Josh’s KENTUCKY CHRISTMAS Buck! (Crazy Self-Filming Footage)

By | January 19, 2023

Josh heads down to Kentucky just after Christmas to see if he can kill a buck he's had on camera.


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[Music] Hey what's up guys it is December 27th Fall 15 in the morning I just woke up just a few minutes ago I Think I've got everything charged Everything's ready I got all my clothes my bow camera gear Self filming stuff because I am going to Partake in that I am heading to Kentucky Today Hopefully get down there By 10 30. Is what I'm hoping change load all my Stuff up and head into the woods and Find a tree to get in a buddy of mine That lives down there has been running Some cameras and stuff and keeping us Informed from the last couple trips We've been down there When I didn't do any good but Zach Killed a nice buck so I'm gonna go in And hunt See what happens got a long drive Um Yeah can't think of anything else this Early but I'm gonna get all my gear Loaded up make sure I've got all the Camera gear I need Uh going to be cold today the weather's Going to start getting nicer as the week Goes on So going to hunt this weekend See if we can't get us a lake lake say Late season tag field in Kentucky

[Music] I don't even know where to begin really I'm still so tired [Music] Foreign [Music] I'm about 30 minutes Out From my parking area down here in Kentucky where I'm from access From the hunt And I'm getting that little Jittery feeling In my belly like butterflies Because I'm excited And I wouldn't have drove You know five and a half hours If I didn't want to hunt But the whole drive down here I just think been thinking about hunting And everything and I love it everybody Knows that But I'm self filming It's hot Because one Zach is chasing a deer too In West Virginia trying to fill his tag Jay's chasing a deer in Ohio Trying to fill his tag And our interns went home for Christmas And we didn't we didn't ask him to come Back because One had to go back to park and one was From up in Buffalo New York and it's Just so such a far drive we didn't want

To bring him back down here for a week But I was just thinking about hunting And self filming and I don't have a Problem with self filming or hunting by Myself But Thinking about it It's not that I don't like cutting by Myself because I love to hunt But I wish like Brody or Zach or gay or Anybody That I hunt with I wish they could have Just come with me Just so that I have Someone to share the experience with Because that's at my age and it should Be for everybody but just I've learned I Guess In time But that's what's happening it's about I Mean I'm pumped to go in here and hunt And trying to feel a tag and hopefully I'll kill a muy Grande But I if I do I guess I'll just high Five myself and And talk to myself and call a few people FaceTime But I love going out and filming And share That day or that experience with each Other like real time face-to-face Interaction Uh that's what it's about for me and I

Just been thinking about that as I drove Down here this morning I've had a lot of Time to think and talk to myself Ponder Do a lot of stuff Great two monsters already But I'm gonna get in here and try to Make something happen And if I get lucky enough To harvest the deer down here And successfully self-film but I'll be Super stoked I just wish That If that happens I'd be able to share That moment experience with somebody That was airing up with But I'll be able to call everybody I'll Be able to Pack it back to the house and tell Stories Hopefully the video documents are good Too so Share your experiences especially with The young ones people that don't that Have never got in the woods get them out There And And teach them and Expose them To the outdoors and to hunt as much as You can That's my that's my two cents worth As I'm driving down to Western Kentucky Parkway

Well We have arrived I am going to [Music] Start getting my stuff on Get all unpacked get my Cold weather stuff on It's about 25 degrees And it's nine o'clock in the morning of Course I gained that hour And I'm going to plan on sitting Until Dark that's my game plan I'm gonna go in Here and find me a tree Or shrub or something to get in And Hopefully a big movie Grande comes by But I got a lot of stuff to uh To get ready here And I'm just going to change right here On the road doesn't look like there's a Whole lot of traffic they got a fresh Snow yesterday morning And it looks like somebody broke broke Track in here probably yesterday evening So I'm gonna grab my stuff get dressed I'm super excited and get in there and See what I can get done Thank you Well I got everything ready And got some clothing got my sight steps Camera Bow

Steps arm A pee and spit bottle Got it all [Music] And I downloaded The This area on my offline my offline maps On onyx And I'm gonna start going in here it's About 10 o'clock so I'm ahead of Schedule I'm gonna sneak in here get set up and Hunt until dark and See what happens I'm pretty stoked But I'm gonna put this camera up grab my Big camera And head on in [Music] I've got in here up on this it's just a Little old spine And there's like a Oh pipe away pipeline that runs right Along here there's a lot of deer tracks In it And getting pictures Up a real big buck coming through here So I'm gonna get set up Kind of South Southwest wind so it'll be Over top Hopefully some deer be moving through Here They're not very many good trees in here

