MOMMA’S TURN! Shelby’s GIANT Mountain Troll

By | December 9, 2022

Shelby and Zach hang a stand on some fresh sign, and return to hunt it a few days later. They end up having a crazy hunt!


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[Music] [Applause] What's up everybody me and Shelby And the babies are out on this warm November day We'll do a little bit of scouting and Probably hang a tree stand Um trying to find a place for Shelby to Shoot a big buck this This month hopefully this week But we decided to bring the babies with Us we brought their packs so we can put Them on our backs and uh Just easier that way instead of trying To find a babysitter and all that stuff I think it's easier that way anyway We're gonna find out [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign Right down in there I don't know if you guys came to tell it There's several most of these big trees You can see over here in the background They're all white Oaks and I just come Out of there a few acorns left on the Ground but you see where They're still traveling If you see this big trail right here Uh coming out of there And then going across we found several Scrapes already

A bunch of small red so I could just Like The deer kind of Tearing us up Here Just as a good place You know you got food over here it's a Thicket on this other side And they can cruise through here And check because I'm sure there's does Using this using these wide Oaks behind Us And then you know bucks can cruise Through here on this High Point Win for For those coming in or whatever but I think and Shelby's probably seen Enough sign already I think we're wanting us to stand right Here go ahead and put a camera up all Right guys So me Shelby and the babies Got us a stand huh Took two of us she'll be occupied and I Went up a tree but See you stand Somewhere back in here right behind me It's right on the edge of that ticket And there's all kinds of trails coming Out of these Oaks over here Crossing This road found several good scrapes a Bunch of small rubs just ripped up for All the pieces uh We're anticipating a really really good

Cold front moving in here this weekend So Fingers crossed We're gonna make it happen this weekend Picking stuff up maybe the microphones Yeah it did start picking stuff up Did it this now yeah whenever I Whenever I unplugged it it'll yeah it's Moving now All right that's it appreciate it All right so we had some technical Difficulty there had to call our buddy Alex and figure it out but the mic was Not working on the camera so we got it Figured out now we just got up here Um we've seen a small buck right here When we pulled up if we got just a Little bit further to go uh then we'll Get out and get all our stuff on but I Just want to kind of give you all an Update As we was coming up to here the buck That we're after We checked the camera he was in there at Like 12 30 today so he's somewhere Really close but I probably normally wouldn't try this But with the the access that we have to This stand it makes it pretty pretty Easy to get into and as long as he's not Bedded right Above us then we should be able to slip In there so we're gonna give it a shot And see what happens yeah

Yeah there's Peppa with our babies Yes All right so we got up in the stand Finally I feel like we got in here pretty quiet I don't think we spooked anything so It's about 2 30. something like that We got a really good win it's coming Right here This way walking right behind us so the Way we come in here And it's supposed to stay like that too So that's good We will hang out here hopefully the rain Holds off Just like Misty right now It's supposed to move completely out Here by like three o'clock so Hopefully that's what happens but we're Going out here See if we're picking rolls in [Music] Foreign Stop the bigger one [Applause] [Music] Foreign Foreign Kitty I know I get you [Music] Guys baby [Music] You see

Me [Music] He's done Everything I'm crashed He's dead He's dead Just now Oh yeah he's done What I'm supposed I'm not okay I didn't even know that eight point was Over there when you said is this here But when I told you his first time that He was coming back He left He chased him does Back balance He's a Dandy Oh he's a big old make sure you hear you I can't hold the camera still Let's go from my arrow and then go I guess we'll see what that looks so I Can Yeah I'm about to hear it crash It's like I'm not confident in myself I Don't want to say I heard him crashing Him a bit amazing around Is that good is it good [Applause] All right so there's our first Blood We've been struggling because it's Raining And we'll say yeah we probably went Through here but

[Music] Is he dead Easy The heck is huge Easy I just wanted to make sure he was dead A tree right there Look at the body Oh my God Yeah he's a big old two buck huge body Deer And we struggled there for the Blood Trail didn't we well it's more in the Rain It was supposed to quit raining what at 2 45 it said yeah you said I wasn't Getting a tree is going to quit right at 2 30. well the weatherman said that and It ain't quit all day That is A horse I knew I heard him hit the ground All right I can't get my phone to work We're gonna be tracking tomorrow Are we yeah he got up and ran Hey hey just he crashed Bye What was that Okay [Music] Dude And that wasn't that wasn't my plan That wasn't my plan either she just done

That to you on her own Oh my God I was gonna get you all the Way over here I'm so excited He's huge he's huge his body is huge He's massive He looks like a cow [Laughter] Oh man What are you taking him to I ain't Taking anything [Laughter] A rope that's a big set of horn just Grab a hold of him and go I missed the camera guy gravity Let's go Get your rope I'll help you I appreciate it you gotta Get that Well Ready We're gonna let him lay right there You guys are all over stuff up I got a knife and stuff in the side by Side so Yeah we're gonna do that So we went ahead and found him but I Can't do nothing with him so we caught Some reinforcements we got the Shelby's Daddy uh Mark and he brought the knife And all the good all the goods because Zachary gets every yeah I forget Everything so we're gonna take off over Here and get him drug up into this Old

Road here and get him taken care of and Get out of here [Music] You ready to go home All right fellas and women We have officially made it back to the Truck We got a big buck in the side by side Got everything taken care of We're gonna go home get the babies and Probably take some pictures with them And stuff we may wait till tomorrow Because it's cold and rainy but uh yeah We got a big buck down hey if you like What you've seen follow us on social Media Facebook and Instagram like the Video comment we'd like to hear hear From you guys let us know what you think