By | December 10, 2022

The Hunt Warz teams now have first experience with the extreme weather conditions that you expect on a northern Utah rifle mule deer hunt, starting with warmer temperatures that quickly changed to rain, sleet, hail, snow- and lightning. With that said each team has seen large numbers of deer but only a couple teams have seen deer worth punching their tag on. Which team will fill their tag first and put the pressure on the other teams?!
The athletes are in two man teams, one spotter and one shooter, going head to head with 3 other teams. None of these teams have ever hunted or set foot in the unit before. They will be hunting the same unit at the same time, facing the same weather, same rut conditions, same pressure all placing them on an even playing field.
They will be judged according to 3 metrics. The first will be gross inches of antler. We then take the age of the animal, double it, and add it to the gross inches of antler. Finally we do a deduction for yardage when the animal was taken. 0-300 = no deduction, 301-400 = 10 point deduction, 401-500 = 20 point deduction, 501-600 = 30 point deduction, and 601+ = 40 point deduction.
All hunters are asked to adhere to and exemplify the highest standards and ethics of sportsmanship while in the field. One of the rules of Hunt Warz is a strict “Draw Blood rule.” If the hunter draws blood, that is their animal and the must continue to hunt that animal for the remainder of the show unless otherwise determined by the officials.
Special thanks to Leupold Optics for sponsoring and outfitting all athlete's with optics to use on their hunts. Also a big thanks to all the other Hunt Warz sponsors for making this show a possibility. Each will be listed below with a link, if you want to know more about any of the products on the show, please click the link!

Team LONESTAR: Mark Griffin and Andrew Cole
Team THICK AND THIN: Jim Cooper and Kade Dimick
Team INDIANA: Joe Merchant and David Rooks
Team ABBOTT: David Abbott and Shanae Abbott Yarbrough


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Good morning sunshine hey good morning Good morning how you feeling after Yesterday a little sore a little sore Ready to get back at it though yeah We got boats to get sounds like teams Are Living up to the competition so We just got to do our part and like I Said if you're gonna outwork me to win It that's what it's going to take Because I'm here to Win It Got the fender rubbing on the inside of This tire I don't want to have another Incident I before I put it on last night I Pounded that back and I thought I got it Out of the way but it looks like it's Still rubbing up oh yeah Foreign Looks like we've got the the last team At the gate unloading their buggies Excited With some the way things are going I Think it's a little west side Thank you Foreign We decided to move across A few Canyons to go check it out We're up here Pretty far off this one Just crossing this Hillside scene what's In this Canyon So far Adele And here we have the other team

Right now No this is already a bust we're kind of Winging it now because we haven't Been here But but this Canyon right here Was on our list So it's day two Me and Dave are pretty uh pretty spent After that that little jaunt that little Hike down and up Workflow compliment for today though we Got a different game plan we're gonna Kind of work our way back up to his area Not quite as bad of a hike but it's a It's still a little bit of a hike but We're gonna glass along the way Hopefully the rain holds out expected More rain today I think it's supposed to rain every day That we're here for the rest of the time So If we can get a good game plan and get On a buck early man that's going to be The that's going to be the best bet Because I think this weather is just Gonna Murder us Just heard one of the buggies come down From the mountain Stopped heard him idle for maybe 30 Seconds They definitely killed a buggy We've been watching Um our backup shooter uh three by four

Down here Sparr on with another little Two by two Uh We're just hoping that they're not Trying to make a play on it we're going To keep an eye on we're trying to watch These bucks see where they bed down Make a play on it later if we have to But uh I sure hope they don't they just pulled Their spotter out they're definitely Looking at that buck Yeah that one probably a shooter Really that gorgeous Got a three by four Um with that little two point Might look at him but I don't know I'm Probably gonna take him he's 800 yards Away Get to where we're outside of I'm gonna Go straight at him and come around the Back side of the trees Terrible morning kind of striking out Today It's because we're not hiking Yeah okay Well do we need to like look at study Onyx and find somewhere to hike because I'm sick of this driving around All right well Our worst nightmare is coming true thick And thin evidently we're spotting the Same Buck our backup Buck from the top Of the mountain

They've unloaded They've grabbed their rifle and looks Like they're they're making the stock Move On uh on her back left so the good news Is it's our backup The bad news it's our backup book Rain's coming again Don't want to get stuck out in it looks Like we're in for some more Thunder hail Lightning and all that good stuff Right here is just the start of it We hiked all the way up here trying to Find that big buck that we first spotted On day day one got up here didn't find Him I think he just did the same thing We did yesterday and bolted off this top Get out of the storm you know we don't Know which side he dropped off into but He's definitely not back up on top maybe Down in this Valley Maybe back on that other side I don't Know That was most heart-wrenching exciting And just I don't know plain terrifying 30 minutes Watching team thick and thin trying to Put a stock on our our backup buck They uh They bust them pretty early on on their Stock But uh we had two two bucks that's three By four and a little two by two They spooked some other little herd of

