Montana Walleye Tour | Dream Boat

By | January 24, 2023

Seth and Chester make the long haul to Alumacraft HQ in St. Peter, Minnesota to pick up their new walleye boat. They’ll have a couple days to get it fully rigged and ready for fishing, after that they’re off to Fort Peck Reservoir for their first tournament of the season.
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Foreign I gotta film this because the producers Say I have to are you recording yeah [Music] We're going to pick up a boat [Music] Fish number one having me Yeah it's up here look at that boy [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] Myself See Seth Morris the flip-flop flusher our Embarking On a journey to Saint Peter I believe That's correct Saint Peter Minnesota Yeah that's correct To pick up well I think it's a 2021 a Lumacraft competitor Which is honestly kind of a Dreamboat of Ours Both Seth and I have little tillers Little 16 foot tillers We just needed a bigger boat why do we Need bigger boat Seth Cause we are doing a little walleye tour A little Montana Walleye tour Yeah so we're going to be fishing Fort Pack Fresno Reservoir Tiber Reservoir so it was three

Tournaments It's kind of a dream come true for me at Least oh yeah for me too To be able to fish in a tournament And do a little series on it We used to work together Building bows Seth Started working for meat eater and I Started working for meat eater next Thing you know we got our own little Walleye show pretty amazing that's Pretty cool [Music] We're in Wild [Music] Chester We're here in Saint Peter Minnesota Pretty sweet place it's an awesome place We're currently right on the Minnesota River Looks like we catch some fish in there Yeah but we're here to finally pick up Our lumacraft boat We need this new boat oftentimes Seth And I will be super excited for the day Of fishing and the wind will start Slowly picking up Next thing you know We're like yeah we get blown off the Lake Shop's a little big for what I like In this small boat it's gonna be way Safer I'm going back in it's a little Too rough we're gonna be way more Comfortable in it have a lot more room

To fish We're gonna see it for the first time Here real soon Alumacraft competitor We are headed back to Bozeman Montana We just said a bunch of stuff and I Wasn't recording Did you get the part about Um about that I was talking about you Being a subpar camera guy Yeah I got that part okay Holy cow Seth Golden 1975 miles later Is there anything that you would like to Say [Music] No I'm done saying after that long drive [Music] How's it looked My head cut off no it's not cut off it's Right over it Your head cut off in that one It shouldn't be Okay all right it is The day after we got back from picking This boat up it's day one of rigging we Have a lot of rigging to do we have Three hummingbird Helix three Helix Twelves yep Helix twelves and then We have mega 360. that's gonna go on a Min code all tracks that will be at the Bow of the boat

A skimmer transducer we have a mega down Imaging Mega Side Imaging transducer and We have mega live and yeah we've never Done it before so we're gonna figure it Out yeah This video is probably gonna be like a How not to do all this it'll be fun Getting all the comments people telling Us what we're doing wrong well we know We know this isn't the best way that's All we got really Slowly but surely we're gonna get this Thing Howdy who's that well that's the guy That walked by earlier that guy walks Past every day this first time I ever Saw him in a vehicle probably went home Got in his vehicle and came back to see What the hell is going on here I mean I think that we're good Job Seth I feel like I'm an electrician I took a 4-H electrical class really I Don't remember any of it All right wiring This is the power to the trolling motor We're going to link this battery to that Battery which is the copper cable we're Going to link this battery to that Battery with a copper cable and then We're going to run this negative All the way to the outside negative port On that trolling motor and it'll link All three of them Sounds confusing I know

That's because it kind of is I'm going to plug the trolling motor in And we'll turn it on see if it works Look at that Oh we got power [Music] It's a good noise there's a good noise Just something no burning yet you don't Smell any fires Yes All right Seth time to run power For three fish finders [Music] Well Seth is learning how to set up the 360 I'm learning how to use the camera This is a major Step in the process right here [Music] God those things are so sturdy what are We doing Chester we're mounting our Helix 12 in the back here this will be Kind of well they'll all be connected to Each other but if we're doing some Mega Live that transducer is going to be in The back here so this Helix 12 will be Really nice it's kind of centered in the Back of the boat so we'll be able to Fish either off the port and starboard Side And see the screen still so yeah I mean I'm just mounting this And uh we're gonna be hooking it up to Power here pretty soon Gonna be pretty sweet

[Music] So we have to run inside him with the Down Imaging transducer From the back into here Run power into the fuse panel awkward And we're gonna Mount that Geiger Tech Right there run the ethernet cable Down to the ethernet boxes underneath The console and it will be done [Music] I think I left a screwdriver in there There's a screwdriver that went missing And this is like the last thing yeah It's the last thing Huh There's a screwdriver in there Yep there it is [Music] [Music] Fort pack here we come baby And you had to put your excitement scale One to ten Where are you at Zach Um 12 off the scale Man I'm a little bit nervous I don't Know why I shouldn't be We're Just Fishing if we haven't found fish by Friday morning I'll be nervous yeah Chris what about you oh I'm really Excited this is Chris Gill this is Behind the camera right now Called you a while ago and It's like we're thinking about doing a Little walleye fishing

Filming Yeah you did And here we are No I wanted to do it because uh you know I like walleye fishing I like hanging Out with you fellas Well mostly I like big walleyes We're rolling into Lewistown Lewistown Is one of the coolest towns in Montana In my opinion it's like a Sportsman's Paradise yeah speaking of Sportsman's Paradise we're gonna stop at a sweet Little bait and tackle shop called the Sports center get a few things There she is the old Sports Center Sports Center it's got a deer blind out Front All the gear you need it says How's it going We are here to get some minnows some Minnows yeah all righty Probably fill that as many as we can fit We're out there for five days I'll be right back We got A orange and purple got a blue and white Gold Or with like flashaboo instead of Bucktail tip that with one of these Minnows that we're getting Feel that thump on the sink it's gonna Be nice well there's a six dozen good Healthy minerals for you perfect Awesome we appreciate your help well yes

