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One Team has officially punched their tag and the pressure is on for the remaining 3 teams! Time is dwindling and the weather is only getting worse. Will these last 3 teams have what it takes to find a good buck, get in range and make a shot? Will any of the teams be able to best Team Abbott? Watch this video to find out!
The athletes are in two man teams, one spotter and one shooter, going head to head with 3 other teams. None of these teams have ever hunted or set foot in the unit before. They will be hunting the same unit at the same time, facing the same weather, same rut conditions, same pressure all placing them on an even playing field.
They will be judged according to 3 metrics. The first will be gross inches of antler. We then take the age of the animal, double it, and add it to the gross inches of antler. Finally we do a deduction for yardage when the animal was taken. 0-300 = no deduction, 301-400 = 10 point deduction, 401-500 = 20 point deduction, 501-600 = 30 point deduction, and 601+ = 40 point deduction.
All hunters are asked to adhere to and exemplify the highest standards and ethics of sportsmanship while in the field. One of the rules of Hunt Warz is a strict “Draw Blood rule.” If the hunter draws blood, that is their animal and the must continue to hunt that animal for the remainder of the show unless otherwise determined by the officials.
Special thanks to Leupold Optics for sponsoring and outfitting all athlete's with optics to use on their hunts. Also a big thanks to all the other Hunt Warz sponsors for making this show a possibility. Each will be listed below with a link, if you want to know more about any of the products on the show, please click the link!

Team LONESTAR: Mark Griffin and Andrew Cole
Team THICK AND THIN: Jim Cooper and Kade Dimick
Team INDIANA: Joe Merchant and David Rooks
Team ABBOTT: David Abbott and Shanae Abbott Yarbrough


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Foreign [Music] [Music] Percent pretty good Pretty good right three four hundred to Activate right now Just closing again [Music] From the right Oh hello [Music] He's the fourth one just a sec [Music] [Music] Thank you We would have got a little bit closer What we could have but there was two Does just off to our left And they were getting a little antsy and They started moving back into the tree So I thought I could do it and apparently Nope Thank you How bad was the wind blowing when I Shoot They're blowing though wasn't it I don't Think so they're coming back up to those Trees they were in yesterday they're Coming back up this way yeah Let's go get in that spot Hot meal on a Cold Mountain boy Ain't nothing like it Just found out some news not long ago

Yep one of the teams cashed in their tag That takes the uh take the pressure up Just a little bit see if our spot that We've been for two days and we glassed a Big bugs made it move on in them decided To go back today and then somebody else Was in a response Yeah it kind of hurts a little bit but Don't count us out yet Not over till the fat lady sings [Music] 440 Oh you got him I got him I got him on here okay he's The one in the back no He's the one hobbling oh he just went Down he just went down You better down and jump back up and Took off up this like little draw in all The Cedars [Applause] You jumped him again three miles and he Jumped the damn thing Is that him I don't know just a second That's him that's him Well we know where that he is let's go Safety got yeah Man What's going on with the gun Not only did he jump the fence once he Jumped it twice and we were what 25 Yards Just checked the radar some storms Rolling through looks like they're gonna

Be some pretty bad ones we found a good Spot we you know we got kicked out of Our spot this morning that forced us to Do something out of our comfort zone so We went scouting again and Found us a good spot Try to stick it out a little bit just Got too cold windy and rainy up there Couldn't glass anything Came down here to the truck checked the Radar Big storms rolling through so we decided To go and pack it up for the day Foreign And it ran up on the hill after And went into some trees we went over There jumped it went all the way around It went in a Seven Mile Loop But we had to push it because A really nasty storm was coming in and Well we should find it tomorrow Should find it Day four day four we got rain a little Bit of sleet maybe a little bit of snow Coming on I don't know first one's out Of the camp First one's to our spot ain't nobody Beating this this morning uh we got Pushed out of our spot yesterday so we Wanted to make sure that anything that Was going to happen Yep we're not leaving that mountain Today boys it'll be we'll be up here all Day

That's a good idea good plan all right Thank you Is no joke I'm a Midwest boy and I can't Deal When this wind gets you Foreign All over this Hillside right here But not a one with an antler on top of Its head That many does You think that there's a bug at least Somewhere around this area There's a bunch of blood up underneath This tree line This is where we left Right here It's like a pop Right there right there right there come Here come here come here is that him Is that him That's him that's him We're watching three Andrew correct if I'm wrong we got a two By two A two by three and a three by four Crabby three by four yeah Yeah did y'all did you see any other Sides of that one Yeah Where are we at today Two seconds away from a total meltdown Feeling a little discouraged today it's Just Freaking miserable I have five layers on My upper body right now well four now