Does which got the the Bucks running off They only went a couple hundred yards Stopped looked back we think that the Hunter lost sight of him at that point They kept stalking in At one point we watched them and they Had to be within 60 yards of of both of Those deer but they couldn't see that The deer didn't know they were there for A while They kept pressing And they finally busted the deer deer Ran all the way [ __ ] Watch them Still pursue them for at least a half a Mile down this fence line Good They didn't get our backup dear But they also may have pushed him off Completely off property who knows Well this was a bust we It's only day two and you're ready to Give up no but I'm gonna need to go for Like a big nasty hike or something Really like that's gonna fix everything Seen the monster we've seen yeah we've Seen them and then we left them And then we came back and looked at them Again Keep the faith huh Get the hell out of here before it rains Oh too late I think you could feel them shaking

Right now it's ridiculous She's on old Dave huh yeah they're on Fire I'll run you up the hill any day but I Don't want to come back down give me an Elevator All right sounds like uh sounds like Team thick and thin Making another move on that 3×4 it came Back and uh They drove their buggy and pushed it Down the fence line into uh well we're Affectionately calling the snake trees It's a Grove of trees at Serpentine in And out And so uh hopefully this one that we Thought we saw last night was bigger It really is and uh see if we can make a Play on that before uh it gets blown out That's it Our strategy I don't know at this point Today's only day two I want to be that Guy that's waiting for muley Grande But uh depends on how we play this I Mean we know there's been episodes Ben Hunts where you know nobody tagged out Or the winner just wound up with a spike So uh you know do we try to make a play On them since it looks like they're Leaving for the day us hold out ride the Storm out that's coming through And go ahead and take that and them not Know it's been taken then they're liable To spend the rest of their time hunting

Down that three by four when it's Already been harvested Um you know I don't know we'll have to think about It and really strategize uh here in the Next few minutes if nothing else Overnight tonight figure out what we're Going to do because if thick and thin Don't get this Buck tonight I guarantee You they're going to be over here in the Morning trying to get it we've seen two Either the two same two or two different Bucks we're in the bottom so We don't know if they went up a draw or Bedded but we went down there couldn't See him so we backed out and we're gonna Try looking for him tonight Thunderstorms Gusty winds and small hail Are possible High near 50 degrees Winds South Southeast at 10 to 15 mile An hour 90 chance of rain You thinking about that three point I am Sunday we'll go kill him Sunday Saturday Let's do it Saturday This this is is a tough decision to make There's Abbott There's Abbott They're on top of the The drainage right there by I bet you they're 20 yards from Andrew

Again If there weren't two other teams We felt like we're going after this Three by four right now It would still be The Hail Mary and this is our secondary Tertiary quadrupilish Buck to go look at But with two other teams Part of it's like is that the best thing That anybody's seen so this is probably What we should take to win Part of it is we just don't want Somebody else to get it Part of it is we can go sit at the camp In the next two days worth of rain and Possible snow while they're out here Trying to find a two by two Who knows The Abbotts and thick and thin went up On the mountain neither one of them saw The 4×4 Three by four excuse me Andrew is under 300 yards from him we're Going to make our play we've made the Decision as a team that we're going to Go after this 3×4 if nothing else just To keep somebody else from getting it And we actually spotted this buck On our Scout Day We already We called it our backup Buck from our Scout Day And uh So guess what guys it's gonna be ours

Stand by to stand by It was and it was miserable what's up I Don't ever want to do that again Yeah I think we need to go study Onyx And Pick a destination and Make a plan Hello They blew out when we drove by All right Andrew said that uh there was A Herd of does that blew out I don't know which ones they were what He's talking about but I think they must Have been coming from this direction They blew out and they went East so the Bucks are following them they blew out Butt cheeks our chat I got no underwear On It's starting to rain You got cactus thorns all in my right Knee can Beautiful day Great Outdoors Happy hunt Wars Oh I can't drink from my water because I Got wet manure on the tip of it So it's just been a great day I love it We just can't get away from these guys It's wet it's foggy it's muddy we're Gonna get it done though Get the rifle ready Let's make sure she was sighted in Yesterday after all the buffing and

Dumping and water and everything else we Got our sided in she's good to go if We're getting ready to get up top here And find that big buck again Today you getting comfy back there oh Yeah oh yeah I can infant in a car seat Fill out this tire it's a little low Let's go up and down don't want to be Stuck out there Spare pair of Under Armor just in case You need some extra toilet paper All right what's game plan today We're gonna go we're gonna go hit the Mountain we're gonna go on top hopefully Everybody else is scared of the weather I'll see what happens that's it I can't can't lie missing the Y And the pups Yeah today is my daughter's birthday This turns two today So Marking on middle happy birthday video To her this morning sent it to the wife And then we then we brought one of her Favorite snacks up on the mountain we're Gonna have oatmeal rounds together and Cheers for her birthday uh right before We drop this big muley so hopefully we Hopefully we punch this tag on her Birthday that that'd be pretty special Missy Madison that he loves you Foreign That point s I don't know what we'll see

