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By | November 8, 2022

Kimi Werner goes to the Big Island for a friend's celebration of life and also gets in a night dive with her friend Justin Lee and Captain Asa.  It's lobster season in Hawaii and by law you need to grab them by hand, so it's much more productive to go at night when the lobsters are out and about. Though there's no limit, Kimi and Justin set their own personal bag limit and set off to fill it. By morning, Kimi is tired and worn out, but the the sun comes up just in time to end the adventure with Kona crabbing and spearfishing!  Lobster Benedict, raw crab poke and a seafood stew are all some of the culinary experiences shared by these friends as they say goodbye to their fellow diver, Mike Hong by spreading his ashes.

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[Music] Thank you I'm heading back to the big island for a Dear friend's celebration of life and to Get in a night dive with my current day Crew it's lobster season but here in Hawaii you can't spear them so the best Way to try and grab them by hand is at Night when they're out and about but Rather than just do a quick night dive My friend Justin Lee wants to do an All-night dive adventure and try to Spear some fish when the sun comes up so Our friend ASA is taking us out on his Boat and cameraman Perrin is here Grudgingly but Justin Lee seems to be The only one with the energy for this Everybody else is on Hawaii time I'm Still on Greenland time so that is why KDM so it's I wonder You know it does how to poke my Blessings enough to get me out on a boat At midnight when I'm like a go to bed at 8 30 type of person basically I'm having A hard time for me sandwiches right now But our face is beginning this this Opportunity that we get to go do right Now is pretty rad we'll be able to jump In the water and uh get some ocean Cockroaches set some kona crab traps uh You know we're just gonna celebrate Something really special to to everybody On the boat on Sunday It's cold wet and I'm tired but these

Guys are my partners for a reason Because we show up for each other they Do it for me so if Justin wants to go Diving all night we're all in we all Bunker down and try to get a little rest Before getting to our spot and before we Know it it's go time to tell you that I Am really suck at grabbing lobsters 12 40. it's game time good morning princess Yeah Does anybody else take like a full Breathe up before putting their wetsuit On like it's gonna be the deepest dive I've ever done so we're gonna jump in And uh try and get the first few bugs of The season the grounds will be crawling So I'm looking forward to it And now I'm like nauseous I like legs Okay I'm good we're pretty far away bro Thank you As the search begins my fatigue Fades And it's an eerie feeling to only be Able to see what you can shine your Light on we start off not seeing a whole Lot of lobster but man there are Menpachi everywhere and while we're Diving Captain ASA is catching them so We're fishing here Just on the outskirt of where they're Diving so we can keep an eye on them While they're diving but uh we're Catching them Pochi right now it's a Type of squirrel fish actually they're

Usually Reef dwellers they're in caves During the daytime but they come out to Feed at night they're a little spiny to Go watch when you grab them but Hopefully we can fill that five gallon Bucket while they're diving soon our Luck changes and we start seeing Lobster This is a male and you can tell by those Leaf-like shapes along the tail those Swimmer rats would be a lot larger if it Were a female females also have a second Set of swimmer rats that are more Feathery and in Hawaii you have to put The females back females will also often Have eggs this orange row is a sure sign That you gotta put her back There is a size limit here and it's a Three and a half inch carapace however Hawaii has absolutely no bag limits for How many lobsters you can take we feel a Responsibility to set our own bag limits And that's why we're only bringing one Lobster bag for the whole boat and our Goal is to fill it up [Music] Though it is easier to grab lobsters at Night they still have a way of getting Away from us A little teamwork goes a long way [Music] It's an extra dark night and the rain is Now coming in but underwater it's a Completely different world it's Mesmerizing down here not just because

Of the lobsters but there are so many Unusual creatures out at night this Snooty branch is called a Spanish dancer And it's easy to see why Justin finds a 7-Eleven crab and adds that to the bag Foreign Cuttlefish we don't get to eat these Very often so Justin gets it with his Three prong I use Justin spear to get something that I really want a scorpion fish also known In Hawaii as nohu this is a huge one and They are delicious [Music] Our bag is now full of lobsters for our Whole crew so this dive is done Good bag limit and an extra That's a big noise Lobster and the lobster fish yes that Was a good spot on there man that was Fun it's super super cool we got some Big ones we could have just kept going And going you know if we all had bags we Could have all filled up a bag each but Uh you know I think the rule of thumb is One bag for the boat that's your your Bag Exactly we definitely got everything Bigger ones were easier to grab look at This big big ones Thank you Though my energy came back during the Night dive it's now 4 AM and time to Head to the next spot I'm exhausted and

Make every effort to rest when I can [Music] It's almost time to throw the crab pots I'm freezing cold I am not I Am also got hit in the face by a flying Fish in my sleep I feel like this sleep We get it's like it's like being really Really thirsty and just getting little Sips of water so we've been getting just Little sips of sleep lobster season is Also Kona crab season so before we start Diving we're gonna set some crab nets We're using chunks of Kahala as bait Tied to the center of each net After dropping his whole string of Nets ASA ties a life jacket to the end of the Rope which will serve as his buoy Justin And I are now jumping in at a pinnacle And we're hoping that some big pelagic Fish will be in the area there's a Predatory fish won't necessarily be Right on the Pinnacle they'll be Circling around it Um trying to get anything that benches a Little too far off It's now almost 6 a.m the Sun is up but The weather is not getting any better And neither is parents attitude no it's Just cold a lot of fun Meanwhile ASA is brining our lobsters With salt and ice Under water it's a beautiful morning the Light at this time always mesmerizes me

