NEW YORK DEER DRIVES | Muzzleloader Deer Hunting

By | January 10, 2023

We hit the woods for our annual muzzeloader deer drives. We have a blast in New York deer hunting with our buddies and are able to knock down a couple deer!

All right we're back doing our Traditional last day Muzzleloader drives Here on public land And uh it should be fun we got the about The same size Cruise last year uh John's Not here right now but he's going to Meet up with us later he's got some Puppy things to handle And uh yeah The first light going in for the first Drive we're all gonna go sit typically Kick some bunch of deer out of this First drive every year so we're kind of Going to do the same patterns as normal Years we're gonna push this side of the Road and then we're gonna do this side Of the road got a lot of guns this year Should be and there's loads a lot of Guns and low standards We'll probably be set up in about less Than 10 minutes I'm just going to send The mass tax out and those guys will be Lined up right now All right so you want to walk this way a Little bit Yeah so we'll go down like Right around that like about where that Bearing tree is yep and then just find a Spot within within 50 yards of this spot Here so you have a good sense of Awareness uh almost every good Buck we Pushed out here has come out Every time me and Josh we're already set Up down there yeah the deer always come From down down yeah and they come right

Towards us that when Scotty shot that Eight point here a couple years ago came Out here he shot it right here on the Public it's still hooked around and went Down through there and it's hard because It dips so much the way you could you Could have in person every 50 yards each Person's on a different Ridge we're Going to cover the primary areas and Just see you know like if that's enough You know And your thing is like it's uh it's loud So those deer know we're here already Today is just what they do when they When they get home so Oh So they're going down to their spot Probably heard them talking about it but Right here's where we're ending like the Last two years the ice buckets popped up Either right here on the private line Above us so we can't shoot it into our Right but everything to our left is Great for shots and they're going to be Over the next Ridge so I don't have to Worry about anybody Hopefully right here they pop back out And if they do pop out above us we'll Just watch them go by and hopefully they Rap and go back into public or get a Shot before they go over the hill All right we're all set down here on the Bottom now I heard some

Fair or something What's coming at us [Music] Oh I know [Music] Oh I hear another one [Music] I heard something else [Music] God [Music] I heard something break down this way She's down right there She was close Well Cody just shot that giant fawn Is up on the private over here I made it Wait till she got real tight and cross The line and then she raned out and died Right here Yeah we got lucky that you didn't run Back that way I can't believe it got Back up though All right frontal I know All right I thought I heard a branch Break down this way right before you Shot That's why we come prepared Double barrel muzzleloader That's an easy one to carry out though Heck yeah dude Be sweet if another adult came running Down through because I wouldn't mind I Mean I should be sweeter if a big buck Came down there but a deer is all I need

Hi picky these are my I guess so Tender loins two public land deer Yeah I hear something is it sure You still see it And you you did have a bullet end right Did you spit in the barrel to lube it up For you something down there Well good thing what I Was a coyote at least you know Was did you see a d or two no it was Just a coyote yeah I mean I wasn't gonna shoot a spike but I was at least in position for whatever Would come through Listen Oh wait what is this Make sure it's not a buck Matt [Applause] E chocolate mine [Music] Questions Here just We got a nice nice dough down here deep Deep on some Public land here Right at the end of the drive I think They were already out of the main push And She came through with a smaller I think About six point behind her and they Stopped about For about five minutes over there in the

Brush and I could just see him and Bob Couldn't and then I think about the time Probably when the drivers came crunching Out of the The main part core of the drive they Heard that and started coming right this Way and uh Bob was able to put a a good Shot on her and put it right down in her Tracks coyote come out a little bit Earlier and uh You know I think a misfire looked like a Flame thrower when his gun went off and It was a didn't look like anything made It anywhere near the coyote that thing Circled around I tried to get a chance To shoot at it too but it was a little Too quick and a little too far so but we Had three standards on this drive killed Two does I That's a that's a good day by anyone's Standard so Last day uh Regular muzzleloader season 2020. Standover Shot ripped right a little bit ago right Below us Yeah probably 200 inch or so Odds are Head The old Plateau Package [Music] That was the meat shelf pack frame [Music]

Let's see what I can do [Music] All right [Music] Foreign [Music] I should have walked out with you guys [Music] Ben all right I'm assuming bill is that If Scotty Bob and Will are well I don't Know all right well that's cool let's go So camera and then you guys are going up To that Trail Follow that and just get 500 feet from the cab and on the crest Of the hill and the rest of us we're Pushing that bottom field first I'm Leaving my gun in the truck oh I'm gonna Leave mine in the truck too yeah this Will be like when a giant block jumper Is angled and the brush so I wouldn't Shoot it Anyways with his bare hands Foreign Where everyone does I think you're enrolled I'm filming you Right yeah yeah I'll just film in All right it might be a little foggy but We're pushing all this stuff Back just heard a shot ripped so Hopefully someone got one somebody Texted I don't know the numbers yet but Somebody texted in the group chat at a Buff and two dollars is coming out so We're pushing the sticks up here that

