By | December 6, 2022

Eric and Ethan devise a plan to not let the buck Eric missed the week prior slip through the cracks. It's not long after sun rise and the guys have a big New York buck on the ground! APPAREL: 👉
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Foreign [Music] Eleven eleven Veterans Day And uh We're back in the same spot That we left from yesterday we had lots Of action And we anticipate similar today there's Just a lot of does in here Um I missed that buck yesterday All right I try to Get him in front of us again I'm sure I get a good range on this time Walking towards your corn Oh yeah That's sure G2 That's our boy right there He's walking right by our stand Yesterday Like right [Music] Stay on the outside buddy Let's make it going To go on the inside Card you went all the way over there [Music] Well it's either him or a big buck I Don't know what He's walking right at us Is coming but [Music] He's here Oh that was a small block okay

Here he comes [Music] All right now Be careful [Music] Another one [Music] Okay [Music] Yeah I'm gonna walk in this game [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Uh [Music] [Music] I got our wind and he just read the body Language [Music] He was gonna walk right there he's Turned wide [Music] He was on it Death March [Music] What are we doing see we are going to Improvise in 10 minutes we're going to Meet with Hunter and Eric and figure out Where we're going and what we're doing

Um I think we're gonna sneak into a spot And sit next to a tree kind of like a Turkey hunt I think Eric's got his bow So we'll try to shoot first so we can Get out of there Eric's got his bow he's Not bringing a rifle at all I don't know I don't think so Man I know That's why Cody's with me All right it's uh the morning of the 23rd Going back after short G2 we're just Gonna Meet Ethan and Cody at the farm quick we Gotta Figure out if we could Set up two different spots Ethan's got The rifle I'm gonna bring the bow I think I'm gonna sit in the same stand That I missed him out of I think it's Right around freezing this morning light Winds which is the bad part trying to Get in tight but uh we'll figure it out Like donuts or something we're waiting Uh for you to bring that Cody what'd you Bring bud what what'd you bring for us Anything good thing what the heck good Are you hey everyone Man don't break it You know how to use that Advanced Camera Yeah Yeah well the thing is you got to put it Back to the General dumbass settings for me when

You're done all right All right we'll go up there and Pull up there and park all right good Luck guys yeah well I'll see you in a Second Okay There's another one I think right here Yeah Another one in the corn In the strip It's not a big deer I am just just breaking away and we had A small buck go across this green lot Looks like as far as I get down to those Eating the corn down here Down here about 100 yards or better Probably more than that So that's a good start so I'll change up a little bit but Ethan and Goldie they Thought we could sit next to it in the Ditch It's too far around the corner So They're open Be good they got the Mossberg so we got The busy So let's see if we can get him to Cooperate [Applause] Can you still see it [Applause] I mean like The tip of that corn

So he's running Oh it's too old there Dude I bet he's chasing around there Right there right there going towards up In the lock what is It Here it is That's him Staring right at us Staring right in Together when He's telling right towards those guys Where'd he run Should I shoot him right there Yeah yeah I'm pretty sure Yeah that's him Is he going to Eric or no What time is it What time is it There he comes he's coming right to us I'm gonna dump him Can you see him or no Ready Hang on Right there ready He's going right to Eric though He's going right to him I think He's going right to him I gotta let him Go No I gotta Yeah he's going right down He's going right to him I'm not gonna shoot him he's going right

To him he's going behind him Yeah yeah He should shoot him right there He should shoot him right there He should shoot him right there He might come this way He should shoot him right there Shut you right there Actually he's way behind him Oh no Yeah he should unless he gets their win I hope so Oh no Oh he's going behind him now He's straight behind him Shooting right in that direction I can't shoot the right in their trees Oh no He's gonna smell them he's gonna smell Them And take off He's straight downwind of them guys He's gonna yeah Yeah I know there he goes I might have To dump him if he goes across Is he gonna go buy them guys How far do you think he is from left 15. there's no shot [Applause] Crush [Applause] He's going across Yep yep good [Applause]

Get ready yeah right there Yeah Right there Right there ready yeah He's down He's got him Got him dropped and don't drop them down Yeah let's go dump them You got him Thanks buddy yes dude oh it's been a While that's awesome well we thought Eric was gonna get it I know it's been a While It's been a while Eric sorry buddy I gave him a chance He's right there I know he's up in that tree he's right There We thought Eric was gonna kill him I Know hey we got her I know we got him Dude Cabal dude he was right there below you I know I know and I he went across a lot And I had to shoot him no no no no I was Glad you guys okay okay yeah okay I Didn't want to take him from underneath You no no no we gotta look he come out Of course downwind like north of the Yeah he blew yeah east of these plowed We could hear him coming through Yeah and he got out in the lot and of Course down ah bro good for you and I'm Happier now that's a jumble oh dude I Know well we'll wait for you to get down

Then we'll go get him yeah I don't want To blow anything out of this set so That'd be great all right I'll be right There okay we got two angles on it Did you see him the first time I I gotta put it all together in my head I can't remember he was he was he was Almost to where you shot him or once Already and he came back Oh I know yeah yeah I guess I missed him There and then I heard him blow and I Looked up he's standing underneath your Tree I lost my mind Okay no he was before like he blew and Then he went out in there let's just go Walk up to that and then he came back Towards us Okay so all right Holy cow Cody Thank you that's awesome it's kind of an Angle too he got his good good I can't though I mean Eric and I work together on a lot Of things and I really wanted to see the lighted knock Yeah And uh I just can't you know it's been a While since we shot one of the right Tools this thing just laid him right Down that was the first deer I could Film this morning we just got shooting Like yeah yeah it happened fast [Music] This was just a freaking spot which is

What he did last year too [Music] Oh yeah [Music] [Music] Look at the size of him Oh imagine what he weighed a little like Three weeks ago I haven't punch this one in a while [Music] All right so we finally get to put our Hands on the short G2 Buck this box of Lotus now for uh most of the Season Eric Had a couple good encounters during both Season and um we had a plan this morning To To basically split up uh Eric had his Bow I brought the Mossberg Patriot uh 300 Win Mag and we split up a couple Hundred yards apart and uh Short G2 was actually between two little Wood Lots kind of hanging out with the Dough and kind of keeping her hemmed in And We actually let the buck walk to Eric Ended up getting downwind of him and Then he was kind of getting A little bit too far to the west of him And and I ended up taking the shot about 110 yard shot and he went right down so It was a Incredible morning having two uh two Camera guys and two uh two Hunters Within a couple hundred yards of each

Other was pretty special so we're gonna Enjoy the day And uh you know really Take a moment and Enjoy this uh this one Oh my God Baby I need to set this thing down yeah We can't do it yeah He's got some balls off So that's those are his sheds from last Year yeah I think I got the right ones Hey turn him the right way See what happens he's sleeping oh yeah Sure key too buddy wow how are we doing My message To get him up song [Music] A little more you need more time How much more that's good All right so we got them all hung up uh Was an awesome day short G2 Buck uh you Know the Final Chapter it's nice to Finally get one hanging and and now it's Time to celebrate Yeah Come on I'm not doing it I'm not doing it Right here We want everyone to do yeah [Laughter] [Music]