And the clarity is spectacular I take a drop to 75 feet at the top of The Pinnacle and there are reef fish Everywhere but none of the predatory Fish that we were hoping for both Justin And I don't see a single one We return to our Nets to see if we have Any better luck with crabs [Music] Kona crabs are also known as spanner Crabs and in Hawaii we prefer to eat Them raw we scored on Kona crabs and now They're going right into the live bait Well so that they can filter and clean Themselves Foreign Justin and I are now dropping in on a Deep brief to see if we can get any moo Or uku also known as gray Snapper Immediately we are greeted by hihi Manu Or Eagle Rays Justin switches to a Three-prong to explore this cave and When he gets there it is filled with Ulua or Giant trevally Foreign [Music] Solid this thing looks like it's in the Bag But at the last second he's unable to Pin it and it gets off I get to the bottom and there are a ton Of fish everywhere including moo which Is exactly what I'm looking for there Are white fish with thick black bars on

The top of their back but these ones are All just a little smaller than what I Was hoping for so I don't take a shot Justin hits the bottom at 80 feet and Three beautiful uku start approaching Him Grunting will often bring uku in closer Justin takes his shot and Nails it Justin's technique and shot were perfect And this is a great fish As I dive down my body feels warmed up And good again every dive can be Different in free diving and sometimes You just want to turn around and go back Up but I feel good and full of air and I Just hope there's fish down there Immediately I see nice uku so I duck way Down and start scratching my fingers on The Rock to bring them in It works and I take my shot but my shot Is low I need to get this thing away From The Reef now the fish wraps my line Around a coral head and rips off it Always breaks my heart when I fatally Wound a fish that I don't land it just Eats me up as I think about everything That I could have done better My dad would always tell me that nothing Goes to waste in the ocean and Justin Shares the same sentiment to try to make Me feel better Well I don't know what it's gonna do Feed the lobsters that you let go last Night

Is that the next time it was absolutely Big the eggs will be healthy and let go And that tastes like food exactly Exactly A big lobsters yeah While I was diving last night buddy had A sleepover with his friend Ronan and my Friend Rebecca babysat both of them this Is the lobster tail and this is the Lobster yes It's funny Yeah so we're gonna make lobster Benedict for Auntie Becca I'm steaming The Lobster from my Benedict and turning It into a game for my little helpers Okay guys it's time to see what color The lobsters change and see okay green Green buddy what color do you think they Change too blue are they green or are They blue [Music] I slice the tail and then get all of the Meat out of the legs and head using a Chopstick now I'm poaching an egg and Making some homemade Hollandaise [Music] Now this is a well-deserved breakfast For both of us [Music] I'm your feral friend [Music] After getting some rest my babysitting Privileges are over so I meet up with Justin in the afternoon to get some

Target practice and go on a little Nature walk with the kids stop pushing Me stop pushing me this is real life Challenges [Music] I don't know he's moving me go go see That one dad oh can you show buddy we're Hoping to see some wild pigs but we know Our chances of getting one are slim to None Be quiet okay Um Justin is such an avid and talented bow Hunter But he's also a family man and just Loves being out in nature with them Oh then I scared it away [Music] There might be a mama You see the bags Justin's trying to call in two fighting Boars that we heard in the distance and Although it didn't work this time it Sure made buddy be quiet at least for a Little while [Music] I'm grateful for how our friendships Have evolved especially since having Kids We're still pursuing what we love but While learning to make more room for the People we love It You sound just like Uncle Justin he

Literally just came up to this tree and Shook it until the guava came off Hey good job on getting food man give me Nooks that was awesome Yeah I know that's why no wow And after scaring all the pigs away Buddy manages to scare every single goat Away too Because they despite the odds against us Of trying to get close to an animal with These Rugrats it's always time well Spent and a worthy Pursuit [Music] This morning buddy and I are gathering Chili Peppers and bell peppers to make a Spicy seafood soup I'm seriously when people are eating it Meanwhile ASA cleans Kona crab for his Raw preparation We quartered the crabs and then coat Them in a kimchi Sesame base and then Suck the meat right out of the shell That is so good we're gonna be using a Little bit of everything from our night Dive to make this Cosi miento stew I love this little nighttime section That we're looking at because it's like Such unique stuff you know that's why There's no better thing I could think of than to make this Chilean stew cocosi miento which Basically it's just like when the Mountain people and the coastal people Would come together and bring you know

Their vegetables their meats and stuff From the ocean and they just pretty much Like put in a big pot I'm filleting my Nohu and saving the meat to put in later To make my broth I'm using onions wild Pork sausage and the nohu head That's cool man We're adding crab pieces and all the Peppers go give that a stir for a pot I'm also adding in a whole bottle of White wine [Music] We're adding a lobster head and filling The pot with water We're throwing in potatoes Tomatoes Fresh herbs octopus and the Cuttlefish [Music] Harvested in sea salt in there Also known as Hot soup on a rainy day is always a Great combo the ingredients in this soup Are as abundant and diverse as all of The adventures that spearfishing has Given me [Music] Very nice yeah I'm so excited thank you Kimmy this looks absolutely amazing [Music] We all have that appreciation we all Know how much goes into every bite that We're taking here and as we enjoy every Beautiful Savory Sip and slurp down the Raw Kona crab we also get ready for our Important task tomorrow putting our dear

Friend and fellow diver Mike Kong back In the ocean where he belongs hanging Might have moved on to a different realm Than we're living in right now but I Think it made us all like realize what Great friends we have what who you know Who we have and how precious life is I Know for me and every one of us it made Us want to be better people he clearly Just told us like love each other you Know there's one thing I can ask love Each other [Music] Thank you [Music] I love the way this spearfishing Community shows up it's unlike anything I've ever been a part of [Music] Maybe there's something to be said about Friendships that are literally made at Depth Or maybe it's all the underwater Conversations had where we don't even Use words [Music] All I know is that we sure are here for Each other in this life and way beyond That We love you hongi and we always will [Music] Foreign