I know it Is Derailed this morning Oh team Texas snuck in right under us Got our spot this morning So true Indiana style we came up with Plan B Itch that hits a right up on top of this Hill yeah My thoughts are kind of We're getting down to the stretch here We haven't seen any yearly new deers so Just looking at that weather report this Morning Looked like the rain this afternoon was Going to be light Ers Step on them that's what I'm saying I Don't want to get close we need to grow Work our way down There chances and maybe try and kill one Yeah Ideally we'd like to see that bigger Four point And If he's not there or A bigger Buck there we'll probably Probably go for the big three That's our plan I'd like to get it done before it starts Raining again so yeah we got a storm Brewing so I don't know Right now Too dark right now to tell what it is I

Can see its butt right now in its legs It's too dark right now to see They're up but they're up and to the Right Oh he's a big three And then there's the one up above them Is a four by four How many you still seeing we got four Bucks Massive so We pretty much found the mother lode Right now They're uh They're at the top of this mountain that Nobody else wants to go I think we're Safe as long as we can keep an eye on Them and we don't We don't lose them so we're going to LeapFrog You go ahead I'll keep eyes on them And then once you're set up I can get Eyes on them you keep eyes on them that Way I can follow back it's 2 375 yards To where they're at It's only about that far in onyx Or About 1.6 miles or Three miles worth of up and down zigzag Back and forth backwards forward in now Yeah that's okay I just thought it was Like I thought that was uh mule Grande He might be dropping Deuces like that Oh man we're gonna get set up with some Glass make sure we have eyes on them

Before Andrew drops his glass and heads This way so this is going to be the long Game I'm a little worried about blowing these Deer deer trying to get to him We've closed A little over half or right at half of The gap between us We're still 1320 yards Yard and there is a lot of deer between Us we're waiting for Andrew He already uh started his first Piggyback late frog over to us It'll probably take him a half hour to Get over here ish we got some weather Blowing in on us that egg flat got cold All of a sudden my fingertips got numb So I'm gonna be sitting on my fingers Trying to warm them up before we make a Shot Foreign Oh they're locking handlers Foreign Foreign What the heck Somebody just shot him dude Oh my gosh you've got to be kidding me Where they shoot them from the top One on the right He's gonna tip over He's going down It's a good shot that was an awesome job Kill Shot never gets old Yes

Yes poor Point seeing them close side by Side I bet you they score about the same I kind of wanted to drill him with some Sparring but he was straight away from Me I'm like no Just wait till he's broadside Turn broadside oh That's so funny I don't know if he's big Enough to win but It's a good day it's gonna put the Pressure on the other teams anyway Nice bucks he's got sweet eye guards Dude his eye guards are huge Oh I want to go see him let's go let's get Down there I don't know whether to laugh or cry We were watching That two by two or excuse me that four By four and that heavy three Sparring Somebody took a shot at him While we were waiting For Andrew to get here to LeapFrog to Our next spot I cannot believe that All the deer just ran out of this entire Drainage I mean I must have seen dirty deer Run off the mountain they all got pushed Below So our other play is to Start glassing low Son of a biscuit

That's hat Wars Um It's a competition But what are the chances we were Watching The buck Either one of the two bucks that we Wanted to take Four point and heavy three and Literally while we were watching them We watched somebody else shoot them Looks like it was a clean heart shot Um got to give them that So uh Man Foreign Acres How the heck did they find the exact Same deer that we found today Honestly just a little heartbroken right This minute Uh You say what you want we just we just Got out Hunted Um we still got two and a half days Um I hope it's team Indiana I hope it is Uh Only because I'd like to see somebody Else from out of state get it Somebody that's never 100 mule deer Harvest a beautiful animal like that That is definitely the potential game Winner

They just took Look at his body holy crap That's it me freaking perfect right Through his shoulder Right behind his shoulder Wow look at those eye guards He is a cool deer He may not be As wide as I thought but Now that he's cool About 250 yards Right there From that cliff Of course the first time we've seen him He was right above us on the cliff It's okay we can hit straight away with Him yeah look at the body man Pretty stoked right now Uh Beautiful buck Made a clean shot I'm happy That's all that matters we uh we done Everything right this morning We knew from looking at at this one day Before yesterday that he was He was a mature mature Buck I think he's Probably I'm guessing at least five years old uh Big body Uh probably 24 wide Three inch high guards Just a three point but gosh he's pretty Buck I don't know how he'll score or if

He'll If he'll be good enough to win this Competition but I'm happy Foreign That's what that's what I get for being 60. It's down right here Your last chance to open the gate you Know As good as that sounds You're gonna make me famous Oh you got him You got him