NICK GETS HIS CHANCE! – Indiana Big Woods Hunting

By | January 4, 2023

We continue to hunt the big timber on Indiana public land. We see several bucks and Nick gets a shot off!
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All right it is our second day in Indiana we got Ted with us right now rum And Cam and Nick and Jake are going and Shooting the Muzzleloader it's Nick's First ever day Muzzleloader humming so That should be pretty entertaining Excited to have everybody here it's Gonna be a lot of fun we got a little Bit of wind today by the time we got Everything rounded up this morning it's Later than what we wanted but we saw Deer all day yesterday we had an awesome Hunt yesterday probably the best hunt That I've had in the timber setting ever So hoping to keep that ball rolling We're gonna join up with those guys once They get the Muzzleloader deal all Figured out and then until then we're Just gonna cover ground try to check out Some new areas there's some clear Cuts Around us and we did not hunt around to Make clear Cuts yesterday so we're gonna Just go get an idea of what type of sign We're seeing around here and compared to The other places that we were in Yesterday All right what's up let's do it then Let's do it then Dialed Is that the where I was holding We're zero bullets following my Crosshairs If you want this artwork comment below I'll send it to you an art major right

There for you oh yeah I made the Dean's List baby What's on it yeah Say something's in trouble based off What they saw yesterday yeah Spike six Point one fifty I am Itching to kill something bad so I think There's a chance I really do Better side what we saw all day Yesterday that's the second scrape it's Open It's like what we're looking for The phone think media will tell you that Rut is over And while the majority of the you know Cruising and buck activity that you may See is going to likely be over there Still gonna make sure that there's no Hot does left unbred so I guess I'd like To keep looking for Buck's eye and it's Fresh obviously that's telling you They're there I've seen open scrapes all The way into January too so if there's Bucks around they're gonna leave sign That's where you want to be Had they've been a little bit closer I only saw those yeah There's gonna be a nice one in that bowl You guys on the back of it I mean yeah Especially after seeing the does right There yeah I have a great feeling though I'm gonna be walking up ready to pull This Hammer back we'll be ready I look like that might have been a big

Buck to me yeah Yeah Did you see it Here let's ran straight down there in Between those where that sycamore tree Is in between now so I've got like where The bright spot is the salt flash Through there there's one deer running It like a big body I don't know I could just be too excited I didn't like that moving [ __ ] I feel Better than that I don't know I feel angry about that one I feel like I didn't want to make that Move but then I got impatient just Started cutting across there I don't Even know if it was about them I'd just Be making it up something just felt Different about them and I just was Sitting here saying that's the bounce Out going there is that that edge is Looking right down at it Maybe I was quick it meant to that spot It's plenty easy to never saw a stand in There but we should have just put the Time in I know now we've already bought It we could just go up there and Investigate where he was but I'd be Curious to see it just probably wouldn't Have made that move I think we bumped the buck pretty much In a textbook spot on a point with a cut It's a hard Edge right here he was Probably either bedded or just feeding

Along this Edge and we came down that Point that's running parallel just cut Through the open stuff Immediately he nailed us I saw him Running But I don't think these guys saw him so Hopefully you're enjoying like some sort Of map demonstration Oop there's us there he goes there's Zach keeping Ted down the hill there Goes the buck thinking those dummies Feel confident now Signs into 50. oh yeah yeah we'll sign It into 100. we'll split up and we're Gonna basically work around two clear Cuts kind of close in on each other that Way if somebody fails There's a chance that the other guy gets Them wish we would have been doing that Earlier when we possibly bumped that Buck but we were going to the area where You think we think the buck being bumped Or buck maybe buck that you guys spooked There's a lot is going and we're gonna Still hunt towards each other there's a Lot of bucks on that we saw since we Pumped that buck going to this area that We're targeting that's hot hey good luck Good do good things Right here Little bucks I'm just taking this side it's like real Fresh We were walking down this bench

Our way towards our next Target there's A bunch of Oaks in here and there's all Kinds of feeding side there's scattered Grubs and stuff too and then we bumped Two-year-old Buck probably a decent Chance he just ends up right where we're Going to end up kind of pinching down on He was too far but at one point he ran Straight away from me and the tree so I Had enough time that I could have got a Beat on him I could only see him for Just a little bit as he was going up There I couldn't tell shades of it I Know That's what I need Deer spot and shades Straight up sinkhole See Heavy uh two that buck might have Been sent me a shot I can pretty much guaranteed probably There's a creek bottom down here it Looks real thick and it's super far from The access Keith and I are gonna drop in The bottom we're just gonna work fast Through the creek and these guys are Just going to parallel us on the Hillside let's see what happens Get in the grass Right there You know it's an easy place to just hang Out around these Foreign There's a bigger one By climbing up here we get a little bit