Kind of worked out to where it's a Little thinner so I can see because I'm Carrying a gun man uh so I'm gonna work Right out of this power line Oh slick nasty stuff to my right I was walking through this stuff and I Just kicked the deer up right here In there I couldn't see it but It headed right towards People so hopefully there's a gunshot Here soon Let me get the second one back I'm on the back one bigger one Right here right here I don't know how they got that There Rob down there A couple of them They should get Somebody coming across [Music] Yeah so they're going up into the Pushers Send them back down All over the face but man we didn't do a Great job with the Corral on them on This drive it just I don't know if he Will feed practice So five it crossed the road up there too I know because one of the guys is Joining us but he doesn't have any tags He was an observer on this island yeah That's why Cody should have came and Told me like I was like I got down there

With like everybody out like where's Bob So he's like he's down there directing Traffic he's like oh three coming across Yeah and then five went out at least on The other side because the guy that was Joining up late there who's who's so There was a nice buck kind of running Around now mayor and will missed it and Then it came out and Scotty Bob could See it bobbing through the brush but I Believe and ended up kicking eventually Back in Um I think like a two and a half year Old it was like one that had like a Decent rack but not a lot of points but A good public land gear Foreign Yeah we sure we don't want him standing In the best spot You know What are we doing So uh Down in a different piece here Doing another Drive actually me and Brett were standing right here During gun season we did some drives During dough weekend But uh there's a nice Crossing going Across this ditch Through these Woods up in front of us About 40 yards then the hill kind of Drops off behind us as well I'm expecting the drivers coming from Uphill through a bunch of thick

Expecting deer to come down into these Into this Timber and potentially crosses This ditch bottom here in front of us so We'll probably be a bit for drivers get Down to us But they tend to push quite a few on This drive I feel pretty good about it we're in the Same area Jake Mr Dough on those drives or sorry missed a Buck on those drives during the weekend As well Hopefully someone can get eyes on a big Buck today that'd be nice I'm looking for Brown I'm not the same standard as me I'm Hungry Just heard a shot up the hill Must have started moving deer up there So It's a good sign hopefully some trickle Down through here [Music] Go ahead if you got them [Music] What the [ __ ] good Buck big buck [Music] Get ready they're going right to us There's a front wants a little block Back one's a big buck It's walking Yep It's a big good buck

Middle one If you can get one I can get a shot I have a shot Go ahead I almost stood at this tree dude I was about to shoot him in the neck the Big one yeah he was big I thought we're gonna get him for sure I just need him to come up here I should have been staying look at my Butt my shot's better right here anyway I should have been staying right here Son of a god her wind blowed They were gonna come right here maybe That's one of them I hope so They might come right back down too I got the painter back Someone found a shed Well that was him Boop and I was looking Unless I see more deer running And they ran up here and Cody was like There's a good buck and they stood right There I had a wide open shot I should Have been standing right where you are Right now because I could shoot down Here so and I could shoot over there Yeah hopefully you forget them but I Mean it's the same box good bucket Because it went he's had a good box he Shot at it it went but when I was Standing there it stopped right before It got to these opening and I was Looking at it and Cody's like and it was

They're getting weird yeah and I could See the white on his neck and I was Putting my crosshairs on to shoot and They took off their shot through these Trees like five different times and I Just see rack walking through them look Dude 115 inch box pretty good one think There's I think it's probably the one That Jake shot at like I think he he's Living here I'm hoping to see see this Like see that that dead pine tree that's Leaning he was behind that And I was like he was right there I mean And there was a little eight a big eight And then a spike Never looked at us they never knew we Were here they just kind of but that's Why yeah it's nice because well there's People pushing through up there I'm sure They heard the shot they probably were On that little side over and there Yeah I couldn't see his I couldn't see His body all I could see was his Freaking like his face and I didn't want To shoot him in the face and then when I Leaned like this I could see his neck All right is your shirt up late to the Uh Muzzy Drive Fest showed up just in Time to hear some gunshots sounds like They got some deer down so I uh or at Least one deer now and maybe another so I'm walking down now to help drag I had To miss the first uh first leg of the

Drives Um I had to take then stinking puppies To the vet so Um Here now and Got some blood on the ground so let's go See what we can drag out of here Need a relief header Going on buddy this is your good spot Huh good to see you you need a good for A walk yeah here I could take her for a Bit let's go Yeah so that's the book we filmed all Right so that you're rolling yeah so That bust that I just screwed up on Thankfully right up to Ethan and He hit it we weren't sure if he got it Or not he just found it so we're gonna Walk him now we'll get a look at the Buck I screwed up on I'm just glad he Got shot yeah he got a shot we got foot And jump before he died at least Oh Yeah when Ethan said he was cracking you While coming up Here I saw it yeah Awesome He was like I mean watching I think he's Watching matters you know what that is Is that Jake that's Jake's shot I Guarantee it oh Yeah I'm willing to bet you that Jake Send a picture to Jake yeah Because it was facing him and like so I

