take A big four finger here I'm gonna put enough in there that's Falling out my beer He went back for three times We'll get the light put on the camera That'll help you out Absolutely Positively

So Yeah baby Give me some Golly bigger than what I thought Hey Jack I ain't got like that Bobby God He's the host of a dude Ain't he big Oh Lord Hey let's go let's go I knew he was smoked Of a deer Wow He looked bigger than what I thought Bobby He said stud man a little bigger than What I thought Man I've been wanting to let that war Cry out Oh my God I ain't never lost words a lot But like I'm I'm I mean we just had breakfast yesterday Man talked about This deer hunting And it's like Zach said He said man you need to go back up in That area you had pictures of him And see what you find and that's what That's what I've done I mean I covered a lot of ground yet It's been all day in here yeah all

Evening yeah I mean he didn't get out of Here until dark and uh It's just crazy how it works out man And I mean That is Freaking Oh and that just goes to show you dude I Mean if you Know if you know you know a deer is in An area Just get in there and honey you know What I mean oh yeah that's that's a lot Of people and I'm guilty for it we're All guilty for it uh waiting for that Picture or waiting for that ah he's got A daylight you know but you just you Just got to get in there and honey But we found some breasts on yesterday And popped up bam there he is Dude Look here he crashed up here this is the Top a treetop so he just tore it all the Hell Yeah That's that's probably I mean honestly that's probably one of That might be the biggest body here that I've ever been a part of there's a Hammer right there For the light of day down to the river I Have heard the devil's hand felt the way The mountain Burdened by The Hard Man My Earl went through there like a

Boomerang really yes Oh We all right No no I'm taking my hip and my leg and Then I hit that tire and I swear I'm so Paralyzed you broke your name is Couldn't move did you get that on video Yeah geez I'm telling you what that's Bad that's real bad You speared me literally I try to get Your shoulder if it didn't work yeah Goldberg yeah Goldberg means exactly What you does oh man I'm telling you to Do a closing and talk about This evening's hunt Um It's it's it's what we hunt for I mean It's simple as that I mean not to get All mushing stuff because I mean I I'm I Get stoked up and and excited but For everything to fall in place like it Did Um I mean here he is It's uh what you grind for yeah I mean It's In our time like I said been Limited And uh now Zach's turn man I hope you All enjoyed the video I know that uh S3 enjoyed participating in it if y'all Did hit the Subscribe button like it Comment Follow us on Instagram Facebook And

Tomorrow's a new day for us to get out Hunting again we're gonna keep on Grinding we got I mean it's November 9th Um not October yeah not October like I've been saying last two days uh November 9th and I and I don't think I've ever killed a deer as early So we're gonna keep on grinding I got a Couple deer over on my farm that uh I'm Gonna focus on still got a board tag Down here in the southern Ford And two black bear attacks so hope you All enjoyed the video we're getting back After the morning