New York Rifle Deer Hunting on Opening Weekend

By | November 28, 2022

New York's rifle season opened up and the crew is in the woods for opening weekend! APPAREL: 👉
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Opening weekend of rifle is like a Holiday for us here in New York it's a Great time to get together with friends And family and last year we started to Gather at my buddy Ethan's Farm my Cousin Doug came up Ethan's dad came up We had a super successful season last Year and we were hoping for the same Going into 2022. this year was going to Be a little different as far as being Able to stay at Camp the whole time we Didn't end up bringing our camper out Like we did last year Nikki was only Able to hunt the first morning because Well we've been a little busy back at Home with some new puppies that we got To keep an eye on What's up dude So we hope you guys enjoy this year's Deer camp with our crew and the rest of The crews from Jess Hunt Club [Music] What is going on everybody it is One of the best evenings of the year The night before Gun opener here in Southern New York Uh headed to schooni's again like we did Last year I got my cousin Doug behind me Nick's Working so she's going to meet us in the Morning be a little different we got Puppies so she won't be able to stay the Whole weekend but we're still gonna hunt Tomorrow as long as she can until she's

Got we got to go back and Make sure that them little buggers Aren't getting into too much Mischief But uh I'm sure you can hear it in my Voice I'm super excited Um This uh Camp is always last year's the First year we did it we had super Successful weekend Um it's just A fun time so Um we're headed there tonight season Opens tomorrow morning we're gonna eat Some food drink some beer shoot some Deer hopefully so we'll see you here in About an hour once we get to scoonies Let's figure out where you're going yet He knows He's like I don't want to hear you think About it That's just I made it decide last night Doug was gonna had a decision but then I Told him there's a trap so a trap yeah Yeah that's good yeah he doesn't want to Break his foot and I said don't break Your foot we're better off not even Knowing about it You know oh that's very high coyote yeah Six of them Doing like two foxes you need to get That up in double digits right here Foreign Opening day rifle season The boys are hitting snooze

All right for you oh or okay we're okay Yeah I got some clean underwear in there Yeah we're here you got an extra pair in Case the 30-point buck comes in get a Little nervous nope we're gonna be all Set with the spare right here yeah yep Chili Just for Old pumps like this is usually How I open up the air opener oh darn Don't sound like a chorus in here Symphony A bunch of baritones Just pull the trigger first You look like a deer hunter right now Thanks we call you Billy he missed you Gotta pull the snake out a little well Good luck Foreign How can he see anything Nice clear morning this morning Almost hit a big buck on the way in He's way down there let's go It's gonna be You never know What that's the plan we'll be trapped What they want to hear we're gonna sneak In Out in this piece for a while now oh my God in years No um how are those toes good they're Really good so John got me new boots Yesterday where did my hand more Immortal in my pocket you threw them in Your hands there all right

I'm tired Um he says that we're gonna sneak into The cornfield so it's on the edge That ditch that on the river in last Year yeah yeah okay First one of the day All right That's all right All right we just got in here They're planning to get down into there But There's deer in this field To sit here first light Let the deer clear the field maybe shoot One as if this is a doe in front of us We're only 70 yards off the road there's Nothing sneaking down there and scaring Everything We're gonna sit here until Here sees us here I think she can yeah Yeah Yeah She's really far Foreign She wasn't close enough for me Foreign Yeah Yeah he like doesn't care that we're Here He's gonna go sniff their baseballs I don't care that he's there though There's no Feeling spiritual I haven't made him

Very hard Like I could have slept till noon today Because I'm here with you We had a good morning you know and then We came down here and this didn't say Anything so we're gonna go to Douglas Repeat after Me yeah [Music] I saw that one Yeah You didn't see any box no box really Selling 15. Oh Really Yeah I thought you guys She was standing right here oh I wish I Was Not in the tree yet No I just leaned up against the tree and She was standing right here oh so she Was on the ground yes yeah that's good Wait a couple minutes I moved up here And just like marked the spot and I was Like might as well get over the train Yeah Oh my God no box behind him at all Xbox One [Music] Yes that's awesome dude that feels good After last year huh that's really

Reduction Did you deserved it yeah Yeah thank you you're patient too like To wait and like But when I followed the initial I was Likely don't jump because I was gonna That looks like a good shot that's Perfect Yes yes yes First New York deer first New York deer So how did it happen Doug Well Got turned around out here in the Morning Got to a tree didn't have time to climb Up one so I just sat down Behind a tree and these Two does came walking up She was about 40 yards and Turned broadside and I let her have it First rifle deer first New York deer yep You like that rifle a little better than A shotgun yes it's pretty nice Yeah the rifle shock rate A nice big dough We're gonna eat some wines yep Thankful After recovering Doug's dough we headed Back to the house and we spent the next Day and a half hunting but it was very Slow we saw a lot of deer but just the Buck sightings are very minimal this Year at least for bucks that we wanted