Tracked it off it was exactly 50 yards I'm like and I mean like I I had a extra Shot right off the tube in the front Yeah so just dumped it right up in the Yeah don't pull the mailers off yeah That's awesome yeah man Yeah Not a drop of blood until right there And then I'm like man that kind of looks Like something was dozing right there And then I just see red He's taking the long dose right now yeah Yeah We were just sitting there and we saw He's like there's a buck right there or There's a deer right there and I'm like Oh and I zoomed in and then he just Started walking right at us just to come Down that trail yeah like perfect and Then all of a sudden like a sixth sense They just turned and boogered and I said They're coming towards you got the Cleanup hitter up here well as soon as Like well I was like I'm real I'm glad It went by Ethan because I know like He's a killer I'm not that we all don't Have other good shots here but I was Like man I'm glad Ethan shot him that One because holy cow it was nice he was Coming up this laneway Or I had actually looked down the hill And I'm like man that looks a lot like a Beam of a buck sticking out behind that Tree

It is And he comes up the hill and he got on a Uh I had like one Gap probably four or Five foot wide and he he's coming Straight up it and I'm like he's gonna Be right in my lap but facing me I'm Like I'm gonna have to shoot him because If he takes one step out either side He's gone I'm glad you made that Decision we've seen this before we've Had a lot of problems yeah He came up I'd seen the three deer come Up and Cody's like They're come they were gonna come right Into an opening Cody told me a big one And I could see that rat coming through And I got on him and Cody could have Shot him I should have been staying at The tree he was at yeah because Cody Could have shot him and then I saw him I Couldn't see his body like she was Heading his head was sticking out and I Had my crosshairs right on his on his White patch I was about to squeeze off And he ran where did he come from down Here So there was a little eight point there Was him and then a spike I heard I could Hear another deer you guys bumped Another one I'm glad I didn't try to Shoot at his neck too But it was all I had I was about to get Ready I told Tucker I'm like man I don't Think he could have been 50 60 years

Like Ethan made me go like walked or Where he was he directed me I look back I'm like there's no way you missed this Shot it's like it was just right down a Deer trail he probably got it yeah it's Like [ __ ] it's probably Jimmy that's Where he got hit right if you flip him Over There yeah I mean I thought that was a chick shot Because that's like a chance yeah we Think uh Jake gave my hair cut Hell yeah take that dude that's awesome Play that clip now that's the one I've Been He's going right towards Ethan hopefully He makes it too long before he crosses And then boom then I was worried because You said big one but I'm like is it a Big doll or is it a big buck then said Shot at him and I was like all right Like I like that I like that He sees guys but that was my favorite Line he's like well he's like it's been A long time since I've seen a crew this Big Foreign What's going on here Gotta feed the minions From that end standards down here I want to do that drive that Um we did last year where Kyle shot that One and it ran on private right there Yeah

We saw a lot of freaking deer on that Guy yeah and then Adam shot that [ __ ] That guy stuff yep There was there was a couple decent Bucks in there yeah there's yeah a Couple bucks came out of that last one I Got glimpses of them I never got a good They came out through the pasture on the Back side or whatever yeah the guy that Was with Scotty was up there and said he Never saw him [Music] All right we just got set up for Drive Number Four Yeah my first try to do that Spent some time with Ethan he shot those Bucks so that's awesome this is a good One this is where we push out really big Bob Lash I'd push up further but I think it's Only when we get lower Who's our visual so there's another line Of guys standing from that way They're gonna be coming at us We're going down And then the next Drive is on the other Side okay so we're the first line of Standards pretty much yep I'm Kyle by the way Hunter Hunter There's a woodcock Trail we mowed in Here they could get on that you might Have a clear shot I made it pretty wavy Line obviously a wood how far do we have To be before electricity are you serious

What are you saying that's for the Earthworm It promotes the earthworm growth for the Woodcock to eat So how far down do we have to be to Shoot You're probably all of it no it's it's You can't see the house All right that's gonna wrap up we're Gonna do one more round of this for our Holiday hunt starts after Christmas we Ended up with what three quarters uh Three does in a buck three does in a Nice buck it's actually the buck that Jake has uh on the takes the last uh Video when we were doing uh during dough Fest weekend so really nice buck you Actually skimmed the top of its neck and The Ethan shot it so if you like the Content please like And subscribe and we Appreciate you guys we'll catch you on The next one drives Brett's out in Iowa We still got some deer hunting left here In the Northeast so thanks for watching