Of elevation and I was coming up the Back side of this and I saw a buck down There he stood down there for a long Time then he started building around and He bedded and when we saw him it was Like there's probably a good chance There's more so he just Tongue Tied on It and eventually he saw us moving up Here he bounded away when he pounded Away a bunch of other deer jumped up and I saw one other buck that looked bigger Than him last I saw he looked like he Was running off another Buck like mad he Didn't know what's going on they're Going to be back in here it's kind of What I'm thinking Foreign Just out here griddling Doing griddle things making tacos Smacking on baby carrots Because why not Here we are and it's dark It's dark at 4 55 P.M Oh dear sick Second a dog this morning huh I'm going To get a hotel sleep it off when there And sleep and sweat it out live in Luxury You look rough I don't see any good way to do this one Maybe we can Pick our way up there a little bit and Find something a little slower not as Deep not as wide looks like it looks

Deep Thank you This is their fourth day day four I Think Throw it in the audio we're rolling It's fourth day you got good conditions Again today we got a little bit of a Westerly wind we got sunny skies we got Wet leaves rained a bunch yesterday we Hunted all day and we didn't really see Much conditions I guess maybe had them Kind of laying low and then I think we Were just in a different area where we Weren't seeing as many deer but that's What we've been doing we've been Bouncing in different spots just hunting Super aggressively there's not very much Hunting pressure right now middle of the Week so we're able to just bounce around And find you know new stuff and cover Ground explore it's a lot of fun hunting That way so we're gonna just continue That Trend the reason that we targeted This area specifically is there's a Bunch of Big Ridge systems that have a Bunch of fingers off of them when we Hunted areas like that in the past tend To find a lot of deer will that be true Today no idea but we're gonna go try how Do you feel I feel good conditions are Nice yeah kind of feels like a good day To kill first time we've seen the sun in About five six days I think also John Adams is here he's gonna join us a

Little bit and we may just hunt around Each other in the same vicinity I'm not Totally sure how that's going to play Out Jake is still sick as well so he's Still just pulled up so those guys may Come and meet us at some point but we're Gonna go get in the woods we're ready to Hunt that's hot Let's just let's just say we'll meet Like down in here it's 8 20 right now You make that like take it pretty slow Yeah Like a I'd say like 10 o'clock We'll just we'll just go real slow Through this I think going real slow and Just listening to watch we're gonna be Bombing that way if we can bump Something if he's like the same deal if You guys are right below us on those Fingers that's just something you're Gonna have to anticipate being all that Timing is gonna have to be close to the Same but oh yeah I mean we could even be We'll be watching the other side of you Know too and if you guys see a bunch of Fresh sign going across that bottom you See big traffic going up the other Ridge When we meet up we can be like hey let's Just you know Foreign Slipping along this big Ridge system We're staying just kind of on the side Hill of it and we're just we're just Gonna slowly pick our way across and pop

Into these little fingers and these Cuts We got a big drainage down below us Right over here And there's a big Rich system on the Other side and Zach and Keith are Hunting over there so we're just Slipping along this little Ridge here And uh it's real quiet today it rained a Bunch last night so the leaves are real Soft but it's quiet so we're just gonna Slip along here and just keep popping Into these little bowls and just see if We can run into anything or see anything Slipping through this bottom down here Below us we got like a mile path that We're going to take all the way to the Very back to this River and then we're Gonna meet up with the other guys and Come up with a game plan after that but For now we're just going to keep Slipping along as slowly as we can make Ourselves go just observe everything Before we really start moving because We've been running into a lot of deer Hunting this way but it's been tough They've definitely been seeing us before We've been seeing them so we got a good Win we're walking right into the wind so Nothing should be smelling us and we're Just gonna keep slipping and popping and To see what happens from there I'm good He looked like he was going down to me It just did me too

I can reloaded I don't see it I didn't see him pop back Up Can't do it going down right there I saw Jesus flipping like that the whole time She's like oh it was a little Spike Spiker three he's got spikes like that Long Shaking You don't have to be three inches I'm just glad the gun went off yeah me Too after being out in the rain all day Yesterday sound like I heard a bunch of Crashing down there too yeah I didn't See him come back out of there and just All I could see was his tail Doing like that Yes That was fun It worked out perfect we had the Sun at My back too he didn't know what we were Like that the conditions are perfect Nice and soft leaves nice and quiet Just sneaking around the woods My makeshift Right Let's get it all in there I'm shaking Pretty good I caught the women still hunting around For about 45 minutes yeah if that I Wonder if he was just laying right there And hurt us sneaking through here Getting myself stood up and looked or What something I can think he's my born

And raised call sack for my muscle under Pouch that's a good idea how fun was he Looked like he was about 40 40 50 yards Yeah I think he's going to be laying Just right over that dip right there I Think he's supposed to get there and see Him you got to see him again I can see right there I do there he is Yeah He did Hi this is a deer hunt this isn't turned Out turns out it's a beer huh Way far from the truck no I think we can find this bed right here Might have just been walking through Here too We got meat on Ice did you get your one Oh we got us one what'd you get he's a Buck I don't know what he is Did he go down oh I'm looking at him Laying on the ground do you want us to Come down there He can't I think he's a big old Spike What happened do they come right off the Ridge or what no we were we weren't in The bottom we got over on this other Ridge system we were just side hilling It so we could see the bottom so we're Just barely up these side Hills of this Other Ridge system across the drainage And we're just slipping along just Popping over into these little these Little Cuts all along it just trying to Stay you know parallel and I we just