Found a few bucks but nothing nothing That we really are interested in so We're gonna go someplace that they told Us nobody hunts because it's too Difficult to get to So we love the challenge difficult is Our middle name We've made the hard pass every time We've uh Try to go someplace so why should this Be any different I just seen him coming down I come I Tried to push him I'm trying to push him That way There he goes He's right there You can see him I could have dropped him Either dude I don't know let's do I would think Colin Find out if it was fine Hey we keep uh jumping that deer is it Can we just shoot it Um I don't know And get them off there well I feel that Would be the best thing to do anyway but I wanted to make sure I had permission To do so Yeah Yeah I just Get them and get them off and so you're Not chasing them around the whole Property all right thank you we'll talk

To you later bye I used to be a Mel stripper back When I turned 21. Oh yeah they called me shrimp And then it got moved down today Made a lot of money enough to start his Own uh Guide Service yeah so Just take buddies hunting and Hope they shoot something so my Reputation sticks It's kicking our ass man telling you We've been through everything my hands Are chapped my lift your chest and my Ass is starting to get chapped because I Ain't seen nothing die And tomorrow left that's it Day and a half I wish we had the permission first So is that you guys helping over here Dude I seen this one first and then I I Look like kind of back to my left and I Could see this sticking out of a bush I'm like oh that's a big two point oh my Cool Yeah What time is it It's freaking cold Oh no you can't even see that face Anymore Okay what a shame It is 604 P.M Temperature is frigid Actually I don't know how cold it was What was it it was

Was it 27 when we were on the other side It says 27 over there I think it feels Colder than that now but I don't know if That's because we're We're on the Shady Side of the Mountain Right now so It's cold it's very cold [Music] Here it is day four last Light then last Light Haven't seen a buck all day seem a Little Spike but nothing major 50 though Probably 50 though today old Dave's Getting sick I think I'm catching the two camera guy Will he's getting it too I think it's just been the grind just Non-stop man Wife called it tomorrow tomorrow's my Wife's birthday 10 10. uh Lisa said that I'm I'm gonna get a buck on Hunt Wars But it won't be until her birthday and It's going to be her birthday book so Babe I hope you're right we'll get it Done tomorrow it is and I'm gonna give You a big kiss when I get home we'll Give you one anyway but You use your birthday wish for for a Birthday book then that'd be awesome [Music] They broke her horse and broke our wheel There for a little bit I don't think Reality set in until this morning

When we went out we didn't see what we Wanted to see This morning we were all pumped hey we Had a game plan we're gonna go check out A spot and weather blew in 20 27 degrees what was it uh I think It's 23 20 23 degrees this morning Cold cold as I'll get out go out here Looking at the flats and there's nothing Everything's going to be blown out One of the other teams uh thick and thin I've been tracking a deer that they shot And weren't able to find So they were running up and down this Flat for the last two days now we've Seen three does that's it we've got one Day left trying to try to be positive But man it's hard We're gonna get him So we'll see what tomorrow holds [Music] Now we got about a two mile hike here Foreign [Music] After clear over here and usually like a Line of them to go all the way across There's a buck out there I gotta see if It's him or not Nope just three point S around hopefully we busting Do whatever we can Oh we can do While we get a little Buck out there We're gonna make a move on him see if we

Can't get this fish here guys get him in The bag this morning so we'll get it Yeah we gotta take off So he's he's already pushed her off that Wood line really okay last day you gotta Make it happen 330 yards You're taking ones again It's okay Foreign That's it no more bullets All I have to do is no yeah Dave you Copy I missed it dude I'm out of bullets all I got to watch in my bag can you bring Him down try to sneak down here I don't Know if we can stay on him or not but It's worth a try On these box this morning I'm already making two shots at him I Think I ranged them wrong I either went Over top or underneath I really Could but they're back in front of us Now I've got Dave brought me some Bullets back now for my backpack because I forgot Getting closer so I think we're gonna Get a good show now I'm gonna let him Get just a little bit closer than Me Foreign [Music] Shots you don't have any other bullets Nope

In the truck Never thought in a million years I take Four shots at a deer Miss had that thing Dialed in perfect I ran two boxes worth of shells for Anything to make sure I was dialed in For this [Music] Hopefully get another shot tonight [Music] Hey what was that I'll give you a shot Probably Indiana was over there this Morning or Texas who knows But we just heard one Maybe hopefully that was like his place To go was over there when you'd scare Him in here so I'm hoping he went over There after we boot him out And he just popped out and them guys Dropped him Hoping I don't know I don't know what to think It sucks period Yeah that was a bust We carrying the backside and hiked in Uh To this bowl that uh That our buck was stolen from In hopes that that 4×4 would make it Back in here at least any of those nice Bucks that were in here it was full Saw a whole bunch of does A couple little spikes And a few bucks way on the other side