Very few So we'll see what happens here I'm gonna Start getting my stuff ready Well I just got settled into the tree Got my camera arm set up Let everything settle out It's a it's a decent setup I got a deer trail though right here With me but there's a Several deer Trails out in front of me My camera Well Fuzzy's camera Is down here or something Hopefully Big Bowie shows up And we get the opportunity We shall see inside 10 after 11 on the 27th it's still in The 20s I can feel my face and he's unanslated Boats How smart I am About 11 20. Settled in here I like my setup It's not Like the best setup in the world there's Not a lot of good trees in here they're All crooked crooked but that's the great Thing about hunting out of the saddle Is that you can literally get It In 99 of trees and if you want to be a

Little bit uncomfortable You can get in 100 of trees It's about 20 after 11. I'm gonna go ahead And range a couple areas Get my yardages down Since I am self filmed I I don't this is going to be A big experiment for me So it looks like I can shoot out to about 30 yards now There are a couple of holes And some Lanes maybe that I can shoot through In a 95 if I get deer out they're not But 25 yards is going to be about my Which I don't have no issue with that It's supposed to be a Southwest wind But it's Kind of blowing Northwest more West than North So We still should be good at them I say we should be good but hell I don't Know Because I don't know where the deer are At Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign And I've not been able to do an Interview

Since the last one Because I had two does come in And they kind of we're acting real real Leery I'm loving cold And then I had a yeah a small buck Circle around me Came right up this Trail I was showing Y'all earlier And then Coming down off that razor back over There at the ridge Seen a deer coming and it was a real Nice eight point Not saying I won't shoot dead deer Because I will I definitely will shoot the deer if he Shows back up tomorrow Oh it's cold Morning morning I am headed into the woods now we're Going to the woods to go in As you can see it's daylight the sun is Coming up It was extremely cold this morning I slept in I was wore out driving down Yesterday And being in the stand all day long Yesterday in the cold we just Zapped it Out of me so I decided to sleep in Heading in now I don't think it's gonna Hurt me yesterday I feel like I had a Really good day saw some bucks didn't

See what I I'm calling my target but a Buck that I have on camera But he was in there Last night right after dark so He may or may not show up but I saw four Other bucks three does Couldn't ask for anything better it took A lot Inside here and here to not shoot that Eight point to come in and I don't know if I'll be able to pass him This afternoon or tomorrow if if The other deer that I'm hunting doesn't Come in so See what happens It is 7 30 in the morning It's supposed to be a high 15 today got Another South Wind which is perfect for Us And sunshine blue skies could ask for Anything better so We'll enjoy the day hopefully see some Deer hopefully get a big movie And Head back to the house So that's the game plan A little after one o'clock Still ain't seen a deer here this Morning or this afternoon or today The wind the wind has really picked up [Music] Good morning in here too dark no matter What [Music]

All we need is one to get up on your Feet Walk around us It's a beautiful day though Warmed up nice it's about I'd say it's In the high 40s Maybe they'll get up typically though This windy of a day in the Denver Wind kicks them down We shall see [Music] Foreign Foreign Thank you Thank you Foreign On me Wind blowing hard I shot that deer and I know I made a Good shot I sent him a plain bad going Up a slow heel I mean I'm faking for you Give myself high five I lost him Over here and I didn't hear him like Crash And I can't see him In my finals But I know he ain't gonna make it that Far Because I I put it right in his lungs Oh thank you thank you Lord That deer is the reason I drove six Hours Yesterday and come straight in here and

Said all day coming in here this morning Sat all day Oh I think he's down But I'm not certain because God I'll leave My chest and everything's just I just Want to rip myself apart Y'all know y'all know what time it is It's time for that crane dip I don't Know if it's a celebration dip yet but It's definitely time for a crane dip Just makes you feel good I didn't mean to get loud because I Didn't seem tall so I'm gonna give you a Few minutes All right I'm gonna get him stuff I'm Gonna get down before I fall out of this Damn tree So I was hoping to split That tree right there And that buck walked over here That deer's got to be dead He will come in off his flat right here And Look at there That's what we want to see An instantaneous blood so we put this Arrow up we're gonna get on the trail Oh yeah here's all kinds of blood I'd love to look out there Find a rolled up belly Foreign

Foreign Going up this Hillside Boys I'm gonna tell you something That's my dear And it is My God I'm gonna tell y'all Self-filmed Kentucky late freaking season let's go I finally get it out now baby I was Being real quiet earlier He must just come up this Hillside and Just laid just smacked down just laid Down there and died I mean just like a I mean You can see blood right here I can't let Y'all see him yet ain't no fair to him Oh he's a giant though Look here where he tried to he just Standing here just bleeding Oh my gosh y'all y'all ain't gonna Believe this What a freaking Giant I'm telling y'all Oh my gosh What a giant man late season Kentucky Baby [Music] Get a glimmer Uh this baby right here And this is why he didn't go 60 yards You think that that's a good exit wound