Started popping over this one and he was Standing right down below and Below Us In it looking at us about 50 yards away He's facing right at us and I got all Even Ted he said I'm good and I just let It rip smoke one everywhere and he fell Down the hill about 30 yards and looking At him right now That's hilarious well we were like well That didn't take long He gone I'm just glad the gun went off yeah no Kidding that's what we talked about like As I was as I was dialing in on him I Was about to start squeezing on the Trigger and I just kept thinking just go Off just just go he's dead Or hands on him oh he's a good deer too As good as he's gonna get it I'm doing a Good Spike oh let's go Let's Spike That'll work it's deer hunt look at his Ears split open right there yeah that's Old I mean tendering I mean Endo right On Laughs That felt good oh absolutely Very first muzzleloaders here first Public land deer first out of state deer Look at this Dash Honestly I've not seen too many spikes Up close so oh he's fighting too oh he's A main Joker that's why we had to go and Put him down

Mega Joker Oh that was awesome Hadn't shot any deer yet this year so Sometimes you're gonna have years like That or fourth Something like this and that's okay too Oh yeah It's gonna probably be people that don't Like it but You know sometimes you just gotta shoot One sometimes you gotta get some meat in The freezer sometimes you gotta put some Meat on Ice Nick has got meat on ice now And I congratulations on your heart Thank you Incredible I'm not bashful about it We'll pull the trigger I was fired up I Was trying to reload I'm talking to Ted My hands there was just shaking up It's like I can't even reload Forearm [ __ ] Congratulations on your 11 pointer We're gonna go Today hey let's kill him out yeah let's Do it Thanks It's our friends you and me you gotta Drag this sucker out let's get out of Here let's do that Oh always We might not start on top but we always End up on top oh he's finished Pretty good one First thing you could say was his

Antlers It's gleaning seriously that's what I Saw first all six inches of them you got That 10 that you sent no that's what Yeah that's where he was way back in There We got him out he's up here by the road Now Oh yeah he's got to load him up now and Get his meat on ice Yeah strap some mornings for dinner on The Blackstone Here though did y'all shoot one tonight No did you swing by one I saw four deer Yeah we didn't see a single deer today No no like all day today all day the Only one we saw was a dead one by Nick The first day we saw 30 deer yeah the Next day we saw a lot respectable bucks Or nothing yeah I mean I like the way This all Lays out it's gonna be fun Hunting it's fun so we've just been Covering grounds it's going up and over Ridges pretty much did you guys do any Pushes yet or not And it's kind of tough with this View People as we have as big as this is we Kind of just today we're just Paralleling each other like you know That way if we nudge something up above Them it runs down vice versa Which I think is probably about as Effective as it's gonna get yeah unless You have like five or more probably be

Better I just feel like I mean you could If we find some of those Brushy areas That look decent we could maybe put a Little one together but like I think What you said I was thinking about that Tonight because I didn't know exactly Where you guys were at but I was saying Maybe I'll head towards you guys I Wanted to try and get a hold of you but They said you're farther than I thought So it's almost Goofy with my Onyx there Because I got this new phone so I had to Like refresh it a couple times because I Knew I was subscribed to the elite Members and it said that I wasn't so I Went on there I put your code in for 20 Off or whatever went through you know It's a plug Went from 99.79 it's a pretty good deal There but uh I went through put my Credit card in send it and then Basically it is like you're already Subscribed and I was like well I thought I was all of a sudden it showed up but I Don't know what was going on and then so Like you know there's another couple Delays and I sorted through my stuff I Didn't really get out and start hunting Until like three o'clock the last couple Days that we spent in Indiana we tried Several different tactics our friend John Adams showed up so we were able to Try a few small deer drives that Produced some dough and coyote sightings

But no bugs we also Revisited areas that We saw bucks earlier in the hunt but we Only ever saw Young Bucks like I Mentioned in the last video on this trip Our main goal was to try some new Tactics and learn as much as possible I Feel that this hunt was a success Because we did exactly that the things That we learned in Indiana will help us For future hunts in this area it also Helped us learn things about hunting and Hill Country that we can't wait to apply To our hunts during our annual group Muzzleloader hunt every year we get a Group of friends together and do deer Drives in the hills with our muzzle Loaders there's a whole bunch of Strategy that goes into it and it's just A whole lot of fun if you've never Watched any of those videos or some of My favorite ones to be a part of and Produce every year until then we got a Bunch of other cool content coming your Way thanks for watching Everybody we'll See you on the next one