That were Way Out Of Reach so We decided to cut our losses here so We're gonna we're gonna go down and then We're gonna go hit the South Side here We go what gonna go see if that Crabby's There we've got enough trying to figure Out how to get out of here One step at a time All right last day last afternoon We got on some bucks this morning shot Four times missed gun was off went back To Camp got it all sided back in We're out here again we just spotted Literally came back to the same spot we Were going to set up for the afternoon Just kind of hang out but we literally Rolled in they're still out there in the Same spot so we didn't spook them off Too bad We put it almost eight and a half miles Worth of hiking in today all right Um this last set Last Chance Let's Do or Die all right so we've been sitting out Here freezing starving to death didn't Bring any water And we were scanning the fence line and All of a sudden this monster just jumped The fence right out in this field he's Only about 600 yards away he's about a Four by four at least I mean he's he's a Tank he was he's definitely a shooter All we got to do is wait for him I think If we wait him out I think we'll get a Shot at him he's coming right in this

Direction the wind's right at our favor Hitting us right in the face we got good Cover where we're at It's about to go down boys about to go Down on a two-point stepped out I think we need to go ahead and hike up I'd really like to get I like to get Under 300 so I can stay within you know The ethics and the rules of the game and Then So I can make a nice clean [Music] Thank you [Music] He's on the ground he's down he's down Oh he's trying to get back up he's Getting back up he's up [Music] He's on the ground he's dead God dang That is insane that is insane I'm not that's I can't believe it took That many rounds Maybe the old goat's just that tough Then okay maybe I don't feel so bad We'll see when we actually watch video He said the first shot looked great it's Always in the back of your mind not to Leave a wounded animal and uh so I just Kept pumping rounds and I'm pretty sure I missed one because he he came in about 50 to 70 yards closer 50 yards probably Closer and I didn't uh I didn't Compensate for that either so I had one Missed shot but

Um You know he is down he expired quickly So no suffering Um and that's that's important to me Very important to me so sorry Foreign Thank you for your life Our family thanks you Now let's hope again Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] He's hurting He's hurting dude He just laid down here [Music] Oh my God Lisa your birthday Oh my God [Music] Grounded out so hard Rain snow freaking lightning Hey [Music] Oh my God Here we've been through so much in the Past five days you kind of don't even Understand [Music] We put the stalk on him man we came as Soon as we came in here they'll still Hear them all I need

There's probably 30 deer in his bottoms Again it's only at Dave's side by side Up there we made a plan to come back and Circle around we got the little Street Line right there bumps up there this way So we went back down and around and came Up this bumped about a year we'll go Back up here At the boss corner We're just gonna wait them out And then now he came A whole bucks small small bug and then Wow he showed up hot damn fence I told Dave I said he's making a beat on Oh she got her birthday book I can tell You that much for the old Indiana Mohegan [Laughter] Dude oh my god dude I missed that buck This morning and look what came out this Afternoon My wife literally texted me 10 minutes Before this guy came out and said I just Made my birthday wish it's official 10 minutes and this guy steps out in the Field unreal You were we were counting ourselves out It's just like I told Dave We've got it man we've got this we're Going to get a buck we're going to get a Buck And here he was and what one to end out On Oh my gosh we had a perfect setup right

There we were right in those two trees Right That's awesome You want to go get a recovery on this I Want to see you I gotta put my hands on This deer cash Oh my god dude [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign Again buddy Bringing a whole box of it If I gotta take all 20 shots I guess I Can go take it but I'm not getting short On ammo again Ready yep Just like that boys Welcome to Leopold's hot Wars season two King of the camp wrap-up show as you can Tell the elements have been crazy all Week we've battled rain we've battled Snow we've battled wind this week has Been incredible these Hunters have Hunted really hard we're super grateful For the effort that they put in for it The scores in the last day as you saw Through the footage incredible last day We had teams that tagged out on the last Day last minutes of light and so we Wanted to uh announce a winner but we Wanted to bring out each individual Group first and talk about their bucks

So without further Ado we've got team Abbott from Utah here they were the First ones to shoot their shot was was Taken from 247 yards the buck is aged at Five years old and the score of their Buck came out at a total of 150.62 Five Points gross score so awesome job There guys so that's our first team First buck of the week team Texas took It to the wire these guys hunted so hard All week long ended up finding this Buck At the very end their shot was from 395 Yards They had a age of 2.5 and their total Score was 84.375 team Indiana took it to the wire Bear had a shot yardage of 245 yards Their Buck was four and a half years old And this total score was 163.875 barely edging out by three Inches team Abbott what an amazing hunt So grateful for these guys we're Grateful for Clear Creek Outfitters they Hosted us here at their base camp we had An amazing time here amazing place to Hunt we're so grateful for all of the Sponsors and everything that kept our Hunters out on the mountain kept them Fed all the things that go into this Hunt it's amazing to see this come Together and to watch these guys go Throughout the hunt figure out the area And then be successful That's all we've got from base camp here

We will see you on the mountain [Music] S [Music] Foreign