Yeah man I want you all to look At this thing Do you are you all seeing this This summer gun probably has 14 inch g2s How about you now Golly He's a freaking stud y'all And to sell film it's freaking awesome I Think Zach's out grinding Jay's out grinding Man we're just trying to get it done Here the last little bit of season I Mean That is an absolute Giant boys for me it's a giant anywhere You go but in my book that is a freaking Stud that's why we do what we do I've Had butterflies for two days Just coming in hunting Because I thought I had a real chance at This deer when he showed up on camera Gosh I I I'm trying to hire five trees and stuff Man good job Josh good job Ah I am going to uh Pull him Up here In the open just a hair And then I'm gonna go back to the truck And

Take everything off because I'm going to Burn up Getting him out of here that's the fact Oh man I hope Zach and Jay man I hope That they they can come through it has Just been a Iron Believable season for us You think that's money shot Buzz Look at that That is so awesome That is a stud is it not That is a straight hammer Oh I'm just Just totally just Beyond myself man Yeah he's dead toast I got fuzz He left work he works about an hour and 15 minutes from here and uh you gotta Turn your light off for us you're Blinding us but this guy right here I got I got big Atta boys To uh fuzz helping me out because he's Run cameras for me since before early Season you know when we come down here And come down here and when it was real Hot and saw some deer and should have Capitalized on a nine point I seen one Night but they got buggered up and then The next trip we come down here I gotta Eat up with bed bugs and Zach killed That eight point But

I kept in contact me and first just kept On talking and he killed a monster down Here uh gun season and I'll show that Deer to you here in the video And then he kept on running cameras for Me for a late season hunt and got Pictures this deer Christmas Eve And couldn't come down Christmas it was A no-go with the family to leave Christmas weekend but I worked Monday And then left yesterday morning at 4 30 In the morning sat all day saw some deer Yesterday Really really had an eight point in here That was really testing my ability to Wait out a big buck And I was thinking well I was thinking This morning that I was going to regret It especially when this wind picked up Because it was blowing 20 25 all day Long hadn't seen a deer And then this deer popped out at three O'clock and I shot him at 3 45. so He was buggery I'm happy as hell I got To give a big thanks to fuzz for helping Me uh it's just unbelievable and he's an Absolute stud Did you think that was going to happen Fine man I it just you if you can find a Deer all day long but it takes Persistence to kill them to kill the big Deer you gotta stock it out man like What was I saying earlier I was like man

This weekend yep they ain't no deer Gonna move I was like man they ain't Gonna be a deer movie I was trying to be The hot man I kept telling you he's Going to show up Bye guy he snuck in there yep I'm Telling you he was leery was it was four Or five times I thought he was leaving The country he jumped five or six feet He'd get bugger and jump Man I would never thought that as you Know he just snuck he just snuck into my Shooting Lane I mean I mean it's Unbelievable sneaking you pinwilled him Oh Unbelievable just hey I tried to get it Back I'd sit there all day And a stiff win to hit me everything and I tried to get that boat back and man it Was like and I couldn't get it back Because I just trying to pull it Straight back slow But then it didn't take much to settle At 20 yard pin on him So we're gonna get some pictures some Video get him cleaned up And then we're gonna drag him up out Here and get him loaded and Take some pictures and then I'm gonna Drive back to West Virginia I'm tore up I am I don't know what's going on [Music]

Foreign [Music] Guys [Music] I don't know how I have The season could go any better for us I Mean Drove down here yesterday six hours Hunted all day saw deer passed on a nice Eight point that was going to be a stud Next year And waiting on this buck And that's why we wait And today I was just in my mind Mentality just saying oh you stay stick It out stick it out the wind was gusting 20 25 mile an hour you know back home In the mountains in the timber I mean When the winds like that the deer they Just lay down but I kept on talking to The code and he was like dude this wind Blows like this all the time so there's Use to it he said he said they'll get up And moved later on today so he kept my Spirits up and I hung in there and this Deer snuck in here on me And Super Pump man I hope you all Enjoyed the video thanks to Dakota for Helping me out If you like the video man make sure to Subscribe like it comment Follow us on Facebook and Instagram man It's been a heck of a season we still Got three days to go back in West

Virginia Jay's in Ohio currently And hoping that Zach and Jay feel some Tags But I got a long drive back to the house So I'm gonna get on the road get changed Get going [Music]