To shoot had a couple opportunities that Does didn't really work out that's okay We still had a blast at deer camp like Always my cousin Doug was making his way Back to New Jersey with a cooler full of Meat Good morning guys it's here opening day Arrival season finally we're able to get The mossbergs out we got a nice dusting Of snow on the ground and it's pretty Cold out now it's 20s we got me my Grandma my aunt Cheryl on the way here I Can see Everywhere so the orange Army is out And Straw we got about 10 minutes left Before the fireworks start And uh Hopefully we can get a nice deer Cruising to this field I've had Pretty dang good luck in this field in The past it's one of my favorite spots To sit during rifle season And uh see what the Morgan brings It's pretty cold Hello What happens You slipped up towards the house if You're going across Um I hit four bucks Really You shot the Bengal Some yes Awesome I can't wait to get over there

I can't wait to get over there Yeah that's what we wanted Oh Wow yeah That's awesome It's a big one We got a lot of pictures of him that's That yeah it's that 180. that's always In here yeah the sideways one yeah one That's always in here yep yeah isn't he Cool yeah he's a big old one too don't You think I think he's probably yeah Oh I don't know he's big So what happened pretty come from Seeing down there yeah and they came From the left of that tree and they must Have come across her I didn't see him it Was to my back and uh all looked up and There was one deer then there was Another deer and he was like on the Crust of that Hill when I shot the first Time I must have totally missed him I Took my glasses off I'm like crap I Can't see and then yeah and then he got Up here and I said one more time and he Went And then another um six point came Afterwards after I shot him another six Point came up and I watched him do the Rubbing that thing with my scope oh he Was up here doing a scrape yeah he went Right through the driveway and went up And did the scope and did the screen I Wonder if they scared him out and then

Turkey was right here in the field with Me all the while right the one when we Saved yeah That's awesome That's awesome He does stink yeah he smells Don't tell me I smell I smell good He's a big body Nice one though He came up and I'm like oh I can't pick It come over you know oh my God I can't Pick him up no way No I don't think I think I would need Help to pick that thing up that's a big Deer Even eaten well That's good food around yeah well you Killed him just outside that frigid Forge plot yeah yep right that's where Where he was going so cool awesome Oh that's sweet great big doll was right Beside me with her twins and I thought I'd really like to drop her and I Thought no I'll leave her alone and then Didn't he come out like two minutes Later that's good yeah two minutes later He was out glad it paid off yeah Can I get a picture with him What do you think of that [Music] All right nice job [Music] 210

Nice yay Once we got my grandma's Buck all taken Care of my grandpa said he was going out Back to harvest cornfield with the hope That he'll flush deer out of the Corn we Decide to hunt nearby so my grandma Takes my sister Elia to a big and BC Plot in the woods right above the Cornfield then I went and sat in an Adjoining field on the opposite side About 30 minutes into this sit I hear a Shot from the food plot shortly after I Get a phone call my sister had shot her First buck so I headed that way to help With the recovery and take some photos The next morning my girlfriend Alyssa Had the day off so we sat out in search Of her very own first buck after a Frigid morning sit with no luck we head Back to warm up and come up with a plan For that afternoon All right we're back in for the Afternoon this morning we didn't see Anything froze Came back Ate some jambalaya grandma cooked up we Just snuck into this piece uh We've owned it for several years our Family has at least there's not Wildwood Too but uh me and Nick came here during The weekend one of the September dove Season and we shot doe here that's the First time we ever hunted here period so Snuck in here just to give it a shot

We're gonna settle in try to stay warm Wind's cranking hard It's at 20 degrees so Hopefully we see some deer moving Anything goes here Brown is down [Music] To stop okay All right turn your safety off Ready to shoot Right there Sam it's a nice buck ET Right right there right right there hey I don't know I think you hit him good I Think you hit him good You hit him you hit him good all right Let's get him [Applause] You look like a good hit Looked like a really good hit Oh I see him you got him You got him You got him yeah Let's go look at him That was a really good shot Are you okay Pull the leaves off Babe thank you I knew I had them right where I should Have but I was shaking She's trying to get him to stop and Finally stopped like perfect Awesome baby [Music]

I don't even think it was on film to be Honest I was too worried about getting You situated moving the shooting sticks And He just kept cruising he was I mean he Was kind of taking his time but he was Moving right towards us quick Let's get some quick pictures oh you Might want that I do want that Deal well you gotta keep dragging So she gotta get them out of the woods Let me take it in let me take a nap Pretty good all right we'll keep going And that's a wrap [Music]