It's good to meet you guys thank you Now look both ways before you cross Through Chester Get your run over Thank you Foreign [Music] Yeah we are here I don't know how good a Reception we have I got 3G I got you loud and clear man We are uh Enroute to the Fort pack Derby Steve we got about 40 Minutes to go Oh you guys got how many days of free Fish Two we got two days you guys got in Your pants man you're probably scared More nervous about the weather than Anything we're we just want the weather To be nice deal Everybody's got to fish the same weather Man that's true hey you know what no Matter what happens guys it's one thing I want you guys to keep in mind right no Matter what happened just remember that No one likes a loser I remember that we'll keep that in the Back of our minds all day long okay First your last all right good luck man All right thanks Steve Okay we're here man this is where the Rubber meets the road yeah man this lake Is unbelievable though once you look at

It it's kind of daunting it looks huge And we're not even like seeing no this Is a fraction of it a little sliver of What this thing is it's a 130 miles long Roughly which is crazy and if you were To stretch the shoreline out on this Thing it'd be roughly 1500 1500 miles long it's about 200 feet Deep right now at its deepest point We're low water here it's low which Could affect the fishing could affect The fishing Yeah we'll have to figure that one out On practice days oh I'm excited to get Out there though yeah I kind of wish we Were fishing right now I know I say we go Rig the boat Get rides rigged look at some maps make Some waypoints yeah get ready for these Next two days of pre-fishing sounds good To me let's do it yeah I'm excited tomorrow we get to pre-fish We might be using jig and minnow rods What color are you putting on what color Do you want to put on I'll put on Whatever color you don't want Foreign [Music] Full day of fishing Buckle down Oh yeah nice and smooth Turn some Side Imaging on I'm going to keep this back one on down

Yep and I'm going to turn this front one To Side Imaging I'm gonna see what the wind was out of Yesterday What that window do is it'll blow that Warmer water To one side of the lake or the other Typically A lot of this pre-fishing is going to be Looking out at our Electronics just Trying to find the highest Concentrations of walleyes and hopefully Then we can catch them I say we quick speed up to this point Run around it and if nothing we'll find Warmer water okay Spend a couple days looking for them and Not really figuring them out and then Just figuring the fish out the last hour Of your practice and having a really Good tournament or you might not figure Them out at all during practice find Them during the tournament we're trying To find them Spot locked [Music] Foreign Fun to catch Not the target species but Fish on yeah feels walleye It's because it is Jester atta boy Came off in the net too nice Chester Yeah buddy what do you think Seth yeah Buddy I think we should uh move right

Mark it and go move all right nice buddy Yeah bud awesome first walleye in the Boat let's move a pre-fish let's go find Another spot find more walleye [Music] [Applause] Pike damn it yep There's a fish how does it feel it Doesn't feel like a fight it is a bite Freaking pipe again damn it that's the Pike Master what do you think Ramos Ramos Ah huh Felt fishy Probably a rock Foreign Which there are a couple So I am going to retie Yet again There we go Feels good okay Looks like a big Shadow down there it's A big walleye big one holy we need That during the tournament yeah that's a Good one man and the reason why I'm Being quiet right now is because we got Some guys right next to us Oh buddy 9.12 It's a big fish Big female We find a bunch more of those during the Tournament It's gotta be a little sneaky Oh this wind is picking up

You do look a little ridiculous I can't tell you how much I hate it how About when you Yeah Good Big and As we come back for baby talking about Now we got tomorrow yep free fish again Hopefully find a couple other spots yep We know these spots are good yep maybe Try and find another Three four good spots yep and then for Tournament day we can just hit them all Hit them all yeah good first day yeah Man Get them one day too yeah buddy All right Chester I'm gonna give you a Forecast Hourly supposed to start raining at 8 A.M with 74 chance And then it's supposed to rain all the Way up until Basically midnight tonight You know one thing that these fish don't Care about is the rain because they're Already wet That's true they're already pretty wet They're already wet I'm not gonna get Any more weather than what they are Right now no I don't know hopefully we Can get a few hours in Yeah like you said the rain's not gonna Be bad The wind's gonna suck

Well let's put the rain gear on eat a Cinnamon roll yep go fishing let's do it Or cinnamon roll reindeer then fishing Another [Music] Thing is really setting it Yeah there's fish Not sure what it is yet it doesn't feel what's that doesn't feel but It could be big walleye Sick let's move out of this spot for Sure before there's a boat coming so Yeah just get us out There it is That's a pretty good walleye Oh we should probably Mark a pin Marked There it goes Yes that is sick nice job buddy hair jig And minnow just pulling that thing right Off the brake [Music] Popping it right down off little pops And that fish crushed it What do we have for water 10 48.4 Degrees I like that Oh God dang Is this yeah Might be a fight nope it's a big walleye There it is If we get Five of those we're gonna be sitting Pretty good

Come Derby Day You're doing good man That's a sweet fish [Music] Today we had another you know I feel Like a great day of practice we found Two more good spots we've been catch Some quality fish we haven't caught Anything under 20 inches so far yeah They're the right ones that's for sure Tomorrow it's calling for big wins we Have a Rules meeting tonight Hopefully we'll get some insight on what They're thinking about for tomorrow Call this five o'clock in the morning If it's gonna go or not Just some Lake wind advisories small Craft advisories already out for Tomorrow We might not be able to fish Might just get pushed back see what we Can do yeah so what that means is get up Get ready And line up and be ready to go [Music]